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Okay, so I enjoyed writing this way more than I should have. The kissing scene got a little out of control but what can I say, sometimes the characters take over and there’s nothing I can do. Either way, this prompt from thegirlwiththeimpala​ inspired the following one-shot.

Prompt: I would like to request a oneshot where Steve and the reader are really close friends and are always flirting a little bit. One day she teases him and he warns her that she’ll cross his line and it leads to them kissing.  ❤

“Something More”

“On your left!” You laughed as you surpassed Steve for the second time.
“Not for long.” He huffed as he began to speed up. He was used to being teased like this as was so often the case when you were together and as he ran, he remembered how similar a day it was when you first met. He had been jogging early in the morning having expected nobody else to be awake and outside. Alone with his thoughts, he had been running distractedly until he felt himself collide with another person. You had been jogging with headphones in and were exercising so furiously that you hadn’t noticed Steve coming towards you. Of all the people to run into, it had to have been Captain America.
Ever since that day, Steve had come out early on a Sunday morning in the hope of meeting you again – you, who had initially called him a ‘stone-skulled ass hat’ before realising who you were talking to. Something about the way you didn’t care who he was intrigued Steve and eventually, after ‘running into him’ a few more times, you became great friends. Upon hearing the many tales of the person who could put Steve in his place, you were invited to Stark Tower where you hit it off with all the other Avengers too. 

You waited by the park fountain, leaning over and panting. It had taken all of your effort to overtake Steve. You were definitely not faster than him but you had the advantage of knowing the shortcuts along your jogging route so that you could fool him into thinking you were. Not wanting him to realise that you had the biggest crush on him, you constantly teased and annoyed him. For the most part, he was a good sport about it, presuming it to be playful banter but even you could see when it was too much. Today, thankfully, was not one of those times.

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Always StevexReader

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Request (perf3ctporc3lin): I’m back bitches XD No I’m sorry I’m kidding that was a rude word I’m sorry anyways can I request an imagine where the reader and Steve are dating and she’s on the avengers and Pietro keeps hitting on her than Steve gets angry? Again love your blog and writing both are flawless


Words: 1463

Warnings: Swearing (are you new here?), tiny violence and some kissy kissy 😘

Dating Steve Rogers was exactly like dating a prince from a fairytale. He was such a gentleman and you couldn’t help falling more and more in love with him everyday. He held your hand and opened doors for you, he kissed the top of your head when he could tell you were uneasy and always had your back during missions, but most of all he constantly reminded you that you are the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

But Steve got jealous easily - regardless of how much he knew that you loved him. There was always a thick tension in the air when Tony drunkly hugged you or when Clint made a perverted joke about your ‘nice legs’ at a party. Steve would sit and grin and bear it, pretending it didn’t bother him, but you knew that it did.

But Steve’s biggest pissoff lately was the newbie; Pietro Maximoff. The flirtatious foreigner who didn’t know when to shut up.

After Tony’s gigantic party to celebrate the arrival of the Maximoff Twins to the avengers team, Steve had stomped away to the kitchen to sulk. Tony and Clint were drunkly laying all over you all night and Pietro chose to keep hitting on you, so Steve was clearly pissed off.

So you stood in the living room staring down at the boys that were innocently sitting on the couch, giving them the largest glares your semi-drunk self could muster.

“One day he’s going to snap and then someone is getting punched in the face.” You sternly chided Tony, Bruce, Clint and Thor (even the gorgeous demigod had made some risky comments in the past). Who knows where Pietro even is… “Drunk or not, you need to not only respect my personal space - but my relationship too. This is getting more and more out of hand with every party boys and I’m not going to put up with it for much longer.”

You huffed and walked away before any of them could answer, heading to the kitchen to find your boyfriend - but he wasn’t there. Instead, Pietro sat on the counter holding a glass of whiskey with a large smile on his face.

“Hello Y/N, are you well tonight?”

You were slightly taken aback by his formality but you graciously smiled in return, “Oh, yes I’m fine. Just had to take care of…stuff, I guess. Did you enjoy your party?”

“It was rather extravagant…Wanda thinks it was unnecessary and I agree.”

“Why?” You asked, tilting your head slightly. You weren’t sure why you were talking to Pietro after he kept trying to hit on you all night, but his tone was amused and you found it nothing but intriguing. 

“It does not matter I guess.” He smirked, hopping off the counter and leaning against it. “You looked very beautiful all night.”

“Pietro -”

A dramatic sigh from the blond haired boy cut you off, “Y/N, there’s nothing wrong with me calling you beautiful. It is a compliment!”

