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could i please get some husband hc's for noya, kuroo and bokuto

Sure thing! 


  • Will worship the ground you walk on.
  •  Waits for you to come to bed every night.
  • Watches you sleep and thinks you’re the absolute cutest while grinning like an idiot.
  • Brags to all of his coworkers about how great of a cook you are and how you’re the ironing wizard! (I wish I was an ironing wizard sigh)
  • Makes sure to give you a goodbye kiss every morning before he heads out to work!


  • Appreciates how understanding you are when he has to go on a business trip for a long time.
  • Wraps his arms around your from behind while you’re doing laundry! Nose bleed. 
  • Offers to cook dinner when you’ve had a rough day.
  • Will skip out on a boys night to go with you to visit your parents that live two hours away.
  • Loves folding the laundry so he can smell the fabric softener you put in.


  • Is a bit of a messy husband so you’re always having to get onto him about cleaning up after himself.
  • Will sacrifice watching the sports channel so you can watch your soap operas. He cries when you’re not looking.
  • Never forgets your anniversary and goes over the top for you. Buys a dozen roses, asks you to dress up really nice, buys you tons of presents. 
  • Asks you to help him tie his tie before he goes to work everyday. 
  • Loves going grocery shopping with you and always offers to carry your bags!
Let’s Make a Deal {Part II}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I am amazed at how much people are loving this AU so far!)

Mobster! Cassian x Reader

Plot Summary: 1954. All you cared about was earning money and surviving in the concrete jungle that we call New York City. However, ever since WWII ended, crime was rampant all around, and you managed to land right in the heart of it all. Cassian Andor was one of the local crime bosses, and the two of you managed to cross paths.

“Another gin and tonic for you, Mister Jethals?” You asked, as the man sitting at the bar waved his hand.

“Please. Been a long fuckin’ day at City Hall.” He slurred, as you raised your brows, pouring his drink and grabbing a napkin and pen, giving a look to Jasmine as she nodded her head, moving on to distract some of the patrons with a few of her custom drinks.

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If you had a stranded alien stuck on Earth in First Contact l scenario, who is sick or appears unwell (e.g. trauma injuries, unsteadiness, lethargy), would you think it better to try your chances with a doctor or the local vet? As a modern vet, if you were presented with an alien patient you up until that moment couldn't fathom existing, what would be the first steps you would take in trying to treat them quickly and with reasonable secrecy?

There are a few things to consider when choosing either a vet clinic or the doctor’s office for your extra-terrestrial visitor.

A vet clinic might:

  • Be set up for smaller than human or larger than human sized patients
  • May have facilities for ‘exotic’ patients, i.e. non-mammals
  • Usually has a surgical suite, Xray, blood/urine analyzers and sometimes ultrasound on-site
  • Has medications on site, and a wide variety
  • Usually a non-specialist, generalist type clinic for their type of species.
  • Is set up to admit and hospitalize their patients.
  • May have a portable ‘home-visit kit’ already packed with lots of stuff
  • Is usually not staffed 24 hours.
  • Staff are used to dealing with uncommunicative and uncooperative patients

A doctor’s office:

  • Has almost zero medications on site, mostly vaccines
  • Only basic equipment
  • Is set up for only one species
  • Is not set up to hospitalize patients
  • Often refer elsewhere for imaging, blood tests, etc.

A human hospital:

  • has very nice surgical suites for human-sized patients
  • An extensive pharmacy
  • lots of entries and exits
  • Lots of people/witnesses
  • staffed 24 hours
  • security cameras
  • Long distances between different facilities, eg Xray, blood analyzers, treatment rooms.

So if you want to be secretive and have as few people know about your alien as possible, choose the vet clinic. If your alien is not really human shaped, chose a vet clinic. If you want as much stuff in one place as possible, use a vet clinic.

Couldn’t fathom existing? My friend I think you underestimate just how many of us are sci-fi nerds. Does it exist in three dimensional space and is it made of matter? If yes, let’s give this a go!

For how I, or most vets, would approach a species of which we have no prior knowledge and no published knowledge is available, the thought process would look a lot like this post: First Principles.

As for ‘treating in secrecy’, depends on how sick or injured they are. If they’re not too bad, then bringing equipment to them might be the more prudent thing to do. If they are severely unwell, bringing them to the clinic at night (on on a public holiday) might be more effective, but you then need to move the cars so the general public doesn’t think anyone is there. I have frequently been stuck at the clinic when it is closed, feeding boarding cats or treating a patient, when somebody knocks on the door looking for pet food, just on the off chance we were open.

Clinics with security cameras may be an issue. More and more clinics these days have an alarm, but not every camera system will be monitored all the time.

Treating in the clinic is risky if more than one person has keys, but unless they see horses the Xray machine wont be portable, and who knows which car that might have been left in. Some ultrasound machines are portable with power. You may be able to bring some fluids back for analysis, though it’s anybody’s guess how useful that may be.

You can take a whole load of stuff to set up a makeshift hospital in someone’s house, providing you have a relatively cooperative patient. There’s less risk of an accidental observer on private property, but you are more limited in what you can do. The anesthetic machine and gas bottles are not portable, and expensive equipment will be quickly missed on days the clinic is open.

Some clinics, particularly mixed animal practices with branch clinics or a home visit component, will equip their vets with work vehicles which contain a huge variety of basic stuff for any potential call out, just not huge amounts of anything, nothing that needs refrigeration and no controlled drugs.

It’s worth mentioning that any clued in veterinarian treating an alien species is going to have two particular concerns sooner or later:

  • What diseases can I catch from this alien?
  • Is this the start of a world wide epidemic?

The thought will occur that maybe they should be recording or reporting this alien. At the least they will record what treatments have been used, what worked and what didn’t. This is part of medical record keeping and you need to know what you’ve already used to figure things out. It may be recorded as “Treatment for Squiddy the dog” instead of “Treatment for alien”. The knowledge may be useful at some point in the future, and at the very least helps prevent repeating mistakes.

A veterinarian may also decide to report this to the government. This is complicated and personal, and will depend on your character but it will boil down to “Obligation to the protection of Earth” versus “Obligation to your patient.“ How they resolve this conflict is up to you as the author. 

Being James Potter's Sister Would Include...
  • Getting teased 99.9% of the time
  • No matter what you do
  • But also having someone who would be proud of all your achievements
  • Embarrassingly so, really
  • Like if he sees you gaining house points for your house
  • There’s a bunch of “WOOHOOO” and “FUCK YEAH, THAT’S MY SISTER”
  • Everyone thinking you’d be just as much of a troublemaker
  • They wouldn’t be wrong though…
  • Helping the lads pull off pranks
  • Keeping watch when they do
  • And causing distractions
  • Basically a perfect crime team of 5
  • High fives when you all pull it off
  • Being treated as a sister by all the Marauders
  • If they see you upset, the first question is
  • “Who do we have to hex??”
  • Basically having 4 brothers
  • No guy can go close to you without James having a frown on his face
  • And asking a billion questions about the dude later
  • “James, I was just giving him notes from a class he missed.”
  • “Is notes code for ‘let’s snog later’ now??”
  • A lot of little arguments
  • That usually end in one of you in a headlock

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Goodbye Kisses pt 2

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 3.5 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 (final)

Jin x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff (more fluff)

Summary: You woke up and Jin never wanted to let you go ever again. Your confidence in him skyrocketed and you thought nothing could ever make you doubt him again…

Word Count: 1866

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

The sun rose, it’s light penetrating through the glass of the windows. The blinds were of no help in shielding you from the rays. You awoke in Jin’s arms which currently felt like they were going to suffocate you,

“Jin…Jinnie…yah…wake up…” You poked at his stomach hoping he would let you go from his rather tight embrace, “Jinnie…wake…up!” One harsh poke to his abdomen must’ve worked because he literally jumped in surprise, almost falling off the hospital bed. 

