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A Taste of Heaven

Originally posted by heromp3

Character(s): Reader X Minhyuk, Dasom getting married to jooyoung (?) idk

Genre: fluff, romance, friendstolovers!au, smut

Warning(s): sweet talk?

Length: 6.8k

Summary: In which Lee Minhyuk causes you way more stress than you ever signed up for.

You first meet Lee Minhyuk in kindergarten, halfway through the year. He seems pretty nice upon first glance, smile a little too creepy but hey, it’s kindergarten. You figure he’s probably been sniffing too much Elmer’s glue or maybe he ate one of the plastic eggs from the housekeeping play section. All things aside, he’s still pretty nice. He has a rock collection and one of them is named Casserole which is coincidentally your favorite food and you have a pet leaf you’ve named Goat which makes Minhyuk giggle.

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Let’s Have Another One - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Snuggling into her husband’s side she tried desperately to return to her peaceful slumber however the light coming into the room denied her of the option. Eventually, she gave up, cracking her eyes open. She leant on her elbow, admiring her sleeping husband, especially his bare chest - years of baseball had left Jeff with a very (nicely) defined torso. Her breath hitched as her eyes reached the defibrillator scars that marked his chest, resting on the skin above his heart. Memories of the crash when they were 17 flooded her mind but she pushed them away. Focusing on the fact that he was there and he was okay, all that remained of the accident were the scars littered across his body. 

Jeff stirred, instinctively pulling her closer to him. She laughed softly at his childish groaning before pressing a tender kiss to the scar on his chest. She continued littering kisses over his torso, muttering compliments between each kiss. When she finally lifted her head to meet his eyes she was overwhelmed by the adoration and love shining through them. A smile crossed Jeff’s face. Gently he pulled her up to him, kissing her slowly. As they parted he mumbled an “I love you”, causing her heart to flutter. She couldn’t believe that after so many years of being married he still had that effect on her. Their lips connected again, as things started to get heated there was a quiet knock on the door. Jeff groaned against her lips as she failed to suppress a giggle. She moved to get out of bed but he wouldn’t let her escape his grasp. She laughed as he buried his head in her neck and tried to convince her to stay in bed. 

“You’re not going anywhere” He grumbled into her shoulder, turning his head to press light kisses all over her neck. 

“Do you want our children to starve?” He shot her a disgruntled look before lifting himself off her and pouting. She couldn’t contain her laugh as she watched him sulk. She got out of bed, adjusting her pyjamas, before leaning over to give him a kiss. He feigned annoyance, turning his head away from her. She chuckled again as she made her way towards the door and greeted her four-year-old son. 

“Hey sweetness, did you sleep okay?” The sleepy boy nodded before extending his arms upwards. She scooped him up into her arms, carrying him downstairs to start making breakfast. 

The smell of pancakes wafted around the small house as she made breakfast for her son. He sat patiently at the table, enthralled by his favourite dinosaur toys. She was humming softly to herself when two arms snaked around her waist. She yelped in surprise as Jeff pressed a kiss to her cheek and pulled her back against his chest. 

“Good morning” She smiled softly at him over her shoulder, taken back by his handsome features. 

“Not sulking anymore?” Her words were light with amusement as he blushed. 

“Shut up” All she could do was smile as he detached himself from her and approached Will at the table, where he proceeded to pick up an abandoned dinosaur and join in with his son’s game. Her smile only grew as her heart swelled in her chest from watching them interact. She was jolted from her adoring gaze by high pitched cries that made their way through the baby monitor sat on the counter. Barely seconds later, Jeff had kissed his son on the forehead, shooting her a quick smile before running up the stairs towards their wailing daughter. 

Several minutes later he returned to the kitchen with a sleepy two year old attached to his chest. His arms held her protectively as he cooed at her babbles. Watching her husband with their children she thought her heart might burst. Everything she’d ever wanted was in one room. As soon as Olivia saw her, she began to reach for her. Jeff feigned offence before handing her over, pressing a kiss to (y/n)’s temple. Will let out a noise of discontent as his dinosaurs were temporarily forgotten in favour of showing his disgust towards his dad’s actions. Jeff laughed at his son’s disapproval before joking him at the table, resuming their game. 

She cuddled Olivia into her chest before shifting her onto her hip, serving the pancakes onto a plate and walking towards the table, setting it down gently. She was about to start preparing breakfast for Olivia when Jeff pulled out a chair for her and coaxed her into it. She took the seat gratefully, practically beaming as she watched Will offer his little sister one of his toys. Olivia reached for the dinosaur, clumsily trying to copy her brother’s actions. She couldn’t contain her happiness as she sat surrounded by her family. 

The sun was shining brightly as the morning faded into afternoon. She sat with Jeff on a blanket in their garden while their children chased after one another. She leant into Jeff’s side before pressing a kiss to his jaw. He hummed in approval, leaning down to capture her mouth with his. They pulled away smiling, turning to watch their children as they shrieked with laughter. 

“Let’s have another one” Her head snapped to look at Jeff, he was smiling from ear to ear. 

