nice to see her supporting her sister


the feysand modern au with more cliches than should be allowed

Feyre Archeron is pretty sure there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to conduct with the authors whose books she edits. But when you take what should have been a normal flight to Paris and add a tuna sandwich, a red pen, and a smirking stranger, lines can get a little blurry. 


the one where feyre accidentally trash talks a novel to its author and then they kinda fall in love

read it on ao3

chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3

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Video Games

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Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “21 - Zach Dempsey and Justin Foley”


21. “Just because I’m a girl, you think that I can’t win against you?”

Word count: 1.391

Posted: 17th of May 2017

A/N: Another imagine is up! Aja, I know that you requested it with Zach too, but I decided to put Justin as the reader’s boyfriend. I hope that you like it and enjoy!
It’s my baby Ross’ birthday today and I just realized that I’m turning 19, exactly in five months. I am so old! Anyways, I might write some imagines about Miles and Ross’ birthday, I hope that I can write them soon.
Guys, thank you for the support and the love that you are giving me. I don’t know how to thank you enough, because you have the power to make my day complete. Thank you and I love you all.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: some swearing

“C'mon, (Y/N)!” Your brother, Alex, cheered for you as he paid attention on the wide television screen in front of him, focusing to your character’s movements. Your small fingers were moving in some swift movements as you tightly held the game console in your hands.

“Lex, I am trying.” You stated as you had your eyes focused on the television too, body a little bit tensed for the fear of getting killed by someone in the game.

It was one of those lazy Friday nights that you’ve spent with your friends in Bryce’s pool house. It has been a stressing week for all of you as your final exams were about to start, so you decided to have a little bit of fun and shake everything off before the very hell week.

“Scarce!” Your boyfriend, Justin, exclaimed as he had his eyes focused on the screen, having a console in his hands too.

Video games, specifically those first person tactical shooting games, were one of your common interests with Justin and you honestly liked the idea of it, because boredom would be the last of your thoughts. Justin would always tease you too, although he would give you the chance to win every match. The victory wasn’t important to him, but seeing you happy was.

“For real!” Zach agreed with his team mate and you just rolled your eyes as you heard how they underestimated you.

“She’s doing fine, guys!” Jessica complimented you as she wrapped her arms around your brother’s neck. They were dating for a while and you supported them together.

You would always be the Cupid of the situation, whenever they would fight or discuss about everything. You just cared too much for them and you would do everything just to see your brother happy. Jessica was really making him happy and she was so nice towards you, considering you as her little sister too, she was so adorable that everybody in your house loved her.

“She is, you are even two against one,” Montgomery said as he held a pint of beer in his hand, obviously staying by your side. “and she is winning.”

“Thanks, guys!” You giggled softly, but you didn’t let yourself lose your concentration. “Last two kills and I win!”

“What?!” Justin and Zach exclaimed as they quickly fixed themselves on the couch, being more serious on winning the game. They belittled you too early, that they didn’t even notice that you were on the lead.

“Bingo!” You proudly pushed some buttons as loud gun shots were heard from the television’s speakers.

“What the fuck, (Y/N)!” The two boys complained as their characters were killed by your character, meaning that you won the match. You heard some laughter and hollers from your friends and you proudly stood on the couch, raising the controller as if it was a golden trophy.

Just because I’m a girl, you think that I can’t win against you?” You fiercely smirked at the two goofballs and they just rolled their eyes, still couldn’t accept their defeat.

“I can smell the stench of defeat here!” Bryce jokingly exclaimed as he sat on the arm rest of the couch. You happily gave your friends some high-fives and you somehow felt proud of yourself.

“Shut up, fucker!” Justin nudged his best friend and you just laughed at his actions. You then sat on Justin’s lap, slightly throwing the controller on the empty space of the couch. “Congratulations, cheater!”

“It’s not my fault if you are scarce!” You raised your hands to defend yourself and your friends just laughed because of it.

“I can’t accept this thing!” Zach threw his tantrums playfully and the group laughed even more.

“I might’ve ruined my reputation here, guys, but I am so happy to say that I am proud of my girl, right here!” Justin smiled at you as he declared what he thought during that moment. You honestly were dumbfounded and you felt loved and lucky to have Justin. “So, let’s cheers to that!”

You felt so relieved and weightless as Justin has just said you that he was proud of you. You knew that it was just a game and that it wasn’t a big deal at all, but you’ve never heard anyone saying that they were proud of you and you somehow discovered how the feeling was thanks to him.

“Cheers!” You all grabbed your drinks and raised your glasses in the air. Your friends cheered for you and let out some deafening whistles using their mouths.

“Thank you, Jus!” You whispered to him and he just raised his half-full bottle of beer. You clinked them together and you took a pull from the bottle.

“I love seeing you happy, baby.” He winked at you and you just let out some giggles. You surely loved him even more for that.

“Dude, private room is in the main house.” Zach pointed at the door and you all laughed because of the bitterness that he showed towards Justin’s actions.

“Don’t forget to use condoms.” Montgomery joked as he carefully looked at Alex’s face. He knew how it made him feel uncomfortable and vexed.

“De la Cruz, you’re such a dick!” You shook your head with a wide smile flashed on your face, finding funny what he has just said.

“Don’t worry, Alex,” Justin looked at Alex, who had his eyebrows furrowed. “you won’t be an uncle soon.” He joked and another laughter was heard.

“Idiot!” You slapped Justin’s arm and Alex shook his head as he realized how stupid his friends were and he smacked your boyfriend upside his head.

“I love you, my princess.” Justin chuckled as he planted a kiss on your cheek, alcohol-scented hot breath brushing your smooth and soft skin and it sent shivers down your spine.

“I love you too, Foley.” You confessed with a smile and you leant in to give Justin a deep kiss on his lips.

The kisses between the two of you would always be flirty and deep. His lips perfectly locking with yours would make you feel better and loved, not even being shy of the people around you. His tongue would lick your lips to tease you even more, but you broke the kiss before it led you to something else.

“I love you more, Standall!” He whispered as he wrapped his arms around your body tightly, one of his ways to thank you for being by his side.

“Stop the PDA, ew.” Your brother stated and you gave him the finger. You loved your brother, but you hated it when he would protect you as if you were still a baby.

“You are worse when it comes to PDA, so shut up!” You defended yourself and he threw you a cushion, hitting your face perfectly. You wondered how your parents would react if they heard your conversations with Alex. He was somehow your best friend and he knew everything about you and vice versa.

“Guys, I really can’t accept the defeat!” Zach blurted out once again and you laughed loudly, teasing him even more.

“Round two, Dempsey?” You challenged him with a smirk and he rolled his eyes as he readied himself, finding a comfortable position on the couch.

“Let’s get it on.” You got off Justin’s lap and you positioned yourself between Justin and Zach, handing Justin his controller.

“It seems like Zach loves the taste of defeat, am I right?” Jessica joked and Zach shot her a death glare.  

“We all love you, Dempsey.” You teasingly exclaimed and everyone in the room cheered and laughed at Zach.

“Fuck you all.” He was so miffed, but you didn’t mind his behaviour. Your friends kept on teasing him, distracting him during the whole match, leading him and Justin to lose the game once again.

Lazy Friday nights were the best, because you were with your friends. You would spend your whole night in a typical way: laughing until your stomach ached, drinking until the alcohol controlled your minds and playing video games until your fingers hurt.

Long story short: it didn’t matter what you were doing with them, but you were a hundred percent sure that your friends’ company wouldn’t fail you, mostly if your lovable and amiable boyfriend was by your side. You just loved their company and you couldn’t deny that.

Shape of You (17)

So this chapter is a little fluffy. I have two more chapters and an epilogue planned. So be prepared the end is near.

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen 

Chapter 17

I decided after one full day at his place that nurse Cassian was worse than commander Cassian. Because he was always checking on me, always giving me my medicine. It had been two days since the doctors released me and he still barely let me leave his room. He walked with me if I needed to use the bathroom, he tried carrying me out onto the porch when I asked to sit outside for a little. It should’ve been sweet, but I had never been the girl who wanted to be taken care of.

I wanted to scream, and I would’ve if I hadn’t been able to distract him for more than a few minutes with my touch. Nurse Cassian was easy to persuade. I could convince him I was okay with the sway of my hips and the pressure of my lips against his.

I couldn’t complain though. I was still tangled in Cassian’s sheets. He refused to let me go back to my apartment even to get a change of clothes. Since Tomas was MIA he was convinced I was safer here. Of course I was, but I still wanted some of my things. So poor Elain and Az were tasked with bringing me a bag of clothes and shower supplies since Cassian refused to leave my side.

Cassian checked my stitches every day, every three hours. I would’ve told him to stop, if he wasn’t so damn sweet whenever he pulled at the bandages. He would lift my shirt and gently pull the tape back, his free hand holding mine so I could squeeze if it hurt. God nurse Cassian might be annoying but he was perfect. He was making me wish I could pull him down into bed with me.

I don’t think anything turned me on more than those brown eyes checking me for injuries.

But whenever I tried to remind him of where we had left off, I would accidentally wince if his hand strayed too far and he would automatically stop. As if some alarm went off telling him not to keep going. Telling him to become commander Cassian with his sweet touches and kisses locked away.

I was so ungodly frustrated. It was worse than the soreness Tomas had left behind.

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I feel like Velora is just wholly unappreciated. She sits around playing Ranger and Rogue because of her admiration for her siblings, and she has so much excitement and passion for them! And the twins adore her too and would support her in all things. I can totally see her leaving her father of dubious-arse-hole-ery and become a rogue/ranger of her own. Continuing the legacy of the Half-Elf twins and saving the world one villain at a time, making a nice amount of gold along the way. 

Can you imagine her introducing herself as “Velora Vessar, sister to Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia of Vox Machinca” and completely disregarding their father all together? Because I can and it’s awesome. 

