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The feel when you wake up from a nightmare only to smile and laugh when you continue watching the Mark video you fell asleep to. It was his five nights at candy's 3 video.

omg lmao that’s nice

meet vincent the sika deer!

I made a lil ref just in case =w=

likes: snacks, sleeping, study, chatting with friends and family, and video games, nice and friendly people, soda, animation, and trying new stuff

dislikes: getting hungry for no reason, waking up all of a sudden, rude people (he can stand it for a while), and being tired, being worried or anxious about something

RWBY x B.A.P ~ROSE~ Series

Due to my crazy idea of when RWBY meets the B.A.P songs of the 6th Single Album “ROSE”, I just put together in one AMV Series. I called it:

The RWBY x B.A.P ~ROSE~ Series

What is it?

The RWBY x B.A.P ~ROSE~ Series is a AMV Series when RWBY from Rooster Teeth meets the songs of the 6th Single Album ROSE by B.A.P, a Korean Boy Band from TS Entertainment. 3 songs will tell the story: “WAKE ME UP” for RWBY Series, “DYSTOPIA” for Ruby Rose and “DIAMOND 4 YA” for Jaune Arc and Phyrra Nikos (Arkos).


Due to my high support to their latest MV, I decided to do RWBY Style! This video features all the volumes of RWBY but mostly to Team RWBY. I added some few bad guys too to make it super nice!

“D Y S T O P I A”

This song really suites me for Ruby Rose, the main character and the leader of Team RWBY. The lyrics matches well in her story from Volumes 1 to 4. I popped my mind about the song while I am looking at the pictures of Ruby Rose. At the start, she looked young and l lot of fun (sometimes) but now at Volume 3 and 4, she became a true badass so don’t mess up with her.


I made such wonderful idea when I looked at the lyrics while listening to the song and I just thought myself, “What if I would make a RWBY AMV but this time Jaune Arc and Phyrra Nikos (Arkos)?” And it turned out (sort of) a great idea for me!

When you see an “i” button on all the RWBY x B.A.P ROSE Series Videos, you know what this means? It means please support “WAKE ME UP” by B.A.P on TS ENT Official Channel and NOT 1THEK! Please stream, it will help a lot! Thanks!


Space Kid Audio
PJ Liguori
Space Kid Audio

Something Nice for Bedtime Story!

Another audio from PJ’s video? Yes, I admitted I have a thing for his voice.

If you need a calm, nice ambient before you go to sleep, listen to this.
Or even better if you watch the video. Doesn’t matter how many times you’ve rewatched it, PJ deserves all the appreciation.
And you deserve a good, relaxed slumber.
May you wake up feeling refreshed and energized the next day.
Hopefully you don’t get eaten by the galactic worm. 

Watch Space Kid - KickThePj

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(Only 90s kids remember the time I reblogged that post asking for stars in exchange for facts)

1. I hate to see people sad. If I see someone crying, I’ll start crying too.

2. I absolutely hate children.

3. My favorite season is spring, and I love nature.

4. I have 2 cats!

5. I’m really clumsy, for some reason

6. Aside from video games, my other interests include science and German language/culture.

7. I tend to come off as intimidating, boring, or curt sometimes.

8. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at an early age.

9. I take offense when people pretend to be nice to me.

10. I wake up really early (like 7:00-ish), but for schooI I choose to wake up at 5:50(!)

11. The first villagers in my very first Animal Crossing (City Folk) town were Kiki, Tutu, Stitches, Queenie, Poncho, and Angus. Gloria moved in a few days later and I hate duck villagers to this very day.

12. The first console I ever owned was a GameCube, and the very first video game I ever played was Mario Kart- Double Dash.

13. I’m sort of a neat freak, I hate looking at dirty dishes.

14. Does anyone want to see what I look like in real life? 

Minhyuk of BTOB One shot

          genre: fluff

          authors note: i was trying to find motivation for working out and my first thought was: WWMD- (what would minhyuk do). so i watched btob music videos and pretended to work out…

          summary: you jog every morning and lately have been meeting up with a stranger who runs with you. 

          word count: like 1500?

Waking up early, you rolled over and turned your alarm off as it sat beeping on your bedside table. Sighing, you exited your nice warm covers and headed to the kitchen to grab a banana to have for breakfast. Looking out the high window of your apartment, you stared down at the sleepy city below you. The sun wasn’t up yet, and this was your favorite time of day.

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My man ate my pussy so fuckin good when he got home from work… mind blown and speechless… all I could do is moan.