“I mean it, I think we could handle it” She thought for a moment, the idea of having another baby was daunting but she couldn’t suppress the smile on her face as she thought of all the happiness her two children had brought her. 


"Okay?” Jeff’s voice was full of happiness and excitement. He pulled her into his chest, giving her a quick kiss, before releasing her. He leapt up from their relaxed position, chasing down Will and Olivia. He scooped one up in each arm, their laughter echoing around the garden. She couldn’t wait to bring another child into their family.

Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 1

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” - Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

Y/N never believed in love at first sight.

But she did believe in “crush” at first sight, and the moment she saw the boy with dark brown hair, playing the cello in the music room Saturday afternoon, she was undeniably smitten and found herself pulled being like a magnet.

Maybe it was the way he held the instrument, almost like it was a part of him; Maybe it was his face. And what a beautiful face it was, she thought as she observed the way his eyes focused on the music sheet, his lips pressed together and his expression a mask of concentration as his fingers moved to play the instrument sheathed between his legs. Y/N couldn’t keep his eyes off of him. 

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Winner’s Luck

Tom Hiddleston x Actress!Reader

Summary: Tom is called onstage to receive an award from you, the presenter. A congratulations cheek kiss turns out to be something else. (Based on this prompt from thfrustrationprompts)
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
1,371 words

Notes: Just uploading this Tom one that I wrote a while ago while I finish the next request! A silly thing in this sea of wonderful Tom’s fics and its incredibly talented authors. Hope y’all enjoy! <3


Tom let out a small gasp as he saw her sliding down the stage graciously with her wine dress. Her legs appearing way longer and tan than he’d ever saw before with the cut-out right above her thigh.

If he only knew she was the one presenting his category.

When she reached the microphone, one of the stage helpers handed her the so called envelope and she smiled muttering ‘Thank you’. Right there, Tom got lost in his tracks.

All the pictures of her that he had came across the internet didn’t do her beauty justice. She was so way more lovely in vivid eye.

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my breakfast n’ my face

I normally say shit like “excuse my messy hair” or “excuse my thighs” or whatever, but not today. my thighs don’t need excuses. they are thighs. unless they’ve got some slur tattooed across them, they are completely and utterly inoffensive, and I don’t need to apologize for them.

have a nice day, everyone! say thank you to ur thighs today, cause they’re doing such a nice job being torso tentacles!

Keith’s Good Side

“You ready to play some ultimate?” I asked getting into Keith’s car.

“Just about,” he answered. “I just need to get this shirt off.” Just as he said that, his shirt disappeared. “And since we’re going to the park, I’d like to look a bit tan-“ his skin darkened “-and maybe 30 lbs. more muscle mass.” As he finished his sentence, his body inflated all over with hard muscle.

Keith propped his arm on the window, showcasing his new bulging biceps, flashed me a sexy look, and finished, “So, yeah, I think I’m ready. You?”

“I can see you’re in a good mood today,” he broke his sexy look and we both laughed, “Yeah, I’m ready, let’s go.”

“Oh, you know you love me in a good mood,” Keith remarked.

I had been dating a Storyteller for six months now, and I can’t say I regret anything. The thing about Storytellers is that literally anything they say goes. That’s a blessing and a curse, mind you, but a blessing most of the time, especially when you’re on their good side. And I happened to be on Keith’s very good side.

We drove to the park and started walking to the field where a group was waiting. Keith turned and looked at me, rubbing his crotch.

“You know, you should probably take your shirt off-“ my shirt disappeared.

“Alright, do your worst,” I teased him.

“Well, everyone out there is going to be tall, and you’re going to want to see over the crowd, right?” my body grew to a towering 6’7”. “And you’re going to want to have a hell of a throwing arm,” I looked down and twisted my arms as they ballooned with muscle, “You look disproportionate now, maybe you should have a nice looking torso to boot.” I rubbed my abs as I felt them cobble and squeezed a pec as it rose from my chest.

“Better?” I asked.

“Mm, much better.”

“Glad no one else is around; they’d want in on some of the action.”

“What, like Jeremy?”

“Come on, we live with him. How much longer are you going to withhold from him? I’d be pissed.”

“I don’t know, I’d just feel like I was cheating on you.”

“Well, you have my blessing. Give Jeremy a little fun; he needs it, deserves it.”

“Bitch, please, deserves how?

“Imagine living with two guys who can look and be exactly what they, or rather one wants each of them to be while you’re left out in the cold. That kind of patience should go rewarded.”

“Eh, I guess you’re right. Anyways, let’s play some ultimate, we’ve got a group waiting for us.”

Keith and I played a good game of Frisbee with a couple of the guys from his work. Not exactly a fair game, though; when he told me I should jump higher, or course I jumped higher, and when he told me to run faster, I all the sudden ran faster. It was a rush to feel a sudden spike in endurance, I’ll admit, but it was hardly fair for the other team. One of the many perks of being on Keith’s good side.


We arrived home sweating from the game and saw Jeremy on the couch working on his schoolwork. I caught him glaring at us as we came in laughing and talking about the game.

“Goodness, Thomas, you’re five inches taller than when you left this morning,” Jeremy said condescendingly, not taking his eyes from his computer. “Heavier, too. You must be seriously committing yourself at the gym.”

