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Storms and Visitors {Sirius Black x Reader} *SMUT*

Blessing your feeds with some SMUT SMUT SMURT SMUT. This was so worth it to write. Next one will be Remus ;)

Regulus invites you at his house to stay for the night until the storm stops but Sirius has other plans.


Enjoy! @allertonn


When the hard rain and the thunder rumbled into a magnificent chaos in the night sky, Disappparating was simply not an option. It was a huge mistake to leave the house especially for (Y/n). She had not yet learned how to Disapparate properly and even worse, she was stuck in Diagon Alley. Everyone had ran for cover as soon as the rain poured heavily and (Y/n) quickly stayed at Madam Malkin’s when she heard someone call her name.

“(Y/n)?” Regulus said, walking towards her with a smile. “How nice to see you here.”

“Regulus!” She exclaimed, clearly surprised as well to find her housemate in the shop. She came up to him with a long embrace before pulling back. “The weather’s crazy, isn’t it? A storm right in the middle of summer.”

“Yeah, it’s quite strange,” he agreed. “How are you?”

“Fine as usual. What’re you buying, by the way?” (Y/n) asked, peeking curiously at the coat he carried in his arm.

“Oh, I didn’t buy anything. This is my brother’s,” he said, showing the black coat with several holes. “He came to visit today since our parents aren’t home. I’m just getting it fixed for him.”

“That’s so sweet of you!” (Y/n) smiled, making Regulus blush.

“I guess so. We may hate each other but we’re still brothers,” he chuckled, rubbing his neck, a habit both Black brothers had when they wanted to ask something nervously. “Hey, listen, do you know how to get back home by yourself?”

“I’m still figuring it out. The rain doesn’t look like it’s stopping,” (Y/n) replied, looking up at the ceiling where she can hear the hard pitter patters of the rain.

“Well, I was wondering if you wanted to stay at my house for the night. It’s quite late and I know you live very far but my house is near by. We can take some Floo powder instead so we won’t have to get wet.”

“Are you sure, Regulus? I-I don’t want to be a bother or anything…”

“It’s fine! I’m sure my brother won’t mind,” he reassured, “but if you don’t want, that’s fine too. I completely understand if you don’t want to come with me–”

“Regulus,” she comforted, “Thank you.”

She held his hand and rested her head on his shoulder as he lines up in front of the counter with a smile on his face.

Green flames erupted from the ashes of the fireplace in Grimmauld Place and out came (Y/n) first, shortly followed by Regulus. The dining room was dark and empty except their house elf who was carrying a silver tray.

“Welcome home, Master Regulus,” he greeted, “Kreacher sees his master brought company. How nice.”

“Oh, Kreacher, this is (Y/n). She’s staying her until the storm stops,” Regulus said, shaking off his coat and hanging it on the chair before taking a seat.

“Would the young miss like some tea?” Kreacher offered, showing her his silver tray full of teacups and teabags. “The bloodtraitor hates anything Kreacher gives. Kreacher thinks he should not eat anymore. Filthy bloodtraitor–”

“Just chamomile for me, thank you,” (Y/n) said, not wanting to hear what else he has to say about Sirius who just came down from the stairs.

“Regulus, is that you?” He called from behind the door before entering the dining room, his eyes immediately setting on (Y/n).

“Didn’t know your girlfriend will be here,” Sirius smirked as he leaned against the door frame. He was incoming his seventh year already and (Y/n) felt her heart race.

“She’s not my girlfriend, Sirius. She’s my…friend,” Regulus said the last part softly.

“I’m (Y/n). I’m just staying here for the night. I promise I won’t try to be a bother–”

“Hey, no worries. I don’t mind a little company,” Sirius said, “Regulus, why don’t you show her to our guest room? I’m sure she’s exhausted.”

(Y/n) have known about Sirius and the troubles he would cause back in Hogwarts but she had never expected him to be very welcoming especially to someone who was a Slytherin like his whole family. She imagined he would be more cold and maybe even worse but she was happy to know that he was polite and kind.

The two brothers led her to their guest room which had a large, four poster bed with a chandelier hanging on top. It was nice and clean and obviously, painted in gray and green. Regulus walked in to make sure it was comfortable enough for her when he heard the thunder rumble outside.

“The rain’s not stopping but I hope you’ll be able to get some rest. I’m assuming you’ve had dinner already?”

“Yeah,” (Y/n) answered before walking towards him. “Thank you for letting me stay. If it weren’t for you, I’d still be soaking wet in Diagon Alley.”

“You’re welcome,” he whispered shyly, feeling his cheeks redden once more. “If you need anything, I’ll be down the hall.”

“Thank you. Good night, Regulus.”

“Good night, (Y/n).”

The door creaked softly as the brother entered the room. He kept his footsteps light while his eyes watched (Y/n)’s chest rise up and down, her hand holding tight onto the pillow as she dreamed. Her neck was completely exposed but as he approached her closer, he saw that she was only dressed in her lace underwear.

Sirius felt himself harden at the sight, not being able to contain the temptation any longer. He crawled slowly and gently on top of her. He trailed his lips from her collarbone up to her throat until he reached her chin. She really looked delectable.  She moaned at the feeling, the sound driving him insane as he kissed her neck.


He pulled away at the mention of his name, checking if she was awake. Her eyelids slowly opened as he watched her carefully but she did not seem surprised. She smiled and slipped her fingers through his thick, dark locks.

“Why’d you stop, darlin’?”

