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Sleepless Nights

Dedicated to: @staycute1234 for helping me get on the Taegi train. Merry Christmas!


When he shot open his eyes, the room was still dark and the sound Hoseok’s heavy breathing mixed with his own was the only thing that echoed through the air. For a moment, he clutched the sheets, unsure whether or not it was all over. But seconds turned to minutes and it was obvious, the dream was over. 

Taehyung has been having nightmares for months. They’d started off small, only happening every other week or so and only bad enough to give him a light jolt out of sleep. But now, they happened every day and almost consistently tore him out of sleep multiple times a night. He hadn’t mentioned it to the other members, because he knew he’d be unable to explain the entire thing. By the time he woke up, he didn’t quite remember what had scared him, only that it had been perpetually terrifying. 

Careful not to make too much noise and wake Hoseok, Tae gathered himself and headed towards the kitchen for yet another bottle of water. The clock on the wall read 3:00am and everyone had only gone to sleep only three hours prior. He’d been up about three times so far that night; three nightmares in three hours. He was certain that this time he would just stay awake until the other members rose in the morning. Then he’d have the noonas apply extra makeup under his eyes to make him seem awake before anyone could notice. Once he had decided on his next moves, he reached into the fridge for the bottle of water, leaned against the counter, and huffed quietly. 

“Yah, Taehyung. What are you doing up again?” Taehyung turned quickly, catching sight of the mint-haired male rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“Oh,” he forced his signature box smile. “I just couldn’t sleep, that’s all. You can go back to bed, hyung, I’m fine.”

Yoongi lifted his eyes, tilting his head to the side slightly. “Why ya lying to me, Tae?" 

"I’m not lying hyung.” The last thing Taehyung wanted to do was worry the other members. But the concern in Yoongi’s voice made him feel a bit better. It was nice knowing he cared. 

Yoongi took a few steps forward, getting as close as he could to Tae without making their height difference too significant. His eyes were still low, heavy from sleep, and his cheeks were stained pink. He looks really cute when he first wakes up, Taehyung caught himself thinking. It was involuntary but he was really fascinated with this new view of Yoongi. It was different than the one he was used to seeing.

“Well then why have you been up, sometimes five times a night, everyday for the last week?”

For the first time, Taehyung felt himself struggling to keep his composure. He didn’t know that he’d been loud enough to wake Yoongi up all those nights, and he began to worry if he’d waken the other members as well. Worry swam around his mind as he took a swig of the water bottle, trying to keep from making eye contact with his hyung. 

“Just nervous for the comeback that’s all. I’ve been catching on sleep in the middle of the day though, no worries. I’ll be heading back to bed now.” He turned and began to quickly walk away, water bottle in hand, when a small hand wrapped around his wrist.

“Why didn’t you tell someone you were having nightmares?” Yoongi’s words were low and laced with concern. When Taehyung turned around, he was shocked by the sad look in the older male’s eyes. 



Yoongi was now the one walking, his hand still wrapped around Taehyung’s wrist. They arrived at the door to Yoongi’s room and, before he could resist, the younger boy was being pulled into the bedroom and onto a mattress. Yoongi grabbed the bottle of water and placed it on the floor beside them before wrapping his arms around the younger boy and pulling the covers around them. Taehyung felt his cheeks heat up as he involuntarily snuggled back into his hyung, feeling safer than he had in months.

“You can come over here whenever you have a nightmare.” Yoongi’s words were soft and deep as he spoke into the back of Taehyung’s neck. “You don’t have to worry about waking me. Just slide in." 

Taehyung was so surprised he could barely speak. Yoongi had always watched out for him and cared for him, but he’d never heard his voice so sweet and comforting. It was in stiff contrast with his usual demeanor, but Tae was beginning to like it. All he could manage to say was a short, "Okay, hyung.”

Then, though brief and barely noticeable, Tae felt a soft kiss on the back of his neck right before Yoongi’s body became heavy behind him. Warmth spread through his body as he fell into his own soft slumber.
He didn’t have anymore nightmares that night.

“Falling”- Part 2

Part 1

“Part 2”

I open my eyes and find myself in an unfamiliar room I turn around and notice a man, and it all keep flooding back to me, well some of it at least. He looked so peaceful, Andre, he wasn’t wearing a shirt and I couldn’t help but notice his toned arms and back peaking out from under the blanket, making me quickly realize I too was not wearing a shirt. What the hell happened last night I ask myself in my head, it was all a blur but somethings I remember. I remember him buying me a drink, and then another one, and another one- he was putting them back too though. We got in a cab, and I guess we came back to his place? I looked around, it was a beautiful apartment. A highrise with a beautiful view of the city, who is this guy is all I could ask myself, this is a pretty nice place for a guy as young as he is. Andre is still sleeping, I guess I should just lay here until he wakes up? That’s the thing, I’m not a one night stand kind of girl, I wasn’t used to “this”, and I hoped that this wasn’t going to end up as a one night stand.

My mind was still racing as I felt the bed move and Andre was waking up, I turned to look at him to be greeted with a smile. “Well hello gorgeous” he says with an easy smirk, sitting up letting the blanket fall, only to reveal a perfectly toned six-pack and his beautiful arms. Nice place, great body, what does this guy do for a living? I smile, “Good morning Andre”, “Do you remember last night?” he says laughing, I laugh too, “Some of it, some not of it to be quite honest”. He leans over and plants a kiss on my lips, “Why don’t we both get dressed and maybe talk over some breakfast” he says with yet another easy smile, he’s so damn charming no wonder I’m half naked in his bed. “That sounds good, but no peeking!” I say grabbing the blanket off the bed with me as I stand up, he laughs, “Nothing I haven’t yet seen (Y/N)” . I smile, he said my name, so he remembers it that’s a plus. I see my crumpled up dress and heels in the corner of the room, not the most ideal outfit to change in to. He was in his closet putting on some clothes, he came out in sweatpants and a Capitals tee shirt. I knew the Capitals were the hockey team here, but that’s about it, he must be a sports fan I think to myself. He laughed, “Are you planning to wear the blanket?” I laugh, “No, I’m trying to figure out how I turn this” I say picking up the tight black dress, “into a daytime look”. Andre laughs, “My sister left some clothes behind the last time she visited, let me go see if there is anything in there for you” I gratefully thank him as he goes out the door into another room.

I laugh to myself, yesterday I was crying in my own bed heartbroken. Today I’m sitting in Andre’s bed, wrapped in a blanket, and actually laughing and enjoying life. I really don’t know him; but I sure do want to. My thoughts are interrupted when he walks back into the room.

