nice trip to the forest

reasons why i couldn’t believe season 1 wasn’t written as slow burn msr until i went to the wikipedia page: a list
  • “scully stripping in mulder’s hotel room
  • mulder confides his life story in scully after. like. one day.
  • necklace grabbing scene
  • “i can’t wait til u fall off and land on ur ass”
  • “i thought you said he was cute” “he’s a jerk… he’s not a jerk, he’s obsessed with his work”
  • scully DITCHING her fucking date to hang with mulder (very similar to a plot point in classic slow burn show castle)
  • “for god’s sake it’s me!”
  • “now i don’t trust them… i want to trust you”
  • being goddam parents to the evil twins
  • scully being kind of jealous of phoebe 
  • dana #1 + the cheek cupping
  • dana #2 + mulder trying to comfort her
  • scully giving mulder her coat after he’d been shot
  • dana #3 + the shoulder touch
  • dana #4&5
  • “you lay one hand on scully and so help me god”
  • “for those of you who don’t know already, this one’s important to me. so, uh, let’s do it right” 
  • barnett targeting scully
  • “i think it’s remotely plausible that someone might think you’re hot” 
  • “i told her it would be a nice trip to the forest”
  • “fox…” [laughs] “i, i even made my parents call me mulder, so… mulder” “mulder i wouldn’t put myself on the line for anyone but you” “if there’s an iced tea in that bag, could be love” “must be fate, mulder. root beer”
  • all the touching and the protective and whatnot
  • in conclusion how the hell did they expect us not to ship them. um. 
Master Fic Post

Friends, it was brought to my attention that I should make a master-list of everything I’ve written so far.  So here it is, in all of its glory in no particular order.  And, of course, I’m always writing something so it’ll forever be getting longer. Peace out, girl scouts. 


Ravenous -  Fresh off a particularly brutal case, Mulder tries to finally make good on his promise to take Scully on a nice trip to the forest, only to stumble onto evidence that there may be more to a local urban legend than just rumor and superstition. NC-17

Achluophobia -  Mulder and Scully are called in on a personal favor by Maggie Scully to investigate a haunting. NC-17


Manual Labor -  It’s Season 7 smut. That’s it. NC-17

The Stability of Pain -  One night, Scully deals with the grief over losing Emily and what could have been. PG

Missing Scene from The Truth -  This is my attempt to fill in one of the blanks for The Truth. PG-13

The Porch Swing -  The happenings on and around a porch swing at the unremarkable house. NC-17

The Art of Grieving -  Scully processes the death of her mother. Post Revival. PG

Not Today -  Tempers flare between Mulder and Scully when it comes to doing the paperwork. NC-17

8 Days, 5 Hours, 42 Minutes, and 39 Seconds -  “He hated to admit it, but it took over a week for it to really sink in that she was gone. 8 days, 5 hours, 42 minutes, and 35 seconds to be exact. 36 seconds. 37.”  Pre Revival. PG

Pink Glazed Donut -  “He knew she was close by the way her thighs twitched beneath the grip of his hands and how her hips rocked against his face, thrusting in a greedy search for more.” NC-17

Intercoursus Iterruptus -  “Her voice was dangerously low and had adopted a tone of warning as his pelvis ‘accidentally’ grazed her ass again for the third time in fifteen minutes.” NC-17


Cancer Arc Part 1: Mint Chocolate Chip -  Sometimes 96 tennis balls on the ocean floor is just 96 tennis balls on the ocean floor. 

Cancer Arc Part 2: Love Me Tender - Fears, wants, and desperately needs. 

Cancer Arc Part 3: I See You -  How am I supposed to die with dignity and self respect, when I don’t even know who I am anymore, Mulder?

Cancer Arc Part 4:  Bubbles in the Wind -  I should have warned her of what was to come, of what she would likely have to sacrifice in hopes of righting those wrongs.

The Tsunami Series - That of Which Cannot Be Undone -  “You’re going to be a father.”

The Tsunami Series - Part 1 -  Out in the furthest reaches of her periphery, she senses the beginnings of a storm manifesting  within her, its tumultuous energy churning angrily, absorbed by the vast ocean of her subconscious.

The Tsunami Series - Part 2 -  She sways in the chair, the numbness metastasizing like a cancer from her legs throughout her entire body.

The Tsunami Series - Part 3 - WIP, Final chapter coming soon. 