Sirius immediately dove in to taste her lips. He kissed her rapaciously, his tongue begging for entrance, needing to feel the sensation of her tongue playing with his. She allowed him to slip inside while grinding against the tent that had formed in his trousers. It made him moan and even want her more. Throwing his shirt aside, he licked his lip and stripped her off her undergarments before proceeding to remove his pants. His cock was already aching from the tight confines of his jeans and the dark spot on his boxers was enough evidence to show her how much he wanted her. He licked her neck up and down before he bit her earlobe softly, his hand trailing down to her breasts. He pinched her nipple between his fingers and as she let out a moan, he began to massage her.

“ ‘Been wanting this now, haven’t you?” He teased, sucking onto the spot right below her ear. He lowered his hand further, his palm feeling every inch of her skin as he guided his fingers to her entrance where he felt her already soaking wet.

He teased her lips by rubbing his finger up and down and barely slipping in the tip of his finger. The combination of his kisses on her neck and his teasing made her almost control. Her hips bucked at his hand, making him chuckle.

“Please, Sirius. N-Need you…”

“Hm, maybe not yet, love.” He said, pulling back his fingers and putting them into his mouth while she watched him. As much as he wanted to tease her, he himself also wanted to taste her more and so he stretched her legs wide open. Seeing her dripping for him made him growl hungrily. He kissed her inner thighs softly before dragging his tongue on her clit and slowly slipping into two of his fingers inside.

“Oh God…” She let out, holding onto his hair as an effort to get him closer. Sirius immediately got her message, moving his fingers in and out rapidly, making her clench tight. He alternated between moving his fingers inside and sticking his tongue in, both giving her the pleasure she so desired. As her climax neared, Sirius pulled out his fingers and concentrated on giving her release with his tongue.

Her hands gripped onto his hair, allowing him to moan into her and sending vibrations. He removed his boxers while keeping his mouth on her entrance and with a buck of her hips and a loud moan, she came on his tongue.

He lapped onto her juices both inside and out. He wanted to make sure he tasted every drop of her essence before he pulled away. She was breathing heavily as she watched him smirk and hover above her.

“How was it?”

“Good…good…” She breathed but Sirius was not yet finish.

He teased the head of his cock up and down her entrance, slicking her with her own juices, his precum, and his saliva. (Y/n) instinctively rose her hips to let him slide in but he held her hips to prevent her from moving.

“Tell me, love. Is this what you want?”

“Sirius, please…I want you.” She looked at him with pleading eyes, her arms around his neck. “I’m ready for you.”

He stopped teasing her for a while, his lips coming down onto hers. He kissed her lightly, in contrast to how he started earlier. He moved his lips against her in a sweet and delicate way as though she was fragile. She kissed him back lovingly before she felt him slightly push in his cock to her wet entrance. He pulled back and pressed his sweaty forehead against hers, eyes on each other. She nodded at him before he slid all the way into her tight core where she welcomed him. He bottomed out and started to move, stretching her for his thick length.

Gentle and slow was his pace as he whispered praises to her ear, reminding her how good she made him feel and how tight she was becoming. She was like a euphoric pill and his own, personal nirvana. The sounds she made as he continued to push in and out of her were angelic and flawless, though every once in a while, he would kiss her to keep her voice down so as to prevent her from waking up his brother.

“We don’t want any one to interrupt us now, do we?” He whispered, kissing her cheek.

Her climax was beginning to start once more as Sirius decided to speed up his thrusts. From slow and gentle, his pace became hard and fast. He was becoming erratic and rough since he was also starting to feel himself close. He kept his thrusts powerful, the head of his cock hitting her spot repeatedly.

“(Y/n), gonna cum! Gonna cum inside!”

“Come on, Sirius. I’m close too.”

The two moaned in chorus and with one last push, Sirius felt himself spill inside her. She came as soon as she felt the warm sensation flood her core, her juices mixing in with his. He kept himself inside her for a few minutes even as he softened, his face buried in her neck. He trailed kisses on her skin once more before he pulled out and laid back down beside her, the two panting heavily. After a few minutes of rest, they both fell asleep through the stormy night.

The Fourth Musketeer (Part 3)

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Part one here    Part two here

Requests: I love part 1 and 2 of The Fourth Musketeer!! Are you going to make a part 3?

Part 3 pls? For the four musketeers I’m really loving it.


Ahhhhhhhhh, The fourth Musketeer series is sooooo good 😍😍 I can’t wait for part 3 😭💕

I need part 3 of 4m please


OMG I just read the second part of the Fourth Musketeer. It’s amazing!!! I already want more! Love your work darling ❤❤

More fourth musketeer please god 💖🙏

Part 3 of the Four Musketeers PLEASE, it’s so freaking good. It makes me feel all the feels and I’m in love with your writing

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Description: Unplanned reunions never end well.

Warnings: I cried while writing this

Word count: 1,536

A/N: just a reminder to all, if you want to be added to my taglist please ask in my ask box! anywho wowow buckle your seatbelts for the emotional roller coaster that is part 3!! enjoy!!

(Y/N) obliviously stood at the counter in Pop’s, unaware of three sets of unwavering eyes staring at her.

“Should we… say something?” Betty suggested, but she didn’t shift her gaze from (Y/N).

“I don’t know,” Veronica breathed.  "I probably shouldn’t since she has no idea who I am.“

"I’ll do it,” Jughead stated.  Before Veronica or Betty could acknowledge what he said, Jughead had stood up and began to walk towards (Y/N).  The two girls shared a tentative glance.  "Long time no see, (Y/N),“ Jughead said from behind her.  She whirled around.

"Jughead,” she acknowledged him, her lips forming an awkward smile.  "It’s… nice to see you.“

"God it’s been so long,” Jughead sighed, stepping closer to (Y/N).  She tried to inconspicuously edge away.