“Uh, um yeah, Keith and I just played ultimate and, uh, we’d figured it would be better if we-“

“Had an unfair advantage?” Jeremy interrupted.

“Relax, bud, it’s just a sport,” Keith spoke up. “You sound jealous. Maybe if you focused on turning your 150 lbs. into more of Thomas’s 250 lbs.-“ I adjusted my standing as I suddenly felt by body gain nearly 40 lbs. more of muscle, “-you wouldn’t have to hate as much.”

Keith gestured for me to head upstairs with him as Jeremy continued his studies. “Fucking showoff…” he muttered as we went upstairs.


We arrived in my room and I closed the door behind us. “You know you’re really not helping your case with him.”

“Who said I had a case needing help?”

“Look, I just think he would feel better if he were included more in our… going on’s…”

“If it’ll stop him from being a jealous bitch, I’ll consider it.”

“I think it will. And you know what they say: the more the merrier.”

“Fine, ok, you’ve convinced me. But if we’re going to do our work on him, we need to get ready for the Halloween party ourselves.”

Realizing the next development, I eagerly started disrobing, having trouble peeling off my shorts because of the 40 new lbs. of muscle I received downstairs. “Alright then, who will it be?”

Keith thought for a moment, “Hmm… I think tonight you’ll go as Warner.”

“Warner?” I asked in a new deep, coarse voice. I put an arm against the wall and leaned on it as the changes quickly took place. I felt myself shorten about 5 inches plus lose the extra muscle I was given, and I felt my face contort and morph. My body went hot and I moaned as I felt my arms and legs and chest and torso push out and get heavier with muscle. I felt my body stop changing, examined my new body, and looked back up at Keith. “Who the hell is this? Warner, is it?”

“A guy I used to wrestle in high school. Always made him a couple pounds heavier when we met in the ring. He was a good guy. We were both really into our coach; we sorta connected wit that secret. Haven’t seen him in four or five years, though; glad to see he’s kept it up.”

“Glad you’re happy, but should I just wear my boxers to the party or should I dress up?”

“Ah, I think you’ll wear something formal.”

I looked down and noticed I was wearing a full tuxedo. I brushed myself off and posed in as James Bond holding a gun.

“Nah, something less formal than that.”

I felt the tuxedo go away and noticed I was wearing a tuxedo t-shirt,  and some black board shorts. I posed in a relaxed manner for him.

“… No, much, much less formal.”

“How less formal can you get-“ I started as a felt the board shorts shrink up and cup my crotch as a thong while two suspenders snakes over my shoulders and connected with the thong. I felt something grow around my neck and reached up to feel that a tie had wrapped around my neck.

“That thong’s looking a little loose. Maybe you should fill it out more.”

“Wha- oohhhh…” I moaned as I felt my manhood swell inside the thong.

Recovering from the sudden wave of pleasure, I asked, “Good enough for you?”

“Mmm, yeah, looking good, Warner.”

“Oh, so I guess I’m going by Warner tonight. Anyways, what was the name of that coach of yours?”

“Coach Getter. Classic American stud, he was.”

“Ok then, you’re going as Getter.”

Keith threw me a look.

“What, I just want to know what your type is.”

“You’re my type, babe.”

“I mean once you haven’t thrown out everything but the mind.”

He considered for a moment. “Hell, why not. More fun for me. On one caveat.”

“Name it.”

“It has to be Getter from back when I was in high school-“

“Fair enough.”

“-And in a leotard.”

“What? Keith, come on, this is a party, not a night to live out some fantasy.”

“What? He was so hot in his leotard…”

“… Fine, whatever, say it.”

Keith propped himself up against the wall, partially in preparation, partially to put on a show for me, “Tonight, I’m going as Coach Getter in his leotard from back when I wrestled.”

His shirt and shorts suddenly turned shiny and red and compressed against his body. His arms burst audibly with huge muscles, followed by his shoulders, chest, back, abs, and legs, his body lurching forward as more and more muscle erupted. He grunted and I noticed a massive bulge develop in the compression of his leotard. Finally, his face contorted and the face of a 30-year-old god-like man appeared. He looked over at me and noticed I was hard.

“See, a complete knockout.” He said in a voice deep enough to crumble walls.

“You weren’t kidding,” I agreed.

“I can see he’s not just my type either,” he gestured to my crotch.

“Oh, please, you’re just as turned on as me,” I answered teasingly as I advanced towards him and rubbed his bulge. He groaned as I gripped his member, “Why don’t you show me a few new moves, coach?”

He threw his head back and laughed, “Oh my god, you’re turning me on! You really couldn’t have picked a better time to say that.“

I pulled down his leotard, his monster cock springing out, and we made love for a full hour.


Keith and I went downstairs where Jeremy was still diligently working. He looked up at us surprised, thinking there were strangers in the house, but quickly realized what was going on.

“You guys have fun,” he said sarcastically from his computer.

“Jeremy, come on, come with us.” I pleaded.

“Nope, I’m good.”