“There wasn’t much but this is what I found, I hope it works for the time being” “Thank you so much Andre, just give me a minute I won’t take long to change” he smiles and heads out of the room. I look at what he handed me: a pair of leggings, a plain grey v-neck, and a pair of flip-flops, which thankfully were my size. It was still September so it was plenty warm enough for flip-flops and a tee shirt, I silently thanked his sister and got changed. Looking in the mirror I’m pleasantly surprised my hair isn’t a total mess, I smooth it out with my fingers and reach for my purse to quickly fix my makeup. I wiped off last night’s and reapplied some foundation and a little bit of mascara. I scoop up my dress and heels, which unfortunately would not fit in my little clutch and head out of the room.

Andre was sitting on the couch watching TV, he must’ve heard me come out though because he looked up and smiled, “Ready to go?” “Yep!”. He must’ve noticed that I was holding my outfit from last night, “If you want you can leave that stuff here (Y/N)” he looked down at the ground and his voice started to waver a little bit, “I uh I um I hope this isn’t you know like a one time thing, I really uh want to like get to know you” he finally stammered out looking up at you with his big brown eyes. I blush instantly, “I also don’t want this to be a one time thing” I see his mouth form into a lopsided smile and my stomach does a little backflip, I can’t possibly be already falling for him, can I?

He leads the way out of his apartment, which was even more beautiful outside the bedroom. It was very modern and sleek, way better than the place me and Emily shared. Shit, Emily. I know my phone is dead, and I know she is probably about ready to file a missing person’s report on me, Andre opened the door to his car and let me in, I quickly scanned the car for a charger, “Is something wrong (Y/N)?”. I laugh, “Yeah I just do you have a phone charger by chance? Mine is dead and I know my friend who I went out with last night is probably freaking out cause I didn’t call her” he laughs, “I don’t have one in my car, but you’re welcome to call or text her from my phone if you would like” he says handing me phone. I thank him and send her a quick text.

“Hey it’s (Y/N), I’m with the mystery man from last night (his name is Andre) I promise you I am okay, we are going to get breakfast, my phone is dead but I’ll call you as soon as I can, I’ll be home in a little bit”. She replies almost instantly, “First off I should kick your ass for worrying me sick, but I’m too happy for you- have fun, be safe, love you”. I smile and erase the conversation handing the phone back to Andre.

He looks over at me and smiles, “Did you uh put your number in there while you were at it?” I blush, “I didn’t, but I can”. He laughs and hands me his phone back and I carefully type in my number and name, “My phone’s dead otherwise I would have you put yours in too”. He gives me an easy smile, he really does have a great smile, “I’ll send you a text so you have it don’t you worry”.

I couldn’t believe myself, I’ve known him for like 12 hours, but yet I trusted him when he told me not to worry. With my ex I feel like I never trusted him, I always suspected he was cheating and up to no good, but here I am now trusting Andre. I don’t even know Andre’s last name, but I knew I liked him.

Andre stopped the car in front of a little diner, “This is my favorite place to go to breakfast, me and my tea- friends come here a lot” he stuttered before saying friends as if he was going to say something else. Anxiety immediately came over me, did he have a girlfriend? Was he about to say her name and caught himself, how can I be so stupid? I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, probably because I so badly wanted this to work, but I was anxious. “I’ve never been” I say giving him an uneasy smile.

We walk into the little diner and sit in booth in the back, a waitress comes over and recognizes Andre immediately. “Good morning Andre always a pleasure to see you, I see you have some different company today!” she says cheerfully looking over at me, “This is (Y/N)” Andre says smiling over at me. The waitress turns to me smiling, “Well lovely to meet you, you’re much prettier than his usual company” Andre laughs, and you force a laugh too. Much prettier? What was his girlfriend hideous? No way she could be, if she even existed, because he is so good looking. I try and brush these thoughts away and tell myself he is a good guy he has to be right? I look down at myself and remember I’m in his ‘sister’s clothes’, was he lying about that too and these really belonged to his girlfriend?

We just placed our orders, Andre ordering his “usual” and I just ordered some eggs. “Are you not very hungry?” Andre asks me looking concerned, “Andre I need to know something” I say seriously and his face turns to a curious look, “What’s wrong?”. “Andre do you have a girlfriend? Because then whatever this is or what you’re expecting I’m not interested in- I just got out of a 3 year relationship where I was cheated on and-” he cuts me off, “What makes you think I have a girlfriend (Y/N)” he seemed genuinely upset that I would accuse him of such a thing. “Well in the car you stuttered before saying friends as if you were going to say something else, like a name. And then the waitress said the whole comment about me being prettier than whoever you usually come with and I don’t know what if you don’t even have a sister and these are your girlfriend’s clothes”

He leaned across the table and took my hand, “(Y/N) I PROMISE you I do not have a girlfriend, at all. I am 100% single, and I do have a sister, two in fact, and I PROMISE you those are her clothes.” I let out a breath, he was being genuine, and I believe him, but I still wanted an explanation on the other things. “Yeah but what about the other stuff?” “Well I guess I have a confession to make then- but not that I have a girlfriend I promise” I find myself laughing, “Well go ahead then!” I’m anxious to hear whatever his “confession” is.

“Well in the car I was going to say teammate but opted for friends. And the waitress was referencing those said teammates with that compliment, because of course you’re prettier than a bunch of guys, you’re prettier than any girl I know too” he says throwing a cheeky grin. “Teammates?” he lets out a slow breath, “(Y/N) I’m on the Washington Capitals. I’m a hockey player in the NHL, I’m from Sweden hence the accent, and because I don’t have any family here or a girlfriend, I hangout with the guys a lot. Our practice rink is just down the road, so we come here all the time. I’m really sorry I misled you and you thought I had a girlfriend, I just get leery about telling girls about my career because they just wanna be with me for the money or whatever, or they only talk to me because they recognize me. But you’re different, I want to get to know you completely, I want you to trust me, I know we met last night, but you’re not like other girls so please just give me a chance”.

He’s on the Washington Capitals?

To be Continued.

Functions as Stuff I Like

Ne: Neon signs, trains at night, jumping off of high places, laughing too hard to finish a joke, waking up in the middle of the night to write something down

Fe: When someone you respect goes in for a hug, not being able to sleep from excitement, colorful sodas, smiles in passing, making instant connections

Se: Top-of-the-world views, making sweatpants look couture, 50 group text conversations, salty air at the beach, expensive meals

Te: Feeling the weight of a heavy watch, that one really nice blazer, the feeling of satisfaction in exhaustion 

Ni: Sitting on rooftops, daydreaming outside, being the only one entrusted with a secret, talking about big plans, realizing your strengths

Fi: Falling asleep on a skype call, puppies that instantly like you, finishing a great book and not knowing who you are anymore, 

Si: Finishing puzzles, blanket forts, telling stories around a fire, colorful notebooks, pearl necklaces

Ti: 100 tabs open, falling asleep on a book, driving at night, friends with common passions, acing a last minute project

The story of Kane-san and Kunihiro (part 1)

☆ I received the permission from 蛇野らい to translate their comics, so here’s the first installment of a four-part story! The artist is also on tumblr: hebino!