“Yeah,” she nodded and pursed her lips.  Jughead was taken aback by her cold behavior.

“Does anyone else know you’re here?” he questioned.  (Y/N) shook her head.

“Nope,” she answered simply, “just you.”

“And Betty,” Jughead added, gesturing back to where Veronica and Betty were sitting.  When they noticed (Y/N) was looking at them, they smiled and waved. (Y/N)’s focus turned back to Jughead.

“Who’s that with her?” she asked.

“Veronica,” he explained, “she moved here at the beginning of the year.”

“That’s nice,” another awkward smile formed on her lips.  Suddenly, a waiter brought out a bag of food.  (Y/N) grabbed the bag and quickly paid.  "Well, I’ve gotta get going. It’s been nice seeing you again, Jughead.“  She started to exit the diner, but Jughead quickly snatched her wrist.

"Wait!” he said, earning a questioning look from her.  "What about Archie?“

"What about Archie?” (Y/N) innocently repeated.  Jughead rolled his eyes.

“You know,” he responded, “are you going to tell him you’re back?”

“Why should I?” (Y/N) scoffed.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because he’s fucking smitten with you and has been heartbroken for the past two years.  And if I’m not mistaken, you were pretty smitten yourself before you moved.” (Y/N) bit her lip as she shook her head.

“If he loved me, he would’ve called,” she rolled her eyes.

“What happened to you?” Jughead asked, scanning her face.  (Y/N) snapped her wrist out of his grip.

“Nothing happened, Jughead.”

“There’s another thing,” he noted.  "Since when have you called me Jughead?“

"My food is getting cold,” she made up an excuse.

“Archie said you changed your number.”  The sentence knocked the wind out of (Y/N), so she stood in silence as she stared at Jughead.

“I changed it,” she finally admitted it. “But that was a few months after I left.”

“Why?” he inquired.

“Because he didn’t call me,” she sighed.  "Even when I called him, he wouldn’t answer.“  Jughead furrowed his eyebrows.  (Y/N) shook her head as she left the diner.

She called over her shoulder, "Don’t tell Archie I’m back.”

“She expects you to not tell him?” Veronica questioned the next day at school.  Jughead shrugged.

“But I get it, you know?” Betty responded.  “She wants to be the one to tell him she’s back, not have someone do it on her behalf.”

“If she tells him,” Veronica reminded her.

“Listen, just… don’t tell him, okay?” Jughead told Veronica.  “I told (Y/N) I wouldn’t, and I don’t want to upset her.  She seemed kinda off yesterday.”

“So she’s not normally like that?” Veronica questioned with a hint of sarcasm.  Jughead rolled his eyes.

“Not when I knew her.”

“Okay, so (Y/N)’s gotta have some flaws, right?” Veronica asked Archie as she sat across from him in the lounge.  He narrowed his eyes.

“What?” he confusedly mumbled.  “Why are you asking about (Y/N)?”

“Well, Archiekins,” Veronica bit her lip, “you’ve seemed more down ever since Jughead’s party.  I figured it was something having to do with (Y/N).  I’m asking you about her flaws because right now, it seems like you’re kind of glorifying her in your memories, you know?  Since she hasn’t been around, you only want to remember the good parts of her.”

“I don’t know,” Archie waved off her suggestion.  “I really don’t want to talk about her.”

“But you have to,” Veronica immediately replied.  “Betty, Jughead, and Kevin told me about her and how you absolutely refused to mention her after she moved.”

“It’s a coping method,” he defended himself.  She shook her head.

“It’s unhealthy.”

“Veronica, stop!” Archie yelled, exasperatedly throwing his hands up in the air.  “You know why I can’t tell you any of (Y/N)’s flaws?  Because I love her.  And when you love someone, when you truly love someone, their flaws aren’t something you notice.  Their flaws are just another cute quirk that you adore, and I love everything there is about (Y/N).”  A smile creeped onto Veronica’s face, causing Archie to twist his face into a puzzled expression.  “What?”

“You love her,” she grinned, but Archie remained confused. “You love her, Archiekins.  Not loved, love.”  Archie rolled his eyes, but it didn’t hide his growing smile. Veronica stood up, brushing down her pencil skirt.  “My job here is done.  Keep an eye on your phone, Archiekins.  I’m gonna send you a very important message soon.”

An extremely confused Archie walked into Pop’s, and he continued to double check the text that Veronica sent him:

Go to Pop’s tonight.  Trust me.

She said nothing about meeting her there, nor did she mention anything about what he was supposed to do at the diner.  He scanned the area, searching for a familiar face.  His eyes landed on a face that was more familiar than he expected.

“(Y/N)?” he whispered, staring at the girl sitting all alone in a booth.  She, having not heard Archie’s murmur, continued to stare at her phone. “(Y/N)!”  Archie said it louder this time, and (Y/N)’s head snapped up. Her eyes doubled in size as she stared at her old childhood friend.  Slowly, she stood up and began to walk towards Archie.

“Archie?” she asked, stepping closer to him with an unreadable expression on her face.  He grinned and nodded.

“Oh god, (Y/N), I thought I’d never see you again.  I thought that-” A sharp slap across his face interrupted him.  Archie’s mouth opened slightly ajar as he stared at (Y/N), subdued into shock.

“Fuck you, Archie,” she spat.  Archie noticed tears glimmering in her eyes.  “No calls, no texts, no emails, nothing!  Absolutely nothing!”