“There’s something wrong when your compliment seems to have a very serious undertone.”

The smirk on his face grew and his eyes lightened considerably, like he was struck with a brilliant idea. “Hey, did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass.”

You couldn’t help the laughter that escaped your lips, the randomness of his pick up line was far too amusing. “Oh maaaaan, you’re really drunk kid…”

“I’m not a kid!” He looked offended, “And I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you.”

“Ok there Pietro,” You laughed, walking over and looping your arm in his. “What do you say we head up to bed?”

His eyes widened and his mouth fell open in shock, “You’re actually going to sleep with me? It worked?”

“No!” You giggled, throwing your head back in laughter as you led the drunken man through the halls and towards the elevator. “I’m taking you to your bed silly, and then I’m going to go to mine. No bed sharing tonight.”

He nodded solemnly and started drifting off on your shoulder as you walked, the sounds of your footsteps were echoing down the empty halls. By the time you got off the elevator, the sound of footsteps was louder and you could tell that someone was behind you. A subtle glance over your should told that your stalker was just Steve.

You grinned, “Hey babe, where were you?”

“Nowhere.” The frown on his face was blatantly angry and you could tell he was pissed that Pietro’s face was practically shoved towards your chest. “Maximoff! Get off her asshole!” 

The boy’s head snapped up and he looked over to Steve, “Why?”

“You were starting at my girlfriends boobs.” Steve growled, pulling Pietro’s half-asleep body off of yours and shoving him towards his bedroom door.

“Steve…” You warned, placing a hand against his chest but he pushed it away and turned back to Pietro.

“I’m not staring at her boobs. I’m staring at her heart…” Pietro argued, leaning against the door.

Steve stepped forwards and punched Pietro in the jaw, sending the boy to the floor.

“Ow.” Pietro mumbled, holding his face like an injured child would.

“Steve!” You shrieked, running over to Pietro and checking his face. When you determined that he was ok, you helped him up and into his room. The second the boys head hit the pillow, he was out like light - still wearing his formal clothes. You pulled the covers over him carefully and turned the lights off.

Steve was sitting against the wall in the hallway, his head in his hands. You sunk to the floor beside him, placing a nervous hand on his bicep. “Please tell me what’s wrong. You don’t normally do stuff like that and you knew he was drunk so why would you punch him?”

When Steve’s hand pulled away from his face, you could see that his eyes were scrunched up like he was in pain or something. “I just can’t take it anymore.”

You blanched significantly, feeling like he’d just slapped you in the face. “W-What?”

Steve looked at you and he could see what you were thinking and he reddened slightly. “Not like that, I’m not talking about us…I just can’t take always having to listen to that shit. I know you’re not an object or a prize but for the most part you’re mine and I want to keep it that way.”

You smiled sadly, reaching up and cupping Steve’s cheek with your hand. He leaned into your touch, his eyes fluttering closed. “I love you - no one else you silly goofball. It’s been you since the day I joined the team and it will be you until the that day I die.”

“Really?” He breathed hopefully, his eyelids opening once again so he could stare deep into your eyes.

“Yes, always.” You pecked his nose before hauling yourself up, staring down at him. You held out a hand expectantly, “I’ll be honest, watching you punch someone was really fucking hot so I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for bed.”

Steve grabbed your hand and hauled himself to his feet, grabbing your waist roughly and kissing you passionately. Your hands wove easily into his hair as his  trailed down the curve of your ass. Both of your kisses were getting more and more sloppy as you moved down the hallway towards his bedroom. Steve grabbed your thighs and pulled you up so he was holding you as you made out, his hands tightly gripping your backside.

He eagerly crossed the threshold to his room, closing the door behind you and throwing you on the bed - lowering himself in between your legs and tracing your sides with his cold fingers. It took a moment to get your dress off (Steve was always shit with zippers) but after your dress came off so did his button-down.

You pressed careful kisses down his chest and towards his abdomen, letting your tongue linger in places that made him groan. The most attractive sound in the world is when someone is moaning underneath you. 

“I love you,” You whispered with your lips pressed against his belly, “Always.”

He pulled you towards his face and before you could register what was going on, you were kissing him deeply once again with Steve’s hands on either side of your face. When you finally got the chance to pull away, you placed your forehead against his and found yourself breathing heavily. 

“What was that for?” You breathed with a smile, “As much as I like kissing you - I had other intentions down there.”

His beautiful blue eyes stared almost directly into your soul and the grin across his lips was contagious. “I love you too, always.”

then they do the dirty 

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