Wish I could take this on the train with me…🙊🤔 #scheming 💫 Coconut Strawberry Icecream Sundae 💫
½ cup coconut milk
2 cups frozen strawberries
1 frozen banana
½ cup agave (or less, if you prefer not as much sweetness)
1 tsp vanilla extract
¼ tsp salt
Toppings: fresh strawberries, melted dark chocolate drizzle & @lonijane rawnola. 🔅blend ingredients together in a food processor and eat immediately with toppings OR you can freeze it and save for lata 😉🍓. enjoy! 🔅

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Boyfriend! Hong Jisoo + stay-in nights, a basic rundown:
  • “Did you say weeaboo?”
  • Basically y'all would roast each other.
  • “Josh why would I call u that its not like we haven’t been watching Naruto Shippuden for 5 hours straight"
  • “We were watching Inuyasha you ungrateful biscuit”
  • He’d do a sassy glare every time you roasted him
  • You’d either act all cute and innocent or attempt to delete his crunchyroll account .
  • He’d literally fight you. That popcorn y’all had?
  • It gone now.
  • Y’all broke the bowl from y’alls cute flirting /play-fighting
  • It was a nice bowl
  • You got that bowl from Josh when he visited NY for kcon . it was a big hero 6 bowl
  • Josh bought you it cuz you had a crush on tadashi so even if hes not there you wouldnt be missing out cuz they have equally good looks
  • But the bowl was of baymax?
  • So you looked at him like … josh u good?
  • He laughed thinking he was so hilarious
  • And you honestly were like noo it wasn’t even funny you’re just being weird now
  • Truth was he bought you more stuff other than the bowl but the crusty misunderstanding scene y’all made together over the bowl, tadashi, & baymax made you want the bowl even more
  • Cuz your relationship is just silly like that.
  • Like the popcorn thats on the floor from y’alls extraness during the series of playfights over weeabooism
  • You both would jus sit at the bottom of the couch just laughing and crying bc y’all would have to clean.
  • Josh was more practical and was gonna take out the rug and dump the popcorn out
  • But you would pick one up one by one.
  •  Then bam the rug hits you in face.
  • Josh did that on purpose
  • So you threw popcorn in his eyes.
  • Hes sobbing
  • You run up to him put your hands on his face and are like: oh crap i fucked up pls no r u okay
  • And he’s like maliciously grinning and then whispers ” run “
  • so you run
  • but he didnt even chase you?
  •  Now you out the apartment in ya nasty buttered corn clothes and you’re like “This motherf-
  • You knock on the door and Joshua  opens w/ a smirk ” Y/N! didn’t know you would actually run “
  • ” No i flew “
  • Its late now so y’all gonna go to sleep too much extra for one day .
  • ” Y/N if you don’t like watching anime at home we can watch something else tomorrow night"
  • “ Finally, yes “
  • You actually do like watching anime .
  • So thats why the next night you decide to take him out to the roof of your apartment complex.
  •  Baymax bowl, fresh popcorn, a blanket, a projector , and a crunchyroll account under y/n with bungou stray dogs ready to go
  • “Y/N i thought you didn’t-… ”
  • ” I didn’t want to watch at home we’re gonna make a mess again “
  • ~P.S. as his girlfriend you’re great at getting him flustered
  • Joshua would wrap his arms around you every time he thought you needed to know how much he loves you in the midst of y’alls sly comments.
  • He would hug you, resting his head onto your shoulder and you’d suddenly feel warm after the cold temp from the savagery amongst y’all
  • He’d then let go, but then you’d pull him back and he’d say “i love you”
  • ” Don’t get the wrong idea josh its really cold up here stay like this “
  • And suddenly baymax flips now you’re the one w/ popcorn in your eye because y’all started laughing
  • and laughing and laughing and messing up the scene again w/ the play-fighting
  • and he kisses you to shut you up bc your so damn loud
  • This time you do say i love you . (cuz it is really cold)
  • but also cuz it’d be even warmer in bed .
  • + the projector froze
  • and Joshua wants to cuddle, so its about to go down .

Please feel free to send me requests, feedback or any tips as I am a new scenario/fanfic blog for svt! Thank you so much for reading this  I plan to write with my heart and meme power to hopefully make someone smile.

~Proud Carat Mulan

Banana smoothie bowl/nicecream: peach, strawberry, and acai spinach; topped with goji berries and chia seed. I’ve decided to merge all of my social media! So, if you like my food and my face and other shtuff, feel free to follow: Instagram: bethany.k.d Twitter: bethany_k_d Pinterest: BethanyKayeD

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Why are exo-ls so dramatic? How can you blame the MCs for not only focusing on exo when they have other guests on the show? Also, the MCs weren’t ignoring them??? In that case, it is the writers/directors/editors fault for having cut exo’s appearance since it obviously wasn’t entertaining enough for normal viewers (non-exols). 

The scene where the girl chose bts was funny. I bet the exo members didn’t even take offense. There are countless of times at other shows where fans of exo have mentioned them in front of another group.  

tldr; No wonder they don’t go on variety shows when y’all be complaining a shitstorm about anything.  

littlecrisps  asked:

Hi! Wcif the skin tones and highlighters you use? Thank you!

hey! thanks for asking, i don’t usually include them in the links to my lookbooks/posts but i don’t think anyone else has really noticed that they’re custom yet.

for skin tones, i mainly use the lighter ones provided by ea and the darker ones from this set. if you are also referring to custom skins, as in the ones in the skin detail section and not just the tones, please clarify (: i use a huge mix and i would be happy to list them if you’re wondering.

as for highlighters: for most sims, i use the custom face highlight from the “dewy skin” referenced here that appears in the blush section. there doesn’t seem to be a link to it on that downloads page, but i think it’s being customized. i found a working link to it here.

i hope i answered your questions correctly lol if not, just ask again and i’ll try to be more helpful (:

Finally home again😌 I’m feeling so exhausted and jet lagged. Our flight went overnight and I only managed to get 1-2 hours of sleep on the plane😬 luckily I took a short nap once I got home. Being in Hawaii has really got me craving nicecream and smoothie bowls, so my afternoon snack before going swimming with my dad was this blackberry banana smoothie bowl with granola and almonds🍌 my meal/snack times are so messed up from the time difference and I feel like I’m eating way too much🙁 oh well, I guess…