“(Y/N), I-”

“And you act like you’re the victim,” she interrupted him, refusing to grant him the chance to defend himself.  “You told Jughead and Betty that I changed my number?  And you didn’t mention that I called you countless times, only for you to never answer.”

“(Y/N), I’m sorry,” he apologized, slowly grabbing her hands.  She didn’t tear them away from his grip, but Archie could feel her muscles tense.  “You know why I didn’t answer your calls?  Because it hurt.  It hurt because I thought I’d never see you again, and I thought that if I heard your voice, it would just make the pain worse.  I thought that maybe if I didn’t talk to you, if I pretended like you never existed, then maybe I could move on.”

“You think it didn’t hurt me?” (Y/N) questioned, her voice cracking as she held back her tears.  “You think it didn’t hurt every time I called my best friend but never got an answer?  You think it didn’t hurt when I was alone with my parents in a big city with no one to turn to?  You think it didn’t hurt when I couldn’t call for help when I needed it?”  Her voice gradually raised as she spoke.  Archie released (Y/N)’s hands, and instead, he opted to cup her face.  He leaned in and did something he had been dying to do for the past four years: he kissed her.  Archie tried to pour every ounce of love he had for (Y/N) into the kiss, he tried to tell her the things he was unable to say.  However, (Y/N) pulled away.  She took a step away from Archie as she frowned at him, her tears finally stumbling down her face.

“Why did you do that?” she cried softly.

“Because I love you,” Archie desperately answered.  He attempted to reach out towards her and hold her in his arms, but (Y/N) stepped further away.  “I love you, and I have always loved you.  I never got the chance to tell you.”

“You can’t do that to me,” she tried to wipe away her tears, but they were flowing too quickly.  “You can’t just barge in here and confess your love after you completely ignored me!”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), it was stupid and selfish of me, but-”

“But nothing!” she stopped his apology.  (Y/N) brushed past Archie as she began to storm out of the diner, but before she could exit, Archie grabbed her wrist, forcing her to turn around.

“One thing, (Y/N). Can you please just answer one question for me?” he begged.  (Y/N) pursed her lips but nodded.  “Do you love me?”

“Archie, you can’t just-”

“Please, (Y/N),” his voice was meek and desperate.  She sighed, but slowly nodded.

“Of course,” she whispered. She gently wriggled her hand out of his grasp and exited the diner, leaving a heartbroken Archie behind.

Part four here     Part five here

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Wings and Embers

Fellow acomaf fans,

Because I love Wings and Embers (for those who don’t know, Wings and Embers is the bonus nessian story found in the target edition of acomaf) I turned the pics I found — taken by @bookofademigod (@this post) HUGE THANKS btw. Without you, we would’ve been missing a lot!— into text so I can easily reread it. And I thought why not share it?? So here it is!

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Your idiot (ft. Jeongguk)

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Drabble Game Prompt 49. “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

→ cardiopalps!jk, boyfriend!jk, cardio surgeon!jk, aka disgusting amount of fluff, sequel to cardio palps twoshot
→ 2k words, requested by my soulmate @yoongihime <3 

A/N: I highly suggest reading the twoshot first! Plus, there might be another member’s story coming out of this au “might!!1″ wink wonk enjoy

If looks could kill, Jeon Jeongguk would be on the ground and frothing at the mouth right now. 

But instead, he was smiling down at the bitch who was busy rubbing her tits all over his arm as he walked over your way in the cafeteria. Her arm was looped around his, as she hung like a koala onto him, her chest on his bicep as she hugged it toward her torso and giggled along with the other nurses who were busy chatting with your man. 

Said boyfriend, oblivious to the daggers you were mentally stabbing into his eyeballs, was in the line for the hospital lunch. It wasn’t technically all his fault for being cute. It was the reason you decided to keep him, anyway, among other things. But it bothered you a ton when other girls noticed it. 

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Sure. Let’s be happy, Shim Jae Bok. Be confident and live an awesome life.

That’s Not The Point

Prompt Requests: 
24: You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.
25: You’re mine. I don’t share.
26: Just shut up and kiss me. 

Dad!Shawn fluff! 

This goes out to @dumbshawnblog for all of the dad!shawn inspo 😘 

It’s the middle of Spring, so the weather is at a point where it’s just about right. On this particular Saturday it was beautiful out with the sun peeking through the clouds and a light breeze passing by. As you pulled into the parking lot you could see the rest of Amelia’s classmates and accompanying parents on the beach.

“You ready for this?” Shawn asks from the passenger seat. The sun hat you got him as a joke adorned the top of his head and his eyes were framed by a pair of black Ray Bans. Such a dad. In the back seat, Amelia was already anxious to get out and she made sure to let the two of you know.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

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Split - Kai Scenario. Part 2

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family. 

Word Count: 2574

A/N: the “strong women aren’t feminine” defenders probably won’t like this chapter either, just saying.


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

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Parking in his usual space - well, what used to be usual - Jongin gets out of the car and tightly wraps his coat around his body. It has gotten so cold lately and he can’t wait until he’s let inside the house.

Quickly running up a few steps leading to the front door, he knocks on it three times and jumps around trying to get warm. No one answers him so he tries knocking a little louder, but no sound comes from the other side of the door.

An uneasy feeling grows in his stomach and Jongin decides to do something he had decided not to do again. He punches in the code of the house and quickly opens the door to get in.

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Guns and Roses - Carl Gallagher Imagine

Originally posted by ianmickgallagher

Word Count: 2663

Warnings: Mentions of an abusive relationship and swearing

Your hands shook as you stood in front of the door of the Gallagher house.  You had been here before a plethora of times in the past, but ever since Carl had gone to prison, your friendship just wasn’t the same.  The two of you had drifted ever since he had come back.  You stayed occupied with your same old activities and Carl had fallen into a life of criminal activity.  And that was exactly why you were here.  For the first time since he had been let out of juvie, his current lifestyle could potentially help you.  Pushing your nerves aside, you finally knocked on the door.