I have a theory with elf ears, that half elves have the small, lotr-esc ears which are human put pointed; and full-blood elves have the larger, pointer ears. I imagine this also lead to Vex and Vax having their ears hidden behind their hair when they were children living in a human village, and on full-proud display when they were teenagers in Syngorn.  

But yes, Velora! WOOO!
'Grey's Anatomy' star Caterina Scorsone on Amelia's next step | EW

Surprise, surprise, Amelia Shepherd survived her brain surgery. But the question remains: What’s next?

Though the road to recovery was rough during Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) even initially fearing something went wrong — because practically everything in her life before this has! — she is cleared to go home. Though Amelia was ready to set Owen (Kevin McKidd) free, unsure of where they stand since he was clearly going to end things when he found out about her tumor, she does indeed go home with him. Are they getting back together? Or will Amelia’s potential personality changes affect that? EW turned to Scorsone to get the scoop.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When had you first heard about Amelia having a brain tumor? What was your reaction?
CATERINA SCORSONE: I heard about it from Krista Vernoff. She gave me the heads up. My reaction was like, “Oh my gosh, of course!” [Laughs] There was a giant lightbulb over my head. “Of course! Everything makes sense now!”

Do you think they had known about this tumor story line for a while and built to this?
I don’t know. I’m trying to, on purpose, stay out of that process. As the actor, I want to not know what she doesn’t know. I don’t want to take it apart too clinically. I try to keep it in a zone of what Amelia would be thinking, like, “How long has this been happening? Which parts have to do with the tumor and which are just me?” It’s very easy to use what’s going on, because Amelia would be in a state of a lot of puzzlement and deep questioning.

It does seem to answer why she’s made so many impulsive decisions over the years.
It does make sense! You’ve been with us all the way since Private Practice, and we know that Amelia has always been this wacky, wild woman, but she hasn’t been erratic in this way until recently. She was the life of the party, but again, she was working a program, she was very sober, and she worked with a sponsor, and she worked her steps. The kind of behavior that was happening in the last season or two was not sober behavior. Something was off. Yeah, if you’ve been with Amelia since the beginning, you can see that she’s wacky, but she’s got a warmth to her. She has a consistency and a coherence in her values that suddenly was going all over the place. She would say that she wanted one thing and then do exactly the opposite — she proposed and then ran away from the marriage as though it hadn’t been her idea in the first place. There was weird stuff going on and it wasn’t consistent with Amelia’s personality, and it wasn’t consistent with Amelia’s values. So suddenly everything does seem to make a lot more sense knowing that there was an external cause of some of this.

How different is this Amelia? Are there noticeable changes in her personality in upcoming episodes?
We’re still working that out now. We’ve just stepped away from this huge trauma of discovering a tumor and having a major medical intervention, so there’s the personality changes of just going along with having endured a trauma like that and having changed because you faced something so extreme and so scary and gotten through it. Up until this point, Amelia’s mostly faced the mortality of all of the people that she loved — other people whose lives she had no control over. In this situation, it’s her own mortality that she’s facing. Perhaps for her, it’s a big moment in terms of having a different relationship with her ideas about life and death. But that said, the core of her is still her. She’s not going to become a different person. It’s not that they removed functioning parts of her brain. They removed a benign tumor and made room for her to not be affected by all of this crazy chemical interference. It’s more about restoring what is really Amelia and removing what is artificial, rather than some vast personality change. She’s not going to wake up and not like the books, shows, and people that she liked. She’ll still be Amelia, she’ll just be tumor-free.

Could this be a new beginning for Amelia and Owen? Is it almost like starting over for them?
I think it potentially could be. Basically, we’re pressing the reset button on that relationship. She has given him the opportunity to step away, and they’re trying to figure out what was real and what wasn’t. As time goes on, and the initial fear and trauma falls away and her physical recovery improves, they’re going to have an opportunity to really look at each other and see what was there, what is there, and what should be there in the future.

Will we then see Amelia bonding with Megan [Abigail Spencer]?
You haven’t seen the standalone episode, right? It is a big one. The standalone episode is episode 5. We will see Amelia and Megan’s relationship unfold a little further in the next episode. Megan and Owen will have some interaction about the relationship. It will be further explored in the next one.

Is that why we’re seeing this flashback to Megan’s abduction? Is Amelia getting the full story?
It’s more of an event having to do with the story about Megan and Owen. Amelia’s in it and there is discussion of the relationship, but that episode really focuses on their early relationship and their life together before we met Owen.

How will this change her dynamic with her sisters? She even mentioned Meredith always thought she was crazy, so what does that dynamic look like moving forward?
I don’t know! I’m really hopeful for them. At the core, Amelia loves Meredith so much and she loves Derek, and Derek was everything to her. Meredith has always been this connection to Derek, and she wants to be family with Meredith, she wants to be close to her, she moved all the way from Los Angeles to help her take care of the kids, so she wants to have this closeness. For one reason or another, she’s never been able to have that with Meredith, so hopefully this will, in some ways, soften Meredith’s feelings about Amelia. Maybe moving forward they have more of a shot of really being the sisters that Amelia so badly wants to be.

How does this change her drive at work? Will she struggle at all in her recovery?
She’s definitely going to be nervous about what her capacity is going to be after the surgery. For anyone who goes through something like that, obviously, the fear of cognitive effects would be huge, especially for someone who is actually a neurosurgeon and has seen all kinds of things go right and go wrong. So I definitely think that’s going to be on the front of her mind as she gets back into her scrubs and goes back to work.

Is it fun for you to rediscover this character?
Yes, the big balance is just going to be figuring out what was affected, when it started being affected, and which parts were altered or changed by the surgery. Also, in a more subtle layer on top of that, which parts were altered and changed by her experience, which has nothing to do with the tumor, it has to do with a person who encountered new information, new challenges, and gained new perspective in life, and how that’s changed her. Both of those factors could have implications for how she moves forward in life. Again, we just don’t know where one ends and the other begins.

As she’s discovering all of this, is there a constant for her, someone who can help her get re-centered as she’s figuring it all out?
That’s one of the blessings of a big event in people’s lives: People rally. She really has seen a lot of support from everybody. All of the doctors in the hospital show up for her and are there to support her. She definitely looks to Owen for comfort and support, he’s definitely still a huge figure in her world, and her sisters. Underneath that, she really has an opportunity to see how all the doctors of the hospital are there for her, and it really is a family in a more palpable way than she’s really experienced before. So that’s nice.

anonymous asked:

Yuri's reaction to mari getting engaged to a younger girl(younger only by a few years) and she is complete opposite of mari (happy-go-lucky,loud, and affectionate etc.)??

  • he’s happy for his sister getting engaged to someone so outgoing and affectionate. he sees her as the kind of person who’ll always be able to cheer Mari up, support her, etc.
  • jokes about how different the two are, but they make a nice match
  • the Gay™ Katsuki Siblings
  • pretty much the same as here, tbh
Red Velvet As Your Older Sister

Seulgi would be a really sweet sister. She’d be really protective and would only want the best for you. She’d love joking around with you and playing games, she would probably do anything for you if you asked her. I think she’d love going on café dates with you, spending relaxed days together when she wasn’t busy with work.

Irene would be so nice and supportive of you, whatever you do. If you had problems with anything Irene would be there to help you out, she would be there whenever you need her. I think she would feel like a second mom to you.

Wendy would be the cool sister, the one who takes you on random trips and makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. She’d do anything to see you happy, and the two of you would have so much fun wherever you went.


Yeri would love going out with you. I don’t think she’d care where you two were going, it would be fun either way. She would take you shopping or just out for lunch and you’d be smiling all day, cracking jokes and talking about anything.


Joy would love going places with you. She would feel like she could share anything with you and would want to do exactly that. You two would have regular trips to karaoke rooms, going out dancing together or having weekly or monthly movie nights.

As a guy, nothing satisfies me more than being wanted by the opposite sex and in control of the opposite sex.

****************** Note that whatever written below is fiction********************

The smell of her body flooded my nose as i slowly open my eyes. Stroking her hair, I looked at her, remembering the awesome sex we had last night. As a couple, love making is common to us. However, I wanted more. My gf and I were in our Uni second year and the first year of uni involves courting, flirting, attached and of course fucking.

When you are attached, you do not just get attach to the girl. You get attach to her life and that means her groups of friends, sisters, BFFs, etc. And among them was a girl (as always there is that one girl), that caught my eye and lets call her A. A is hyper, bubbly, cheerful, full of energy and most importantly, flirtatious (or so I find it). 

Whenever I see A, she dresses to kill and today is no exception. Clad in a tight white crop top and a black hot pants, I could not help but steal glances at her. The white crop top wrapped around her boobs so nicely showing the outline of her white bra supporting her 36B cup and that black hot pants which show off her perky ass with a little hint of her butt cheek is definitely enough to send blood down south. Of course, she had on outside a black caridgan but sometimes her movement could let you peep at that perky ass cheek which makes me wanna squeeze it so much.

Today, we are going to catch some movie on a weekend and the crowd leading to the blockbuster is horrifying (maybe rewarding?). My gf is chatting with an equally animated A while walking by my side with A on her other side. However, when we enter the small lift, I went in first followed by my gf and then A back facing me standing just infront of me. THe lift is so small with so many people trying to go to the cinema, A starts to back up and eventually press her perky ass on me. 

That animating talking is making her ass shaking on my quickly hardening cock and it is pushing against my pants. A starts to push her hair all to one side and I swear I see her glance at me while her ass is still pushing against my hard on. The elevator trip could not have been shorter as we reach the floor and people start filing out. 

Fast forward to the end of the blockbuster movie which my mind is totally not on, and toilet visit is a must (always urgent after movie from popcorn and drinks!!!). As a guy, can chop chop finish and when I walked out the toilet to the “common waiting area”, i see A walked towards me.