The Voicemail Series, cowritten with @kateyes224 : A pre-revival angst series, Rated: R.

Part 1 - Mulder
Part 2 - Scully
Part 3 - Mulder

And Ashes Fell From the Sky with @2moms-0fucks : A virtual Season 11, Rated: NC-17. 

1- Past and Present
2- Ring Around the Rosy
3- A Pocket Full of Posey
4- Ashes, Ashes
5- We All Fall Down
6- Present and Future 

@twoagentsmissing-presumeddead with @bohoartist : A casefile told unconventionally. Rated: R


How Long Have You Been Standing There?  NC-17, MSR

You Make Me Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough. PG-13, MSR

I Had To See You Again. NC-17, Scully/Stella

Wanna Bet? NC-17, MSR

Wanna Dance? PG, MSR

Like a Ghost Through the FogPG, MSR

That Which Cannot Be Undone, R, MSR / Mulder/Other

William’s Space Onesie, PG, MSR

Forest Queen

My first real monster boyfriend story! I’ve been reading a lot of them and felt super inspired to write my own. Decided to use one of my favorite monsters a Wendigo! I also decided it would involve a plus size reader, since that’s why I am and I don’t see a whole lot out there! (Y/N obviously stands for your name haha!)

Word count: 2490

Warnings: Smut..yeah who doesn’t want a monster dick all up in them? A little bit of blood, mentions of death, some plus size girl doubts about body image and the such. (I hope I handled that well since I experience that myself)

Graduation celebration trips with a group of freshly graduated kids isn’t exactly your idea of fun but your parents didn’t give you much say in the matter. Sure you were a bit of an outcast, but that was because you were into different things and enjoyed actually studying. Most people snickered behind your back because of how you looked and the size you were, not because you were the smartest of the bunch and actually had a future planned out for yourself. Sure you were on the plump side, but your mom always tried to reassure you there would be the right guy who would love every square inch of you. Right after though she would recommend a juice cleanse or something of the sort which you just rolled your eyes at and went back to your room. This camping trip was supposed to be at some nice protected forest area up near the mountains. All of the other girls weren’t too thrilled it wasn’t a weekend at the beach but the comments behind you just made you want to curl up into a ball.

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anonymous asked:

Recommend me one episode and explain me why.

Anon, that is literally impossible for me, because I don’t know what you like!

If I have to recommend one episode to represent the whole of the series, it’s probably Pilot. Why start anywhere else? (I mean, I started with Duane Barry, but you don’t have to be me.) It’s a strong episode. It presents who our agents are and what their mission is. It shows Mulder’s snark and vulnerability and Scully’s deep patriotism and loyalty. It immediately cements their dynamic.

If I have to recommend a MOTW episode, it’s Squeeze. That episode messed up so many people I know and made them never watch another episode. It shows what you can do without a lot of CGI and how creepy TXF can be. There may not be any other XF monster as iconic as Tooms. (That guy is also creepy af in real life.)

If I have to recommend a funny episode, it’s Bad Blood all the way, motherfuckers, because it’s always been my favorite. It shows M&S in conflict but still working together, and presents both sides of the story, and hey, for a funny episode, at least it’s only got one rape joke? (Please picture me wincing and saying that with deep irony, but how can I recommend something like Post-Modern Prometheus or Small Potatoes with a clear conscience?)

If I have to recommend an episode with interesting cinematography, there’s Triangle, with its long shots and cool camera work.

If I have to recommend an episode to someone who enjoys getting higher than a rainbow, probably Field Trip, which I love also because it shows the strength of M&S’ partnership even when they’re out of sorts with each other over Diana.

If I have to recommend an episode to someone who enjoys secondhand embarassment, then Je Souhaite, because my wife can’t watch it due to the Mulder in the meeting room scene. Or maybe Dreamland.

If I have to recommend a mytharc episode, then probably Memento Mori, because there aren’t a lot that aren’t multiparters, but if I get to recommend a multiparter, than Duane Barry/Ascension/One Breath, because I think it’s the point where the series really came together. Scully’s abduction gave her a reason to be invested. Mulder’s desperation over Scully’s abduction was poignant and helped move the series along. I don’t think it would have held on this long or become such a phenomenon without Scully’s abduction and cancer arc.

If I have to recommend an episode to somebody who hates themself and wants to waste an hour of their life, then I guess Babylon or Teso Dos Bichos.