Moments later, the door flew open to expose an all-too-familiar face.  “Y/N, hey! Long time no see.  Come on in,” Fiona said warmly, pulling you into an embrace before stepping aside.  “It’s nice to finally see a familiar face coming here for Carl.  I think he’s upstairs in his room.”

“Thanks, Fiona.  It’s nice to see you too,” you commented, forcing a smile for her. Sucking in a deep breath, you slowly began to ascend the staircase.  You were nervous, but you needed to do this.  You needed to do this before it was too late.  Once you reached Carl’s bedroom, you forced yourself to knock, only opening the door once you heard a mumbled ‘come in’ from the other side.

Carl was laying down on his bed, but immediately shot up into a seated position when his eyes set on you. “Y/N, hey, it’s been a while,” he said brightly, a large smile forming across his lips.  It didn’t last long though.  Moments later, he cleared his throat and forced the excitement out of his eyes, maintaining his recent swagger.  “I mean, hey.  What’s up?”

Stepping inside, you quietly closed the door behind you.  “I know we’re not really as close as we were before, but I need to ask for a favor from you.”  You bit down hard on your lower lip, looking down at your feet.

“Yeah, yeah.  Sure.”  Carl swung his legs over the edge of his bed.  “What is it?”

Taking in a deep breath, you finally allowed your eyes to meet his again.  “Word around school is that you were selling guns for a while.  Do you still sell them?”

“Guns?  Yeah, I still sell them,” Carl replied, furrowing his brow in confusion.  It took a few moments, but what you were implying eventually registered in his mind.  His eyes went wide.  “Wait, what? You want me to sell you a gun?”

You nodded your head quickly.  You just wanted this to be over with.  “Yeah, I do.”

That was when Carl broke out into a fit of laughter.  “You?  A gun? What could you possibly need a gun for?”

You could quickly feel the anger bubbling up inside of you.  With all that you had been through, you really didn’t need this right now.  “Do you fucking ask that to any of your other customers?”

Still, Carl would not stop laughing.  “Y/N, I’m not selling you a gun.  There’s no reason you could possibly need a—“

That was when you lost it.  Cutting him off, you balled your hands into tight fists.  “Stop acting like you fucking know me and what I need.  You might’ve known me before, but you don’t anymore.  Just like I don’t know you anymore either,” you snapped, taking a few steps closer to him.  “Just because you wear your hair like that and walk around all different now doesn’t make you tough.  You’re not. Some people actually have real problems. Remember how right before you went to prison I was dating that guy David and I said things were starting to go downhill? Yeah, I broke up with him after the first time he hit me, but that didn’t stop him.  He still manages to corner me and do all of these awful things and all I really wanted was a gun to scare him off—not even to kill him—but I fucking guess not.  You know what?  Fuck you, Carl.”

The laughing stopped.  Carl’s expression fell, all emotion draining from his face.  “W-Wait, what?”

You were too worked up.  Too upset.  Too exhausted.  “Just… Just fucking forget about it.  Knew I wouldn’t be able to count on you.”  You knew you were about to cry.  As your eyes started to well up, you spun around on your heel and stormed out of the room, ignoring Carl as he called out your name and got up from his bed. Wiping your eyes and covering your face as you crossed through the kitchen so Fiona wouldn’t see, you ran out of the house and all the way back home.  

You felt worse than ever.  Now you weren’t only scared, but embarrassed.  Ashamed.  Your day had started off hopeful, but now you felt defeated.  Nothing would change now.

The next few days came as a total shock to you.  Your ex-boyfriend didn’t corner you in the hallways at school.  He didn’t even follow you on your walks back home from school or to work.  He was completely absent.  Still, you were nervous.  This peace couldn’t last forever.

A knock on your front door caused you to jump while you were in the middle of doing your homework.  Your heart began to pound.  This was it.  He was back again.

Standing up on quivering legs, you reached under the couch and grabbed the baseball bat you had hidden there before.  Since Carl had let you down, it was the weapon you’d have to resort to.  Inhaling deeply, you approached the door and forced yourself to pull it open.

“Y/N, hey…”  Not the person you expected.  A confused Carl stood on your doorstep, holding an enormous bouquet of roses.  He looked different.  In fact, he looked like the Carl you had known before.  His hair was flowing freely and he was dressed in his regular attire.

A sigh of relief escaped your lips because it wasn’t your ex-boyfriend, but you still remembered what had occurred with Carl the last time you saw him.  He had made you feel weak and embarrassed.  “Didn’t I tell you to fuck off?  I don’t want your gifts,” you spat, attempting to slam the door closed.

Carl put his foot in the doorway and used his strength to squeeze through the opening until he was inside.  “Y/N, I need to talk to you,” he began, leaning his back against the closed door and looking at you with sad eyes.  “I’m sorry for laughing at you.  I probably made you feel really shitty and that’s not okay.  I realize that now.  I had no idea what you were going through and I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge.  I’m really sorry and I hope I’ve been able to make it up to you.”  He held the flowers out to you.

Taking a few steps back, you placed the baseball bat down on the table where you had been doing your homework.  “You really think some flowers are going to make that up to me? Because, trust me, it’s not.  I needed a gun, not fucking roses.”