He sat up, his breathing was quick and heavy from the rush of adrenaline and looked around like he was confused. Then he looked back at you who also was sitting up at this point,

“J-Jagi? Jagi-ah…is…is that really you?” 

“Yes, Jin. It’s really me…” You were taken aback when Jin’s body suddenly collides with yours in a desperate hug. You wrapped your arms around him, rubbing his back as he cried in your arms. This was about the fifth time Jin had broken down ever since you woke up from your coma, and that was only yesterday. 

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admin k: At first…I wanted it to be fluffy but it turned out a little not so..fluffy but the ending is!! 🙃🙃

genre: vernon x reader 

word count: 1.5K 

Originally posted by visual-17

“Babe.” Vernon called but you was busy on the phone. “Babe. Baaabbee.” He whined as his raised his voice, every time he repeated ‘babe’. He rested his chin on the table as he pouted and looked up at you. His arms stretched across the table trying to hold you hand or have any contact with you. He wanted your attention but you obviously wren’t in the mood for it.

You got so annoyed to the point that your blood was boiling. “Could you hold on a second please?” You tried your best to keep your voice at a calm tone.

“Uh yeah.” Your friend replied, a bit confused since you two were in the middle of a conversation.

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(mostly about the first zone, and some early things you see once you get the explore the whole world) (spoilers, probably, read it only if you have completed at least the first zone (part 1) AND you fixed your tablet (part 2))

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Those Meddling Rappers! And That Meddling Gray, Too!

Originally posted by jayfatuasian


“Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Jay’s just my friend. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“And I’m the president of South Korea.”

“Oh, it’s an honor to meet you then, Mr. President.”

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genji knows reader pre fight with hanzo and then there is a reunion after he finds his soul with zenyatta

So I deviated just a bit…

You had not seen Genji since his supposed death. In the beginning you resented Hanzo, but over time your anger had turned into sadness, because you knew the Shimada brothers; understood who they were and how they acted. It had only been a matter of time before the tension came to a head, and though you had only seen a few interactions between Genji and Hanzo that showed their true feelings for each other, you knew that something was going to end badly.

Hanzo had given you the news of Genji’s death himself. Kneeled before you and told you that there was no forgiving what he had done, and you knew that. You knew there wasn’t anyway to forgive Hanzo for what he himself had wrought, but time had healed wounds that had cut deep. Eventually you weren’t angry at Hanzo; you were sad that he would always be haunted by these demons of his, shadows of a past he would never be able to truly escape.

You had tried to find him. Ask him to please forgive himself, even if no one could forgive him. But your leads always came up short. You always just missed him, and you were forever hunting a ghost.

Searching for that ghost was what lead you to Genji again. The two of you crossed paths as you sat at the small headstone you had paid for to be put into a cemetery not far from Shimada Castle, as close to his home as you could be. There was no body beneath the plot but it was more of a comfort to you, being able to return to this place and talk to “Genji” when you felt the most lost, just as you did now.

“Ten years, my friend,” you sighed softly, kneeling before the tombstone. Only his first name was carved into it, a request you had made so as not to draw suspicion from the old cemetery keeper when you had the stone commissioned.

You sat before that stone for hours, simply staring at it, a small offering of Genji’s favourite food sitting next to it. When you visited you used to bring drinks, because the two of you had always gone out together to have fun. If he was alive, you were sure the two of you would have matured beyond that together.

The thought was a nice one.

“I know when you were young, you wouldn’t have wanted me to care about Hanzo, but we’ve grown. Gotten older. I can’t be angry at him anymore. I don’t have it in me,” you whispered, more to yourself now. “I want him to forgive himself because he’s chasing―he thinks there’s some misguided honor in killing, but―but there’s no honor in that. There never is.”

You pressed the heels of your palms to your eyes. It was starting to rain and you were only making yourself sad.

“I’m sorry, my friend,” you finally stood, wobbling on your feet since you had been kneeling for hours. The pins and needles were painful and you tripped, falling forward on your first step.

The surprise that shocked you when someone grabbed you made you forget your words for a moment, before you realized it was an Omnic that had clutched at you. You knew there were some that were friendly, but you hadn’t thought that any would be near enough to hear you speaking. It was one of only two explanations you could come up with for why they had reached you so quickly. The other was that it had to have been a ninja.

“You look surprised, old friend.” The voice both was and wasn’t familiar. The way it wrapped around words, syllables foreign and yet so well known. You looked up into the “face” of the Omnic that had caught you, only to see the brown eyes of someone you had thought long gone.

“Genji,” you breathed, stunned.

“(Y/N),” he replied, and there was a smile to his voice, but also an underlying current of unsureness.

You didn’t even think as you reacted, lunging forward to envelop your friend in a hug. You had missed him for so long; his disappearance from your life was so sudden that you had never truly adjusted. Seeing him now? It was like breathing again.

“It’s been so long,” you sobbed, arms wrapped around him tightly. He hesitated before hugging you back, and the tightness of his arms around you made you feel like you had come home.

Home felt wonderful.

Living with Up10tion includes

for @bitchvilm because i was to excited to not write this right now lmao

Living With Up10tion Includes:

Originally posted by shownusgrl


-But let’s get some backstory first

-you were probably a friend of one of the hyungs

-probably Kuhn or Jinhoo because they would want their best friend to meet the boys

-you ended up becoming the mom friend

-you know that one friend

-the one that helps the others when they are sick

-cooks and cleans for them

-comforts them

-coddles them

-practices the dances with them when they can’t get it right

-helps them learn other languages

-takes the aesthetic pictures for them

-you know those friends?

-yeah, that’s you, I hope you like your job now

-but the boys absolutely adore you and know that without you they probably wouldn’t be as close as before

-so they asked you to move in

-and you looked at them with so much frustration when you thought they were joking

-you didn’t say anything and just walked out

-they were so confused

-they thought they had done something wrong

-Kogyeol had to talk to you to actually make you believe that they actually wanted you to live with them

-you were so embarrassed when you realized that you had made them feel bad

-you felt awful and ended up asking their manager for a key to the dorm so you could throw a little surprise for them

-the manager smirked and handed you the key but not before saying that his room was now yours

-you immediately moved some of your clothes and other items into the room.