If I have to recommend an episode to someone who likes angst and tension, Never Again, because the ache between Mulder and Scully is real (and bonus super hot tattoo scene and Jodie Foster).

If you want layered narratives? Jose Chung’s From Outer Space. If you want lighthearted tropes for days? Arcadia. If you want deep thoughts about the pain of immortality? Tithonus. If you want High Drama and political intrigue? Tunguska/Terma. If you want a nice trip to the forest? Darkness Falls. If you want less FBI, more D&D? Three of a Kind. If you want your heart ripped out? Requiem or Redux I/II. If you want monsters in plain sight? Irresistible or 2Shy. If you want crossovers or zombies or you like Supernatural? Millennium. If you’re into religious symbolism? Revelations. If you’re a computer whiz? Kill Switch or First Person Shooter (though that one feels so OOC to me). If you want the ultimate grossouts? Home.

I hope...

Happy Mother’s Day, Dana Scully!

Originally posted by druellarosiers

I hope that after saving the world & his boys, she is living the best days of her life. I hope that today of all day she is the happiest. I hope that Mulder asked William to run to the nearby florist - really, it’s just one of the neighbours who recently moved in - to bring a huge bouquet of Scully’s favourite flowers. I hope, while their son is on this mission, Mulder makes sure that the love of his life, the mother of his only child will be woken up in the best way possible…

”I love you,” she gasps when he closes his lips over her clit. 

By the time William comes back, his parents are sitting on the porch, holding hands and giggling like two teenagers. I hope that William finds them adorable and when wishing his Mum ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ they both get a bit emotional and shed just a couple of happy tears. 

Originally posted by reservoir-of-blood

I hope that Mulder prepares the best ever Lasagne for lunch and I hope the whole family goes hiking in the afternoon. I hope Daggoo keeps William with good company while on the trail and that Mulder shares a funny story when he took Scully to an actual nice trip to the forest and it rained sleeping bags. They laugh and William asks many questions about everything.

“I love you,” he says to his Mum while hugging her tight, remembering how this was the one thing he missed the most.

Originally posted by cinexphile

I hope that by the evening William’s uncles - The Lone Gunmen - come over and they all watch “2001: A Space Odyssey”  while eating pizza and popcorn. I hope that after William went to bed and The Lone Gunmen drove away, Mulder takes Scully for a romantic evening walk. 

I hope that with the moon guiding them with its light and upon seeing the stars reflecting back on them from the surface of the lake, they feel the safest in a long time. I hope Mulder dares to ask ‘The’ question again. I hope when Scully hears ‘Those’ words from the love of her life, this time she won’t hesitate. 

Originally posted by leopoldjamesfitzs

“ I love you,” he whispers when slipping the engagement ring on her tiny, beautiful finger. 

I hope finally they found their truth, the truth they’ve been searching for together, forever. I hope its their love and devotion for each other and for their son. I hope they won’t lose anything anymore. I hope they live happily ever after. I hope Dana Scully gets the happy ending, she deserves. 

*Happy Mothers Day, Dana Scully!*  

contrivedcoincidences6  asked:

9 for picture prompts!!


So, I wrote an eclipse story for @lunenn and it just happened to fit with the picture prompt of a tent on the cliff. This is pure fluff. And I’m not sorry.

She’d been told to pack light but to include sturdy shoes. She sighed when she saw he’d dragged out the tent. It had languished in the shed for years and she was sure it had mildew and rips and all manner of insects hidden away. She wanted to tell him she was too old for this but he was all childlike wonder and enthusiasm and she couldn’t deflate an excited Mulder.

              “All done, Scully?”

              She flicked on the flashlight and made an X overhead, the brightness leaving a hazy light trail behind her eyes. “Did you pack extra batteries, Mulder?”

              “I packed like an Indian Guide, Scully. Don’t you trust me?”

              She crossed her arms and smiled at him. “Where are we going, Mulder?”

              He tapped the side of his nose.

She dropped her arms and shook her head. “Fine. It’s a surprise. But I know we’re going to see the eclipse.”

“See, we’ve still got that unspoken communication, Scully. All these years – together and apart - and we can still just zone in on each other’s thoughts.”

“Mulder, there was no way you were going to be content to watch this event on the streets outside the Hoover Building. I’m surprised you didn’t get Chuck Burks to construct you some kind of uber digital imaging…oh, Mulder, tell me we aren’t going to spend the week with Chuck Burks?”