Carl walked past you into your kitchen, going through the cabinets until he was able to find a vase.  After filling it with water, he put the flowers inside, following you into the living room and placing the vase in the middle of the table.  Completely ignoring your comments, he asked, “Has he come around the past few days?”

Crossing your arms over your chest, you plopped back down on the couch.  “No, he hasn’t.  But no worries, he’ll be back soon enough.”

Overlooking your hostility, Carl took a seat beside you on the couch.  “No, he won’t.”

You were getting more and more annoyed each second that passed. Who was he to guess the next time your ex-boyfriend would decide to pay you a visit?  “Yeah, he will.  He always does.  Carl, you don’t even fucking know him.”

Carl reached out his hand and rested it on top of yours, which you hadn’t even realized was still shaking from the time you heard the knock on the door.  “Relax,” he murmured softly, beginning to massage your hand with his thumb.  “He’s not coming back.  I promise.  I took care of it.  Of him.” When your eyes widened, he shook his head.  “No, I didn’t kill him, Y/N.  Just made sure he’d be too scared to even look in your direction again.  It’s gonna be okay.  You’re safe now.”

You couldn’t believe what he was saying.  Why would he do this?  Pulling your hand away from his, you inched back a bit.  “Carl, he could’ve hurt you,” you said, pulling your knees up to your chest.  “You could’ve just let me take care of it.”

“No, Y/N.  I couldn’t have.”  He grabbed your hand yet again and began to play with your fingers.  “After you ran out on me, I really thought about what you said.  Even if you had just told me why you needed a gun right away, I still wouldn’t have given it to you.  If he hurt you when you were unarmed, I don’t even want to think about what he would’ve done to you if he had found out you had a gun on you.  He could’ve killed you.”  His concerned eyes found yours again.  “I could never put you in that danger.  Even though I haven’t shown it recently, I care about you far too much.”

He really meant it.  You were really safe.  For the first time in months, a weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. Without a single word, you leaned forward and wrapped your arms around his body tightly, burying your face into his chest.  You couldn’t control your emotions.  Tears began to stream from your eyes.  “I’m sorry,” you mumbled into his chest.

“Hey, hey.  You don’t have to apologize for anything.  I deserved to be yelled at.  Don’t say sorry, just say thank you,” he said with a chuckle, pulling back to look at you.  The smile immediately fell from his face.  “Please… Don’t cry.”  His hand comfortingly squeezed your arm.

Unfortunately, his hand gripped where one of your bruises happened to be, causing you to flinch.  You grabbed his hand off of your arm and laced your fingers with his instead. “Sorry… There’s… Yeah.”

He knew exactly what you meant.  The frown wouldn’t leave his lips.  “I just… I just don’t understand.  I don’t understand how somebody can do that to another person. To you.”  He shook his head, his eyes scanning your clothing-covered body. “Should’ve killed him when I had the chance.”

“You did enough.  Wouldn’t want you to end up back in prison.” You forced a half smile.

Still, Carl’s eyes continued to scan you up and down.  “I want to see.”


Playing with your fingers, Carl’s eyes met yours again. “I want to see what he did to you. I just… I just need to know what he did.”

A lump formed in your throat.  “It’s ugly… I don’t let anyone see,” you whispered, looking down at your lap.  “But… I guess you deserve to after all of this.”  Inhaling deeply, you hesitantly gripped the fabric of your hoodie, slowly pulling it over your head.  Following this, you stood up and pulled down your sweats, stepping out of them.  You and Carl had been friends for a long time, so he had seen you in just a bra and underwear on numerous occasions, but you had never felt so exposed.

Carl sat on the edge of the couch, his eyes slowly scanning you up and down, taking it all in.  In the dim light, it almost appeared as though his eyes began to tear up a bit. “Wow…” he breathed, shaking his head. “I just… How…”  He was at a loss for words.

Shaking your head, you wrapped your arms around your stomach, trying to hide at least part of your body.  “I know,” you muttered, taking a step back.  “It’s… ugly.  It makes me feel ugly.”

“Don’t ever say that.”  Carl got up from the couch, kneeling down in front of you.  His fingers ghosted over one of the bruises on your thighs.  “The things he did to you were ugly.  But you could never be ugly.”  He pressed his lips to the mark on your thigh, causing you to shiver.  “You’re beautiful.  So beautiful.  Always have been, always will be.”

Closing your eyes, you allowed him to press his lips against each of the marks on your body.  He slowly made his way up to your stomach, and then your chest and collarbones. With each kiss, you were able to calm down a bit more.  Each time, his lips barely touched your skin, as though he was afraid he’d hurt you. Finally, he made his way to the top and stood up completely, staring down at your face.  You had never seen Carl act so passionately in his life, and it was making your heart pound.

You allowed your eyes to open, looking up to meet his gaze. His eyes wouldn’t leave yours. His blue orbs were glowing with nothing but adoration, causing you to blush and look down at your feet.  Your stomach was in knots.  How could he have possibly seen you in this state and be looking at you so admiringly?

“No, look at me,” he urged quietly, lifting your chin with his index finger.  Once your eyes were on his, he rested his forehead against yours and inhaled sharply. “This might kind of ruin the moment but I feel like you deserve to be asked for permission for once.  Can I kiss you?”  Blushing slightly, he bit on his lip.  “I mean, like, yeah I was just kissing your bruises before but I mean actually—“

Cutting off his rambling, you leaned up and pressed your lips against his.  His lips at first responded slowly and gently, but once you deepened the kiss, he added a bit more force as well.  Not breaking the kiss, he took a few steps back and sat down on the couch, pulling you into his lap.  His lips only pulled back when he gently placed you onto the couch, moving on top of you without putting any of his weight on you.