-you only had about 5 hours to get the party done

-so you really just brought a toothbrush, makeup and clothes

-you were going to make them a cake and all that

-but you ended up cleaning up the place instead

-when you had an hour left, you decided to just order a pizza and chicken and call it a night

-when the boys walked in they were 100% surprised that the dorm actually looked nice because you hadn’t visited since you walked out

-come to think of it, the other boys still thought you were mad

-when you heard them walk in you just stood up off the couch and waiting awkwardly for them to follow the smell of food.

-you were attacked by screams and hugs when you announced that you were living with them

-the dorm was cramped but you spent everyday with your best friends so that was fun

-being dorks with Jinhoo

-yelling at the boys with Kuhn

-exercising and then regretting it with Kogyeol

-Wei teaching you how to rap

-Bit-to practicing until you forcefully drag him home

-Wooshin making you upset because he doesn’t love you

-but he does, he just hates cuddles

-so he makes it up to you by buying you things

-Sunyeol teaching you how to expand your singing range

-Gyujin playing with your hair when he’s upset

-Hwanhee cuddling you all the time

-he’s like a koala

-Xiao treating you like mom

-he even calls you ‘eomma’ sometimes

-that’s how much he appreciates you

-the boys adore you

-and you adore them

-I want to live with them


"Is He Really So Bad After All?" A KhanxReader fluff/smut

I want to offer my greatest thanks to the gents and lady that helped me gather ideas for the fic. It’s taken a long time but it’s here! Thank you neb-is-here, snaveissexy, Mot, and the girl I want to dedicate this to for a quick recovery and many well wishes, I hope you feel better soon Agnes onebuttscratcher. We love you!
It always seemed like a dream to work on the U.S.S Enterprise under the command of Captain Kirk, that was until you got the position and left on a five year mission to explore the galaxy. Always a shy and timid girl you were an easy target for bullies, you would think adults wouldn’t be so rude and impolite but a number of your co-workers onboard were like 10 year olds. Immature and rude, always shoving you around and bullying you.

“Prisoner to cell one…” A group of officers surrounded a tall man with black hair as they escorted him to a cell. The man’s name was Khan, currently the most feared man in the galaxy, super smart and very powerful. You worked on the culinary team and your duty was to feed the prisoners so you would have the chance to meet this mysterious man soon enough.

“(Y/N), take this to the prisoner in cell one.” Your head officer said in a disgusted tone, she was always such a snobby bitch, talking behind your back and sucking her teeth whenever you entered the room. You were generally hated among your co-workers and found something oddly nice about getting to visit the prisoners.

“Yes ma'am.” Picking up the tray right away and heading to the cells to deliver the food for the evening. Just a short walk later you had arrived to Khan’s cell and entered the glass enclosure and sat the food on a bench by the door. “Hello.” You said in your usual soft tone, Khan just stared at you through narrowed eyes. “Right then…um…your food for the evening sir. I’ll return to pick the tray up soon.” Turning to leave quickly you hung your head and retreated quickly.

Returning in an hour to pick up the tray from his cell you were hit on the shoulder intentionally by a passing co-worker and knocked you to the side, Khan saw the display and he looked like he could kill any moment. You wiped your eyes quickly to hide your tears but Khan could see as you stepped into the cell.

“You should have pushed back.” He said, startling you and making you look to him quickly. His deep voice sent shivers down your spine and commanded your full attention.

“I’m sorry?” You asked, confused about why he would care.

“You should have pushed back, you shouldn’t have let her do that.” Khan said.

“That’s nothing,” You brushed him off and turned to leave after picking up the tray. “I’ve had worse done before.” Speaking just above a whisper so he wouldn’t hear that. Tears fell again as you stepped out and headed back to the kitchen and then to your room to cry yourself to sleep like you did most nights.
It had been a week with Khan on board, same routine daily, bringing him three meals a day. The seventh day as you brought his dinner to his cell, a co-worker shoved you as they walked by, dropping the tray from your hands and hitting your head on a column. You bent down to pick up the containers of food that had scattered on the floor, tears dripping from your cheeks. Blood dripped from a little cut on your forehead as you stepped into the cell.

“I’ll bring you some more food.” You tried stopping your tears but they continued to fall so you wouldn’t look at Khan in the eyes.

“You should have killed her.” Khan said quietly to you.

“Oh I would never do that!” You gasped and shook your head, you never even harmed a bug.

“You’re too weak. Why are you even here I do not understand.” Khan pressed on trying to get you to answer him, to stand up and get angry. “Why do you care about me?” Urging you more and more until you broke down and cried, you rushed out feeling embarrassed and humiliated. Khan looked to you as you rushed out and out of view.

“Permission to come on deck sir.” You said through your tears that had slowed a bit now.

“Permission granted Officer (Y/L/N).” Captain Kirk turned in his chair to look at you, his brows furrowed and he stood up as you walked towards him, shoulders jerking from sudden intakes of air. “What’s wrong?” Kirk asked, his voice full of concern.

“I’d like to request a transfer to a different department please sir. I’ll go anywhere, just please don’t send me back to the cells again.” You begged him while staring into his bright blue eyes.

“You’ll be my assistant, Officer. Report in the morning.” Kirk said and you were dismissed to your room.

The following day you reported to the bridge to start your work as the Captain’s assistant. Below in the cell where Khan was being kept a new girl showed up with his meals.
“Where is she?” He asked calmly at first.

“Who?” the new girl, Tina asked.
“You know who, the quiet girl that has been attending to me since my arrival. Where. Is. She?” Khan grew angrier.

“She requested to be reassigned.” Tina scoffed and left the cell. Khan was steaming mad now and slammed his fist to the glass in frustration.

Weeks went by and you managed to avoid having to visit the cells and kept busy with Kirk, but the bullying continued, you developed bruises and little abrasions.

“I’d like you to come with me to Khan’s cell, I need to talk to him and I need you to take notes.” You panicked and bit your lip, it had been weeks since you had seen Khan and you were nervous about what he would say.

Stepping into Khan’s cell you avoided his stare by looking down to your tablet. You could feel his intense gaze upon you, it made your shiver slightly. He studied you, studied your bruises and your cuts. Looking to Kirk now he grew angry, infuriated to see you still being bullied. His fist clinched up and lunged to Kirk, pinning him to the wall, his hands firmly around Kirk’s neck.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER??” Gritting his teeth. The color was draining out of Kirk’s face, he was pale then bluish.

“STOP!! STOP IT NOW!!” You screamed and pushed Khan with a force you didn’t know you had in you. Kirk fell to the floor gasping for breaths and you fell to the floor beside him, Khan smiled in satisfaction. He reached for Kirk once again but you slapped his hand hard. “DON’T YOU DARE!!” Khan tilted his head, smirking. Getting up on your feet once again you pushed Khan to the wall, pinning him now. You hit and you punched, slapped and kicked Khan as hard as you could, anger course through you and power surged from you. “You bastard!!! YOU ARE A MURDERER!” You punched him again and again, tears streaming down your face. His strong hands grabbed you by the arms to stop your assault on him.