Me:“ Eh why you so fast?”

A:“Never go la. So crowded. Also not urgent. But your dear very urgent no choice hehe”

A stand so close to me that her smell flooded my nose and blood start to flood down south again. A push her hair one side again and whisper,

A:“ eh eh just now in naughty ah you…hehehe”
My mind start racing and blood start to flow back up already and I was saved by my gf walking out from the toilet towards us. After movies come dinner and after dinner come shopping (as usual with girls) and the day ended with A hopping onto Uber and us going back to my home for sexy time. All i can think of is A’s sexy body and how much I want to bang her while fucking my gf.

Weekend passed by uneventful and comes monday when I received a telegram from A.

A: Hello <3
Me: Wa heartshape ok anot.
A: Hehe of course la…so you fuck J on weekend shiok anot?
Me: Wa private de leh
A: Aiya fuck only you want come lunch with me? J got class whole day cannot accompany me leh.
Me: Erh where?

And a place is settled somewhere in school and A was dressed in another crop top and hot pants. Blood start to rush down south again and I had to shift my pants slightly before the pain render me unable to walk. Eating, talking, alittle texting of my gf and one hour passed so quickly. The crowd lessen and she ask if I would like to study together. As a uni student, studying is always happening and searching around the nearest part of the school render us seatless. She suggest going back to her hall which I agreed without a second thought as the final exam flashed across my mind and make my stomach quiver. 

Reaching her hall and into her room (my gf is her roomie also), i automatically went to the “all-too-familiar-my-gf” desk and settled in, ready to cheong through the countless of missed lectures (due to fucking my gf of course). Just after one lecture (omg so boring), A tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around with my eyes opened wider than normal (lucky never drop out).

A was standing there wearing a tshirt that ends at her mid thigh wiht her hair tied up in ponytail. I cant help it but scanned her up and down before she giggle and hitting my arm again to snap me back to earth. 

A:“Wei…i shy la…”

Little head take over control after brain got killed by the lecture and I moved my hand to her waist and start stroking her lower back, pulling her closer to me. She stepped closer looking down at me with a shy look while i make her sit on my lap and started french kissing her. I slipped my hand up her smooth milky inner thigh without breaking the kiss. I start to feel wet and bare skin and realized that she went commando all these while. 

My manly instinct kicked in and I know I need to own her. And today is that day. I pull out my hand and break the kiss.

Me:“Kneel down now”

True to her nature, she kneel infront of me while i stand up infront of her. My hard buldge directly infront of her as i ordered her to take it out. She reach out with her hand while looking at me and unbuckle my belt and pants before pulling it down together with my underwear. My hard cock pop out rock solid right infront of her and her eyes open wide. I hold onto her ponytail and pull herd head towards my cock as she start to suck it and bob her head up and down my cock. Her mouth sends waves of electricity coursing through my body with her tongue flicking at my cock head. 

Grabbing her ponytail tighter, feeling the control, the power, satisfies me. I start to hold her head in place and face fuck her with occasional gagging. 

Me: “Look at me!”

She obediently flicked her eyes up at me as my face fucking continues. That amount of obedience is sending me to the next level as my precum flow out and into her mouth. I pull out my cock and pull off her shirt unboxing my latest toy. The time has come to make her submit fully to me. I pull her up and throw her on the bed as i hungrily suck on her nipple and rubbing her clit. This sends waves of pleasure through her body and her sweet moan fills the room. I twirl my tongue around her nipple and sucking at the same time. I can feel her hands carressing my hair and hear the sweet moan escape her mouth time and time again. 

I looked up at her and the sight of her horny face make my cock throb. I start to lick down her tummy and to her pussy as I start to flick my tonguue. Her moan grow louder and she grap her bed sheets and start calling out for more. Her juice, the wetness, tells me how much she wants me to play with her is turning me on so much. I grab her ass and pull her towards the edge of the bed as i rub my cock outside her wet hole and push it in.

She moan louder as I start to fuck her. Grabbing her boobs and kneading them in my arms as i pump my cock in her. I need more control of this wild toy and I grab both of her hand and hold it on top of her head as i pump my cock in deep and making her boobs bounce to every thrust. I feel her pussy tighten and knew that I had brought her to orgasm as she gripped the bedsheet tight in her hands.

Me: “Doggy”

My next order was met with her going on her fours and perking her ass up. I grab that perky ass and spank it a few times while rubbing my cock outside her pussy. 

Me:“Show me how much you want my cock..put it in yourself”

Doing as ordered, she reach for my cock between her legs and push it in her pussy. I start to pump when my cock head go in, going in deeper with every thrust until i am balls deep. I start to fuck her hard and rough while puling her ponytail. The control of my toy in doggy position is the greatest and my personl favourite. I start to pump harder and the sound of us fucking fill the room. I spank her ass while pulling her hair that make her moan for more. 

I pull her hands back and pull till her body lean on me as i lick and kiss her ear with my cock pumping in her. I let her go again as she drop on the bed. I grab her hair and fuck more as I feel her pussy tighten and another orgasm. I pull out my cock and barked my next order.

Me:“ Ride me”

I sit on the bed and she climbed on top of me with her boobs hanging on my head and start to sit down on my cock. We french kiss while she bounce hard on my cock and my hand squeezing her ass. However, the past 2 orgasm make her leg weak and she can just do so much which is not satisfying enough. I push her back down on the bed and start to pump her with her legs on my shoulder. This time i can feel it building up in my balls.

After a few pumps, I pull it out her tight pussy and put at her face. Without any command, she start to suck hard on my cock, bobbing her head up and down while carressing my balls. This brings me to point of no return as i grab her hair and push her head down on my cock and cum hard inside her mouth. To my surprise and satisfaction, she swallowed my cum without letting any drip down before proceeding to clean my cock like a good little girl.

Sign off, Playdude897
First time writing such stuffs and hope you guys and girls enjoyed it. Do leave commend and like to help me further better my writing!
Girls that would like to be under my control can also contact me via wechat playdude897.

But Sirius and Remus adopting a daughter

• Coincidentally she had brown hair like Remus and grey eyes like Sirius.

• Voldemort never killed James and Lily so James was obviously her godfather and spoilt her rotten (even if Sirius and Remus already did)

• Her getting frustrated when she called for her dad and both of her fathers answered her.

• Her, of course, being a witch and getting sorted into Gryffindor making Sirius cry when he heard about it (a fact he would always deny when asked)

• Her breaking her dad’s record of the fastest detention ever received for pushing Harry onto the Black Lake on the boat ride. A fact that she was very proud of.

• Her actually being the best of friends with Draco Malfoy much to her parent’s dismay and even hanging out together on free periods.

• Her always calling Lockheart out and impressing Draco for being the only female to not fall for his charms.

• Her kicking Harry on the shin every time he blamed himself for the petrifications.

• Her being a proud feminist and became a beater for the Quidditch team on her second year only to prove to those bulky boys that she could and smiling fake-sweetly at all of them when she absolutely pulverised them. Draco laughing at her smugness.

• Her treating Harry like a brother and constantly telling him to ‘Stop being an angsty little shit’ much to her and his parents’ amusement.

• Her constantly getting into fights with Pansy Parkinson, breaking her nose one time on third year when she called Hermione a mudblood. Receiving a howler from her fathers the next day (‘THAT’S MY GIRL I’M SO PROUD OF YOU, BUMMER THAT IT WAS ONLY HER NOSE!’ while Remus could be heard in the back going ‘Sirius-no, that’s not what we’re supposed to tell her’ but being secretly proud anyways).

• Her developing a crush on Draco because they weren’t actually relatives and kissing him under the Mistletoe just before leaving for home on Christmas and never telling a soul.

• Going to the Yule Ball with Fred Weasley because how did Malfoy dare to take Parkinson making four very overprotective males terrorise the life out of him.

• Her going to her Aunt Lily for boy advise, Lily obviously realising she was talking about Draco and hiding a grin behind her hand because she had known all along.

• Her going to Harry when she had her first heartbreak and he only caressing her hair telling her it would all be okay and vowing to murder the bastard that made his sister cry.

• Her becoming Fred’s girlfriend making Draco give her the cold shoulder and call her a blood-traitor.

• Lily realising how familiar all this was and dropping subtle hints that holding grudges was never good.

• Her treating Tonks as an older sister and going for advise on her sex life with Fred not wanting to send her fathers or godfather into an early death.

• Remus and Sirius being worried sick when she went to the Department of Mysteries and her crying hysterically when she pushed Sirius so hard that he just barely missed the killing curse aimed at him from Bellatrix.

• Draco cornering her after the Battle at the Ministry and telling her how could she have been so stupid before taking her head between his hands and sharing their second kiss.

• Her running to James and Lily’s after a particularly bad spat between her and her fathers concerning Draco and James guilting her into returning home telling her stories about how much it took for Sirius and Remus to be able to adopt her, and all the books they read to be prepared to raise a child.

• Her breaking up with Fred thinking they were better off as friends. Sirius groaning because he just knew that little ferret was going to enter the picture again.

• Her grabbing Draco from his shirt collar kissing him roughly after they fought over him being a Death Eater and the kiss tasting salty because of their tears. That was how they shared their third kiss.

• Her crying all night after Dumbledore’s death, not because of him specifically but because now Draco was gone forever and she knew that.

• Sirius and Remus not knowing what to do seeing how she had become a shell of herself muttering Draco’s name in her sleep.

• Her going on the run with Harry, Hermione and Ron. Her fathers listening to the radio every night praying to not hear they had found her dead somewhere.

• Her comforting Hermione when Ron left and crying on Harry’s shoulder when it was too much for her.

• Her being trapped in Malfoy Manor and Draco helping them all break out kissing her for the fourth time and saying those three magic words for the first time, promising a life together when all this was over.

