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Bill Cipher: Last chance.  Tell me how to take Weirdmageddon global, and I’ll spare the kids.

Dipper Pines: No, don’t do it!

Mabel Pines: Yeah, Bill makes bad deals!

Bill: Don’t you toy with me, Shooting Star! I. See. EVERYTHING–OW!  Not again! Why?!  Every time! 

Stan Pines: Nice shot, Pumpkin!

Bill: I just regenerated that eye!

Mabel: I know that hurts because I’ve accidentally done it to myself, multiple times!

-”Gravity Falls”

finding balance

Gotham struggles to find balance.

Many of the characters are off-kilter and constantly seek something to regain a semblance of control or balance; or they’re struggling to fix an imbalance in their lives. This struggle for balance often involves an inner darkness.

Some clear examples of this:

  • Jim Gordon wrestling his demons between choosing to do good/follow The Law ™ or renegade justice a la the vigilante
  • Bruce trying to understand who he is in light of his parents’ murders, investigating his father’s company (and by extension, legacy)
  • Barbara coming to terms with her acts pre-/post-Arkham; literal sanity and insanity

The obvious (read: least subtle) example:

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Literally struggling between two halves of himself. 

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Thinking about this now, with Nygmobblepot lenses, Oswald brings Edward some balance—his appointment as chief of staff gives him a sense of mission, responsibility (he takes an obvious pride in his work, as Oswald notes of him fitting into his role nicely); opportunity for growth, however he sees it (”I still have so much to learn from you”); and it empowers him socially/politically (see his entrance to the GCPD where he proclaims, I missed ALL of you!, dripping with sarcasm).

(Also: I’m not sure I want to use the word “happiness” instead of balance.)

While Oswald himself is unbalanced (to say the least), right now he is not outwardly struggling with a darkness. As we’re inferring from spoilers for episodes 8, 9, 10 of season 3, Ed has not put Kristen behind her, and he’s not in a good place when Kristen returns to the present day through Isabella. (”out of his depth,” etc)

Oswald’s current struggle is not a darkness—it’s his affection and love for Ed, which as we know is unrequited at this point. This is currently Oswald’s most difficult challenge to face.

Before this, I would argue that Oswald’s lowest point was when he almost died in the woods and lost his sense of self, tired of the pain. And then, Edward brings him back, nursing him back to health. He restores Oswald’s balance.

I have a feeling Edward will restore balance for Oswald in one of two ways. By:

  1. Reciprocating Oswald’s love, or
  2. Putting Oswald in a place to reject any and all love to become the true, ruthless villain he has the potential to become

Reflecting on this, having rewatched episodes from season 2, Edward and Oswald’s interactions definitely have this lovely give-and-take that, while a bit dysfunctional, offers the pair a sense of balance and achievement. 

They were both responsible for the other’s upward lift following their lowest moments.

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Honestly, I feel like it’s this—a dance:

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