“Come now…” khan growled with satisfaction, such anger, finally standing up and showing your strength. “You can punch me over and over again till your arm weakens.” His deep voice snapped you out of your current state. He released you and you helped Kirk to his feet and carried him out of the cell and to the infirmary for treatment. Within the next few weeks you changed, now hating the man you once felt sorry for, you couldn’t look to Khan as you passed by his cell, his eyes following you each time. He stopped eating, he grew weak and stopped getting up. It ate at your heart to see him like this, getting weaker and weaker each passing day. The once great Khan was now thin and if possible, more pale than you’ve ever seen him before.

“Compassion is a weakness. Caring is a weakness” you kept telling yourself. Khan grew weaker every day, you realized this and finally gave in and visited him “I won’t be soft” you thought to yourself as you walked in leaning against the wall.
Khan’s eyes were heavy as he looked up to see you, he smirked but weakly “Have you come here to mock me?” he sat against the opposite wall. Sighing you walked towards him and sat next to him on the floor. How could you possibly feel something for such a man, he harmed people, took innocent lives, yet you knew what he was doing he thought was right.

“You’re weak, you need to eat.” You pulled a mars bar from your pocket and unwrapped it before handing it to him. Khan looked to you, puzzled why you would want him to gain strength again.

“You are still too kind” he said.

“Yeah, but you still need to eat and gain your strength back so I can kick your ass again” It was tough not to chuckle. Holding the bar up to his lips “tsk.. Khan, eat up please.” He took the bar, eyeing you wearily but took a bite. “As long as you promise to eat and gain your strength, I’ll come back daily to visit with you and give you food you care for. Yeah?” You said. Khan chuckled deeply and nodded his head.

You came daily just like promised and brought him food, tons of pudding and Kool Aid to please him. One day you brought him a cupcake because he was doing so much better and he’s been so nice to you. Khan was the only one to show you compassion and understanding. He began to smile a little more with each visit, today he showed the brightest one yet. Khan took the knife that was on the tray with his dinner and cut the cupcake in half.

“What are you doing?” you asked as you chuckled. Khan handed you a half, he never shares anything, why would he start now. You stared at him for a moment but took the cupcake and smiled, placing it into your mouth and savoring the flavor, you took slow bites and Khan stared at your beautiful lips. Feeling his eyes on you, you looked to him and blushed just a bit, he didn’t turn his head to hide it, no, he looked on, studying your face and it’s features. Kahn leans to you slowly he closed his eyes and you closed yours, his soft lips press to yours. The kiss is kind and gentle, soft and tender. Khan’s hand slowly rises to cup your cheek. You relax a bit more into the kiss and lean into his touch. Your hand found its way to Khan’s and you covered his. How could such a man have such emotion. The kiss ended but you both remained close, foreheads close to touching, eyes still closed and his hand still on your cheek with yours over it. Biting your lip softly as you savored the last remaining feeling of his lips on yours. When you both leaned back you opened your eyes and looked into each others, Khan had never smiled so wide. He felt a warmth in his heart that he had never felt before, it was an odd but pleasant and welcoming feeling. He felt safe with you and you him. You smiled. Those lips that curved at either end, almost a soft laugh inside almost a blush that Khan had been watching you. No one had taken much notice of you before in your life. You felt excited but mixture of uneasiness almost shaky inside your body and unsure what may happen next. “Was this too quick?” You thought to yourself. “No, not quick enough.” Correcting yourself. You knew this was right, it was amazing too.

The days went by, every chance you got you headed to see Khan. He grew stronger and stronger still, looking healthier each day. Feelings between you both grew stronger too, little cuddles here, late night kisses there. This glass box would never do for what you had in mind.

“Hey” you spoke softly one night as you walked into his cell, all was quiet on the enterprise tonight. It was nearly midnight and everyone was in their rooms or at their stations. You took a seat by Khan on the bench against the wall and he wrapped an arm around you, you rested your head on his shoulder, nuzzling into his neck and breathing in his scent.

“Thank you” He said in his deep voice.

“What for, silly?” You chuckled.

“For this. These feelings I never knew exsisted. For the time you spend here with me and the risk you take to see me late at night.” Khan showed a moment of his softer side that you only have seen before, it’s never been shown to anyone other than his family before they were captured all those years ago. “You’re amazing (Y/N), please don’t ever forget that.”

“You’re amazing too, Khan.” you looked up and kissed his jaw and nibbled at his earlobe. “You’re incredibly hot too” You whispered in his ear. Khan kissed your temple softly and smiled against your skin.

A few more weeks of quiet late night cuddles and feelings grew for you. Khans hands ran over your body as you shared cute make out sessions, his hand rubbed circles in your back after a hard day. He vowed to protect you from the co-workers that had harmed you in the past but you made him promise no violence. Honestly, this Khan was completely different than the one that came onboard the Enterprise two months ago.

“Dance with me…” Khan stood up and took your hand to pull you up and into his arms.

“Khan? What are we doing?” You looked into his eyes.

“Shh…” Khan pressed your head to his chest and swayed you side to side. He hummed the loveliest tune as he moved with you. Hearing his heartbeat…thump thump…thump thump. It was beautiful in itself and so calming.

You pulled away and looked up to him then out to the glass quickly.
“Come with me…” You looked out into the empty room that held the cells to make sure no one was around.

“Where are we going?” Khan asked.

“Shh. Follow me.” You took him by the hand and pulled him out of the cell. You looked quickly before running down the hall with him following you closely. You both rushed through the corridors to you room, quickly opening the door and pulling him inside you shut the door behind you and locked it. Khan smirked knowingly, he knew you had felt urges for him for quite sometime now and he had for you also.

“(Y/N), are you sure?” Khan asked, his voice growing deeper with his arousal. You pulled him down to you to press your lips to his. Your hands pulled him closer, Khans hand wrapped around your back, holding you tighter. His kisses were urgent, desperate. His kisses fell to your jaw then to your neck, finding that one sweet spot right below your ear.

“Mmmm.” You moaned slightly, his hands running over your curves slowly. He backs you up to your bed and lays you down slowly. His strong arms made you feel secure, the apprehension of your first time melting away. Khan ran his hand up your thigh, pushing the hem of your blue dress up to your hip and exposing your black panties. His long fingers trace over the edge of them, the pads of them brush your skin lightly and send shivers up your back. His beautiful lips still pepper kisses along your jaw and down to your collar bone making you nearly want to beg for his touch. Breathing gets harder when his fingers slip between your legs and tease you. Your eyes flutter close and you release a long breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“Khan…” You breathed as he pulled your panties to the side and ran a finger from your entrance up to your clit. He stood up and took his shirt off followed by his boots. You sat up and removed your dress and black shirt that was required to be worn underneath it off and tossed it to the floor. Khan removed your boots and sat them by the bed before getting on the bed beside you. His hand caressed your cheek softly as he looking into your eyes.