Then he fucked me so good… had my pussy soaking wet and gave me nothing but pleasure and pressure 😍😍😍 and topped it off with a nice creampie. My daddi is the fuckin best…

When he wakes up his dick is going on my throat!!! May make a video… 👀👀👀😘

Kissing Michael Would Include
  • him asking permission every time
  • holding your boobs when you’re making out
  • lots of neck kisses!!!
  • waking you up by placing light kisses all over your face
  • grinning and saying “nice” every time you kiss him
  • trying to get you to kiss him by using a bunch of bad pick up lines
  • whining when that doesn’t work until you give in and kiss him
  • asking for kisses as a reward when he beats luke at a video game
  • spending late nights in bed just talking and kissing

calum // ashton // luke

Imagine Holiday Brunch with Josh

Originally posted by hizoka

The small beam of light coming in through the hole in the curtains caused you to wake up. With a small sigh you turned to look at the clock on the bedside table, it read ‘10:08 AM’. Normally you would stay in bed for a few more hours, having no responsibilities yet to fill, but you were already awake and since Christmas was right around the corner it gave you the perfect opportunity to make a nice breakfast. Gently, you escaped the grasp of your boyfriend, Josh, who was cuddled up to you but still asleep. You stretched on your way to  the kitchen, pulling out some pans and bowls for mixing. Grabbing a ladle, you decided to make various shapes with your pancake mix. 

Turning them into candy canes, snowmen, and some poorly crafted snowflakes. You were so busy crafting such pancakes you didn’t even hear Josh get up until you felt two arms wrap around your waist from behind.

“What’s cookin’, good lookin’?” He said, planting a kiss on the back of your head. You could tell he was still half asleep by the way he placed most of his weight against you and leaned his head on your shoulder.

“Morning sunshine. How do pancakes sound? They’re almost ready.” You said in response, chuckling as he squeezed you tighter before making his way over to the cupboards. Gathering all of the holiday shaped pancakes on a plate, you carried it over to the table along with some forks and the syrup.

“They’re all ready for ya, slim.” You said, taking a seat in front of the meal.

“When were you checking me out?” Josh carried two cups of hot chocolate with him as he approached the table, kissing you on top of the head once more. “I can’t blame you though, I’m pretty cute.”

“Whatever you want to believe.” You said chuckling, filling you own plate with pancakes and a little more syrup than you needed. You earned a chuckle from Josh as the two of you sat and enjoyed your brunch, planning on what you two were going to do the rest of the day. Your plans ultimately failed as it turned into a day of relaxation and cuddling.


Pietro Maximoff Imagine- Request #4

Anon: This isn’t my idea but I’d love to read an AU of Pietro with a caffeine high. I took the idea from a post I saw on tumblr. (sorry, my English is bad)

A/N: You guys don’t have to be sorry for anything, you didn’t do anything wrong! I hope you enjoy it! xox

You regret everything. Earlier today you were having a nice, calm, morning drinking your coffee and reading a book waiting for everyone else to wake up. Pietro, much to your surprise, was one of the first ones to wake up. He had convince you somehow to allow him to have some of the coffee you were drinking. It had been six hours since those three little sips and he was still bouncing off the walls. Literally. If his shoes were dirty you would see his footprints EVERYWHERE! He went from jumping on the couch to playing video games while his hands moved at a rapid pace to just running up and down the stairs of the 92 floor building. Right now he was talking really fast, too fast for you to comprehend while running all over the room looking at books then quickly switching to flipping through the channels then moving on quickly to the kitchen. You sighed and just sat down on the couch. You had tried to calm him for the past three hours and so had the other avengers. Wanda even tried using her powers but he moved quickly enough to avoid all of her attempted hits. Stark sat down next to you.

“You had to give him caffeine.” He sighed rubbing his temple.

“I’m sorry I thought a little bit couldn’t hurt. Or at least couldn’t last this long.” You defended yourself.

“I even thought by now it would wear off. Well at least we know we can give him coffee before a battle.” He joked.

Everyone silenced finally when they heard a loud thump and a groan that quickly followed it. You stood up quickly rushing over to the source of the noise. You, along with Stark and Wanda behind you looked at a whole in the wall and Pietro lying down on the floor holding his head and groaning. You ran to his side and moved his hand to see if he was bleeding. Luckily he wasn’t.

“Well now we know how to stop him.” Stark commented, earning a glare from both you and Wanda.

“Tough crowd.” He raised his hands in defense.

“Pietro si neumen fant.” Wanda scolded as she got ice and handed it to you. You placed it on the quickly bruising side of his face.

“I’m sorry this happened to you babe.” You said as you lifted his head and set it on your lap. He grabbed your wrist gently and rubbed his thumb in circles.

“Don’t be printessa, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t of tested how much faster I could have gone in such a small place.” He mumbled. Wanda handed you medicine for him to take and some water.