• Her hugging her fathers, Aunt James and Aunt Lily when going back to Hogwarts for the final battle making them promise to be careful.

• Her crying a river after Fred, Parvati, Lavender, Tonks and Denis amongst others were killed.

• Her feeling her heart break when she saw Harry’s limp body being carried by Hagrid and running to Draco to stop him from going over to Voldemort, tackling him effectively. Harry chose that moment to open his eyes.

• Her fighting side by side with Draco but being hit with a horrible curse falling into Draco’s arms who promised to kill her if she dared die on his arms.

• Harry defeating Voldemort and running to his sister in everything but blood with everyone else on tow as Madame Pomfrey managed to stabilise her. That was the first time anyone saw Draco cry publicly and Remus and Sirius finally realised how much he actually loved their daughter.

• Her returning to consciousness just to find Draco apologising and telling her that he’d understand if she never wanted to see him again. Her silencing him with the fifth of their many kisses to come.

• Draco being accepted into the family and nervously asking Remus and Sirius for their daughter’s hand, to which Sirius decided to make him sweat a little before smiling and giving him consent threatening to kill him if he ever hurt her again.

• Her and Draco marrying with Harry as best man and Hermione as maid of honour, Remus and Sirius both giving her away each holding one of her arms trying and failing to not cry. Her refusing to give up her last names much to Draco’s amusement.

• Her making Sirius and Narcissa speak again and them finally accepting each other as cousins, happy to have a close relationship with someone from their insane family.

• Her giving birth to Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy-Black-Lupin making the three main men of her life the happiest men alive. And of course Harry was godfather.

• Sirius smiling so hard Remus thought his cheeks were going to rip apart when little Scorpius’ first word was ‘pa’foo’.

• And Draco being in the loving, caring, accepting family he needed. And having that one girl that stopped him from making the same mistake again.

• And Harry having a sister that was blunt with him and made him stop moping and get over himself. And of course naming her godmother of James Sirius Potter-Weasley.

• And Hermione having another girl there for her, to support her when a male brain just couldn’t understand her.

• And Ron adoring her like a sister because she was direct unlike most girls and he didn’t have to try and decode her.

• And James and Lily living to see Harry grow up and give him a nice life and being happy with their friends and having practically another child but with the last name Black-Lupin.

• Basically Remus and Sirius having the happy lives they deserved with a daughter that gave them many grey hairs but they loved her anyways.

anonymous asked:

Episode 4 of LLS Season focuses on Dia! Your thoughts?

Hmm Dia? To be honest I hope that it is an episode that really focuses on her, instead of it always being part of Kurosawa Sisters. We have the goofy side, the timid pigia side, the supporting side and the serious side of her. I can’t wait to see what this episode brings! 

On a side note, i really hope they don’t mess it up and end up being a sister episode ._. 

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write a fic about Alex failing at something important? I've been failing at literally everything these past months (mostly school) and now everyone looks down on me like I'm some lost cause. It'd just be nice to see the same situation play out differently. Alex has people who'd still support her even if she screwed up.That'd be nice to read. But I know you're busy and there are a lot more fun prompts to write, so it's okay if you don't do this one. thanks for everything anyway :)

Her baby sister needs her.

Her baby sister needs her, needs her to synthesize an antidote to the venom Cadmus pumped into her veins, the venom that sent her crashing out of the sky, that nearly broke her back in the fall, that left her unable to breathe without a respirator and that left her vital signs falling, falling, falling.

Her baby sister needs her, and she’s working as fast as she can, she’s drawing on everything she every learned in school, on the job, in the field, pouring over her mother’s dissertation drafts in the middle of the night as a teenager. She’s drawing on everything she has, and Kara is still dying.

She’s still dying, she’s still fading, and Alex’s hands are shaking, and she’s snapping at Winn, and she’s yelling at Maggie, and she’s glowering at J’onn when he takes her gently by the shoulders and reminds her that Supergirl needs Dr. Danvers right now, not her sister, and she’s failing, failing, failing.

Kara’s going to die, and it’s going to be her fault, her fault, her fault.

“You can do this, Alex, you just need to breathe,” Maggie’s reminding her, and then she’s leaving the lab with a steely, hurt look in her eyes because Alex doesn’t need to be reminded to breathe, my sister can’t breathe, she can’t breathe and I can’t figure it out, I can’t get this to work, I can’t do it, I’m out of ideas, and she’s going to die, so I can’t just relax and breathe, don’t you understand that?

But Maggie comes back a half hour later, and her hair is wind swept because she’s been running, running, running.

“Alex,” she says, and Alex doesn’t turn around because Alex is trying something else, another chemical combination, that is sure to fail, fail, fail.

“Kara just needs to breathe.”

There’s something in Maggie’s tone that makes her look up, that makes her stop, that makes her hope.

Maggie slips over to Kara’s bed, container of gas in hand, and she floods it into Kara’s oxygen mask.

Within moments, Kara coughs and Kara sits up and Kara, Kara, Kara, Kara is going to be just fine.

She doesn’t hear Maggie’s explanation about how their fight about breathing made her think of Kryptonian atmospheric conditions, doesn’t hear Maggie’s explanation about leeching out poison through the lungs, doesn’t hear any of it because she should have come up with it, she should have known, she should have thought of something so obvious, and she failed, she failed, she failed.

She failed and her sister almost died.

She’s home with a fresh bottle of bourbon that night, home and quarter way through the bottle when there’s a knock at her door.

“Alex, babe, come on, I know you’re home.” Maggie’s voice.

She responds by taking another drink.

“Agent Danvers, you realize I can just phase through this door, don’t you?”

She furrows her brow, because what the hell is J’onn doing here?

“Alex, come on, we brought pizza.” James.

“Yeah, at great risk to our health and well-being, since you’re probably in one of those moods where you’ll threaten me with your index finger. Again.” Winn.

Her window rattles and Kara is flying from her living room to her front door, opening it for the others before Alex can even stand up.

Alex,” Maggie is in the door first, concern and love, love, just unfiltered love, written all over her face. She rushes across the room, kneels in front of her girlfriend, pries the bottle gently from Alex’s fingers, kisses the tears gently from her face, until Alex pulls back, until Alex stands up, until Alex shifts away, away, reaching again for her bottle, for her comfort, for her solace, because she failed, failed, failed.

And she doesn’t deserve the compassion on these people’s faces, she doesn’t deserve the love in their eyes or the pizza in their hands or the openness of their stances.

Them. She just doesn’t deserve them.

“I yelled at you,” she tells Maggie, her voice ragged with worthlessness and her voice ragged with liquor. “I yelled at you, you’re my girlfriend and I yelled at you, and you’re over here trying to make me feel better? And Winn, I snapped at you, and J’onn, I threatened your agents when I found out who was with Kara when she got shot, and James, James, god, I completely ignored you, Kara’s your best friend and you were terrified and I was so selfish, and Kara, if Maggie hadn’t had her brain on right I would have killed you, you would have died, and it would have been my fault, I failed you, Kara, so just leave me alone, all of you, please, because I – “

But Kara’s arms are wrapped around her body and Alex is tense and Alex is resisting but Kara is stronger and Kara knows and she waits and she waits and she’s right, because Alex breaks, breaks, and lets herself collapse into Kara’s arms, grabbing desperately at her like she’ll fade away if Alex lets go even for a moment, even for an instant. Kara pulls her gently back to the couch, and Maggie sits on her other side, and Winn kneels in front of her with one hand over his mouth and his other on James’s knee next to him, and J’onn stands back and hugs himself with his arms across his chest because his little girl is in pain and all he wants is to let her feel what he does, let her believe in herself like he believes in her, because that is what she deserves.

“Alex, the stuff Maggie gave Kara wouldn’t have worked if your antidotes didn’t keep her alive as long as they did. You helped, Alex, you did.”

“But I didn’t bring her back, Winn, I was so stupid, I couldn’t see what was right in front of me, I couldn’t figure it out – “

“Al, that’s why you have people. That’s why you have a team, that’s why you have me. You don’t have to save everyone alone, Alex, you… look around you, babe. All these people, your friends – well, your family, really, right? – they all love you, Alex, even when – especially when – you can’t do something on your own. That’s what we’re for. That’s what people who love you are for.”

Kara is beaming at Maggie and James and Winn are exchanging grins and J’onn has never found his feet quite so interesting to stare at.

Alex sniffs and Alex wipes her eyes with the back of her index finger and Alex turns to look Maggie full in the face.

“People who love me.”

Maggie bites her lip and takes a deep breath and Maggie nods.

“And that… includes you.”

“I’m here, aren’t I, Danvers?”

“You love me, Maggie?” Her voice is shattered and her voice is hope and her voice is redemption and her voice is the possibility of self-forgiveness and maybe, just maybe, self-love.

“Yeah, Alex. Yeah, I do.”

Kara barely suppresses an awwwwww and James and Winn hit each other’s arms and J’onn smiles at his feet.

“Even though I’m a failure.”

“You’re not a failure, babe. You’re not. You’re the farthest thing from it, babygirl. You’re perfect.”

“Maggie’s right, Alex. You’ve saved all of us before. None of us would be here without you. And even if that wasn’t true, Alex, you’re worth more than the number of saves under your belt. You’re amazing, Alex, just because you’re you. You’re my superhero. Always have been, always will be. Okay?”

Alex leans into Kara’s open arms and breathes, truly breathes, for the first time in hours, because Kara’s heartbeat is steady under hers, and she’s surrounded by the people she loves and apparently they love her too – apparently Maggie loves her too – and suddenly, she wants only one thing.

“You guys said you brought pizza, right?”

Maggie’s dimples shine and James laughs and Winn holds out the boxes of pizza with a bowed head like he’s offering riches to a queen.