“You are so beautiful.” His eyes went to your lips and he leaned in to press another kiss to your lips, his kisses were so soft and sweet, he’d kiss at your top lip and nip at your bottom lip. Khan slid his hand around to unhook your bra, he slid it off slowly and tossed it to the end of the bed. He looked to your breast before looking back up to your eyes. His hand slid over your breast slowly, gentle like his kisses. He moved lower with his kisses and he placed them around your breast. His thumb slipped over your hardened nipple and down your side to your hips, giving a small squeeze making you moan. Khan slipped his hand down your panties and to your sexual center, rubbing small circles over your clit that cause you to spread your legs a little further. Khan slowly slid your panties down once he stopped rubbing and tossed them to the floor. You were nude and completely vulnerable now but Khan had a way to make you feel safe. You tried to cover up with your arms but Khan smirked. “Now…darling, you have nothing to hide. You’re glorious.” He purred into your ear and removed your arms from there positions. The look in his eyes were mesmerizing and beautiful, they calmed you yet made you want so much more. Fed up with the wait you found your strength again and rolled khan to the bed now you straddled him. A chuckle came from deep within him. “Darling, patience.” He smirked.

You moved your hands over his chest and abs up and to his shoulders then over his strong arms. You unhooked his belt and unzipped his pants. Your hand went to his underwear and you touched his hard cock, wrapping your fingers around gently and stroking just a few times.
“You are a big boy arent you? Let me just see if this…oohh…this is big…shhh… I’ll be nice” your smiled grew into a slight smirk as you saw the pleasure on his face and the soft groans that he released. You pulled his pants off and let them fall to the floor. You grasped his cock once more and with your other hand you massaged his testicles gently, a growl came from Khans chest. Khan had now had enough of your teases and pinned you back to the bed. His hands nudged your legs apart gently and he positioned himself between them. Khans hands ran back up your side, over your breast and back to your cheek. His mysterious eyes flicked between yours, studying the beautiful creature he had in his arms. One more kiss on the lips and he slipped himself into your entrance and you gasped from his size.

“Fuck…” You moaned and closed your eyes. Khans hand rested by your head, supporting him, the other found it’s way to your cheek once again and his thumb gently caressed your cheek.

“Are you alright?” He asked and you nodded. “Please open your eyes.” He begged and you opened them slowly to see him as he started to move gently over you, thrusting himself into you. Pants and moans filled the space between you. Your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms grabbed his shoulders, afraid you might float off from the pleasure you were feeling currently. His thrust got faster and deeper, he hit that spot just right each time, with every thrust you gasped and shuttered with an amazing ecstasy. A wonderful feeling grew in your stomach and you pressed your head back to the bed and arched your back, heels dug into Khans thighs and your nails into his shoulders. Khan growled with the pain and the pleasure.

“Khannn….” You nearly screamed.

“(Y/N)…” He groaned and grew closer to his release also.

“Fuck!!!” You screamed as you released around Khan.

“Oh!!! God!!!” Khan screamed and thrust deep into you once more as he released then collapsed to your side, he held you close and stroked your hair gently as you both breathed. He moved from you and you locked legs with his, relishing in his warm embrace, this was love.

“Amazing.” You breathed once you caught enough breath to say anything.

“Breathtaking.” Khan purred into your ear.

“I love you.” You both said in unison.

My Personal assistant to My future Queen

Pairing: T'Challa x reader

Anon request: Can we have smut between T'Challa and perhaps his assistant?

Authors note: i genually don’t know about this one. I’m sorry if it’s nothing like him and also sorry for my poor grammar. I’m super sleepy but I wanted to finish this request. Also if you want to be tagged on my posts just let me know, I’d be happy to do it

Y/n- your name
Y/l/n- your last name

Tag: @kaunis-sielu @theamazingworldofmarvelfics

“Ms. Y/l/n what do I have scheduled this week” king t'challa asked me.

“We have to fly to America, you have a meeting with mr. Stark at his compound. Don’t worry there is someone already packing your belongings for the trip.”

“Excellent, you are excused so you can pack your stuff”

“Thank you your highness” I nodded as I exited his office. I knew I wasn’t going to take long packing, seeing as I’ve got it down to half an hour. I’ve worked for King t'challa for over four years so I’ve mastered the art of packing for short noticed trips. Once I had everything packed I made my way into the jet to take us to America.

“Your highness you should get some rest, this is going to be a long flight” I suggested as we were taking off.

“I will do that, you should get some rest as well.” King t'challa responded before we fell asleep for the duration of the flight.

“We have arrived” the stewardess on the jet tapped my shoulder.

“Thank you” I replied as he left. “Your highness we have arrived” I touched his shoulder.

“Thank you for waking me up” he replied as we stood up. We made our way out of the jet and into the car that was waiting for us before driving off to the avengers compound.

“Your highness it’s so nice to see you again” I heard Tony Starks voice as we stepped out of the car. “Oh and I see you brought your stunning assistant. Always a pleasure ms. Y/l/n” he held my hand and kissed it.

“Of course I brought her Mr. Stark, she’s a very important part of my team” I noticed king t'challa getting upset.

“Oh of courses but unfortunately she won’t be able to attend the meeting” he turned his attention to me. “I’m sorry about that” he apologized.

“It’s alright, I should settle in, would you like for me to take your stuff to your room your highness” I replied

“Oh you don’t have to do that ms. Y/l/n, we are already taking care of that” he motioned to the people carrying our luggage. “But you’re welcome to explore the compound”

“Thank you Mr. Stark I’ll do that” I turned my attention to king t'challa. “Please call me when you are finished so we can go over future business projects”

“I’ll do that, thank you ms. Y/l/n”

“You’re welcome your highness” I watched as the two men started to walk away. I took up mr. Starks suggestion and began exploring the compound when I stumbled upon the living area.

“Hello ms. are you lost” I heard a mans voice behind me.

“Oh no, mr. Stark said I could walk around this place. I’m y/n y/l/n, King t'challa’s personal assistant” I answered as I turned to face the man that was speaking to me.

“Oh it’s so nice to meet you, I’m
James Rhodes. It’s nice to meet you ms. Y/l/n” he extended his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you too, but how come we’ve never met. We’ve visited multiple time but I’ve never actually met you?”

“I’ve been going to physical therapy because of the whole war between Tony and Steve”

“I’m so sorry to hear that” I was sadden that he was hurt because of the petty fight king t'challa had talked to me about.

“It’s alright, I’m getting better” he reassured me. We spent the next two hours talking about our pasts and how we ended up were we were.

“Ahh there you are Rhodey and I see you’ve been keeping the beautiful ms. Y/l/n company” Tony walked into the room with king t'challa who didn’t look pleased with what he was looking at.

“Your highness I thought you were going to call me once your meeting was done” I asked.

“I was but mr. Stark wanted to show me a few new things, but now that we’re reunited why don’t we go back to my room and discuss the business projects”

“Of course your highness, it was so nice meeting you mr. Rhodes” I turned my attention to the man next to me.

“It was nice meeting you too ms. Y/l/n” he kissed my hand before I left with king t'challa. Once inside his room I pulled out all of the paperwork I had for the business opportunities from the briefcase I was walking around with.