[PIXIV LINK] Here, I am only providing the text translation. Please rate and bookmark their artwork if possible! Also, aside from the comic, the set contains a bunch of really nice and funny drawings, so please check them out.

☆ More info about what I do: here.

Synopsis: The story uses one of Kane-san’s quotes at the citadel as basis and from there, a misunderstanding happens between him and Horikawa.

Characters: Izuminokami Kanesada, Horikawa Kunihiro, Heshikiri Hasebe, Nikkari Aoe

Warning: None (yet). Completely SFW.

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“It’s… nice,” Maddie acquiesces as she and Christopher finish touring the house. “A bit too modern for my tastes, but I don’t hate it.”

“Of course you don’t. It’s perfect for us. Can you imagine waking up to that view every morning?!”

“I don’t know, Kit. I mean, I do like it, but how can we afford a place like this? I work part time, and you just graduated! I don’t think-”

Don’t think,” Kit cuts her off in a brisk voice. “I’ve done the math, and it’s definitely within our budget.”

“How is this within our budget?” Madeleine scowls.

Christopher shrugs nonchalantly. “Your father offered to cover the down payment as a wedding present to us, and I agreed.”

“What?!” she whispers, visibly recoiling from his touch. “I don’t understand. You just proposed…”

“Don’t get all worked up, doll face. There’s no way I was going to ask you to marry me without speaking to your dad about it first. We discussed it then.”

“You did WHAT?!”

“Well, I always knew you’d say yes,” he explains with a smirk. “But I had to get your family’s blessing too. Ah, come on Maddie! Don’t-” But she’s already gone, slamming the door in his face as she furiously storms out of the house.

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#110 SHINee initiating suggestive touches. Requested by Anon.


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You and Onew will be out with friends, enjoying some relaxing time together in a really comfortable bar. You two will be sitting next to each other, him a bit behind you with his arm rested comfortable around your waist. After a while Onew felt the urge to play a little bit around, as the current topic isn’t that interesting for him to listen to. His free hand will search for yours, holding them gently, before he will place his other hand from your waist to your back. Gently he will be starting to draw some circles on your shoulder, his movements going lower as time passes. After a while he will start running his finger over your lower back, followed by sneaking his  hand in between your skin and your shirt. Just when you notice that he is teasing you fully aware of what he is doing to you, he will strengthen his grip around your hands in order to keep them in place. ‘Jagi~’, he will whisper into your ear grinning, 'If you move so fast the others might notice’. His hand will be gently running down, tickling and caressing your skin, while he enjoyed feeling the goosebumps that start to form under his touch. After a while of enduring the teasing you will start to glare at him to what he starts to smile innocently, 'Is something wrong?’. 'Yes! You…’, you wanted to start but one of your friends starts talking to you. 'Why aren’t you listening?’ 'It’s Onews fault he’, you won’t even be able to finish what you are wanting to say as your friend shushes you up, 'Stop always giving Onew the fault. He has been listening to us actively, while you just kept starring at your glass’. This was like winning the lottery for Onew, he was grinning from ear to ear, not stopping to caress your back even for a second. When the attention died down again he will lean over to you to give you a small kiss on the cheek, 'You are so cute Y/N.’. He will free your hands, sure you won’t try anything funny anymore, but when you backfire by placing your hand way too high on his thigh he stares at you blankly for a second. 'You are not the only one capable of teasing’


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When Jonghyun wakes up in the morning you will already be out of bed. Suspecting that you are in the kitchen or bathroom he will make his way over to the bathroom slowly. 'Morning Honey’, he will say his voice rougher since he just woke up. After rubbing his eyes a bit he will look over at you brushing your teeth relaxed. Seeing you stand there in your sleepwear will make him chuckle, before he will softly give you a clap on the butt with his hand resting on it afterward. After cleaning your mouth from the toothpaste you will give him a strange look, 'Why is your hand resting there?’. 'Not enough? Should I squeeze it too?’, he will give your butt a soft little squeeze grinning brightly right into your face. 'It’s 8am in the morning Jonghyun’, you will state while trying to get his hands off of you. He on the other hand suddenly felt really energetic, wrestling you to keep his hands on your body. After a few struggles and your try to get away from him, he will have his arms wrapped around your waist, now hugging you from the back really tightly to keep you in place. 'Don’t run away from me’, he will mumble with his lips pressed against your neck. When you start wiggling in his arms again, this time laughing hardly due to his lips tickling you, he will enjoy the sound a lot. When you calmed down a bit more he will spin you around, placing soft kisses on your nose, cheek and lastly on your lips. The kiss will be dragged out by him, his hands finding their way back to your butt, firmly gripping it with both of his hands. Your cute reaction, of hitting his chest lightly, will make him giggle, but he will give in to what you want by removing his hands. After another few seconds he will also break the kiss smiling softly at you now, 'You’re mean … I just wanted to hug you …’ 'Yeah hugging. Sure’ Hearing your sarcastic undertone will make his real intentions show on his face as he is smirking widely, 'Believe what you want Y/N. All I will say is that your butt looks cute today’.


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Key will be sighing heavily every other second, he hasn’t been this bored in a really long time. After a while he will sit down right next to you, close enough to have your legs touch, as you are reading some kind of book peacefully. He had hoped for a reaction from you, but when you don’t give him any attention he will rest his head on your shoulder, reading a few sentences of your book before coming to the conclusion that he is still bored and your book not that interesting for him. To have something to do he will place small kisses on your neck, stopping at your ear to nibble gently on your earlobe. 'What are you doing?’, you will ask him, your eyes still glued to the book. Getting the small reaction from you will make him more happy then he had imagined. Fueled by the feeling of your attention he will turn your head towards him to kiss you. At the same time he will take your book away from you, closing it and placing it on the table next to you two. Right when you try to move your head back to complain he will cup your face with his hands to keep the kiss going. 'Shhh’, he will whisper in between the kiss, his fingers now traveling down to your chin following down a straight line until his finger stops right at the rim of your shirt, 'I’m bored…’. He will be truthfully, smiling and looking you right in the eyes, 'You wouldn’t pay attention to me and I enjoy nibbling on your earlobe’. His finger will gently stroke over your ear shortly to rest on your shoulder right after. His eyes will fall down towards your shirt before grinning and looking up again, 'Why do you have to wear such a high cut collar shirt today?. A V-neck would have been more fun’. His fingers will now be teasing what he would have liked to do. He won’t touch you with them, but he will show you the trail down between your breasts that he would have liked to caress to tease you. Just the thought alone will make him grin, so he will lean in again to give you another small kiss, 'But keep on reading … It looked like you were having a lot of fun without me’.