And he feels like he is, because damn, it doesn’t get more fairy tale happy ending than the best pizza in National City with your family.

odesssey  asked:

laurel lance... let hell break loose

oh boi… ohhhhh BOI lets go.

Dinah Laurel Lance, where do I even begin. I’m not sure which topic I should begin with, the treatment of Laurel in the show or the treatment of Laurel outside the show, both equally as disgusting. Lets start with in the show shall we?

  • She finds out that both her boyfriend and her sister have died, whilst they were having an affair behind her back. Is at a constant battle with herself between feeling grief and feeling anger. Cheated on by her boyfriend and sister, but isn’t allowed to react because they both died, so she has to bottle up her emotions.
  • Soon after has to cope with an alcoholic father, and her mother leaving, so she has no support system any longer.
  • Finds out both her dead boyfriend and sister are actually not so dead., but once again can’t react because ‘she should be happy right?’ and ‘she should completely forget that both of them broke her heart right?’
  • Loses yet another person she loves, Tommy, and carries the weight that it was her fault.
  • Loses her sister, YET AGAIN, with the morbid event of seeing her body fall from a roof right in front of her path… Nice!
  • Channels her anger and grief into becoming the hero she believes the city need and that she can be, only to be constantly told that she ‘isn’t good enough’ and ‘is too weak’ and that she ‘isn’t her sister’ as if she doesn’t already know that. If she was her sister, maybe her boyfriend wouldn’t cheat on her hey? And what kind of a lovely concept is it to carry on your shoulders that you’ll never amount to half as much as your dead sister did.
  • Struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse, but fights to recovery, even with the constant exposure to an alcoholic father.
  • Despite being told she wasn’t good enough, continues to work towards what she wants, and decides to seek training and guidance in someone else, since her supposed friends refused to give her any chance.
  • Becomes the Black Canary, saves thousands of lives, constantly endangers herself to save her city and bring justice to those who hid from the law, plus, is also a lawyer outside of her hero alias, to continue to bring justice for her home.
  • Resurrects her sister, but is immediately judged by those who would do the exact same for their family, and who DID do the exact same for their family!

Now lets discuss her treatement outside of the show shall we!

  • Was pushed into the shadows, even though she was in fact the MAIN FEMALE LEAD OF THE FUCKING SHOW?? And all for another female character, who stole her screentime and storylines but wasn’t half as badass as her???
  • Is constantly left out of merchandise, fan edits, posters, important scenes AND MORE! Do you know who the ‘Black Canary’ is in almost EVERY line of Arrow merchandise? FUCKING SARA LANCE??? Let me tell you how fucking disgusting it is that Sara was the Black Canary in the first place, since DINAH LAUREL LANCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BLACK FUCKING CANARY IN BOTH COMICS AND TV. AND YET I SEARCHED AGES FOR THE LAUREL ACTION FIGURE BUT ONLY FOUND SARA!
  • Katie Cassidy was treated like shit by both the crew and fans. Fans sent her hate because they hated Lauriver, and because they are disgusting pieces of shit. KATIE CASSIDY IS A BEAUTIFUL PERSON AND YOU ARE ALL FUCKING DISGUSTING HUMANS. 
  • Katie loved Laurel so much, she didn’t want to leave her, and yet for no reason they kill her and put Katie out of a job! If that isn’t bad enough, they tell her she is dying right before she has to do a scene, so she can’t even react properly to the terrible news. THANKS ARROW!



Do you find it ironic that after all she has been through, she died… via being shot… by an arrow…? Okay Arrow, nice creativity there! And if that isn’t bad enough, they STILL found a way to make her death about FUCKING OLIVER AND OLICITY! “You were the love of my life but I wasn’t yours.” First of all, fuck off arrow writers, Tommy was the love of her life, Oliver treated her terribly. Second of all, fuck you.

Laurel mother fucking Lance is my hero. And they murdered her. Like every other fucking character I loved, she is dead. Her story was not over, her story was barely brought to the light, because the writers were too far up Olicity’s asshole to give any other character screentime. 


Black Canary and the Green Arrow. A couple that should go down in history. Equally as in sync in the battle field as they were at loving each other. SO BEAUTIFUL. SO REAL. AND THEY WERE RUINED BY THIS STUPID SHOW. And it’s not just because of Olicity that they were ruined, but they were ruined as soon as Oliver repeatedly told her she wasn’t good enough. No fucking way would he ever do that in the comics, he treated her like the queen she is.


SHE IS TO THIS DAY, ONE OF THE STRONGEST CHARACTERS ON TELEVISION. She inspires so many people, not only through her superhero alias but through Laurel. She overcame so much, and she was one of the strongest female characters i’ve ever known. If there is one thing I could wish for and have, it would be that she was on a show that deserved her, she was too amazing to ever be associated with such a terrible show.

….. so yeah, that’s my rant, to sum up:


send me “don’t get me started on _________” and i’ll write you a rant!

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Hi! I wondered if I could ask your opinion on whether or not Frances was actually John's child. Obviously I know we can't be sure either way, but I do wonder at it all: John almost certainly being gay does not preclude him from having had sex with a woman, but with her being a sister of his friend, already five months pregnant when they married, and the letter where he said he wed her 'out of pity for her situation', is it possible the marriage was more a mutually beneficial arrangement? (cont)

(cont) I mean, I imagine John would have felt a lot of pressure to marry and produce an heir and that as a gay man that might not be a wholesome obligation to fulfill, and for Martha, having a bastard child would have terrible repercussions. The marriage would serve both their interests in that case, and I wonder if it is mere coincidence that seems (to me) to point in this direction.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t already have this as a bit of a crack/maybe-possibly-true headcanon in the back of my mind.  You’re right, we can never really know if Frances was in fact John’s child.  All we know is that John married Martha because she was pregnant.  It is a possibility that Martha became pregnant by some other man who refused to marry her, and she turned to John for help.  This could explain why John didn’t feel much attachment to his wife or child, left before his daughter was born, and didn’t really write to his wife that often.

But in my opinion, John was likely the actual father of Frances.  One thing that really seems to support this idea is the following quote in a letter from John Laurens to his sister Martha, dated May 5, 1775:

I am annoyed that you have for so long neglected to write to Mademoiselle Manning, you should have done so right away_ she’s a very nice young lady; I have the opportunity to see her often at her Father’s, and the entire Family is very kind to me.

John Baker, a family friend of the Mannings, also noted some friendliness between John and Martha during a dinner he attended at the Manning household (unfortunately, I don’t currently have access to Baker’s diary, so I can’t give you the exact quote).  Based on these two remarks, it does appear that John was somewhat close to Martha (I don’t know if I would say that he was truly courting her, but perhaps he was at this time trying to convince himself he wasn’t gay, or he could have been planning on using Martha as a beard).  So it would make sense that John would be the one to have sex with Martha and father her child.  Additionally, John wrote the following to his uncle on the day before his marriage (John and Martha married on October 26, 1776):

I should inform you of an important change in my circumstances_ Pity has obliged me to marry_ but a consideration of the duty which I owe to my country made me choose a clandestine celebration, lest the father should insist upon my stay in this country as a condition of the marriage_ the matter has proceeded too far to be longer concealed, and I have this morning disclosed the affair to Mr. Manning in plain terms_ reserving to myself the right of fulfilling the more important engagements to my country.  It may be convenient on some accounts that the matter should be kept secret till you hear next from me, & you will oblige me by keeping it so.

The line “the matter has proceeded too far to be longer concealed” suggests that John had known about the pregnancy for a while, and it wasn’t something that was suddenly sprung upon him.

There’s also the fact that John probably didn’t want to get married.  He desperately wanted to return to America and fight in the war, and as you can see in the letter I quoted above, he was worried that Mr. Manning might make him stay in England with Martha.  So if the child hadn’t actually been John’s, I doubt that he would have risked giving up his opportunity to fight in the war, even if it meant he could help Martha and use the marriage to hide the fact that he way gay.

I definitely see where you’re coming from though, and I’d be happy to delve into this further.  It is a very interesting topic.  And if homophobic historians can apply the, “But can we really prove that they had sex/were in a relationship?” logic to queer relationships, then I’m happy to turn that back around on them.

BBRae Week Fall 2015 - Day 7 - Halloween!

The day had finally come. It was Halloween. The dead would rise and walk alongside the living, all sorts of monsters would take over the cities and villages, and mortals would appease their rage with offerings.

Or at least, that was what legends told.

Everyone chose the best costume and went out trick or treating or partying, or they would stay at home telling ghost stories or watching horror movies. Whatever activity was chosen, the outcome would always having a terrific time.

Jump City was said to be one of the United States’ capitals of entertainment. Every holiday was a big deal, and meant impressive decoration and spectacles throughout the city. People would always participate on the different activities they were offered. This meant the city’s celebrities would be in for whatever celebration was in store, too.

In this case, it was Halloween night. The Titans had organized a costume party at the tower and both the Titans East and the Honorary Titans would be attending. This year it would be a thematic party centered on geek culture, and the Titans West had filled a box with lots of papers, with character names written on them. Each hero and heroine would have to pull out one and disguise at whatever character they got. A designated person of trust (which everyone agreed that it should be Raven) would pull out Titans East’s and the Honorary Titans’ (except for Jinx and Kid Flash, who were at running distance from anywhere) costumes and send them to them. The sorceress dutifully sent all invitations along with the designated costume, but no one expected her to actually participate.

As usual, the situation had been caused by something Beast Boy said. When Robin explained the plans for the year, Raven muttered one of her trademark “oh joy”. She actually liked Halloween and she’d make brief appearances on the parties, but she’d only accept to take part on some of the traditional activities since those were the ones that “ made sense”. Also, her costumes would always be horror–themed. So when she found out that she’d have to dress as a character from whatever silly crap her male teammates enjoyed, she was beyond upset. Generally, being told what to wear at any time would have a similar outcome.