“Alright let’s get started” I sat down on his bed as I placed the papers on the bed. After an hour of organizing his schedule for the next three months. We finally finished and I was starting to pack up the paperwork.

“I’m sorry you couldn’t attend the meeting”

“It’s alright mr. Rhoads was keeping me company” I replied .

“What did you two do talk about?”

“Our past, why?”

“No reason”

“Your highness if I did something to irritate you I would like to know what I did wrong.” I began to panic because I didn’t know if I actually did something wrong.

“I can assure you that you did nothing wrong”

“Ok well if you need anything I’ll be in my room” I replied as I exited the room.

*time skip t'challa pov*

I spent the rest of the day wondering why I felt anger when I saw y/n and mr. Starks friend together. I have no right to be angry, I am not betrothed to her. She is free to date whoever she wants, yet I don’t want her to. I wanted to clear my head I decided to walk around the compound. Maybe walking around will make me think clearer.

Once I walked around a couple of times I ended up stopping in front of y/n room. Maybe I should check on her to see if she’s ok.

“Coming” I heard her voice from the other side of the room.

*y/n pov*

“Your highness what’s wrong” I asked as I opened the door and letting him in, not realizing I was only wearing a towel. “Oh I’m so sorry let me change” I sprinted towards the bathroom and put on my clothes on.

“I just came to check if you were ok” he replied as he sat on my bed. I started to blush when I realized he was staring at my legs.

“I’m doing great, I just took a nice warm shower. You know how gross it is flying for so many hours”

“I do indeed” I sensed something was wrong again.

“I’m sorry your highness but are you sure you’re ok? You seem a bit off” I asked noticing a change in his personality.

“I’m having certain feeling towards you” he bluntly responded

“Good or bad?”

“Good I promise” I don’t know what came over me but I placed my hand over his and looked him in the eyes.

“If their good then why don’t you tell me specifically what the feelings are.”

“Love?” He responded in the form of a question.

“Since when if you don’t mind me asking”

“For a while, but it wasn’t sure about them until I saw you talking to mr. Starks friend. I didn’t like you being around another man”

“You have nothing to worry about your highness. It was strictly platonic, I have no feeling for him but I do have feelings for you” the last part made me cringe because of how it came out.

“May I kiss you”

“Yes” soon I felt his lips on mine as we kiss for the first time. His hands were on my cheeks, deepening the kiss. I placed my hands on the back of his neck as I kissed him back and praying this wasn’t a dream. His right wrapped around my lower back and pulled me closer to him until I was straddling him. He smiled when he lift my shirt off my body and noticed I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Mmm” I moaned when I felt him sucking on my nipple, cradling his head as I threw my head back. He started sucking on the other one once I started grinding on him. I pulled him away and bent down and gave him a lingering kiss before getting off of him.

“Why did you stop” he asked before I got off the bed and dropped to my knees in front of him.

“I wanted to please my king” I undid his pants and snaked out his cock. I stroked him a few times before licking the tip and taking him in my mouth.

“Ooooh” he moaned as his hands rested on my head as I started to blow him. Since I couldn’t fit him all in my mouth I pumped whatever I couldn’t fit in my mouth. It didn’t take long to make him twitch in my mouth and soon enough I felt his cum in my mouth. I made sure I swallowed all of his cum before coming back up. I slipped my bottoms and underwear off.

“oh no my king, you just lay back down and let me do all the work. You’ve worked hard let me continue to please you” I noticed he was going to get up so I could lay down on the bed. I pulled his pants and underwear off of him, while he removed his shirt. Once he was laying back down on the bed I climbed on top of him so I was above his erected cock.

“Ooooh” we moaned as I sank down onto his cock. I stayed still as I tried to adjust to his size because I’ve never been intimate with a man his size before. I started to move once the pain subsided, moving slow because I didn’t want to hurt myself. Placing my hands on his chest I began to move a little faster.

“Oh my king” I moaned as one of his hands groped my breast and the other was on my lower back.

“Ohh that’s right keep doing that” I started riding him faster until I was bouncing on his cock and moaning so loud I was certain others in the building could here .

“Oh my king” I bit my lower lip as I felt an orgasm fast approaching. “My king please may I cum” I asked with desperation in my voice

“Yes you may, cum for your king”

“Ohhhh yessss ahhhh MY KING AHHHHH” I shouted as I came all over his cock and kept fucking him through my orgasm.

“Ooooooh yeeeessssss” I felt his cum shooting inside me as he came shortly after. I collapsed on top of him once both of our highs were gone.

“Ohhh that was mind blowing your highness” I glowed as I held onto him.

“It certainly was my y/n” I looked up at him shocked

“That’s the first time you’ve called me by my first name”

“And it won’t be the last, be my queen y/n. I want to rule wakanda with you by my side.” He held onto my chin.

“Ok my king” he kissed me again.

“Let’s go to bed my future queen”

defamingly  asked:

Could you do a head canon for Victor/Yuri/Phichit S/O being an American journalist? Sorry for the odd request, and happy new year!

ooO i love this one !

( also happy v belated new year )

i hope you like them x



  • he would be sO curious about his s/o’s culture and lifestyle
  • would also want to visit america and have them be his tour guide
  • if they’re spending long hours writing up their piece or if they’re cramming for a deadline, he’d make them a hot chocolate or a coffee with some biscuits and give them a nice snuggly hug and kiss before letting them concentrate
  • would aDORE reading their writing if his s/o was comfortable with it
  • would talk to them about the topics that they were writing about
  • would also ask if he could come with them sometime when they were trying to research the topic for their next piece so he could understand the whole process and how their job works
  • sO so supportive
  • if his s/o wants someone to double check their writing he’d be mOre than happy to do it 
  • but he will add in that this isn’t a field he’s particularly good in
  • honestly he can never find anything to fault with his s/o’s writing
  • like he’s so proud of every piece they produce
  • volunteers to gather any materials his s/o may need for a certain piece
  • will keep his s/o company without distracting or disturbing them; will often just sit in the same room and be on his phone or he will read a magazine or something
  • he honestly just wants to be around them
  • will take his s/o evErywhere and anywhere they wanted, or he’d even think of some places to go himself, in order to help them find inspiration on something to write about or just to help them gain a better understanding of different cultures etc which might help their writing

Yuri P 

  • quite intrigued 
  • his experience with news articles and the lot is that they just like the gossip about celebrities and make up false rumours
  • but after seeing some of his s/o’s works and how much effort they put into every piece, he gains a new admiration for journalism
  • he’d check up on the progress of their latest piece a lot, asking about how it’s going and what they’re writing about etc
  • will remind them that they shouldn’t stay up too late whilst working on something; their health needs to come first
  • if they have a deadline that’s coming up soon, he’d offer to do all of the cooking and chores etc so that they could work on it
  • he wants them to do their best and if cooking dinner and doing the laundry is what it took to help them create a piece of writing that his s/o was proud of, then he’d do it
  • his s/o would always support him and his skating career, so he’d be just as supportive of his s/o’s career
  • definitely appreciates his s/o’s intelligence and way with words
  • would get curious about america and would ask questions
  • he’s been there for skating but he wants to know his s/o’s experiences in america and what it was like to live there
  • would suggest visiting sometime if his s/o wanted to
  • would later look up pictures of america on his phone and just spend hours going through them; he wants to know what kind of country his s/o came from