I looked towards Keith. He rolled his eyes, “Jeremy, man, come out with us. A cute face like yours shouldn’t stay indoors all night.”

I saw Jeremy’s face twisted and reshaped with a stronger jaw, thicker hair, and some stubble. He looked up at Keith surprised.

“Especially after all that working out you’ve been doing. You look like a Greek statue!”

Jeremy shouted as he felt his body inflate and gain several pounds of muscle out of nothing from his formerly lanky frame. He was calming down, marveling at the impressiveness and impossibility of his new body.

“I mean look at those guns! Give them a flex for us!”

I saw Jeremy’s feel the new weight in his arms as they gained more muscle. He looked up at us shyly and flexed his new arms.

“Come out, Jeremy! It’ll give you a chance to feed that foot long monster between your legs,” Keith added slyly as I laughed.

“Keith, oh my go-…!” Jeremy stood up gripping his crotch through his shorts as his manhood doubled in length and thickness as Keith and I laughed heartily.

“Ok! Ok! You, uh… you convinced me,” Jeremy concluded, standing proud in his new impressive frame.

“Hey, that’s the spirit!” Keith added, patting Jeremy on the back as they both laughed.

I grabbed my keys and we made our way to the door.

“Wait, what am I going as?” Jeremy asked, realizing Keith and I were already in our ‘costumes.’

“I’m sure we’ll think of something on the way there.” Keith replied.

I smirked knowing exactly what Keith had in mind. Same thing I went as to showcase my new body when Keith first altered me: Tarzan. I’m glad to see that Jeremy is finally on Keith’s good side, too.

French Girl

Steve Rogers x Reader AU

PART ONE: Sketches and Coffee

Summary: Steve draws you like a french girl. (Based on this prompt by otpprompts)
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: A few innuendos?
1,098 words

Notes: Here goes the second part to Sketches and Coffee! YAY! Also, I got two requests this week and even though I’m not really taking them I’ll try to write beCAUSE I  LOVED IT. Meanwhile, enjoy this one. <3

It was almost noon when you finally woke up, your eyes opening slightly just to find the daylight filling the room. You growled in annoyance and rolled to the other side of the bed, the white sheets of Steve’s bed gathering around your naked body.

It had been a few months since you and Steve started going out. And yet so, you two had your first night together even if you weren’t explicitly dating.

Steve was rather…slow for that sort of thing and you couldn’t help but wonder how the hell you managed to get through him. But you weren’t complaining though.

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Here is a story for an anonymous friend, that wanted to write a possession story about an adult man possessing a young student. I hope you will all like it.  If you also want me to write a story about you, just contact me and tell me what do you want me to write about.

I snapped a picture of me sitting in a car looking good as always and posted it on My story on Snapchat. Cool. Blues eyes were drawing attention and perfectly matched my new T-shirt that Alisha, my girlfriend, gave to me yesterday.

“Ok, time to go now.” I grabbed my stuff and put my phone into the pocket. “ I went straight to school from the parking lot. The way usually takes about 10 minutes, but today it took me longer, because I had an encounter with a weird stranger. He looked like homeless and probably a stoner, but I was happy to help anyone who asked me for help. 

“Hey could you please help me? You look like a well-behaved young man.”

“Sure, what can I do for you sir?” I politely answered.

“I got debts and I don’t have enough money to pay it all back. Mr. Bernetti, maybe you know him, is not a patient and a decent man like you. He is a mobster and threatened me to pay him a tax for my store. But not many people come to my store since Bernetii started to show his ass more often.” said the stranger shaking nervously.

 “Look, I would really like to help you, but I am just a student and I can’t give you any money. I need them too. Maybe you could ask somebody else or try to contact the police.”

“No. I can’t go to police, he has got his people there, I just can’t. But you could help me, I just need a hideout for a few weeks. And you would be perfect, he would never look in your house.”

“Look, I live with my parents, I can’t let a total stranger live in my house. I don’t even know you”

“Don’t worry, your parents won’t even notice I will be there. I fill fit in just right. All I need to know is to be you, to become you.” he said in a happy, but a still nervous voice and pushed me to the ground. 

“What are you doing? Get off me” I tried to push him away. He was touching me everywhere and screaming. “That bitch lied to me! She said that drinking that shit will be enough. I will kill her. Kill her!” Then he spotted a coming crowd of my friends and quickly ran away from me. They helped me to get back on my feet and came with me inside. 

I was stressed out. What did that guy mean? What did he mean by “become you” ? I was over thinking that moment all day. After school I headed to play football. I got changed and took my water bottle with me. I left it on a bench and went to play. I drank the whole bottle even thought that the water tasted a bit sugary. After practice I drove home. My parents were on their anniversary dinner. I unlocked the door and came inside. But before I could close the door that weird stranger came in.

“Get out, I swear will call the police.”

“You can try, but this time I made sure that it will work. Fuck, I will be so hot in just a few seconds” then he jumped at me again. But this time I didn’t collapse. My body just absorbed his and I felt like I couldn’t move. I felt paralysed, but still could anything happening around me. I could feel the wind, sweat drops on my forehead, anything, but I couldn’t move. But then my eyes started to move.