Of course, it was Beast Boy’s duty to frown upon her lack of enthusiasm.

“Oh, come on, Raven! Would it kill you to do something fun for once?”

The girl’s first instinct was to remind him that she didn’t do fun, but then something clicked in her brain. It was always him, always trying to make her do things she didn’t want to do so she wouldn’t be alone. He claimed to care about her, but he could be extremely mean if she didn’t want to participate. He had once called her creepy, and then she gave away how much that had hurt. Was he really that clueless, or was he just that much of a jerk?

Whatever the case, that time did it. The worst emotion combo there could be took over her mind. Rage wanted to teach the brat a lesson, whilst Brave wanted to prove how wrong he was. As a result, Raven silently glared at the changeling, got up, and took a paper from the box. He didn’t say a word for the rest of the meeting.

Since she wasn’t into geek culture, Raven had to look up who her character was and what the outfit described consisted of. She could have asked her friends, but one of the rules for the party was that no one was supposed to know what the others were dressing as until the day came and they saw one another, she had to investigate by herself.

What she found almost made her take back her bold actions and refuse to even step on the party.

“This is… oh Azar, I understand now why the boys like that stupid movie so much” she moaned. She really wasn’t looking forward to appear dressed like that in front of everyone, and though her mind tried to form plausible excuses for her not to attend the stupid Halloween party, she was aware that if she backed away, she’d be considered a coward.

She might not be into that kind of clothes, but her pride was a lot stronger than her modesty. Mustering up some courage, she started to work on the infamous costume.

And so, the day had finally come.

Everyone had their costumes ready, and they would now show them to the rest of the heroes. Robin happily pranced around the tower in his Speck costume from Space Treck. Like every year, he kept his mask on, which earned him some mocking comments from his friends. The Boy Wonder didn’t actually care about that, as he knew he had aced the costume. He even got some fake ears!

Beast Boy was overjoyed in his Markie McRun from Back To The Past costume. He loved the movies and the character; to the point where he had attended a recent event in which the most famous scene in the movie -when Markie arrived to the future in a time-travelling car- was represented.

When he saw Robin in his costume, he couldn’t help but snicker.

“Dude, you can’t pull out pointy ears!”

“Shut up! At least I’m not wearing a life vest”

And so, an argument about who had the most ridiculous costume ensued. Just then, Cyborg got in the room, wearing a Jon Blizzard from Game Of Crowns costume. He even got a curly black wig.

“Will you two stop? It’s obvious that you both look ridiculous next to me” he joked.

The two males were going to reply when Starfire appeared behind Cyborg.

“How do I look, friends?” she inquired, floating her way to the center of the common room.

“Wow, you definitely got the best costume, Star!” Beast Boy replied, impressed by his friend’s work.

She had to wear a genderbent costume of Lieutenant USA from The Revengers. At first, she had some reservations about wearing something that would hide her skin from the sun, but since the party would be held at night; she decided that not getting sunlight wouldn’t be a problem. She wore the complete outfit, along with the shield; but she had decided against putting on the mask, as it would grease her hair.

“Thank you, my friend” she said, smiling warmly “Your costume is most splendid, too!”

“Ha! She said MY costume is splendid, not yours Rob!” the changeling mocked his leader.

“No way, Star! I look much better than him, right?”

“Oh, quit it, you two! My costume is the absolute best!” Cyborg chimed in.

“I believe that we should see friend Raven’s costume before deciding” the alien princess tried to avoid further fights “Is she still in her room?”

“Forget it, Star. She’ll probably say she’s ill or something” Beast Boy grumbled. She always said she appreciated some alone time, and while most of the time he believed her, he actually knew better. From that time with Malchior, he knew how lonely she truly felt, and he had done everything in his power to tell her that it was okay to open up. But she wouldn’t listen.

His thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Must you always put your foot on your mouth?”

Everyone’s jaws hit the floor.

It was Raven.

In an enslaved princess Leila from Clash Of The Planets costume.

The sorceress was wearing a metallic bikini painted gold, a golden choker and some khaki boots. A very thin burgundy cloth hung loosely from the bikini panties. She even got a slave chain hanging from her choker.

“Friend Raven, you look glorious!” Starfire exclaimed, flying to her side to give her one of her typical bone-crushing hugs.

“You wouldn’t say the same if you knew how much your boyfriend’s enjoying this costume” the asphyxiated girl thought, glaring at her blushing leader and hoping he’d get the hint. Thankfully, he did, and he quickly focused on something else.

When the alien princess finally stopped her torture, Raven took a furtive glance at a certain green someone. He seemed at a loss for words, again. She mentally cheered.

Cyborg was the next to react.

“Just where do you think you’re going in that, young lady?”

Raven blinked.

“Isn’t the party held in here? I don’t need to go anywhere”

“Leave your sarcastic replies for the grass stain, Raven, I’m serious!” the half-robot exclaimed “That costume’s just indecent!”

The empath crossed her arms in a defensive manner.

“Look, you guys wanted me to participate in this stupid idea. My paper said I had to dress this way, and so I’ve done. And now you bug me because I’m taking part?”

“You weren’t supposed to get that paper!” Cyborg whined “I only put it in so one of the guys got it and we could have some laughs!”

“Well, then you shouldn’t have made an unisex box!” she retorted.

The metallic man was desperate. Sure, it was nice to see his “little sister” taking part in the thematic Halloween party, but not when she was wearing such a skimpy dress -if you could call it that- and lots of male Titans were going to be there. She’d get a lot more attention than what he considered acceptable. Looking around, he saw that Robin had followed Starfire to the kitchen to prevent her from cooking something poisonous. He only had one possible supporter.

“BB, tell her that I’m right! That costume’s just not appropriate!”

The shapeshifter didn’t seem to hear him at first. Blinking, he slowly turned to his best friend.

“I don’t know, man… It looks really good” he answered, his pointy ears turning deep red “A-and it probably took her a lot of work to get all that together, it’d be a shame if she had to throw it away”

Cyborg couldn’t believe his sensors. What in the world was happening?

Before he could form an answer, the doorbell rang. They had arrived.

Muttering something unintelligible, the man left to open the door.

All the Titans were now in the tower, wearing their costumes and having the time of their lives. As Cyborg predicted, Raven’s costume had got a lot of attention. Even though she spent most of the night sitting on the circular couch, a male Titan would always appear to try to flirt with her. She dismissed most of their attempts, making Beast Boy sigh in relief. Just when he thought that maybe he could approach her and spend some time with her, he appeared.

Aqualad a.k.a. Fish Dude.

He had got Bloodpool, the coolest comic book anti hero ever. The tight uniform showed off his lean but muscular body, making most Titan females gawk at him. He had his insufferable confident smile, and every little gesture from him screamed “smooth”.

He was Beast Boy’s friend, but that night he hated him.

Raven didn’t seem bothered by his presence at all. They seemed to be enjoying some small talk, but she was blushing slightly and shooting small smiles, which meant he was probably complimenting her in a more than elegant way. The changeling’s blood boiled. He left to the other corner of the common room, where the kitchen was.

“Cy, look at him! He’s making her laugh” he complained, sitting beside his friend “I’ve been trying to get her to laugh for years, and then that prick comes and in a few minutes he’s got her girly giggling!”

Cyborg then understood why the shapeshifter was okay with the empath’s costume, but seeing him so down, he felt unable to be mad at him.

“I know that feeling, bro” he confessed “It really sucks to see someone else taking the girl you’d die for”

The green teen sighed. He felt like leaving the party and hiding in his room for the rest of the night.

“You know, grass stain” the older hero continued “The Titans East and the Honorary Titans are really cool and all, but you’re the only guy I’d trust around my lil’ sis’”

“Yeah, she obviously thinks differently” the shapeshifter spat bitterly.

Raven couldn’t believe what was happening.

Aqualad, the hottest Titan ever, had noticed her. He was even flirting with her! The empath could barely follow the conversation, nervous as she was. Both her and Starfire had always had a crush on him, but he had never seemed interested in either heroine. But now, he was clearly focusing on her, asking her questions about magic and listening intently. He even told her a bit about himself.

“Yeah, in Atlantis we’ve got some spells for that too” he was saying “I know some Atlantean magic, I could show you someday”

Was he asking her out?

“What do you say?”

He was asking her out!

“Uh… well… I would love that, thanks” she managed to stutter, hoping he wouldn’t notice how red her face was. He smiled one of his prince Charming smiles.

“Great” he replied “Uh… Would you like to go somewhere more quiet? You know, since those two aren’t…” the Atlantean whispered, pointing at Jinx and Kid Flash, who were shamelessly making out on the other corner of the couch.

As if on cue, the pair left. Raven picked some frustration from Aqualad. Then they saw Robin and Starfire leaving, too, and she detected the same longing from the pair as from her partner. She felt apprehension, as she understood why he wanted to be alone with her. Was he only interested in her because of her looks?

Before she could answer, Speedy made the music stop. He had been teased about his elven princess costume, but he wore it with dignity.

“Everyone, listen up! We’re not doing anything Halloween-related, and it’s a shame!” he announced. All the Titans in the common room were silently listening to him “How about we play a horror game?”

The heroes started to talk at once. Aqualad saw his opportunity to impress Raven.

“I know! Today the spirits are supposed to come to the world of the living. I say we try Charlie Charlie!”

Most of the people in the room seemed to agree. Raven just stared at the young man, dumbfounded.

“You can’t be serious”

“Come on, Raven, don’t tell me you’re scared of a stupid game” he laughed, while Speedy gathered the material required to play.

“It’s not that!” she rebutted “You have no idea what you’re suggesting, that’s not even the game’s real name!”

