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Brendon Urie update:
He looked genuinely happy to see that I got a tattoo of what he wrote on my arm a few days ago. He also looked extra snazzy and smelled nice! I touched him a bunch of times when he reached over me 😳😂(I’m the one with the curly hair and gross voice haha). @brendonurie
Shoutout to @danthedued57 for coming with me and for taking this video! Met some cool people!
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A nice little touch on Liu Bei's design: the blue, red, and yellow colors on his hat, showcasing his many different allegiances over the years. Walking towards you with one hand outstretched and another clutching swords behind his back, it's certainly one of his more menacing portrayals.

That’s a very interesting observation. I’m not sure if that was KT’s intended viewing, but I think it’s certainly apt.

Villain Liu Bei would make this the best DW game ever.

You see what I’m seeing? It’s a nice belt

well… I just want to point out that in 2x01 we saw in this frame Magnus’ hand already holding Alec’s, but in this new kinda-BTS video we can see… yeah, you’re welcome!


Andy BTS of 5x15 (ง •̀_•́)ง


Jensen Hiatus Love: Jensen & Cons  

↳ “When we first saw you in Supernatural we thought
“Oh well, he’s really handsome. But then we found out that there was more than that,
that you have so much more to offer.
We think that a good actor can take you to a different place and is able not to only make you forget that you are watching an actor but who also makes you care about the journey of a character.
And you really make people who watch you care about you and your characters
and not just because you have a pretty face. You handle both, tragedy and comedy,
with equal ability and your face and eyes speak a thousand words, even when you are saying nothing at all. So, when Supernatural will end, don’t think about it as a conclusion but as a stepping stone which will lead you towards a bright future, because you are Oscar material.” - a lovely fan at JIBCon 2011 [x]