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Minho loves it when you are wearing short shorts, because he loves your legs and the feel of them when his hands are resting on them or grabbing them. He doesn’t want to miss out on this feeling, but he will keep in mind that the two of you are at a cafe, so he will rest his hand over your knee. As time passed he found himself caressing your skin lightly and without him actually noticing his hand had traveled up your leg. His hand was now already near your crotch and that is when you start to interfere with what he is doing by keeping a good hold on his hand. You will try to keep his hand still by doing this, but he will feel challenged by it. His smile will grow even bigger as he casually drinks a sip from his drink while the hand on your leg tries to wiggle under your firm grip to tease you. 'Minho!’, you will hiss after a while, already needing to use both hands to keep his fingers still. 'What if people see?’, you will be blushing by now. His hand will keep calm after you said that, 'You’re right. Sorry Y/N’. He will give you a small peek on the lips before looking around the café in order to busy himself. When you finally felt safe again as his hand hadn’t moved anymore you will let go of it and as soon as he felt you loosing your grip he will smirk a bit. His hands back into action right away. 'Minho!’, you will shout again embarrassed. His eyes wide and a laugh escaping his mouth now that you showed such a big reaction to his little bit of teasing. 'Jagi, you should keep this down … everyone is looking’, he will giggle, his hand finally away from your leg as he ruffles truth your hair a bit. 'You are so mean today …’, you will pout a bit and before you know it he will place a kiss onto your pouting lips. 'Just because seeing you react to my touches makes me happy’, he will caress your face for a second giving you a charming smile, 'But we should stop for now. They probably noticed what we did’ 'We?’ 'Mhm’, his grin will not die down for the whole day.


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Taemin and you will be chilling on your bed with his head resting on your thighs. After a while though, he will start to feel restless, his eyes will look up to you to find out that your eyes are closed. Feeling like this is a rare chance he will turn his head towards your tummy, his fingers slowly moving up towards your shirt. His movements will be really careful and slow in order to not alert you. Slightly nervous he will press his lips together before he starts to lift your shirt up to get a nice view of your cute tummy. A silent giggle will escape his body as his warm fingers start to circle around your belly button and up to the bottom of your breasts. That’s when you open your eyes looking at him knowingly, he on the other hand looks busted as he starts to snicker a bit too awkwardly. 'Why are you doing that?’, you ask still calm from your small nap. Instead of answering you he will press his face on the skin of your tummy grinning, 'It’s warm and I was bored. Oh and I wanted to see what it takes to wake you up’. 'Why that?’ The evil grin that forms on his face will give you shivers, 'Just … so to know what I need to wake you up … or not’. The smile will quickly replaced by an innocent one as he sits up to start a deep kiss, his hand resting on top of your belly button again. 'Would you care to stop touching me as if you want to make me aroused’, you will ask with your eyes closed actually enjoying his warm hand. 'Should I really? It looks like you are relaxed and calm’, his finger will start forming circles around it again. You will nod, 'Yes, but I am not in the mood. I only want to relax now Minnie’. The look he will give you is relativly serious as he nods, 'You can fully relax, I will make sure your body is completely calm by the time I am finished’. Your eyes will shot open again to look at him, 'Finished with what?’. The only answer you will get is a cute grin and a, 'Wait and see. Just relax Jagi~’

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The Christmas We Never Had [Part 6/13]

I’m collaborating with @jinglesoldier this December to bring you a slightly interconnected daily drabble series from each of us. Taylen will be posting on the odd days and I’ll be posting on the even days of the month until Christmas day, so we hope you’ll enjoy this little present!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,036

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The days went by and soon, it was the day of the neighborhood dinner at Bucky’s. You were nervous, to say the least. There wasn’t any additional information on Harrison and you’ll soon be meeting him face to face in close proximity. Not knowing what to expect made you extremely anxious, but having your team by your side calmed your nerves.

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I still can’t believe that just a couple of hours ago I was kissing your lips and your tear stained cheeks in the middle of your city’s airport. I’m not in your bed. I’m not washing the dishes in your kitchen or waiting impatiently for you to finish class. You’re not waking me up or making us lattes to drink while we obsessively watch Sex and The City. Drives are lonely and the view isn’t quite as nice. I miss the trees, I miss the mountains and the cool air. There’s no one I would rather eat breakfast food for dinner with and there’s no one I’d rather take hot showers with, or yell at in the mornings because they set 3 alarm clocks too many. We are so far from perfect. We are so far from what so many people believe us to be, but we are ourselves. We are true to one another. You can’t fake the laughter or the desperate touches we share. We scream, we argue, we slam doors and then make up all over again. We dance and we squeal, but I hate when you get too excited. We have good days and we have bad ones. We have days where patience is lacking and days where love is just bursting and overflowing out of our hearts. We are so human and so flawed, and that is what makes this so real to me. No one could ever make me crave proximity like you do. No one else could make me want to tear my hair out in frustration because I can’t stand not being able to be there like I should be, like I deserve to be. For birthdays and holidays and special occasions. For all the shit I once found stupid. I miss you, so much. And I can’t wait until we don’t have to do this anymore. Until we get the luxury of saying good morning and good night in person. Until the day we can live completely in the moment and not have to worry about the ticking clock in the back of our minds, warning us about how much time we have left. It’s scary just how far away that dream is. But my God, will it ever be worth it.

Starting Line

Will fidgeted against the iron bench beneath him.  It was neither comfortable nor warm.  The wintery chill had rendered it to a large frozen lump of metal, and his whole backside was protesting.  He hated the cold – hated wearing bulky mittens and itchy hats – yet the snow was something he always thought was beautiful.  Even then, as he waited for the bus heading to his campus, there was a light flurry flustering around him.

You still believe in me, after the things I’ve done.

Will immediately reached into his pocket and hit the volume button until he could clearly hear the lyrics from the large headphones sitting around his neck.  He leaned back until his back hit the freezing bench again and let his thought drift along with the snow and the beat.

You fear for what we have become.

He barely noticed it when someone sat down beside.  He just kept his head turned up to the sky, occasionally seeing his breath floating away from him.