“Shit, that was a ride. Hey hot boy, you still in there? I hope you can see what I am about to do. I will stay in this body just for a while and then I will leave like nothing happened. Well I hope you agree with me, because you don’t have a choice and I can’t hear you. So…” came out of my body, but it wasn’t me talking. My hands started to move and touch my face.

“Please just get out, I will do anything, please.” I screamed, but didn’t hear anything.

“Hey I think I can feel your emotions in there, but don’t worry this anger will pass and you will enjoy being a passenger in your body. Now where were we?” he was touching myself again and posing in the mirror. “This is a really nice body. I have to admit you were taking good care of it. NIce abs, flat torso, huge biceps, damn bro, look at your nice package. Your dick is so huge. I need to get it wet with some hot girl. 

My whole life was in his hands. I couldn’t do anything. He bought new clothes, that I would never wear, stopped playing football, everything. All I could do was to be as much emotional as it was even possible. The first time he was with a girl, I tried to be disgusted and I think it worked. My… His dick couldnt get hard. He should have known that possessing gay guy is not going to be a holiday vacation for a straight homeless. Unfortunately he didnt mind. He found himself a nice twink to fuck and continued to ruin my life.

He is enjoying holiday now with bunch of other guys. It has been 5 weeks now and nobody suspects anything. They all thing that I just wanted to enjoy my life more. Maybe its better this way, but I would really like to have my body back one day, because it sucks to be just a watcher. All I do watch how he is having fun in my body, drinking  booze, using drugs and fucking other guys. “Hey, that guy has a cool tatoo on his arm, maybe he will fuck me later.


Request: will you do a band au kylo ren where he’s a super badass lead singer to this junk band and you stumble across them at a bar or something?

A/N: First of all, the gif above fits this one shot perfectly, so I decided to use it. Second of all, thank you anon for the request, I enjoyed writing it! Enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.9K+

Warning: Slight profanity.

Rubbing your forehead as you felt an awful migraine coming on, you decided to shut the chemistry text book, deciding trying to understand science wasn’t in your favor at the moment–let alone, at anytime. Leaning back in your chair as you let out a disgruntled groan, the door to your dorm instantly slammed open, you not even bothering to see who as you knew it was Rey. “Yes, Rey?”

“We need to get you out of here.” Walking over to you, she spun your chair around for you to face her. “You’ve been locked up in here for the past three days studying for this damn exam, give yourself a break!” She exclaimed, causing you to sigh. “Come on, Poe and Finn wanted to stop by this bar that most of the uni kids go to since apparently they have live music and yadda yadda and you know how Poe is about music,” She swatted a hand, causing you to huff.

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Prompt: Derek feels like Stiles doesn’t understand him and just wants him to understand his perspective.

Derek was in the loft getting his reps in for his arms and chest. He never missed a day, and his time working out was important. With battle after battle in Beacon Hills, Derek wanted to be in the best of shape incase an evil might try take over the town. However, some times Derek felt like the others didn’t understand, especially Stiles. Stiles never understood his obsession with constantly working out. Stiles loved his size, and his body, but Derek wish it was something that would bring them closer together.

Stiles entered the loft, towards the end of Derek’s work out. “Derek, what is it with you and the body building? You don’t need to keep lifting”, Stiles rolls his eyes. Derek slightly ignored him and continued his reps. “Stiles, I do it because it relaxes me, and I like the way I look”. Stiles walks away, and Derek thinks to himself how his wished that Stiles understood how he felt. As Derek started to clean himself up, unknown to him a Djinn spirit had been listening to the entire conversation. “If Derek wants Stiles to understand… That’s exactly what he is going to get!”. The two of them were fairly quiet, until it was time for bed.

At about 1 in the morning, while both had been in a deep sleep, the Djinn came back out into the room. He decided that it was time for some fun. Looking over the bed, it seemed that Derek took up about 2/3 of it. The Djinn made the covers disappear, and began to examine Stiles’ less than impressive body. “Well… if Derek wants Stiles to understand, we’re going to have to get to work”, raising his glowing hand towards Stiles. The young boy’s body started to stretch, as 5’10 simply was not good enough… 6’2 sounds more impressive. Stiles began to moan in his sleep, as more changes began to arise. Bubbles began to erupt all over his body, as muscles slowly started to emerge. His biceps began to grow and push Derek slowly farther off the bed. His shirt started ripping as his pecs rounded up and pushed out. After his legs doubled in size, and his dick lengthened significantly, his pants became shredded on the bed.

The Djinn admired his work, but knew he wasn’t finished. His hand once again began to glow, but this time with a different result. It started with his face. Hair began to grow on his checks, then his upper lip, and then his chin forming a beard very similar to Derek’s. His newly plumped pecs got a good covering of hairs as well as nice torso. The hairs on his arms and legs got longer and darker. “Now he is beginning to look the part!” The Djinn put his hands together. “He just needs to start thinking like Derek now!”. His hand once again began to glow and Stiles began to be filled with knowledge of working out, getting a deeper voice, and more masculine mannerisms. Impressed with his work, the Djinn disappeared awaiting the two to be surprised in the morning.