“Hey, it’s okay to be afraid of the supernatural” he joked “But as I told you, I’m used to it. It doesn’t scare me. Just play with me, I can assure you that nothing bad will happen to you”

“Do you even listen?” she gritted her teeth. Seeing that no one was listening to her warnings and the only other person with enough knowledge about the supernatural was who knows where doing who knows what with her speedster boyfriend, she decided to leave the heroes with their stupidity.

Aqualad didn’t even try to follow her, as he was too invested in conversation with Argent, whose comic book heroine costume was no less revealing than hers. She felt like a complete idiot.


The empath turned to see Beast Boy. He looked worried.

“Don’t you want to play with them?” she bitterly said.

The changeling shook his head.

“You told Fish-dude they shouldn’t play”

Raven sighed.

“He’s an idiot. He just wanted to impress me and have his way with me” her head fell “But I was a bigger idiot for thinking he was genuinely interested in me”

The empath felt a hand caressing her cheek and lifting up her head softly.

“He’s the biggest idiot” he told her with a confidence she had never seen before “He just saw your looks, and he didn’t even bother trying to get to know you. He doesn’t deserve someone like you”

Raven couldn’t help but blush at Beast Boy’s comment. He also felt that his words were genuine.

He could be so sweet sometimes…

“Thank you” she replied, smiling softly and making his heart skip one beat.

“No problem, Rae” he sighed “Anyway, why is that game so bad?”

“Ignorants like Aqualad think that it’s a new game someone made up on the internet” she explained “But the truth is that it’s much older. It comes from Latin America and it was traditionally played by young women, in order to find answers about their future love life”

“It doesn’t sound too bad” the changeling admitted.

“It is that bad. You are summoning spiritual entities in order to ask the questions. It’s not a small deal; if you do anything disrespectful or wrong, something really bad could happen to you” the sorceress cleared out “The supernatural isn’t something people should mess with”

Beast Boy nodded in understanding. Then, a wicked idea crossed his mind. He grinned and put a hand on Raven’s shoulder.

“I know what to do! We’ll teach Fish-dude a lesson!”

Many Titans had gathered around Aqualad, whom they had name Ceremony Master. He was sitting on the floor with Argent’s head on his shoulder. In front of him lay a piece of paper and two pencils forming a cross. On the paper there were written the words “yes” and “no” twice.

“Are you there, Charlie?” he asked. “Will you let us play?”

Suddenly, the upper pencil slowly moved towards the “yes” sign. Everyone in the room gasped.

“Okay, now make your questions, one by one”

“Why don’t you start?” Speedy requested, looking a bit uneasy.

“Okay, since you’re chicken shit” the Atlantean smugly replied.

“I’m not!”

“You’re so!”

“Why don’t you just ask the spirit?”

“Fine!” Aqualad spat “Is Speedy a total chicken?”

The pencil moved towards “no”. The redhead snickered.

“See? I was right!”

“Well, why don’t you ask something now, since you’re so smart?” Aqualad growled.

“Okay, Charlie” Speedy nervously managed to say “So… are you a friendly spirit?”

Everybody in the room audibly gulped when the pencil moved towards “no”. Argent tightened her grip on Aqualad.

“Do something!” she pleaded “That spirit’s pissed!”

“I… don’t know…” the Atlantean stammered.

The heroine was visibly scared, like everyone else in the room. Since the guy she was holding onto had no idea what to do, she decided to speak up.

“Are you… are you going to hurt us?”

The pencil pointed at “yes”. Then, a shadowy apparition came out of nowhere, screeching like a banshee. It had red eyes and jet black tendrils, and it was reaching out to trap the heroes.

None of them had run faster or screamed louder in their whole lives. In less than one second, the room was empty.

The apparition turned into a laughing Raven. A tiny green ant emerged from under the pencils, and turned into Beast Boy. He was bending from laughter.

“Dude, did you see their faces? They’re not coming back in years” he managed to say between fits of laughter.

Raven sighed, finally able to stop.

“Do you think Robin will get mad at us?”

“Nah, he’s too busy making out with Star somewhere” the changeling replied.

“What about Cyborg? He wasn’t even playing”

“Well, just a moment before you left, Bumblebee came and… well, they’ve disappeared together”

Raven sighed, smiling softly. At least the Titans West wouldn’t find out about their little prank.

“Hey, Raven?”

The sorceress turned to the shapeshifter. He had one fist up, pointing at her and waiting. Feeling a smile forming on her face, she brought out her own fist and made it collide with his.

The pair spent the rest of the party together, laughing at the heroes who came back after realizing no evil spirit was chasing them and exchanging sly grins when the three disappeared couples finally came back.

Once the party was over and everyone went back home, the Titans West cleaned the tower from the remnants of the event. When they were done, it was really late, so they all left to sleep, except for two people.

“You know” Raven said “I’ve had quite a nice day. Thanks”

“Me too, Rae” Beast Boy replied, beaming brightly. This time, she didn’t bother to correct him, as her mind was occupied with something else.

“I’m really disappointed about Aqualad, I thought he was more mature than that” she grumbled.

Before he knew what he was doing, the changeling was holding the empath’s hands.

“Don’t be! I told you, he doesn’t deserve you!”

“He’s a prick, on that I agree” she conceded “But it’s not like I could do any better. He was only interested in me because I’m wearing this” she motioned her revealing costume “Many of the Honorary Titans tried to flirt with me today, but all of them wanted the same. I misread him, I thought he was different… but in the end it was all the same” she finished sadly.

“That’s not true!” Beast Boy insisted “True, you look really hot on that” at this point Raven’s eyes widened, but the changeling felt that he should keep speaking “But there’s so much more to you! I know it, I’ve seen it, I…”

The shapeshifter was suddenly hushed by one of the sorceress’ thin fingers, that she placed on his lips. The smile she was displaying was the biggest and brightest he had ever seen.

“You don’t need to say anything” she whispered “I’m already hearing it from your heart”

Raven then removed her finger from Beast Boy’s lips, only to replace it by her own. The changeling nearly melted into the kiss.

It had, indeed, been the best Halloween ever for both.

Lobster Romance

Like many of you, I am not satisfied with the ending of the trailer scene in episode 12x15, so I’ve decided to make my own trailer scene for that episode. Here is what would’ve happened had Owen not been drunk during that scene. Enjoy!! :)

This is from Owen’s POV

It is only 6 pm, and I am already pacing up and down in my trailer. I have already prepared the butter, sauce and drinks ( sparkling water) and now I am just waiting for Amelia to come over with the lobsters. She had promised to bring some fresh lobsters over tonight for dinner.

Amelia is the only person I invited because first- the trailer isn’t big- and is already crammed enough as it is for two people, and second- because I wanted this occasion to be just about the two of us. We have both just agreed to start over, so this is our way of starting over. So far, it has been going well- our pizza date two weeks ago went well, more than well actually, she was enthralled by the puppies in the hospital last week, and now tonight, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another perfect date. I just can’t wait to spend some time with her tonight.

She is like a breath of fresh air to me, she keeps me sane and cheers me up whenever I have a hard day at work. I regret trying to avoid her during the time I was having my PTSD flares when Riggs suddenly appeared in the hospital. She was hurt and unfortunately turned back to drinking. I blame it on myself, I shouldn’t have shut her out that time. I didn’t mean to, I just didn’t want to trouble her with my problems, you see. However, I finally decided to open up to her and tell her about my sister. She was very supportive of it, which makes me love her even more.

Now that we are starting over, I am learning something new about her daily. I now learn that she loves pizza and seafood, she wears nice boots to work ( although she might forget to wear one side occasionally), and she loves puppies.

Speaking of Amelia, there is a knock on the trailer door, waking me up from my daydream about her.

’ Hey Owen’ I hear her melodious voice calling out from outside. I quickly adjust my shirt and run my hand through my hair. It’s weird how I have been on several dates with her, have held her hand, hugged her, kissed her and even had sex with her before, and yet I still feel nervous whenever I am having a date with her. I have butterflies in my stomach in anticipation.

’ Owen’ she calls again. ’ Are you going to let me in? I have this huge box of squirmy lobsters in my hands.’

I chuckle to myself. I really love her sense of humor sometimes.

I open the door, and there she is , standing in front of the trailer door , wearing her favorite leather jacket and jeans. I love her in that outfit. In her hands, she is carrying a huge box labelled as ’ Fresh seafood.’

Our eyes meet, and she grins at me, her dimple showing. My heart skips a beat whenever I see her, even though I see her daily at work.

’ Am I late?’ she asks.

’ No, no’ I say, letting her into the trailer, and taking the box from her, putting in on the kitchen counter. ’ I’m waiting for you- It’s just the two of us tonight.’

She grins again at my last sentence, as if pleasantly surprised by that.

’ Just the two of us?’ she confirms.

’ Yes.’ I affirm. ’ Just the two of us. I want to make this date extra special. Because you are special to me.’

Her face blushes, but she leans forward and places her hands on my chest.

’ You are extra special to me too.’ she says, as she places her head on my chest, and I wrap an arm around her.

Suddenly her tummy growls and she pulls apart from me.

’ My stomach is grumbling. ’ she says giggling… “ Let’s get started on the cooking, shall we?’


A few moments later, we are throwing the lobsters into the boiling water.

’ Ouch!’ Amelia jumps as a bit of the boiling water contacts her hand while she is throwing one of the lobsters into the pot.

She quickly proceeds to rinse her hand under the cold tap water.

’ It still hurts a little’ she says after she switches off the water.

’ Come here, I know how to make it better’ I say.

’ How?’ she challenges me.

” Come, give me your hand.’

She holds out her hand to me immediately.

I gently take her hand in mine and examine it. There is no burn mark there, just slight redness, so it should be ok. I then lift up her hand towards me and gently kiss it on the place where there is redness.

