nice wheels!


Good news- the small child was perfectly enchanted by her mermaid surprise unlike the first mermaid party I did where the birthday girl wanted to be as FAR AWAY FROM THE MERMAID AS POSSIBLE

they wheeled me out on a desk chair which was pretty hilarious but actually worked a lot better than a Throne of Dads

and then omfg to get me in the pool

they put me in one of those disability chairs that you sit in and it sloooooowly lowers you into the pool

so I just sat in it, princess-waving for a full 5 minutes while I’m majestically lowered into the water. hilarious

Unlike the last party I actually was SWIMMING the whole time! They plopped me right into the deep end and I paddled around with the kids (who had floaties on and were swimming with their parents). Birthday girl was more than happy to show Marina the Mermaid how she can dunk her head in the water and jump off the side into her mom’s arms (she had just turned 4). Super cute.


A thing I did on comic workshop and posted on miiverse


Part 1: Ice

Part 2:  Melting

Hazel eyes locked on the road, he pressed the gas pedal further down, casually running his hand through his brown curls.

His heart started to race in his chest as he got closer to his destination.

“You have reached your destination”

Shawn reached over to grab his phone, closing the GPS app and then he looked up and saw her.

Standing in front of a shady bar, two guys way too close to her.

She was wearing a mini dress, her back to him, strappy heels, long tanned legs tense and ready to run.

She looked like a dream, her wavy hair cascading down her back. That hair he would tug at and run his fingers through and he pulled up, slamming the door shut, getting out of the car, keys in hand.

With two big steps, he was by her side.

“Get into the car, Jo!” he growled against her temple and her eyes widened, seeing him. He took her wrist and led her to the car, opening the door for her.

He got into the driver’s seat and drove off, jaw clenched, knuckles white around the black steering wheel.

“Nice car,” Jo said, breaking the silence. Her voice hoarse and raspy and Shawn bit his lip.

“Did they touch you?”


“Did. They. Touch. You, Josephine?”

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