“Tell me when to stop,” Carl whispered breathlessly, kissing down your jaw until he reached your neck.  A gasp escaped your lips as he started to suck on the skin, your eyes closing as he continued to work on it.  “You know, not all of the marks on your body have to be made out of hate.” He pulled back, admiring what could only be a hickey.

For once, a small smile tugged at the corners of your lips. You didn’t feel ugly.  You felt wanted.  Reaching down, you started to pull his shirt up.

His hand stopped yours, giving it a squeeze.  “Don’t feel like you have to.  Don’t feel like you owe me anything.”

You shook your head at him, moving his hand away and pulling his shirt over his head.  “I don’t feel like I have to.  I want to.” Giving him a reassuring smile, you reached down to unbutton his jeans.

From his body language, it was clear that he wanted to as well.  “Okay, just promise me you’ll let me know at any time if you want to stop or if I’m hurting you.  Please.” Gently, he helped you remove the rest of the clothes off of the both of you.

“I promise.”

And that was that.  In that night, you crossed over many boundaries.  You crossed the boundary from worthless to worthy.  From abandoned to wanted.  From hurt to healing.  From degraded to loved.  And with Carl, you crossed the boundary from friends to something much more.  And that something was all you had needed.


Thank you to those of you who have liked/reblogged/commented on my other imagines so far.  Means a lot.  It’s 2am and I’m about to pass out but I should be posting again in the next few days.  Hope you enjoy. xx

Give Me Love, 12

Throne Of Glass High School AU

Note: Theres a scene below that belongs to Sarah J Maas. I take no claim over it. I simply rewrote it a bit to fit my story. Enjoy!

Summary: He thinks she wants nothing to do with him. She thinks he can’t remember her. Aelin and Rowan were friends once upon a time. But high school drove them apart. However, one night - one party - is about to change not only their lives, but the lives of their friend as well.

Chapters: XXX



Aelin knew what this day was going to hold. She could already tell. It was going to be horrible. Drama-filled. Downright dreadful. And here was why: The Havilliard’s were coming.

Aelin had zero problems with Dorian coming over for dinner. It was the rest of his family the she’d rather leave outside. His brother, Hollin, was a little devil. Aelin always wanted a sibling (Elide and Aedion didn’t count) but every time she saw Hollin, she couldn’t help but be grateful it was just her. Then there was Georgina Havilliard, who had her nose so far in the air Aelin was sure she could see her brain. And of course, Mr. Havilliard, Dorian’s father. He refused to be called anything but Mr. Havilliard, never mind the fact their families had been friends forever. Aelin wasn’t even sure she knew Mr. Havilliard’s actual name.

But the Havilliard’s weren’t the only thing about the day that was horrible. Because Aedion and his family were coming over also.

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Characters: Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: You were what you could easily call an insomniac, but lucky for you there’s a cute coffee shop in your neighborhood that stays open all night. On any other night, you’d be the only one in the place, sipping contently at a latte and writing in your journal, but what happens when a handsome super soldier with a sketchbook draws himself in the picture?

Warnings: Fluff, cuteness overload, bad editting (sorrrrryyy)

Words: 2681

A/N: This was an adoooorable request by @xxred-vengeancexx. I hope this was what you were looking for darling, enjoy xo

Also I’m a sucker for rainy atmospheres so I used a bunch of indie music for inspiration. Like Gregory Alan Isakov and David Gray. Totally recommend you guys listen them!

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late night kiss pt. 4

A/N: And here it is! Sorry it’s so delayed, but I’m pretty sure this is the longest part. Anyway, enjoy!

Summary: Chasing after Spider-Man has caused a rift between you and Peter, which has some negative consequences.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

01 | 02 | 03 | 05 | 06 

You’d seen Spider-Man a few times after that, still unsure of who he was. You knew that you shouldn’t be risking your safety the way you were, but you couldn’t help yourself; especially when it usually ended with Spider-Man’s arms around you.

You couldn’t help the dread you felt at going to Peter’s apartment today. At school, he’d become more and more distant, avoiding talking to you when he could. You’d been paired together for a project a while back and you had planned to go to Peter’s apartment to do it.

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Derek Morgan - Figlia

Originally posted by emmazach

Originally posted by koichiidesu

Derek meets a mysterious woman he feels a connection with, but when he sees her again he is surprised that she’s the daughter of someone he works with. Will he able to get to know her better or will her father and work get in the way?

Requested by: @pollaluci

Pairing/s: Derek x Fem!Reader, David x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss

Warning: A couple of swear words and mentions of alcohol.

A/N: The title translates to Daughter. Italian is translated (thank you @pollaluci)

A/N/N: Thank you to @mo320 for being my beta!

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MCL Carnival Headcanons

Random headcanons for the carnival bc I felt like it tbh. I really want a carnival episode ?? It’d be so cute and um ? i crave a carnival episode, actually.