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Intoxicated-A Matt Espinosa Imagine-Part 10

Alrighty guys.. things are going well. I seriously ship this. #Marah4Life. Previous parts below, as always. Love you all, enjoy loves!


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Part 9-

I open my eyes to find Matt laying next to me on the couch, sleeping. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was 2 am. My parents were probably sleeping, and I was out here on the couch with a boy. “Hey.. Matt, babe. Wake up.” I shake him lightly, his eyes opening instantly. “What?” He says, his grip tightening on me. “Matt, I’m okay. I’m right here.” His grip lessens enough for me to get up and walk towards the door. 

“Where are you going?” “Just follow me.” I say, grabbing my wallet and putting on some flip flops before walking out the door. “Okay..” I hear him say, shutting the front door quietly. When he meets me by my car, I open the passenger door. “Get in.” “Excuse me?” He says, running a hand through his hair. “Please.” I say, trying to pull off the puppy dog eyes. He gets in the car as I go to the drivers side and get in. “Okay, let’s go.” “Where, exactly?” Matt says, confused. “It’s a surprise.” I say, backing up and driving to McDonald’s.

When we reach the drive-thru, Matt smiles wide. “Seriously?” “Yeah, I thought we could both use a nice milkshake.” He laughs. “Okay, sounds good. But let me pay.” He says, grabbing his wallet out of his side-pocket. “I got this, Matt. It’s like two bucks anyways. What do you want?” “I’ll take a small vanilla shake.” He says, giving me a small smile. “Alright. I need two large vanilla shakes please!” The drive-thru lady tells me how much I owe, then I go to the first window and pay. Matt looks at me and crosses his arms.

“What?” “I wanted a small.” He says, forcing his tone to be serious. “You can’t just go with a small. Go big or go home, Espinosa.” He finally cracks a smile, making me laugh. “See? You couldn’t deny a large milkshake even if you wanted to.” “Okay, okay. Next time I’m paying.” He says as I drive up the second window and grab our drinks. “Thanks!” We both say as I drive back to my house. Matt slowly sips his shake, his face blank. “Mhm, you’re enjoying it.” I look at him and laugh. He has to take a second to swallow, then says, “Whatever.”

When we get home, Matt goes straight to the front door, but I stop him. “No.” “What do you mean, no?” “I mean no. We’re not quite done with our adventures.” I grab his hand and bring him to a ladder on the side of the house. “Climb.” “What? No.” “Please.?” I say, begging him to climb the ladder. “Fine.” He climbs it and gets on the roof, waiting as I climb it. “Follow me, okay?” “Okay.” I grab his hand once again, leading him to the top of the roof, then sit down. “Sit with me.” “Alright…” Matt says, a little nervous.“ "It’s fine, Espinosa. We won’t die. I’ve been up here hundreds of times.”

“Oh okay.” He says, relief flooding his face. We sit there in a comfortable silence, drinking our milkshakes and staring at the stars. “Why do you come up here?” Matt says, breaking the silence. He turns towards me, his eyes staring right at mine. “Well, I used to always come up with my mom and dad to watch the fireworks every fourth of July. But now, we watch them on the ground. Now, I come up here and watch the stars sometimes.” Matt grabs my hand, intertwining our fingers. “It’s super cool up here. I love it.” “Yeah, we used to bring chairs and everything up here too. The whole nine yards." 

Matt laughs at my comment, his eyes focusing on our hands. "I kinda wish my parents did something like this. They’re always focused on work. They have no time for fun.” His tone was serious, his eyes never meeting mine. “But they are so sweet. I love them.”  "Yeah, but they take everything so seriously! Your parents let you go out at 2 am and get milkshakes. Mine would kill me if I tried that.“ I look at Matt and laugh. "My parents don’t even know about this… I mean, if they did, they would kill me too.” “What?”

Matt looks at me, shocked. “They don’t know?” “Yeah, they don’t. Honestly, I sometimes come up here to get away from them too.” “Wow. Your parents seem so fun and everything.” “They can be sometimes..It depends.” I inch closer to Matt, laying my head on his shoulder. I yawn loudly, making Matt yawn. “I’m tired.” I say, closing my eyes. “Yeah, me too.” Matt says, rubbing my arm. Without thinking, I say, “Goodnight Matt.” “Night babe." 

I wake up to Matt gently pushing me. "Hi Matt.” “Hey Sarah. How was your sleep?” He says, kissing my forehead. I look at him and smile. “It was great, thanks for being my pillow.” “Anytime.” Matt says, giving me a smile. “So, why did you wake me up?” I say, still staring at his beautiful face. “Well, look for yourself.” He says, pointing in the direction of the sun. “Oh my gosh. Matt, it’s beautiful.” I say, watching with him as the sun rises. The sky was mixed with several colors: pink, yellow, orange, and a little blue mixed in. It was gorgeous.

I get up quickly, then give Matt a hug when he gets up. “Thanks for waking me up to see that.” “No problem. I would want you to wake me up for that too.” We walk down to the ladder, then climb down and arrive at Matt’s car. “So, thank you so much for everything. The flowers are beautiful.” Matt looks down at me and smiles. “No problem. Thanks for the milkshake and the beautiful view.” “Anytime.” He leans in and kisses me gently, then gets in his car and drives away. I walk into my house, my thoughts only of Matt’s lips on mine.

As I put the flowers in a nice vase, I realized something: My want for Matt was growing stronger and stronger each day.

aira-the-ancient-star  asked:

Aura looked down on the sleeping figure, an eyebrow raised. "Well, I am not sure, but I guess, you shouldn't be laying ontop lf roots. It will hurt you afterwards.", she said loud enough to wake up the man.

Yasuo slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the woman. “I suppose, but isn’t the view up here irresistible?” The ronin asked with a smile as his eyes darted behind here, a nice view on a small Ionian city with many Sakura trees around it. “It’s the perfect time too, the Sakuras are blooming.”

// ah it’s been awhile welcome back

Ted stared out the window of the hotel, his shoulder leaning against the wall as he watched the water. He had splurged a little on their trip, making sure they got a nice room with an even better view of the canal. Sure, he’d probably look at his bank account later and slightly regret that decision, but then again, he didn’t know if they’d ever be coming back. And right now, it was well worth the money.

The water was great for looking at while thinking, as Ted was doing. It was far too early in the morning for him to be awake, and he absolutely should be curled up in bed next to Emma, but he knew his thoughts wouldn’t let him do that. Rather than risk waking her with his tossing and turning, he had just gotten up to watch the water again.

He sighed quietly, staring harder, looking for any kind of answer. He knew he couldn’t find it in a canal, but he was a bit of a wishful thinker today.