He chuckled. “Your face, Scully. If I could have a thought-o-graph of that expression, it would be up on my corkboard with my I Want to Believe Poster and the original copy of The Lone Gunmen.”

Driving for days with Mulder had always been part of the deal. They’d spent more hours inside rental cars than in their own apartments, back in the day. And during those years on the run, the safety of the car had been a way to block out the threats around them. Driving meant doing something, meant leaving behind the footprints they’d left at one town, meant moving forward.

And the years at the house, where she worked to forget and he slowly turned in on himself remembering, she’d missed the road trips, the salty smell of his sunflower seeds, the unapologetic swigging of soda or downing of double caffeinated coffees to stay awake, the arguments over what radio station to listen to.

Now, he leant his arm on the open window, wearing his favourite sunglasses, shirt sleeves rolled up and she watched as he flexed his jaw and mouthed the words to songs.

They drove. And she loved it.

              “Carbondale, Illinois,  Mulder?”

              “The point of greatest duration, Scully.”

              She shook her head with a laugh. “You mean we can be in the dark for longer here than anywhere else in the States?”

              He snorted. “We’ve been in the dark for 25 years, Scully. What’s two more minutes?”

              “It’s pretty busy,” she said, watching people meandering along the street. “Do we have a booking?”

              “I booked us a prime spot months ago.” He flashed her the grin that she loved so much and she wondered how a man who’d been through so much pain could retain so much gentle wonder at life.

              “A nice trip to the forest?”

              His hand brushed her thigh and he turned to her. “Better than that, Scully.”

The weather was perfect. The tent wasn’t so bad, set slightly away from other campers, and he’d even remembered to pack her a few novels so she’d spent a couple of days just winding down. Mulder woke spring-coiled and ready and if the sun could just move a little faster, he’d be happier. He’d checked his phone a hundred times, he’d disappeared for ages at one point, only to come back with champagne and brie and strawberries.

              “I want you to remember this moment forever, Scully.”

              He put on his eclipse glasses and smiled up at the heavens.

First contact came and she felt a shiver through her body. Nature was a powerful reminder that life was shadows and sunlight and heat and cold and shooting flames and total darkness. And if you’re lucky, you get to spend it with Mulder. As partiality lengthened and the sky dimmed, the atmosphere changed. It was like the sliver of sun was hanging in the sky and watching them. She felt small and she pressed herself to Mulder as totality approached and the world fell silent. He chinked her glass and she heard him sip his champagne. She couldn’t drink, her throat was dry with emotion and her skin broke out in gooseflesh. She felt the tears prick at her eyes and Mulder pulled her closer.

              “What do you think, Scully? It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Me and you, twenty-five years of darkness and light and we get to see this together.” He suddenly knelt down and took both her hands in his.  “Scully, if I ask you to marry me, would you say yes this time?”

              In the darkness, she could only make out a silhouette of him, kneeling in front of her, silly glasses on his face, mouth half open in anticipation. So Mulder.

              “If I could pull a Bailys Bead down and set it in a ring for you, I would Scully. But, perhaps my mother’s ring would be okay for now?” He pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it. In the gradually lightening sky, she could see the ring, proud in its setting.

              “Yes,” she whispered, her voice echoing in the still.

              She dried the tears that had fallen once more and Mulder stood up, bending to kiss her. A round of applause broke out and she turned around.  

She blinked, once, twice. There in front of her was William. And Chuck Burks. With the biggest camera set up she’d ever seen.

              “How?” she looked at Mulder and then at William again. Then threw her arms around her son’s neck and hugged him tight. “It’s so good to see you.”

              When she let him go, he stepped back, smiling. He fished into his jeans pocket and pulled out car keys. “Got my licence. Took my first road trip.”

              “With Chuck?”

              “He’s a cool dude, Mom. And I couldn’t miss this surprise. Dad told me he was planning to eclipse every proposal he’d ever tried. And that he was certain you’d say yes this time. It’s not every day you can say you saw a miracle unfolding.”

              “The eclipse was pretty stunning,” she said.

              “I meant you saying yes, Mom.”

              Mulder erupted into laughter and she turned to him, taking off her glasses. His smile brightened along with the aura around him. Chuck clicked the shutter and a bright flash erupted.

              “I love you, Scully.”

              “Unspoken communication, Mulder. I know.”

OctoberFicFest Day 25:  ascent

She shows him the footprint.  It’s cuneiform, a message only Mulder can read.  She has deciphered forgeries scrawled in ancient Greek and alien script etched into an alien ship, but she will never see the world quite the way he does.  

