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I'm not reading that interview cuz I can't stand bc but I'm guessing it went something like t: you're great b:you're great too! t:your relationship is real b: so was yours! t: were friends right? b: yup!! 😒

I haven’t read it yet either but I’m pretty much guessing that’s what it’s gonna be too. But with a helluva lot more pomposity. I’m betting it’s drowning in it.

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just realized in the last ep mob's hitode shirt mysteriously turned long sleeved but then they reused the animation from episode one so it turned back short sleeved

nice eyes i never notice animation errors lmao

For my contribution to Too Fine Tuesday, I submit: Nico Tortorella, the sexually fluid, sexy AF, man of my dreams.

You might recognize him from the TV Land show Younger.

He plays a character named “Josh.”

You might also recognize him from that time I posted a photo of my phone background.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for boys with nice hair, pretty eyes, and a bunch of tattoos.

Now excuse me while I go OD on eye candy and prepare myself for new Younger episodes starting tomorrow!!!

Full Name: Ramsey Cadash

Class: rogue, archer, artificer

Age: 28

Height: slightly taller than an average dwarf

Weight: stocky  

Sexuality: bisexual

Hair: dirty blond, short straight undercut and a longer, nicely kempt beard

Eyes: deep blue

Conversation options: always asks a ton of questions, sarcastic and flirty in the beginning, a little more serious later on  

Family: only child, raised by a single father; mother left when he was still too young to remember her and never came back

Favourite attack: leaping shot (because enemies never expect him to be able to pull it off) and elemental mines (because mayhem)

Likes: discussing magic with Dorian, hanging out with Sera, experimenting with Dagna, reading, learning new things, shooting things in their faces, quiet evenings by the fireplace, and intrigue (as long as he’s just an observer – or the “puppet master”)

Dislikes: being around people he doesn’t know well for a longer period of time, spiders, and undead

Scars: not that many, he got into archery partly because he doesn’t enjoy being hit; the ones on his face are a result of the Conclave exploding, there is also one on his left knee (he fell on a sharp rock when he was a kid)


- American accent (I really wanted him to have a cool British one, but the voice didn’t fit) 

- really good at reading and manipulating people

- can sing, very well; way better than you’d expect (like Leliana-at-campfire-scene level)

Playthrough decisions:
- Supported and allied with mages
- Stroud left in the Fade
- Grey Wardens rebuilt
- Allied with Guardians of the Temple
- Morrigan drank from the Well
- Did not execute anyone he judged
- Did not openly support anyone for the Sunburst Throne
- Softened Leliana became Divine
- Celene rules, reconciled with Briala, Florianne alive
- Shared the truth about Ameridan
- On good terms with Solas
- Bent on trying to reason with Solas
- Inquisition disbanded
- Became a Red Jenny

- Blackwall became warden Rainier
- Cassandra discovered the book and rebuilt Seekers
- Cole more spirit
- Cullen is not taking lyrium
- Dorian reconciled with his father
- Iron Bull is Tal-Vashoth, Chargers are safe
- Josephine dealt with the assassins her way
- Leliana was inspired by the Inquisitor’s example
- Sera didn’t kill Harmond
- Solas freed his spirit friend but did not avenge them
- Varric focused on helping Kirkwall and writing in spare time
- Vivienne got the Snowy Wyvern heart

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A Kaladesh Encounter

Last we’ve seen of Hessiv, they were gathering some important things on Innistrad before Emrakul could potentially destroy all their work. In the end she didn’t destroy the entire plane, so Hessiv was able to go back and set-up their lab again, as well as returning Ludovic’s research (after making some copies for themselves). Now, with the Inventors’ Fair coming up on Kaladesh, as well as some exciting discovery from Rashmi, Hessiv went off to see if anything was worth their attention. Below the cut is the full story, including a surprise encounter with an interesting new character.

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I asked him to take a Disney princess photo


i was rewatching rwby when i stumbled upon this scene and decided to redraw it because i am voltron tra sh

this has probably already been done too whoops