College AU #3: During Classes

A/N: I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to post lately I’ve just been so busy and school starts in literally a week for me but I’m sorry I still love you :) Feedback/ideas for parts of this series would be so great.


I’m late I’m late oh god I’m going to die I’m so late, you thought as you scurried down the hallway. Your sight was set onto the corner to turn down, not paying attention to a single thing besides that, especially the boy that you were about to run into.

Liam was looking down at his phone and was taking his time going to his class, he didn’t want to be there anyway.

The two of you collided, knocking the air out of the both of you, but also sending you straight onto the ground.

You landed on your butt and cringed at the shot of pain, him immediately apologizing and putting his phone into his back pocket before you locked eyes.

“It’s you!” You said at the same time, causing the both of you to laugh.

“The girl from the coffee shop!”
“The guy that started my standing ovation!” He reached out his hand and you took ahold of it, helping you to your feet.

You made eye contact for just a few seconds, just looking at each other.

God, she’s even prettier up close, he thought.

He’s gorgeous, your mind raced.

“Oh I uh, I’m Liam, in case you were wondering.”

“I’m Y/n, it’s really nice to meet you, thank you for doing what you did, by the way.”

He raised an eyebrow and leaned against the wall.

“Why would you thank me? You were amazing. If I wasn’t the first person to clap for you, somebody else would’ve done it.”

You swayed a bit and furrowed your eyebrows.
“Oh, so I can’t just be nice then and thank you, can I?”

He was taken back by your tone but you cracked a smile and stifled a laugh, giving away the fact that you were trying to be sarcastic.

“So, speed racer, what brings you down this hallway in the middle of class?”

Your face turned red and you motioned behind you.

“A girl that I know, her birthday’s today so I made her cupcakes like any person would do, and when I asked my professor to go give them to her he told me I had 5 minutes, which is really hard considering she’s at the opposite side of campus and,” you looked up at the clock on the wall and got stiff, “Oh god, It’s been almost 15 minutes. I’m sorry for running into you, literally, I’ve got to go,” you started to walk away but he grabbed your arm.

“Hey, he can wait, don’t worry about him, and don’t be sorry about that, I was hoping I’d see you again.” He sheepishly admitted, shrugging his left shoulder.

“I did, too, actually.” You smiled up at him and he pulled out his phone.

“You know, you, me, and our friends should hang out some time, like this Friday at the football game, maybe? My frat house has a huge tailgate and well, it’d be nice if you two showed up.”

You motioned for his phone and he gave it to her, his smile growing wide.

“It sounds like it’d be a lot of fun, I’ll definitely run it by y/bf/n,” You placed it back in his hand and nodded your head, “and with that, you can text me the details, but I really do have to go.”

Did that just happen?

He felt dumbfounded with how natural and refreshing this felt. He stepped out of your way, letting you pass by him, murmuring a small goodbye and when you were out of his view, he turned around and called your name.

“Try not to run into anybody else today!”



It was the last class of the day for the both of you, and it was no surprise that it was spent in a boring lecture hall. The two of you sat in the very middle row, swaying your hips from side to side, causing the rolling chairs underneath you to swerve.

You needed anything to keep yourself from falling asleep, so the two of you tried to occupy your minds, and if that meant missing a few notes or important pieces of information, then so be it. Under the long wooden desk that stretched across the entire row, you noticed that he began to lean back in his chair, only his back 2 wheels were on the carpet, so you decided to do the only thing a true friend would do at this time; kick his chair. The wheels slid out from underneath him and he and the chair fell onto the ground, a loud noise emitting with the commotion. The professor’s head snapped up from the board in the front, eyes going directly to you two.

Niall groaned as he sat up and quickly regained himself once he noticed that all of the attention in the room was on the both of you.

“If you two are going to act like children, I have no problem treating you like one and putting you out in the hall.”

Niall cleared his throat and you twiddled your thumbs, looking down at your hands.

“I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again.” your best friend spoke up and when the professor nodded his head and resumed his teaching, he made eye contact with you, a mischevious smile forming on his face.

About 15 minutes later you got tired and lifted your feet up, resting them across his lap. He sent you a look and you only wiggled your shoulders a bit, acting innocent. He let it slide for a bit, only to take your feet in his hands and push them upward, causing your own wheels to slip from under you. When you landed on the ground with an “oof!” the professor released a drawn out sigh.

“You two,” you hastily sat yourself back in your chair and sat up straight, Niall trying to hold back his laughter.

“You’re both lucky that there’s only a few minutes left of class, or you would both be sitting in the hallway.”

You rolled your eyes and kicked Niall in the shins, him groaning into his arm to soften the noise.

Once class was over and you shrug your backpack over your shoulder, Niall cornered you in the hall.

“See what you do? God, you’re nothing but trouble.” A playful smirk was on his face and he had a hand on the wall beside you. You poked his chest and tensed your jaw.

“Says the boy who got me numerous detentions in grade school, uh huh, nice try there.”

“Fair point,” he tapped his chin and looked up, acting as if he were thinking.

“What are you- woah- hey, put me down, you asshole! Oh god, your butt is too close to my face, put me down!”

He had bent over and grabbed you by your thighs, lifting you over his shoulder, walking down the hallway. You had a view of everything behind him and knew that a lot of people were watching you two, but there was nothing you could do about that, at this point.

“Niall Horan, I swear to god, if you fart, you will wake up with blue hair and a giant penis drawn on your chest in permanent marker, now put. me. down.”

“Well sheesh, fine.”

He put you down up against a tree and you pouted, looking up at him, he dropped your bag in your lap and bent down to your eye-level.

“Now, I’ve got to get to practice, seeming as though your antics have made me late.”

You were going to interject but he held a finger up to your lips.

“Don’t forget, tonight’s movie night, so I expect to come back to my dorm after practice to a plethora of movies and pizza.”

You nodded your head and hummed, heart beating fast at the close proximity of his face.

He poked your cheek and you scrunched up your nose, trying to bite his finger, teeth making a snapping noise.

When you had failed at your attempt he let out a small laugh and stood up, smiling down on you.

“Behave, I’ll see you later.”

“No promises, Ni.”

He shook his head and rolled his eyes, jogging over to his teammates that had just passed by you two.

You sighed and leaned your head against the tree.

Boy, were you in deep.



The blunt ends of pencils were being rhythmically tapped against the tables, the keys of laptops were swiftly pressed, and fingers were stressfully running through hair an alarming amount of times. Harry hated this class. It wasn’t a lecture, it wasn’t an actual class, it was just, there, a sick mix of the two. The notes were unbelievable and the work was gruesome, he was beyond happy that he was only taking it for half a semester.