“It could be nothing,” he says.

“It could be,” she agrees.

He traces the outlines of the print with one fingertip without touching it.

“It might be something,” he says at last.

“It might be,” she agrees.

He looks up at her with jack o’ lantern light in his eyes.  The last few years have hollowed him out, but the flame still burns, diminished but bright.

“You already got me a birthday present, Scully.”

She spreads her hands in feigned innocence.  “I found a strange footprint.  I thought you should know about it.”  

He straightens from his crouch, a reliquary unfolding.  He winces as his knee creaks.  They are older now, but there are still miracles inside them.  He still has unfathomable depths.  She catches the glint of his thoughts like coins scattered on the sea floor.

“One last monster mash?” he says wryly.  One last nice trip to the forest.  One last ride before they saddle up the SUV and ride out of town.  

“I thought you’d never ask,” she says.

Mulder has strong manly men on his mind and all over his face as he tries to entice Scully to join him on a nice trip to the forest.  It’s hard to see but he’s wearing the soundproof tie.  He probably just didn’t want to hear Scully turn him down, but he’s excited to see Scully smile so he takes it off. Season 1 is adorable; it’s still just a big adventure and they smile. Just look at her smiling, CC, and think about what you’ve done to her.  These kinds of smiles don’t come back until the Season of Secret Sex, so maybe that’s a hint, Chris.

Mulder doesn’t wear a tie for the rest of the episode but that won’t stop me. 

They both look awesome in their fashionable cold weather forest gear.  Thanks to some sabotage by a dirty greenie they have a nice hike in the forest.  On behalf of greenie protestors the world over, I assure you that anything that may cause injury directly or indirectly such as tyre spikes are a huge no-no.  These dirty tree huggers aren’t following the peaceful protestors code.

Inside the cabin I’m having flashbacks to Ice and praying that Mulder will start undressing again.  Instead he just inhales a baggie of weed.  He’s acting a bit silly and still having fantasies of Scully being “that stoned” when she informs him it’s just bay leaves and even if it was dope, sniffing it wouldn’t work.  Mulder finds something else to sniff/lick/feel that isn’t Scully. I love how sensory Mulder is.  

As Scully’s hoisted up to check out a giant cocoon, Mulder’s eyeing it off wondering whether it was made of silk and how many ties he could get out of it.  Then we’re treated to Mulder displaying his boyish agility, naïvety  and broodiness over and over while dressed in the same jeans and sweater.  What a montage that would make.  He loves that Scully’s wearing his shirt, and he has a bit of a casual grope in the hope that she’ll get the hint and take it off for him. He goes back to pouting when it doesn’t happen.

At the end it seems fitting that the stupid greenie who ran over his own tyre spikes was consumed by the ancient glowing bugs, even if he was trying to prevent the release of the bugs to begin with.  Mulder and Scully had that Jeep a-rocking before getting a room at the  quarantine station.   Everyone in my house has ADHD so I can imagine what it must be like to be confined in a small space with Mulder for an extended time (without doing the wild thing).  Quarantine must be hell for Scully.

Fictober Fic List

I’m pretty pleased to have turned out a fair few stories over the course of the month. In fact, I’ve written more than 27K words. And I’ve even managed to make a list. Some of these links are to my AO3 page, others to this blog.

Micro fic

A series of tiny fics
Contact; pregnancy
Back in the Day; memories of the good old days
Unsaid; reconciliation
Dream; Amor Fati
Hello; kissing


A Thing Well Made

Season 11

The Shadows Between; angsty spec fic
The Bone Bed; a nice little trip to the forest
Living; reconciliation
Dark Wizard; angsty spec fic

Fluff, AU, Family

Wherever You Take Me; 1984 Glastonbury festival AU
Idol; Halloween dress up
Mulder and Scully and the Spooky Dance Off; fluff at the Halloween Ball
Fine as Wine; Halloween ball nonsense
Date Night; season 10 break-up/make-up


Because it’s You; Halloween Masked Ball
Happy Monday; slightly NSFW rewrite of Monday


Stranger Twins; season 11 spec fic
Nix; horror in 1013 words
Mulder and Scully and the Third Leia; undercover at a Star Wars convention fluff
A Wolf Night; season 9 angst

Rating: Mature / PG-13 through NC-17
TImeline: Season 7
Summary:  Fresh off a particularly brutal case, Mulder tries to finally make good on his promise to take Scully on a nice trip to the forest, only to stumble onto evidence that there may be more to a local urban legend than just rumor and superstition.