7 AM… Stiles heard the alarm and got up before Derek, but something wasn’t right. He felt heavy, but he didn’t eat much last night… A little disoriented, he got up and went to the bathroom. He turned the sink on and washed his face. He was puzzled to the feeling of scruff on his face. He looked up at the mirror and screamed! “DEREK… DEREK… COME HERE QUICK!” His heart was racing at what he was looking at. Derek’s face was on alert, as he didn’t recognize the man in his loft. “Who are you?”. Stiles rolling his eyes, “Very funny, Derek, its me… It’s Stiles”. Derek’s eyes went wide at the disbelief in front of him. Stiles began to look at his new bod. He flexed his arms, squeezed his new pecs, and began to feel all his new body hair. “Stiles, you kind of look like me?”. Dude, I feel powerful… his new voice boomed. Stiles instantly got rock hard and his new member got Derek’s attention. Derek loved this new Stiles, he was big, powerful, and might finally understand how Derek thinks. Stiles was still feeling himself up, his new beard, his new pecs, and his new member. Stiles looked up at Derek, “Wanna work out with me?!” Derek smiled and new that this would be amazing for both of them.

Two Is Better Than One

Two, is better than one.

summary: Dan and Phil through the years. Both of them like each other but none of them have the courage to confess their attraction to each other until one fine day. Basically, really fluffy and kinda domestic :)

prompt: Song fic, Two is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls

trigger warning: three swear words :’)

extra tags: fluffy fluff, 2009!phan, phan through the years, domestic!phan, songfic

length: 2.5k words 

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Dan x Reader - You're Safe With Me Now

I was at Dan’s tonight after my fight with my boyfriend. A pound of tears and 3 layers of foundation on my bruises, here I was sitting as best I could, more like uncomfortably lying, on the sofa with Dan near.
Although my body may ache, this set up is quite nice Dan’s couch pillow and the blanket with the fire on and all. I think I’m gonna just take a little rest for my eyes…

Dan’s POV
“Hey y/n, what do you wanna watch now?” I said to no answer, until I noticed y/n’s tired state that’s fallen asleep.
“y/n?” I say once again a bit louder.
I looked down beside me see frail body hidden underneath blanket, as her eyes were shut. Her breaths were quick and shaky, not relaxed like usual. She must be really exhausted from the fight with her boyfriend yesterday. Man, that’s guys a jerk. But if she’s happy then let her be, but she’d probably be happier with me though… Anyways Dan feelings aside, should I wake her up and let her sleep in my bed it’s much more comfy… But she’s looks so tired I don’t really want to disturb her. After 30 seconds or so of mumbling and talking to myself, I finally decide I’m going to just carry her to my bed.