His eyelids were beginning to droop, fingers still wrapped around his pen when he heard the professor from the front of the classroom, “Miss Y/l/n, how nice of you to finally join us. You can take a seat,” his eyes scanned the room and landed upon the empty seat in front of him and Harry practically jumped out of his seat once he looked at you. It had been what, 3 days since you two met? But you had been texting nonstop and he was excited to see you again, he just had no idea that you were in this class.

He watched you walk around the back of the room, passing by him and taking the seat in front of him. Leaning forward, he was about to say hi when the professor barked, “Mr. Styles, surely you wouldn’t mind letting Miss. Y/l/n borrow your notes from class so far?”

You turned around quickly and smiled at him, the pieces of hair around your face swaying from the swift movement.

“Uh, er, you read my mind, sir. I was just about to give them to her.” The professor nodded, seeming content with his response and when he went back to his lecture, Harry felt his cheeks heat up as he fumbled for his paper, handing it to you.

“Thank you, it’s a huge help.” You gushed and gently took the paper from his hands.

As your pencil worked across your own paper transferring the notes, he realized what he had written all in the margins of his paper, and hid his head in his arms. When he peered up a few moments he could see a sliver of your face, and how you knitted your eyebrows together and took your bottom lip between your teeth as you concentrated. It was a trait that everyone seemed to adopt if they were in your position, but he liked it on you the most.

You turned around again without warning, the only sound the soft crinkle of the paper in your hand before you met his green eyes, a playful smile across your face.

“Song lyrics? I recognize a few of them.”
He snatched the paper from you and smirked, “does my shitty music taste amuse you?”

You put your hands up in surrender and raised your eyebrows. “No! It’s actually very tasteful, I was wondering if you could tell me what all of those songs are, the lyrics are really something.”

“Why not instead of telling you I just make you a playlist? They’re great songs, you’d probably like them.”

“Right you are, Styles. I’ll text you my residence hall information and you can just slip it into my mailbox.”

He nodded before cocking his head to the side, squinting his eyes.

“By the way, how come I’ve never seen you in here before?”

You ran your tongue over your lips and shrugged, looking him in the eyes.

“Well, you see, I happen to be a very,” you leaned closer, “very busy girl.”

Stifiling a laugh and biting your lip, you turned back around in your chair and faced forward, holding back the urge to look at him for the rest of class.



You huffed and took your hair in your hands, mindlessly putting it up into a bun, out of your face so you could concentrate. The blank canvas in front of you was mocking you, judging you. You slid your foot across the clear tarp around you on the floor, assuming that the real reason this was put down across the room was primarily for your benefit. The multiple cups of paint and brushes on the stand next to you looked like they felt sorry for you, and so did you, you knew that this wasn’t your strong suit. Just when you were about to pick up a brush and dip it into a rich orchid color, a voice sounded incredibly close to your ear.

“Whatcha doing?” A hand went down on your right bicep before you jumped back, dropping the brush as a result of the sneak attack.

“Oh, god, Zayn, it’s just you.” You bent down to pick up the brush and paused, standing up and pointing it at him, squinting your eyes, “wait, it’s you? Why are you in here?”

“I was dropping off my portfolio to Mrs. Moore and I saw you over here so I thought, why not say hi?”

He smiled, the kind of smile that pushes your tongue against your teeth and you smiled back, making a mental note of how much you liked that expression on him.

“So, what are you doing?” He looked around to all the other students, most of their canvases half covered already, a jurastic contrast to your bare one.

“I’m not very good at splatter paint, my technique is so off. I know it sounds silly because to most people it’s a piece of cake, but I just can’t seem to master it and I’m afraid to start and make a fool of myself.” You left out a small laugh at the end, which more or less sounded like a defeated sigh, and looked at the ground.

The brush in your hand slid from your grasp and you looked up to see him dip it into a navy blue, and gesture to your hand.

“Well then let me help you, yeah?”

You nodded and let his hand take ahold of your smaller one, passing you the brush and tangling his fingers with yours around the base.

His free hand was against your back, the palm touching the tie on your smock, and you tried to ignore the warmth that he spread through your chilled skin, the thought disappearing once he moved your hand in a circular fashion, loosening it.

“Now, it’s all in the wrist, I can’t stress that enough. Usually its just expressive and they say there’s no wrong way to do it, but if you want a real splatter, the wrist needs to be loose.”

You hummed and looked up at him, paying more attention to the beard that had set in since the last time you saw him, and his hair that was relaxed across his forehead than styled upward. His cheekbones were more prominent this way and his rugged features surprisingly went well with his black and white rose printed sweater.

When he spoke up again you blinked a few times and met his gaze.

“Did you get all of that, Y/n?”

“Oh, oh yeah, now show me instead of tellling me.”

He nodded his head and brought your wrist back, stopping and squeezing his hand on your back.

“No no, you have to relax.”

You sighed and loosened your entire arm, watching your hands pull back and swiftly sling across the canvas, a splattered line going across the center.

Your eyes went wide and you beamed, a small squeal escaping your lips.

“I did it! I mean, uh, we did it!”

He laughed and replaced the brush with another one, dipping it into the orchid color.

“Okay, and again,” your hands flicked across the board in an upward motion, crossing right over the navy.

His hands left yours and he stepped back, gesturing to your hands, “Now, try it yourself.”

You knitted your eyebrows and swirled a new brush in a yellow before thrusting your hand forward, a splatter forming just below the center of the canvas.

You looked at him and put the brush into its holder, stepping closer to hug him. You relaxed into the soft fabric of his sweater and his cologne. Pulling away, you pressed the pad of your finger against his chest.

“You, my friend, are a genius. Thank you.”

His eyes shone and he pursed his lips, humming, “So, we’re friends?”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes, turning back to the artwork, “Of course, silly, why would we not be friends?”

“So does that mean I can finally get your number?”

The class ended that day with you getting a 100 on your painting and a rainbow of digits fingerpainted up Zayn’s forearm.



You liked class. You liked learning new things that would make you have to think which would make you feel smarter, and the smarter you felt, the better you felt. Learning new things was sort of an ego-boost to you, and as much of a nerd as you felt to admit it, you wholeheartedly did. You kept to yourself in most classes considering that you just didn’t want to talk to anybody in most of them, so here you were, sitting on the very end of the row of seat near the front, your notes in an immaculate order, your lead pencils replenished, and your eyes looking down at your paper, doodling with your head being supported by your hand. The professor was discussing an upcoming project and you already knew what it was about, so you weren’t paying much attention until you heard the word; partners. Your head shot up and you mindlessly dropped the pencil, feeling your eye twitch.

