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I zoomed at M!Corrin's legs for a drawing ref but then I just thought "nice legs" aHAHA

I’d like to thank the Takumis I keep encountering in arena battles, they’re the main reason why I can still enjoy the view even now that Kamui is a lvl 40 5* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Keith's piv would be cool and please don't kill my blue son

Me: *looks at the rough draft on my drive*

“No.” Keith whispers horrified as he watches Lance’s eyes blink tiredly, “No, no, no, no, no, my love, no.”

Lance’s eyes close, his mouth is hanging open in a breathless sigh and Keith snaps.


This can’t be happening. Keith thinks as his fist pound at the glass that block his way to get to his boyfriend, This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening.

“Please, please, please, break, break goddamnit, BREAK!” He shouts, standing up on his shaky legs and activating his bayard, not hesitating a tick before he’s lashing and stabbing the glass, “Break, break, BREAK ALREADY!”

Me: ……he sleeping *walks away while whistling* 

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I want to say "can you believe there was a time when mezzo wasn't as close/lovey dovey as they are now" someday. I want to say it. I want



“I don’t want to be with Souchan in my off day. Looking at him feels like I’m in the middle of my job and I can’t relax.”

“Do you understand, Tamaki-kun? All humans are aware of something called territory.” “It’s because you turned the light off, Sou-chan!” “Could you not crawl into someone’s bed and eat snacks!” “It’s because you turned the light off, Sou-chan!”


“Hey Sou-chan, we have the same day off next month, don’t we?” “–Huh? Y-yeah.” “How about we go somewhere, and hang out together?”

“There are plenty of people who understand how you feel. I’m sure everyone’s watching over you.” “…Sou-chan….” “I promise… Even when your voice is quieter than pianissimo, I’ll do my best so that I’ll always hear it regardless.”

@team-styles replied to your post: you say:  you’re just bitter/jealous.  i hear: ‘i…

you wanna take this outside? lol LET US ENJOY THIS why are we bias and niall fans are not?

It’s not the fans that have a bias is the media. Like no matter what the other boys do he will never have to work as hard for air time. He just won’t, he gets coffee and it’s a thing. Which is smart on him, for aligning himself with certain media leeches early on. MY BEEF!!! is with the fans that insist that the boys are on equal playing field and that ‘the releases are different’ is a reasonable excuse for what i was looking at on my dash, liam had a fucking child!!!! and all i saw was the same four frames?? There is a clear unbalance and when anyone points it out then they are bitter and an enemy to the harry regime.And thats what gets me. Like I use to be 60/40 harry and niall back in the day, all i would write was harry and read was harry like i loved his ass, but over time,,,,like theres this bubble with him? that only exists with two other groups of people that i will not name. and its SAD!!! I wanna enjoy him, and i dont blame anything that happens on him, its everything around him thats nuts.  

I’ve had guys tell me, ‘I’ll never feel for anyone the way i feel for you’

And I’m like, 'well, yeah, because it’s neurologically impossible to have identical emotionally associative response patterns for two separate people you’re receiving input from.’

Which I guess????

Isn’t the response they’re looking for??????


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Little Rogue meeting Frosch for the first time? ;w;

> was supposed to finish a Gray/Lyon piece and a na//lu related thing

> posts more of this shitty au

I was gonna do this one in color but apparently I forgot how to color lately :’)