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Title: Banana Split 

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Day 5 of 20. Feedback? Always welcome! (And if you guys requested these stories, let me know if you like them?)  

Word Count: 1,144

You walked back to the table from the restroom, willing yourself to make it through the rest of the night. Your best friend had dragged you out on a double date, and here you were, stuck in a booth beside William. He seemed nice enough, but the conversation was dull and you didn’t seem to have much in common. You had come to help your friend, to be her wing-woman; but she seemed to be doing fine on her own. Sliding back into booth, your rolled your eyes when you glanced across the table; your friend practically on the lap of her date. 

“For fuck’s sake.” you muttered under your breath. You thought you were being quiet enough in this noisy restaurant, but William had heard you. 

“Do you want a ride home?” he whispered, clearly uncomfortable with the situation at hand.

“Oh God, yes.” you blurted out. “Sorry, not because of you. This whole… situation… it’s just weird.” you clarified, grabbing your coat and pulling yourself out of the booth. You shrugged it on, William sliding out of the booth behind you. You noticed he was taller than you had originally noticed in the dim lighting of the restaurant. You took a step towards the door, a voice stopping you in your tracks.

“Where are you guys going?” your friend asked, finally breaking eye contact with her date; realizing you were heading outside.

“Home.” you said, straightening your coat. 

“Have fun.” she giggled, wiggling her eyebrows at you at you and William. 

“That’s not what I meant.” you muttered, rolling your eyes . “Text me when you get home.” you sighed, noticing all her attention had gone back to her date . William tilted his head, motioning for you to follow him, knowing that any attempts to get her attention would fail. He held the door for you, exiting the restaurant into the clear Toronto night. 

“Thanks for getting me out of there.” you said. “That was so uncomfortable.”

“I’ve never gone on a date and been so weirded out that I couldn’t eat.” he agreed. “I’m in the parking garage down on St. Andrew’s. Sorry it’s so far.” he said. “Everyone in Toronto seems to be out tonight.”

“I don’t mind.” you replied casually. “It’s the first decent night in Toronto in months.” you pointed out as you followed him down the street. The spring night was beautiful, people flooding out of their homes for nice evening; cars buzzing down the street. You glanced at William as you passed under a streetlight, noticing how handsome he was for the first time all evening. Maybe your friend had done you a favor after all.

“So, I didn’t learn much about you in there.” he said looking over at you. “You watch hockey?” 

“I do, yeah.”

Silence fell over the two of you. God, you notice someone is cute, and words refuse to form. You cursed yourself internally. You took a breath, trying to continue the conversation. “You’re from Sweden right?”

“My parents are. I was born in Calgary, spent the summers in Sweden.” he responded, shoving his hands in his pockets. 

You walked a few more paces, the uncomfortable silence palpable. Ugh, maybe you should have stayed at the restaurant and watched your friend swap spit with her date. Was he awkward, too? Or just uninterested? The two of you continued down the street, stopping as a train of children came running out of a brightly lit storefront. Looking in the window you saw the store for what it was; an ice cream shop.

“We didn’t eat dinner, do you want ice cream?” William offered.

What could be the harm? This whole evening had been strange to say the least, how could ice cream possibly make it any worse?

“Sure.” you said, hunger pangs hitting you when you stepped through the door and into the shop; the smell of sweet waffle cones surrounding you. You stood by the door, each of you studying the expansive menu of milkshakes and sundaes.  After a few moments a little girl carrying a sundae dish as big as her head walked pushed past you. William’s eyes followed her as she handed the dish to her mother, crawling into a chair beside her.

“What was that thing?” William questioned glancing back at the menu trying to figure it out.

“It’s a banana split.” you responded. “Have you ever had one?”

“I haven’t, it looks legit, though.” he said, eyes wide. “I’d be stuck doing bag-skates all practice tomorrow if I ate the whole thing.” he said smiling.

“Want to share one?” you questioned, the words falling out of your mouth before you could stop yourself. 

“Sure.” he said, seemingly surprised, as the two of you walked towards the line.

You fished a bill out of your bag, handing it to William who shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.  I’ll take care of it.” he said. “Wanna find us a table?” 

You stepped outside, the weather too nice to pass up; you took a seat on one of the metal patio chairs. William appeared a few minutes later, a banana split, 2 spoons, and a handful of napkins in hand. 

“This looks amazing.” he said, tucking himself into the chair beside you. “You’ve had these before?”

“Yeah, my siblings and I used to make them all the time at home.” you explained, watching as William took a bite. 

“How many siblings do you have?” 

“Two brothers and a sister, all older.” you said. 

“I’m from a big family, too.” he nodded. “I have a brother and 3 sisters. It was always loud growing up.”

It was like the floodgates had opened. After finding common ground, the conversation flowed; everything from school, to hockey, your families, hobbies. The two of you managed to knock out the whole sundae, looking at your phone you realized you and William had been talking for the past hour. You both stood, William throwing the trash away; you continued your walk to his car.

“I hope that since I was able to eat half of that banana split, it ensures you don’t get bag-skated tomorrow.” you smiled, stealing a glance at him as you walked down the sidewalk.

“You’re a hero.” he replied. “I should be fully functioning tomorrow at practice because of you.” he laughed. A group of teenagers was coming down the street towards you; William took a step closer to you, getting out of their way. His hand knocked into yours, his warm skin brushing across yours. “Sorry.” he mumbled, a faint pink tinge colored his face. You caught his hand in yours as he stepped away, tangling your fingers with his. Heat rose in your cheeks as he caught your eye, smiling. 

“Would you want to go out again?” he asked, looking at you optimistically.

“As long as it’s not a double date.” you joked.

“No!” he chuckled. “Never again.”

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Reasons to read the manga: MAJOR MILES IN STANDARD UNIFORM

(in Brotherhood he wears the ¾ length Briggs coat through and after the Promised Day and ??? IT’S SPRING LET HIM TAKE IT OFF BEFORE HE COMBUSTS)


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