  • thinks their career choice is awesomE ???
  • will alwAYS buy a newspaper/magazine if his s/o’s article appeared in it
  • will just koala hug his s/o bc he’s sO proud of them 
  • thinks that they’re so so talented
  • will read evEry sinGle oNe of their pieces; even if they were from before he had met his s/o, he’d go back and read eveRYTHING
  • super encouraging and is his s/o’s #1 fan
  • if his s/o is ever stressed by their workload or if a piece just isn’t coming together, he’d put together a nice little comfort meal with hot chocolate and some marshmallows and some strawberries that they could dip in some melted chocolate; he’d help them relax and he’d make them laugh and hopefully once they’ve relaxed and refocused, they can power through whatever they were struggling with before
  • he loves everything that they produce
  • honestly he couldn’t be more supportive
  • if his s/o needed ideas, he’d sit down beside them and would help them brainstorm
  • if his s/o had an urgent deadline, he’d take care of everything else that his s/o might need to do so they can focus on their piece
  • when his s/o finishes a piece, especially if it took a long time and a lot of effort, he would have the biGGest smile and would congratulate them for their great work and would offer to give them a massage or to run a hot bath for them; being hunched over a desk for hours upon hours is actually v exhausting

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Could you please do a Seventeen reaction to their s/o changing their clothes in front of them? ;) Love you

Here You are Darling -Jewels 


It was too hot for the wool sweater that was draped over your body, you looked over thinking that S.Coups wouldn’t noticed if you were quick, you pulled off the sweater and grabbed a tank top, you turned to see a pair of wide eye staring at you, with a small laugh he looked away. “I’ll let you off this time”.

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Jeonghan wanted to surprise you, he had gotten time off to visit you.  He was chilling on your bed when you had came into the room, not seeing him you started changing out of you work clothes, you spun around when you heard someone clear their throat. He was blushing and rubbed his neck, “maybe i should of called”.

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You had a undershirt but Joshua still took it as you just remove every piece of clothing on your body. He started blushing rambling that you guys still hadn’t been dating long. He kept going on about how he wasn’t ready fro the next step. You fell on the ground laughing “ i was just changing my sweater” you managed to get out, causing the poor boy to blush.

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You guys had been dating for more than a year, you thought that it wouldn’t matter if you changed your clothes in front of him, you were wrong. Jun saw you out of the corner of his eye, and walked over grabbing your waist. “Are you teasing Y/N?” He whispered in your ear. “Jun, I’m just changing my shirt,” you tried to reason with the flirty man. “Does that mean no fun time?” He questioned you, spinning you around with a pout on his lips, causing you to sigh.

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His face would be on fire if you changed in front of him, you didn’t think anything about it till you saw his face burning. “Ah is Hoshi shy!?” You reached out grabbing his cheeks. He pushed your hands off, “just change your clothes,” he said trying to act unfazed, but you could still see the blush.

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The boy would stare.. He wouldn’t mean to do so, but he just couldn’t help himself, that caused you to make it a game. Going as slow as possible. “Stop teasing me Y/N,” the deep voice rang through your ears. You knew where this was going and you didn’t mind the idea at all. You smirk when you heard shuffling.

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You spilt your tea all the way down the front of you, you quickly took off you shirt, forgetting that Woozi was standing right in front of you, you ran to your room to grab a new shirt, when you exited the room you saw Woozi standing in the same spot as before but he looked like he was thinking about something hard. You came back with bush covering your cheeks “I’m so sorry,” he just laughed.

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This happy virus would go crazy, he would be a blushing mess and it would take him a good hour the first time to snap out of dreamland. He wouldn’t act on his thoughts unless he could sense the tease. After a while he would just blush and laugh that he still thinks the same thoughts. “Cute.”

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You guys just came in from the beach, your clothes were full of sand, so before you guys layed down to watch a movie, you went to change into lazy clothes, Mingyu didn’t know what you were doing and followed like a puppy, he entered the doorway to see you taking off your shirt, he leaned against the frame and kept his eyes on you. “Stop staring,” you looked up, blushing.

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The innocence is gone from this boy, you thought he would be ok with you changing, but the minute the pants hit the floor he was behind you, you started blushing when you felt the breathing on your neck, you turned your head to see his eyes had grown dark and that all the innocence was gone. “What have I just started?” You thought.  

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You went into your bedroom to change out of your workout clothes, you looked and saw that your boyfriend was still sleeping in bed, you quickly started to change thinking you were in the clear, you had almost removed your yoga pants when you heard Seungkwan move in bed, you looked back to see his open eyes and deep red blush on his face. “Well that’s a great wake up call,” he whispered before baring his head in the pillows.

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You had to clean around your flat before your parents came to visit, Vernon was nice enough to help clean, after about an hour you started regretting your clothing option, you had picked out a heavy sweater. You looked and saw that there was a shirt needed to be folded on the couch you quickly looked at Vernon who had his back facing you, you quickly pulled off the sweater and threw on the shirt, you turned around when you heard “OH MY GOD! I’m so sorry Y/N,” Vernon had saw and lost his mind.

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You two had been best friends since childhood, you guys were hanging out for the first time in a while due to both of your schuldes, you both just wanted to stay in and watch all your old favourite movies, you and Dino both got bored and started play fighting which lend to pop going all over your shirt. You sighed and ran to the bedroom to change, Dino followed apologizing the whole time. He soon got tongue tied when he saw you pull on a new shirt. “What are you looking at?” You raised your eyebrow, it wasn’t the first time he has seen you. “When did you grow up so much?” He whispered causing you to blush.

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My former roommate is visiting for my birthday, and on the one hand it’s really really nice to have such pleasant, undemanding company, where we know each other well enough and lived together long enough that she doesn’t care if I take a couple hours to write or nap or game or whatever and my “must!!!! be!! a!!! good!!! hostess!!!!!!” switch doesn’t engage and turn me into my father, but on the other hand, I had forgotten about her ungodly love of flat soda until I watched her spend half an hour shaking a bottle of Mountain Dew. 

Little Sister » Mycroft Holmes

Pairing: [Sibling] Mycroft Holmes x Reader

Fandom: Sherlock

Words: 2341

Summary: Life as Mycroft’s twin sister

A/N: This was my first time writing for Mycroft and I really hope that I got his character right! Also, this fic is happy and sad at the same time, so be prepared for some fluff and angst. (:

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Hey guys, you should really visit this LGBT bookshop in 66 Marchmont street if you’re ever in London. The owners a really nice person and great to chat with, there are some great books to find and lovely pins and postcards. I’ve probably browsed for hours inside.❤️

The Case

The more I learn, the more I realize how truly fucked up Sasha’s case is. I think I’d initially pegged it as a case of a screwed up system and a family thrown into chaos, but now I can see how a judge would be REALLY hesitant to return Sasha to her family. 