“Thank you, Wanda.” You smiled at her and she returned the smile back. She had left soon after that, knowing that her brother was in good hands.

“Take this.” You told him and you helped him sit up and lean against the wall. He grabbed the pills and the water and took them one at a time, drinking large amounts of water in between each pill. He finished the large glass of water and got up. He helped you up as you grabbed the ice pack. You took his hand and guided both of you guys back to your shared bedroom. You sat up on the bed and had him rest his head on your stomach as you set the ice pack on his head. You turned on the television for the both of you to watch.

“Thank you.” You heard Pietro mumble. You moved the ice pack from Pietro’s head and left a gentle kiss.

“I’m never giving you coffee again.” You told him, as he fell asleep in your arms.

A/N: I’m so so so so so sorry that it’s short! I really hope it’s what you were expecting! A lot of you have been asking me how often I will be posting on tumblr. Well I’ll try to post everyday if I have the requests but if I don’t have time I will post a often as I can and if I can’t then I will reblog some imagines. On Friday’s I won’t post any works but I will on the weekends. So everyday if I can except for Friday’s. I love you all xox Come talk to me if you need anything.

waiting for things to render is one of the things that gets me going ughhhhh

leaving things to render overnight is a fucking gamble, like will I see my nice video done and ready for me like mama’s breakfast or am I gonna wake up to a an error pop up 1 minute after I left for bed????!?!?!

Happy birthday to me

I’ve planned this day out. I have class, but it’s like two hours, and it’s a short one/not a group lab (yeah!) and then my friend is picking me up after. I don’t have to take the bus on the way either, my mom is taking me. I get a free burger at Red Robin, I’m getting frozen yogurt, three new video games (though persona 5 doesn’t come out till April lol)….

Then why did I wake up and feel emotional, only to start crying? I think I’m stressed about today? For some reason?? I don’t like attention and today will most likely be full of it. I think that’s why. Excited about something but when it actually comes to the date it’s stressful? I get like that sometimes too.

Either way I feel like crap and I just want to enjoy my day. My plan of action now is to get the emotions out of my system asap. Usually if I let myself have a good cry I’m alright. I’ll just need to take some pain meds cause my head will surely start hurting before long.

God I hate my brain sometimes though ugh. Stop being sad I’m supposed to be happy *rolls eyes*

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Perfect date would be us going to a nice cafe for some brunch to help wake us up for the great day ahead, then heading out to the main street where all the little shops are and either A) Browse or B) Buy the cute things we both like, maybe even buying something in secret to give eachother as a gift later before heading on home to enjoy playing video games or cuddle while watching our favorite movies/shows <3


Camping with Seventeen

S. Coups: Reminisces about the good old One Fine Day times.
Jeonghan: Manages to make a 5-star meal out of fucking blueberries and stuff around the campsite. 
Joshua: Plays his guitar by the campfire. Turns the Pledge of Allegiance into a song.
Jun: Tries to communicate with forest animals. Tries to live like Bear Grylls but gives up after like an hour.
Hoshi: Summons a fire demon to help him start the campfire. Starts a video diary and documents everything that happens. 
Wonwoo: Takes home like 20 plants for his garden in the dorm. Sits on a log by the campfire in a blanket like a lil burrito. 
Woozi: Plays pranks on everyone. Dumps Mingyu’s mattress in the lake. Makes animal noises outside the maknae line’s tents.
DK: Telling ghost stories around the campfire and scaring the maknae line and Mingyu.
Mingyu:  Wakes up at 5 every morning to help Jeonghan cook. Gets everyone sick after feeding everyone fruits and nuts from bushes because they looked nice.
The8: Brings a hair straightener and 50 other electronic devices. Doesn’t want a repeat of One Fine Day. 
Seungkwan: Singing songs by the fire and yelling at Joshua when he accidentally messes up. Lowkey scared of DK’s ghost stories.  
Vernon: Sleeps all day and only comes out when it’s time to eat.Gets roasted because he looks like he fought a bear every time he wakes up. Nearly sets the camp on fire when he forgot to put it out and fell alseep.
Dino: Always has an opinion on something but doesn’t actually do any work or help. Feels like a manly man after the trip. Is still a little baby

Tim Drake talks in his sleep. Sometimes it’s just random babbling, other times, it’s complete sentences and thoughts. Because of this, Stephanie got into the habit of recording him with her phone whenever he wakes her up and starts speaking. Thanks to him, Stephanie now has a bunch more followers on snapchat.



Morning Glory Yoga | Eliza Coolsma

Hey lovelies.  I really recommend this nice relaxing video from Eliza.  This video is a great combination of strength and flexibility and it’s so PERFECT for waking up.