I feel a hand touch my ribcage as somebody’s arm is already wrapped underneath my side. What the hell? Is it happening again? I quickly open my eyes and jolt back onto to the couch. I grimaced as my aching back hit the sofa again. As my eyes familiarize themselves, I realize that it’s just Dan. Brown hair with slight unkept curls, and soft chocolate brown eyes that still over tower me even when he’s leaning.
“Hey, hey it’s only me.” Dan says softly, trying to calm me down. He looks confused, probably because I’m being all paranoid for no reason.
“Don’t, don’t touch me please.” I say with my voice breaking as Dan carefully releases me.
“Sorry.” I say sadly because of my random defensiveness, but then I realize what Dan was looking at.
The large bruised flesh on my stomach that was purple, and the tender redness near my ribs that follow to my back. My loose shirt must have just pulled up when I jumped and stretched myself away, revealing everything I wanted to hide from Dan.
“What’s that?” Dan said worriedly snapping me out of my scared daze.
“Oh that?” I asked trying to sound surprised. “I bumped into the desk by accident a couple days ago.” I lied.
Little did I know while I was trying to sound convincing that Dan was fixated on something else. My face with 3 layers of foundation on it which was similar to my torso, although the torso portion obviously came off. Dan grabbed his water cup and poured water some from the cup onto a napkin. He gently placed his hand on my cheek holding my head back up and began to dab my face, taking of my foundation and revealing my true state. Dan’s expression was neutral as best as he could try, mine grim and nervous. The area of my cheekbone was first, then my the underneath of my eye and then my whole swollen black eye. Dan’s hand had never been that close to my face before. I tried to not flinch away and did flinch, but Dan kept his warm and careful grip on me.
“Ah, alright. So, I saw that you looked a little swollen and beat up on the side of your face when you came in. But you managed to punch yourself in the eye?”
He frowned at me and pulled my shirt up to wipe away the messy foundation on my stomach to reveal my other bruises. I winced and finally he took his hand away to look up at me again, as I was desperately trying not to break down in front of my best friend.
Dan lightly squeezed my hand looking up at me insistently, as he whispered “It’s okay, you can tell me.”
I closed my eyes for one last breath and then began, “It’s just– I– he. He…” Dan cut me off.
“He?” Dan asked carefully trying to hold back his frustration.
“He did this to you? He did this?” Dan said in a softer tone while two tears ran down my face, but I could hear his anger seeping in slightly.
“He got angry at me.” I said sniffing before going to wipe my tears away, but Dan got them for me instead, his face filled with sadness, worry and a splash of rage. His smooth finger touched my face gently, as I tried not to cry and blush at the same time.
“It was my fault though.” I choked out gulping shaking my head. Dan instantly stopped me right there as his eyes opening with shock, placing both his hands under mine and looking at me directly in the face.
“No, no, no it wasn’t. None of is your fault.”
Dan looked at me with this big brown orbs, trying so hard to convince me. All I could do was nod and mutter,
“I shouldn’t have made him so mad.”
Dan looked sad and shook his head while his brows furrowed, “y/n.”
He said trying to comfort me, “Look at me.” I made eye contact as best as I could, not wanting to cry again.
“Nobody should every hit you okay? It doesn’t matter that you made him mad, it doesn’t matter. A real guy should never hit a girl. He never should’ve hit you.”
Dan says spitting out the last part harshly, but still speaking calmly for me to feel better. I just sat there still as book, and Dan looked slightly frustrated, not at me, but at himself. He gently pulled me into his long warm arms, but I could feel that he was holding back from fear of hurting me. I looked at him nodding, silently letting him know that he can hold me without worry. I know Dan would never hurt me, as I lean back into his chest and place my head near his shoulder. He felt so nice and soft. My head is right near his shoulder so he leaned down to whisper lightly in my ear,
“y/n, why are staying with him?”
I break as he says this, and my tears come flying down my face. I bite my bottom lip for a second to speak and wraps his arms around me even tighter, trying to comfort my sob.
“I tried to leave Dan.” I choke out as Dan loosens looking down at me disturbed.
“I wanted to break up with him that’s why he—” I stop as anxiety fills me, and he notices my tightened up state.
Dan finished my sentence for me as I couldn’t bare to finish it, “That’s why he did this to you?” Dan says quietly trying to hide the underlying anger in his tone. I nodded into his chest, as he just gently stroked through my hair.
“How many times did he do this?” Dan questioned.
“Just this once. He hit me a lot though.”
I scooted around fully revealing the purple bruise near surrounding my stomach portion and then my tender red rib that followed to my back. “The bruise was a kick and the ribs were slaps to the ground.” Dan gulped hard, not saying anything.
I pinpointed the places on my face, “This black eye was a punch or hit… and slaps on my face, so that’s why it looks so sore.” I confessed and looked at Dan’s horrified face. “He assaulted you. Numerous times.”
What Dan had just said was true though, little tears floated out again.
“Dan, I want to break up with him. I tried but, I just don’t know what to do. He’s gonna hurt me again.”
“He’s just going to hurt you more if you stay with him y/n.” Dan in a serious tone, that I’ve barely ever heard.
“But I’m afraid of him Dan.” I said wiping my tears on Dan’s soft shirt but eventually just holding onto his t shirt clinging onto him weeping. I cried and tugged onto his shirt that smelt exactly like him and his chest was comforting, not as much as Dan himself though. I just hid my head in his chest continuing my crying and he remained still trying to comfort me.
“Shhhhh… Hey he’s not going to hurt you anymore. I won’t let him. You don’t have to be afraid.” Dan said looking down at me crying in his chest. I just nodded but was doubtful.
“How do you know? Dan, I don’t want you going to see him. I don’t want you getting hurt.” I said worriedly while sniffling, if Dan were to get injured because of me, I’d never forgive myself.
“Don’t worry, we’re going to tell the police and report them of your assault.” Dan said assertively, but he was still calm.
“Are you sure?” My eyes look up like puppy dog eyes and he hurts smiles softly.
“Yes, I promise.” Dan said sweetly cradling me in his embrace.
I took a breath of relief as I crept back into his full grip. He smiled bravely with confidence, and protectively held me.
“Thank you, Dan.” I smiled bittersweetly, while he shook his head.
“No need to thank me, y/n. Now, for the time being let’s try and make you a little more comfortable.” Dan said sitting up and drawing away. “I’m going to get you some ice, and make hot tea for you to drink. Just lie here and relax.”
Dan got up grabbing a pillow and fluffing it for my neck, watching me carefully fully lie back down.
When he came back I sat up with his help, and he gently helped soothe my pain.
“Okay so there’s a heating pad for your stomach. Ice for you swollen back.”
His hand puts the heating pad on my back. I squeak out of pain for the moment as Dan looks scared, however the heat began to feel really nice against my bruised torso. He hands me the tea and I sip it, it’s warm and sweet, just how I like it. I smile and he looks happy that I liked it. As I lean back onto the couch Dan picks up another bag of ice, and puts it towards my black eye gently. I lean my head onto his shoulder, his body is sat up beside me, and he doesn’t decline, but just moves for me to be more comfortable.
“You’re safe with me now.”
Dan said while running his finger in my cheek. I nodded still smiling, finally confident because I believed him.

Haikyuu! Slumber Party Part 2

The team stared at Tanaka in awe, until he broke the tension created by his concerning drinking ability.

“Daichi-san, Truth or Dare?”

“Oh, um… Dare..?”, responded Daichi nervously.