And now I feel strangely about her nice, kindly bio dad.

It makes me sad because bio mom is totally working her case plan. She loves this kid and shows up for every visit with enough food to make Sasha pass out/blow out (I am actually happy that they eat together, so you know, no judgement here. I mean, what else can a mom who sees her kid for an hour a week do? Feed away, bio mom. She’ll sleep off the sugar bombs). 

What’s a couple of yucky diapers in the scheme of things?

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Maybe some fluffy headcanons of jimin adopting the cute bunny jungkook with the adorable sweater paws? 🐰🙈

//jimin didn’t know he wanted a bunny hybrid until he saw jungkook. the tall and broad bunny hybrid, with blue eyes, dark hair and long fluffy ears.

//he seemed to be angry at everything, arms crossed and silently observing the other hybrids talk and laugh with the visits.

//that must be the reason jimin was drawn to him. the fact that he seemed to be rejecting everyone, but wanting desperately someone to approach him.

//jimin visited him during days. he brought the bunny presents and talked to him for hours, everything to make jungkook open to him. he knew he had succeeded when he made jungkook laugh.

//”what do you say about coming home with me?”
“yeah… but only if you want to”
“I would love that.”

//it doesn’t take much time for jungkook to adjust to his new home and new partner. jimin is nice, really sweet with him and is patient. let’s jungkook take his time, answers all his questions and never forgets to bring some present for him.

//jungkook is all big and muscle but contrary to everyone’s belief he’s a softy. he’s really sweet and caring for jimin. always waits for him with a wide smile and dinner ready (the first times he tried he always burned down the food and his nose kept twitching in annoyance, but jimin bought him cooking books and new utensils until jungkook learn how to properly cook - now he’s a true chef, his cupcakes are the best)

//jungkook’s ears are really soft and jimin looooooooooves petting them. it doesn’t help that jungkook enjoys it also, so after lunch or dinner, once their tummies are full of food, they like to sit on the sofa, jungkook’s head on jimin’s lap as the human caresses his ears.

//it’s adorable to see jungkook focused on something; he furrows his eyebrows slightly, purses his lips in concentration and sometimes his nose twitches. when he’s angry, his nostrils flare; when he’s happy he scrunches his nose adorably. to be honest, jungkook’s nose must be jimin’s favorite. Jimin loves to watch closely all those micro expressions. his fave is when he bops the bunny’s nose and it twitches from the surprise.

//it’s fun for jungkook to manhandle jimin. he can lift him up and throw him somewhere with ease, laughing as jimin protests for him to put him down. one day, jimin discovers the best way to make jungkook stop it is caressing his ears. the instant jimin’s fingers come in contact with the soft dark fur, jungkook goes putty on his hands, all soft. (jungkook’s vengeance later is worse, he throws jimin around his shoulder and pats his butt)

//cuddling, cuddling and cuddling. that’s all they do when they have time and nothing else to do. the both love it.

//jungkook makes jimin his plushie. hugs him tightly until jimin is squished between his arms and legs. he can’t asleep unless he has jimin on his arms.

jealous misconceptions // newt scamander

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request: Fic where reader thinks that newt and Tina are dating and she doesn’t want to ruin it (but she’s jealous af) and is angsty but has a happy ending? (by @this-is-a-unique-username)

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(y/n) (y/l/n) had been irrevocably and undoubtedly in love with Newt Scamander since fourth year.

Fourth. Year.

It had started out as a teeny tiny crush on the cute boy who had been her partner in Potions, but as (y/n) got to knew him better, she found herself unable to pull away, despite the numerous other boys that had never managed to tear her away from Newt.

For three years, (y/n) tried to work up the courage to confess her feelings, but Newt never seemed to be as enamoured with her as he had been with Leta Lestrange. As the years passed, (y/n) had slowly began accepting that she would never become anything more than a friend to Newt Scamander, and they graduated Hogwarts as close friends.

But (y/n)’s feelings for him never left.


‘Over the moon’ could accurately describe how (y/n) was feeling right now. She clutched the letter tightly, rereading it again.

Dearest (y/n),

this is Newt Scamander. From Hogwarts, remember? Anyways, I recalled you writing to me several weeks ago about how your new job in the Department of International Magical Cooperation would require you to be sent to New York to work with MACUSA for a week. I was wondering if you would be willing to have me accompany you on this trip, since I thought that it would be nice not to travel alone and also as I do want to visit some American friends of mine.

I eagerly look forward to your reply.


Newt Scamander

And, of course, the answer was a ‘yes’.

Newt and (y/n) had arrived in New York several hours earlier, and were slowly making their way from the port to the central city blocks of New York, Newt excitedly pointing out landmarks to (y/n).

After another hour of walking, however, the sun began to set, and (y/n) found herself standing in front of a brownstone which seemed to be a women’s home. Confused as to why there were at a women’s home, of all places, and not a hotel, (y/n) had barely gotten to open her mouth when Newt grabbed her wrist and Apparated away.

Stumbling slightly upon landing, (y/n) narrowly missed banging her head into a wall as Newt knocked on the door with three quick, successive, raps.

The mahogany door was swung open by a tall, very official-looking brunette, who threw her arms around Newt happily, much to (y/n)’s surprise and slight discomfort. The pair continued hugging as (y/n) was left standing off to the side very awkwardly.

Another woman - a pretty blonde - appeared at the apartment entrance, clearing her throat loudly and glancing at (y/n) apologetically. “Tina!” The blonde snapped softly, “We have a guest, if you weren’t too preoccupied to notice.”

The short-haired brunette - Tina, (y/n) reminded herself silently - and Newt sprung apart, blushing heavily, which made (y/n) feel even more confused, and slightly hurt.

I didn’t know Newt had found a girlfriend, (y/n) thought, envious of the woman who had managed to capture Newt’s heart in less than a year, when she herself had tried to get Newt to notice her romantically for nearly half a decade, to no avail.

“(y/n), right?”

Trying to suppress her bitterness, (y/n) lifted her head in a silent acknowledgement, giving the blonde who had spoken a polite smile.

“I’m Queenie - it’s amazing to meet you, really. Now, come on in! Dinner’s almost ready,” the blonde said happily, her voice airy and light.

(y/n) could only hope that dinner wouldn’t be as awkward as what was happening in the hallway right then.

Queenie was a delight to talk to, and (y/n) found her damp spirits being lifted considerably whenever she and Queenie began a particularly interesting conversation, only to feel upset again when (y/n) caught Newt and Tina sharing little, private glances.

However, as the glances became more intense and as (y/n) began to feel more and more like an outsider, she hurriedly excused herself to use the bathroom, trying to suppress her feelings and conflicting thoughts.

Quickly locking the bathroom door, (y/n) leant against the wall defeatedly, burying her head in her hands as she tried to calm herself down. Jealousy was now running rampant throughout her body, but also a slight self-loathing.

She had had her chance and Newt, and she blew it. Newt had now found someone he truly liked, and it would be incredibly selfish to take that away from him.

Just five more days, (y/n), then you won’t ever have to see Newt Scamander or Tina ever again.

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