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fuck cringe culture honestly. people having innocent fun making sonic and naruto ocs and role playing as their favorite homestuck or wearing dr who shirts will always be cooler than those who try to ‘act cool’ by shaming them. Plus some of em are children or beginner artists like cmon.

If you love something and you want to publicly express it in a non-harmful way than I think everyone else should be supportive and encouraging because those kinds of creative expressions are amazing and unique. 

passion beats cynicism every time.

like fuck im gonna make a sonic oc right now

this is Gust the Crow. he has to wear velcros because he doesnt have fingers

prescite  asked:

ok straight up if keith was born in the fall/winter (winter solstice keith!!) then he was probably born the year before lance like i was born in late december so technically i was born at the end of the year but all of my friends were born after me bc that's how schools do school year cutoff dates

so keith is either

  • old (relatively speaking)
  • a Baby
  • a baby who skipped a grade
Things I will ask Tom Felton if I ever meet him*:

1. What do you love about Draco? What do you think his strengths are? (To be clear, I know what he loves about *playing* him. I just wanna hear him compliment some aspect of the character.)
2. If you were going to write a drarry fanfic, how would you get Draco and Harry together?
3. Will you take off your shirt for a minute?

*I reserve the right to add inappropriate questions to this list as they occur to me.