nice whip

When you realize your boyfriend is singing and you can do nothing but marvel at his beautiful voice...

…so you fkn lipbite at him.

(can we just take a moment to appreciate the jawline that belongs to one Choi Seungcheol because hot damnnnnn I could probably use it as a ruler)

VKM 9 First Thoughts

I literally can’t get over how Zero kept saying that his relationship failed to keep progressing over and over with Yuuki. And that when Yuuki grabbed his hand, he got hopeful, but then she thought of Kaname [LMFAO] When Zero asked if they could ever be like Aidori and Yuuki’s response was elsewhere yet Zekis like to parallel Aidori and Zeki. Honestly, maybe it’s just me, but this is way too hilarious for me. Yuuki has never thought of not being with Kaname. Her utmost desire is to be with him, to resurrect him and watch over her love. I don’t know, but that sounds like Zero is second choice to me. Yes, Yuuki PARTIALLY loves Zero and she was able to smile because he was there [and Ai], but that was only because Kaname was in a slumber and therefore she can only grieve over her beloved for he isn’t with her now. She says that she was afraid she would have to wait out the years alone because it would have been lonely and hard on her without Kaname. Zero made it easier on her, but Zero isn’t what she truly desired. And then we have to remember it isn’t just Zero, there’s Ai, Yuuki’s treasure from Kaname, that saved her from the darkness and foremost gave her the will to live again. Conclusion: Yuuki chooses Kaname again, establishing only one display of why her heart rests with him both physically and emotionally.



“What does that mean?”
                  “It means you’ve overstayed your welcome.”

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How is bartending going? The video a little bit ago with the rainbow drinks was SO RAD

WELP thank you for asking :3 still just screwing around at home, haven’t began my training for LAX just yet, but i’ve made more lemon drop martinis for my little sister than i can count, and i gave myself a blowjob today EEEEEY XD AHAHHAHA a blowjob shot is kahlua, baileys, and whipped cream. :D sooooo…im having fun i suppose haha :) <3

Ooo, a whip. Nice. Hardly a common weapon, flexible and versatile. If first impressions are worth anything, sounds like a good weapon for Amethyst.

I couldn’t find a good screenshot of Pearl, but she fights with skill and practiced grace. She is also clearly a massive show-off. I like her already.

And Garnet..

Tore the thing in half. So either she’s really into murder, or she’s both strong and pragmatic. Which is interesting. Tell me your secrets, O’ Afro-bearer.


so i’m whipped with Poe Dameron (and Kylo Ren (and a certain Assassin -cry-))

SO I THOUGHT, HEY. LET’S DRAW HIM IN FIRST ORDER TIE FIGHTER UNIFORM. cries everywhere because he lookssogoodinblackit’ssin

and I had the mightiest need to draw this babycakeangelface so i did.. which is the very top drawing.. then I was like MAYBE I’LL INK IT

but then it lead to like.. KILL ME NOW LET’S COLOUR IT

and then i coloured it but then i was like.. kill me.. just kill me.. because i love him so much! -cries an ocean-

so yea. Poe Dameron for you guys uvu;;

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Poe Dameron©Star Wars

CLYDE: His money.
TOKEN: … Thanks.
CLYDE: Just kidding! I, uh, don’t know? He’s cool, he’s my best friend, man. I can spend so much time with him without getting bored.
CLYDE: And unlike everyone else he doesn’t tease me for crying too much. And he’s super smart and usually the voice of reason whenever the rest of us does something stupid-

CLYDE: Aw, are you flustered cause I’m praising you?
TOKEN: Shut up.
CLYDE: You can praise me too!
TOKEN: Well, Clyde’s… He’s an idiot.
CLYDE: Your definition of praising is different than mine.
TOKEN: But he’s like, you know, our idiot. Everyone needs a Clyde. He can make me laugh and he’s actually not as stupid as many people think.
CLYDE: Okay, you can stop now, you’re making me blush-
TOKEN: And you’re nice. You stand up for others and don’t care when people tease you for it. And I like that you’re not afraid of your emotions and-

TOKEN: Please forget I said any of these things.
CLYDE: Dude, what? No way! That’s like the nicest thing anyone has said to me. You’re so in love with me.
TOKEN: Oh my god.
CLYDE: I should tell this Craig, maybe he’ll be nicer to me too.
TOKEN: Don’t you dare.