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i’d love to see more characters headcanoned as aroace / aro / ace not just the villains or the “unloveable” characters or the non human characters

So I wanted to talk about one of my Jessie hc’s after reading a review on my fic Undisclosed Desires. If the reviewer is reading this: I have absolutely no problem with anything you said and I thank you for your review, but I found this part quite interesting: “I just don’t like fanfics that depict Jessie as an overused slut, I don’t think she is THIS EASY.”  So, this begs the question… 

Do I think Jessie is a slut? 

The short answer is no!! But of course there’s a loooong answer here too and it’s much more complicated than that ;)

(warning: long post)

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the-frustrated-muggleborn  asked:

Since people are telling you to visit certain countries/cities, I'll also invite you to Belgium. Nice fries, good chocolate, apparently we have nice beer (I don't like beer so I have no idea), delicious wafles, second country in the world to legalise same sex marriage, record holder of the title "country that had no government for the longest time", Royal Greenhouses of Laeken (which have A LOT of plants), ... Very nice place, must visit.

waffles, equal rights, greenhouses and fries are so my jam damn it