‘There you go, it should be better now’ I wink at her. ’ You just need to apply some SSD cream later’.

“ Thank you Owen, I feel better now’ she giggles.


An hour later- we are both hard at work cracking open the lobsters.

’ Man, I didn’t know this is such hard work!’ Amelia exclaims as she tries to twist off the lobster’s claws.

’ Here, let me help you’ I say, as I twist the claw off effortlessly.

She looks at me in awe, and I feel my heart flutter.

’ Wow, I didn’t know you could do that!’ she says in wonder. ’ This is just another item in the list of amazing things you can do! ’

I don’t know if she is trying to flatter me or what- but I feel my face reddening.

’ It just comes from plenty of practice. I used to eat lobsters a lot with my family when I was a kid. Megan loved them too.’ I say, my voice fading at the mention of Megan. ’ Actually, this is the reason why I invited only you over tonight. Eating lobsters has become my secret birthday tradition every year to remember Megan. I usually do it alone a few days before my actual birthday. ’

’ Thanks for including me in this Owen- it really means a lot to me’ Amelia says sincerely.

’ No prob- I feel like I have to include someone special in a special tradition of mine’ I wink at her.

Now it is her turn to blush. I love it when she blushes, her cheeks would turn red and rosy.

Suddenly she reaches out her hands to my cheeks.

’ You have lobster sauce on your face’ she says as she wipes the sauce off.

She then gently caresses my cheeks with her hands and pulls my face closer to hers.

My heart now racing, I pull her closer to me, my hands on her hair.

Soon, our lips meet.

She suddenly pushes away from me.

’ We still have some lobsters to eat. ’ she reminds. ’ We don’t want them to get cold, do we?’

’ You have a good point’ I chuckle.


’ This is the greatest meal I’ve ever had’ said Amelia as she rubbed her tummy contently.

We’ve finished the last of the lobsters and the sparkling water.

My stomach satisfied, now I am craving for something else.

Wordlessly, I pull her close to me again and lean down to kiss her lips.

She caresses my chest as she returns back the kiss passionately.

I deepen the kiss, but she pulls away from me again suddenly.

I groan internally, frustrated.

’ I need to brush my teeth and shower first.’ she explains. ” But you’re free to join me in the shower if you want.’ she winks at me.

Needless to say, we both discovered that night that sex in the trailer shower involves a lot of flexibility, but is hot and steamy. We didn’t get much sleep that night.


The next morning, I awaken to the sun shining through the curtains of the trailer.

I look at the sleeping form next to me. She looks so peaceful and beautiful, sleeping with a contented smile on her face. She is totally naked, being covered only by a layer of blanket. I could wake up to this sight forever.

As if she could sense me watching her, she stirs and opens her eyes. A larger smile forms on her face, her dimples showing.

’ Hey you’ she greets sleepily.

’ Hey’ I smile back at her.

“ Last night was amazing’ she proclaims, stifling a yawn.

’ I agree’ I reply seriously.

’ I’ve got to get ready to go to the hospital now.’ she says, as she climbs out of bed to put on her clothes. I stay in bed admiring her naked form. Gosh, she is so beautiful.

’ Don’t forget your boots.’ I remind her before she leaves the door of the trailer.

’ I have both boots on this time, don’t worry’ she winks at me as she blows me a French kiss and closes the door behind her.

Did I ever mention how much in love I am with Amelia Shepherd?

This this is it guys- what should’ve happened had Owen not been drunk during the trailer scene in 12X15. I hope you like it!! As usual, reviews, reblogs, messages and comments are very much appreciated :)

P.s I have one more prompt to answer, about Owen helping Amelia out when she relapses.


After a long time, I finally made another tree! I went to my girlfriend’s work one day to see what it was like and I met her boss, who’s really nice. Her boss asked me to make a tree with the gay flags (the rainbow-colored ones) and then make solid colored stars in patterns of the rainbow. Turns out her sister is a lesbian, so this is kind of a show of support for her. It was a lot of work because it was the biggest tree I have ever made, but I definitely felt honored to do this for two sisters that support each other. I’m sure this will be a wonderful Christmas gift!

The tree is about 6.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide and has 96 hand-made stars. The gay flags were colored by hand each by me. Total time to make it all was about 5 hours, not including drying time for the glue.

What’s in store for Shelagh in series four?
Shelagh is in a really happy place and absolutely loves being a mum. It’s everything she wished and prayed for actually. They’ve adopted Angela and she’s brought so much joy and happiness to the family. They had a right old tough time and it’s been a huge journey. Things were difficult for Shelagh last series and Angela has changed everything for them. They are a wonderful family unit - Timothy is great with Angela and they’re just enjoying life. There is a lot of joy in the Turner household this series! Things are less dramatic for Shelagh and Patrick and it’s really nice that life’s gotten easier for them. I think they’ve earned that happiness. I can’t believe the journey that she’s been on; she started out as Sister Bernadette then slowly had her romance and then had to work out how to be Shelagh.
How will Shelagh balance work and motherhood?

Shelagh is embracing motherhood and Angela is her priority. However, there is still a need for her to work so she finds herself being drawn back into the world of Dr Turner’s surgery and being a receptionist. Things have become rather chaotic since she left so she is helping out where she can. A couple of things happen where she has to draw on all the skills that she has as a midwife and nurse which she hasn’t used since she left Nonnatus House and got married. She’s thrown in to situations where she realises it’s a huge part of her and that she’s very good at it. A big change this year is that she’s at peace and so is able to think of others. We see her supporting Sister Julienne, who she has leaned heavily on in the past, and it’s nice to see that caring side of her again.


Laura Main



An Honest Review

Hey, some of ya’ll may remember me as the girl who had to wait three hours in line and still didn’t get a ticket. Well … 

Guess who finally got a seat~ (note: I regret this picture)

Okay, so first things first, if you’ve been convincing yourself this movie is shit because of reviews, stop.

I would recommend not taking those at face value because A) Antis always have louder voices, and B) I’ve been looking at a lot of the reviewers who gave low stars – English usernames – and many of the low reviews written are written in either English or rudimentary/nonsensical Japanese (which makes me think people are screwing with Google Translate to fool others into thinking they’re Japanese).

As for 2ch? In Japan its users have the same reputation as users of 4chan in America do- which is not good.  In the circles I run with, the users on 2ch are known to be internet bullies – not saying that they all are – but if you’re going to find the most hated internet site in Japan, it’d be 2ch.  It’s overwhelmingly dominated by teenage/college age guys who, from what I’ve seen, display some pretty misogynistic tendencies. So it’s understandable that if you find a review from 2ch it’s gonna be a guy who’s pissed that the movie is more “feminine” and a love story rather than a straight shounen film. Take the opinions on the movie you find on there with a grain of salt.

As for people boycotting the movie? Yeah, that’s so not true. Like … where did y’all even find that … Anyways, The Last opened #1 in the box office, and on Saturday, broke 2 billion yen (a record for the franchise). Overall it’s doing 156% better than its predecessor.  

When I went to go see it on a Tuesday school night in Shibuya, the theatre was about 90% full. So I would personally say that it’s doing pretty well.

Also, there are a lot of people spreading around false information about the movie - many who haven’t even seen it themselves. 

- Naruto and Hinata weren’t bffs in their childhood. Hinata had one flashback about Naruto which was significant to her. 

- When you see them running around as kids - that’s a genjutsu. 

Naruto is still Naruto - like what the hell, he isn’t even remotely out of character? 

Plus dozens of more I don’t have the time to address. It’s fine if you hate the movie, but don’t spread lies about it just because you’re unhappy. 

Okay, so on to the review.


Crowded Plot: The movie tries to fit in a lot in an hour and a half, and you can tell. Sometimes it’s even a bit convoluted. While this is a story about love, it’s still a shounen. And it seemed that the writers tried to unsuccessfully balance both action and romance. But also, if you look at in context it doesn’t seem to strange. Most shounen manga have ridiculously convoluted plots.

Also they tried to fit in fan favorites, but there wasn’t any time to show them properly, giving us a tantalizing peek but leaving us ultimately unsatisfied. They tried to do too much with too little time, I think.

Damsel-in-Distress-Disease: Okay, so we all know Naruto at this point is as powerful as a god. So they made the villain, Toneri, equally god level. And with these god-tier powers, Toneri can specifically telekinetically restrain Hinata with a look or a touch or a weird ball of green light that you’ll find out about later, which essentially makes her a damsel in distress in need of saving.


Hinata: Hinata is very much in love Naruto, yes. But that’s not all she is. We sometimes have a hard time remembering this because Studio Perriot and Kishimoto have recently been showing her life revolve around Naruto. In this movie, the Hinata we know from part one – the one who wanted to heal her family – returns. Essentially, she sacrifices her love for Naruto to go behind enemy lines to save her little sister and stop Toneri’s chaos as its source.

*+10 to Hinata for personally removing Hanabi’s eyes from Toneri’s head.

Supporting characters: It was a nice to see how Naruto and Sakura’s relationship solidified into something akin to an older sister and her dumb kid brother.

Love Story: All shipping aside, this love story was believable and cute and emotional. There were a group of high school girls in front of me sniffling. And I’m not gonna lie, my eyes were watering.  People say that Naruto is out of character in this movie – he’s not. He’s the same as he’s always been. Happy, simple, oblivious, and passionate. Characterization is spot on I think.

It’s very natural in how it shows the progression of their relationship. Friendship, realization, and then finally, love (albeit a little bit cheesy), but still good.

Favorite things: Sakura and Hinata’s relationship. Incredible animation. Note, it’s also incredibly creepy/disturbing at times in the best way possible. The opening sequence. And several other things.

Overall: I’d give it a solid 3.75/5 stars. What made this movie great was Hinata and Naruto’s budding relationship, but it was hindered due to messy writing  (which is a tradition in the series it seems).