“Captain, are you… Are you sure about that? I mean this is Tanaka we’re talking abo-”

“A dare it is”, Daichi said, brushing off Hinata’s concerns.

Tanaka beamed with excitement, but since it was still so early into the game he decided not to unleash one of his legendary uncompletable dares.

“Daichi-san, I dare you to trade clothes with Hinata for the rest of the game.”

Tanaka’ dare was met with exhuberant laughter, the height and size difference between Hinata and their Captain was noticeable, even when sitting down. The two team members stripped down to their boxers, and prepared to trade clothes. The team was used to seeing each other mostly unclothed, but foreseeing this scenario, Tsukishima began slyly taking photos to use as blackmail. Suga seemed strangely indifferent about the situation.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” asked Tanaka with a sly grin, before Hinata and Daichi started to put on each other’s respective garments.

Daichi already knew what was coming, so he grabbed two towels from a nearby cabinet, and wrapped one around his waist, giving the other to Hinata. Daichi and Hinata removed their boxers, and tossed them to each other, changing into the new pair under the towel. Tanaka seemed disappointed with his Captain’s ability to find a loophole in any incriminating situation.

“Woah! Roomy!”, shouted Hinata, after putting on his teammate’s boxers.

After a few minutes, the two had traded clothes entirely. It was clear that Hinata had received the better end of the deal. Hinata could have worn Daichi’s sweatshirt alone and covered his knees, but the sagging pair of pajama bottoms was a comical sight, as Hinata had to pick up the 20 cm or so of extra fabric in order to move without tripping.

“How do these look so normal on the Captain?!?!” pouted Hinata.

“Maybe one day, little one”, Kageyama took the opportunity to mock Hinata’s height, which he did as often as possible.

Daichi, on the other hand, was much more of a sight to behold. Hinata’s shirt was not only too short, but too tight, ending just above Daichi’s midriff and clinging to his skin like spandex. Hinata’s sleep pants ended 6 inches above the formerly respected Captain’s ankles, and looked ready to tear when the fabric stretched around his thighs, which were easily the same circumference as the smaller first year’s torso.

“Nice”, Tsukishima claimed, as he snapped a photo of Daichi.

“E-mail that one to me”, said Suga, without a hint of hesitation in his voice.

Asahi walked in the front door of Daichi’s small house, and was immediately met by the image of his friend of several years wearing a practical crop-top, and a pair of mid-length skin tight booty shorts, and his second year teammate Tanaka giggling in the corner with a monstrous bottle of sake in his left hand. Having no context, he sat down next to Nishinoya, and opened a bottle of green tea, not breaking eye contact with Daichi for several seconds. “Nice”, whispered Asahi, after drinking the majority of his tea.

Authors Note: Thank you for the good response on the first chapter!!! It got like 100+ notes at the time I’m writing this which is way more than I expected so thank you for reading!!! This is hopefully not going to become very much more nsfw but y'know sometimes the cookie crumbles a little smuttier than usual. Also Asahi is going to start playing next chapter so be excited!!!)

Also you can read part 1 here:

082; blind!jungkook

“I was in the neighbourhood.” (082)

Jungkook somehow knows whenever you’re around.

Maybe it was the way your footsteps sounded when you were close enough for him to catch the tapping pattern of your feet on the ground. It was possible that he’s able to capture your scent if you were within his radar. But oftentimes it was just that feeling.

So just as you enter the room Jungkook’s currently in with one of his mates by side, you trying to hide and sneak up on him was done for. His friend quietly gets up, quickly calling out Kook, I’ll be back, yeah? and Jungkook’s nonchalant about it, murmuring a okay and you would’ve thought this is in the bag by now.

But nope. Of course not.

Just as you’re a step from Jungkook with your hands hovering over his shoulders, Jungkook’s voice scares you first - “Y/N?”

You groan and throw your hands up in the air, even though he can’t see it but he can feel it the same time he chuckles. “How the hell?! I was so close!”

“I already knew the moment you came in, Y/N,”

“That’s just insane,” You grumble, taking a seat beside him and Jungkook takes a moment off from his work, turning to you with a grin, “Whatever it is, you’re stuck with it,”

“Gee, lucky me,” You snicker, yet, all with humor and poking fun that you scoot closer to when Jungkook extends his arms out. Wordlessly, you crawl onto his lap, the perfect seat that fits you and Jungkook sighs when you bury your face in his neck, arms wrapped nicely around his torso and he relishes on the warmth as well as the nice lavender smell that his senses pick up - the smell of home, in other words.

“What’re you doing here, though? Didn’t you have some important client to meet?”

“I was in the neighbourhood,” You murmur, squeezing him a little, “So I figured I’d drop by,”

“You said your client wanted to meet you in a restaurant across town. Not on the opposite end with nothing but skyscrapers and tall buildings,”

“You know, just pretend like what I said was true and continue cuddling like this before I have to leave, okay?”

Jungkook chuckles, shaking his head as you huff against his skin but doesn’t object it. Instead, he kisses the side of your head and tucks his arms around you, leaning back with you against him and this is just the best feeling ever - and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.