No, no, no, no, I work alone and he knows it.

You cringed a bit more with each set of partners he set up, but it had no comparison to the ever present feeling that you were going to shrivel up and die once you heard him speak up, “Mr. Tomlinson, why don’t you come sit up here and meet your partner Miss Y/L/N? She’ll be a great influence on you.”

You wanted to hide, the memory of how the two of you met still inscribed into your brain, and the feeling didn’t subside when you heard him groan from the back of the room, “Who’s that?”

You tensed up and pursed your lips before turning around, making a small motion with your hand. When he made eye contact with you his apparent dissatisfaction was replaced by squinted eyes and a smirk.

He remembers you. How lovely.

He gathered his things and sauntered over to you, sliding the chair form beside you out from under the table and plopped himself down in it, dropping his belongings to the floor.

“You again,” he mentioned, resting his head on his hand, which was propped up on the table.

“Yeah, me, and you, again, here we are. Together… again.” You sighed and dropped your arms by your sides, glancing out the window for just a mere second, when you felt a small pocket of air rush through your midsection. You quickly looked down at your belongings and your inner being screamed when out of the corner of your eye you saw Louis hastily flipping through the pages, you both knowing what he was determined to find.

“Aha! Y/n Y/l/n, wait a second, Y/n?”

You reluctantly turned to him to spot him slowly closing your notebook, his features drooped, concerned, even.

“Why didn’t you want me to know your name? I mean, it’s just a simple name, and yours is nice.”

Huffing, you ran your fingers through your hair and crossed your arms, speaking softly, “I don’t know, I just don’t like people knowing a lot about me.”

You heard him scoff and you glared at him, “What’s so funny?”

When he noticed that you were being serious he cleared his throat, “No, it’s just, you’re the class valedictorian, everyone knows about you.”

“But that’s not what I’m talking about. I like to be known for my achievements, but I don’t like a lot of people knowing things about me, for example, my favorite sweets or my full name. Stuff like that should be reserved for the people close to me.”

“………and why can’t I be close to you?”

You wanted to scream because you’re you and I’m me that’s why but you couldn’t. His eyes were shimmering and his bottom lip was poking out just the slightest, you knew he was genuinely wondering.

“I didn’t say you can, I just,” you crossed your legs, “I’m not comfortable around you.”

“Well, love, I just so happen to be comfortable around you, I mean for Christ’s sake you saw me getting a-”

You lunged forward and secured your hand over his mouth, your other hand placed against his chest.

“Stop. Mentioning. That. If you want me to get comfortable around you, you have got to stop bringing that up, got it?”

When you released your hold on his mouth he gasped for air and slumped into his chair, nodding his head.

“We better get to work, we only have a week and a half to do this, you know.”

“Okay, shit, yeah, alright.”

You opened your textbooks, knowing he wasn’t reading a bit of the page, but he still skimmed his finger across the pages, and you admired that. Effort. Nice.

After a bit of time you heard his voice, low and slow, almost as if he was trying to be careful.

“I do want to get to know you, though. And if you end up wanting to get to know me, then that’s fine, but I do, just so you know.”


Definitely Unexpected (8/?)

Definitely Unexpected, a CS/Frozen Jewel AU

A/N: Hey look, an update! Had to do some adulting in the last few weeks, but through a series of airport layovers and some very late nights, this came to be! Thank you for being patient and sticking with this labor of love. I promise I won’t abandon it, and hopefully the updates will start coming sooner! Darlings @liamjcnes, @initiala, @kat2609, @clockadile, @lifeinahole27, @spartanguard, @lenfaz, this one’s for you :) Eternal gratitude to betas, @the-captains-ayebrows and @lovemelikeapirate.

Cover art by the beautiful tropical fish that is @liamjcnes

Definitely Unexpected

Summary:  Emma Swan, self-described “loner, loser, and complicated wreck” takes a much needed vacation from her New York City life by doing a home exchange with Liam Jones, a charming bartender from Brighton, England.  She could have never anticipated that what, or whom, she would find on her summer vacation was exactly what she had always been missing. (The Holiday AU, summer style)

Ch. 1, Ch.2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7 | Also on Ao3

Chapter 8:

Emma gently roused to a symphony like she had never heard, certainly not at such an early hour. A chorus of seabirds and a gentle lapping of water against the hull was quite possibly the most pleasing sound she could have possibly woken up to. Thin streams of daylight crept in through the porthole windows. A delicate smile grew across her lips as she lay on her side, shamelessly staring at her sleeping bedmate.

Killian’s dark lashes lay peacefully against his tan cheeks. One of his arms was shoved firmly beneath his head under the pillow, the other lay haphazardly over his exposed stomach. The blanket only barely offered him a modicum of modesty, draped deliciously low across his hips. His sculpted chest rose and fell with slow, peaceful breaths. Emma wasn’t sure she had ever woken to a more beautiful sight.

Her willpower finally snapped when the temptation to reach out and trace his scruff-covered jaw became too much. As her fingers drew down his face, Killian inhaled deeply, and his lips curved up slightly at the corners. He craned his neck, nestling his cheek firmly into Emma’s hand.

“Just can’t keep your hands off me, can you, lass?” Killian cheeked, without even opening his eyes.

“Just admiring the view,” Emma sighed. An appreciation of aesthetic beauty was in no way weakness of character, so she couldn’t be blamed for acknowledging it.

Killian turned his body in Emma’s direction and cracked his eyes open. He met Emma’s more closely than he anticipated, their noses almost brushing. “The view’s pretty nice from here, too,” he replied with a lopsided grin.

“I can see why you like it out here,” Emma returned, dodging the obvious compliment. “Not a bad way to wake up,” she added with a nod towards the porthole indicating the peaceful morning harbor atmosphere.

“Aye, it’s unlike anything else,” Killian sighed dreamily. “Nothing starts your day off right like filling your lungs with salt air before breakfast.”

“Speaking of breakfast…” Emma trailed off. She wasn’t one for making demands, she prided herself on being self-sufficient. But she was famished and had no intention of leaving Killian’s boat just yet.

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Not too bad for a few minutes’ worth of unpacking.

My main witchery shelf is at the foot of my bed, so it will be nice to wake up to this view. (The lower shelves have all my witching books, though I haven’t organized them yet.)

Things on the new black shelf include a vertebrae from doomhag, a little box containing some rose petals, a shell, and smokey quartz from agaucu, and my protective bat friend from upthewitchypunx, and a little bottle of some of my baby teeth.

Hanging out with Alex helped to wake up some of my witching feels. I haven’t done anything, or even, unpacked any witchy stuff, until today. <3