A/N: Special thank yous to @kateyes224​ for being the best friend and beta extraordinaire for this beast, @2momsmakearight​ for the non-stop brainstorming, and @gilliansboobs​ for the unwavering support through my late night meltdowns while writing this and the amazing gif and banner.  I couldn’t have done this without you guys xo


Her shoulder muscles screamed at the tension that had twisted into them, the hours of hunching over the paperwork of the case and his profile notes etched out sloppily across lined sheets.  The rolling of her neck did little to pacify the muscles, instead they coiled tighter and burned like fire up to base of her skull.

The keypad above the doorknob beeped twice and flashed a green light as Mulder swiped the card and unlocked the door to their motel room, then stepped aside, allowing her to cross the threshold first.

“I’m exhausted,” she said as she dropped her coat onto the chair.  Neither of them made a move towards the lamp, content in the quiet that the darkness offered.   Instead, he pressed his chest to her back, his arms wrapping around her waist, and a deep sigh reverberated through her signaling to him that her eyes had drifted closed and she was finally allowing herself to relax.  The past few days had gotten to her just as much as him, though she’d never admit that to him.  Always the strong one.  Always ‘fine.’

“I’m sorry you got as wrapped up in this case as you did,” he whispered in her ear, his arms tightened around her.  “As much as I appreciate that you were there, I hate that you had to see me that way.”

She turned in his arms, running her hands up the length of them to the back of his neck, pulling his face close enough so that she could press a kiss to the tip of his nose.

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It’s not such a nice trip to the forest for the guy who’s beheaded by the chicken people.  Mulder’s wearing Pus on a Bus and he’s certain it’s aliens.  Maybe I’ll rename it “Aliens!”.

They get to the field with the burn mark and Mulder squats and wears sunglasses and gloves while inspecting something closely at the same time.  Mulder overload.  After meeting with the sheriff they go to a house then to the chicken factory.  Mulder spots the vat of chicken nugget mix and is disgusted with himself when he feels strangely aroused by the naked chickens.  After a crazed woman goes crazy the sheriff shoots her and she falls dead into the chicken nugget mix.  That makes Mulder sad.  There’s obviously no room beside the nugget mix vat as Mulder has to press up against Scully to have a look.
Mulder is an exquisite vision of nonchalant FBI agent at  the front door of Head Chicken Honcho’s house.  Unfortunately he takes his sunglasses off when he talks to the guy and he goes all squinty.

Thankfully it’s the next day when Scully does the autopsy because that would be too much to ask for in one day.  Mulder comes in at the end wearing a new but important tie called Drycleaner’s Delight and he gazes at the dead woman and at Scully.  Scully says she had cannibals disease, like someone else did.

There’s an incident on the road when Mulder keeps gazing at Scully instead of the road, and a chicken truck goes into the river of chicken blood.  Mulder runs to the rescue but it’s a man so he’s not getting in that bloody river to rescue him.  After help arrives, Mulder touches Scully and wants to drag the river to see what’s under the blood.  He squats again in front of the net full of bones and gives Scully a meaningful look.

Scully’s sitting on the floor in a room full of bones on tarps so Mulder squats down, impressed with her bone arrangements.  Scully starts pigging out on a huge bucket of fried chicken, and they both squat again around different bones.  Mulder walks out and Scully appreciates it before gazing lovingly back at her bucket of chicken.

They both have their giant flashlights to break into the hall of records when Mulder gets a phone call and they split up.  Scully goes to the first house they visited, while Mulder goes to Chako Chicken Honcho’s house.  He finds souvenirs from Papua New Guinea where people eat each other, and it’s surprising he’s not wearing his Probable Cause tie when he breaks into a cabinet with dead people’s heads in it.  He calls Scully and is worried when he yells her name a lot after she’s clobbered and kidnapped for the 3rd or is that 4th time this season.

Scully’s at a big bonfire with duct tape over her mouth.  That must be uncomfortable.  Especially when her neck’s placed onto the chopping block thing.  It’s no big surprise that  Mulder gets there in the nick of time, and the duct tape removal must be less painful when Mulder does it and gives her hair a little caress afterwards.  They gaze at each other over the dead body of the sheriff before the chicken factory is closed down.