  • Takes a lot of pictures, 
  • Will try and win all of the prizes, even against the little kids
  • Usually laughs on rollercoaster rides, especially at Candy
  • Always holds his hands up in the air
  • Really good at go kart?? Wow Nath 
  • Actually better than really good, great at go kart
  • Is so annoyed with bumper cars, he’d rather just ride
  • Doesn’t like all of the noise, but he’s learning how to tolerate it
  • Sucks as some of the mini games
  • Water rides are his favorite
  • Knows the history of some rollercoasters
  • Plays for fun, even if he loses, he’s okay with it
  • Will not even BOTHER eating Candy’s cotton candy tbh, 
  • Really good at the dancing games, get those buttons Nath.
  • Holds Candy’s hand, doesn’t wanna lose her in the crowd.
  • Such a mom
  • Will try to keep Candy off the drop-down rides, like nO he will just be like “Candy no that’s very dangerous” or “Are you sure you wanna do that??" 
  • Sometimes gets very nauseous on the rides
  • Not like Candy has a choice but - she isn’t going on rides there’s been accidents on, it’s not worth the risk-
  • Has had to sit down after some rides,,
  • Is nervous to leave Candy on a rollercoaster, but knows she’s ok
  • He is NOT playing those free fall rides, a lot of accidents happen on them
  • Has his only healthy snack bag, he’s not taking fast food/sweets
  • Impressed with Candy being good with the games
  • Pats Candy on the back if she loses, he sucks too so-

The last ride they go on is; The Ferris Wheel. In which is a perfect setting, being close to the stars, and dazzling lights of the carnival. Nathaniel would just wrap his arm around her shoulder and admire their view out the window, just happy in eachothers company. [Que illustration].


  • Will take a bite or two from Candy’s cotton Candy, just to be playful
  • Always yells on the rides, such a little kid
  • Records their rides together, he loves looking at them after
  • Not really a picture guy but - takes some pictures
  • Loves rollercoasters, nothing more
  • Doesn’t care for the mini games, tbh - he’ll pay for Candy to play them
  • Taking all the food he can before they leave
  • Jokes with Candy to beat the little kids at the mini games.
  • Will always find a way to take a bite out of Candy’s food
  • Favorite ride is slingshot 
  • Will honestly win the huge prize for Candy, or just buy it for Candy
  • Cheers a lot on the rides, like not even screaming, he just feels so alive
  • Never brings a snack, buys food
  • Usually wears his hair up in a ponytail, has his jacket tied around his waist, he’s ready for fun
  • Pretty good at winning mini games, but never the big prize
  • Hates walking around endlessly for the gift shop
  • Bought passes just to walk infront of other people bc he can’t waIT
  • Is a pro at the throwing mini games
  • Likes it when Candy’s impressed with his skills
  • Gets so proud of Candy when she wins
  • Kinda teases her when she loses, ruffles her hair
  • Stays until it closes.

The last ride they go on; The slingshot. It’s the most scariest ride in the carnival, slinging just the two of them in the air, there would be a lot of mixtures of laughs and screaming. After they swing for its pause, he’d hold her hand tightly and just smile so much, tells her; "I’m glad you’re not just my girlfriend…you’re also my best friend, y’know that?”  [Que illustration].


  • Pretty calm during the carnival
  • Doesn’t like all of the noise, 
  • Let’s Candy lead the way.
  • Is the king of go kart, just wow lys
  • His favorite part is just seeing Candy so happy and just energetic for the rides
  • IS V scared of rollercoasters, 
  • he CANNOT stand rides that move downwards to the ground
  • Doesn’t eat Candy’s cotton Candy, lmao would rather have ice cream
  • Usually laughs on his rides
  • Brings a hand recording camera, will honestly drop his phone
  • Puts his hands in the air a lot
  • Very nervous before he gets on a ride, would rather let Candy go
  • Loves spinning rides, thinks those are the most thrilling
  • Isn’t good at the mini games, doesn’t have good aim
  • Tries his best to win Candy the biggest prizes.
  • Candy got him a big plush bunny and he was so close to fainting, he loved it
  • Likes recording and taking loads of pictures, saves them on his phone
  • Will actually remember this day, beginning to end
  • Has such a happy smile, let Lysander happy smile
  • Asks Candy what rides she wants to go on, they take turns
  • Likes seeing everyone just smile, it’s so nice to him
  • Buys Candy her food, eats some of it
  • Definetely licks her ice cream, like back at the beach but just more casual
  • Usually stays until it closes, or when Candy says she’s tired

The last ride they go on; Superman. Lysander would want to spend one last fun ride with Candy and this is one of the best ones in his opinion. Doesn’t regret it, he’s laughing and he’s so happy. His smile is just, beautiful. Candy would be recording just laughing too. [Que illustration].  


  • Would just wanna ride every rollercoaster, loves all the rides
  • Will honestly win mini games, he’d tear up ALL of the little kids
  • Wins Candy the big callipillar
  • Takes so many pictures and videos, he’s just so happy
  • His hair gets really puffy after water rides, like curly and just fluffy
  • Usually has some stranger to take a picture of he and Candy.
  • Buys Candy and himself cotton candies, doesn’t take her food
  • Loves seeing Candy laugh, that’s his favorite sound
  • Likes the gift shop, buys some marvel merch like a batman shirt
  • Gets a little sick on the spinning rides
  • This boy is getting all the food he can afford, he is NOT cooking when they get back
  • Will always remember this day.
  • Just fanboys at the rides
  • His favorite ride is between Superman and Batman, can’t choose one
  • Holds Candy’s hand when they’re looking for new rides.
  • Isn’t picky about rides, as long as they’re fun
  • Bought a pass to get through lines,
  • His wallet is just so dead
  • Scared of one ride and one ride only - the free fall ride. He’s heard of accidents that’s happened on it and he’s not risking it, as much as he’d like too - but no
  • Always stays when it closes
  • Buys he and Candy some light sabers, during the night so they see them glow

The last ride they go on; Goliath. Whilst getting up on the steepest, wood-made, ride of the carnival, Armin holds Candy’s hand, just smiling. Candy is pretty surprised, but looks back to a smiling and slightly red Armin. Who tells her; “I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else right now, but with you. I love dork.”  [Que illustration].


  • Is so happy at the carnival, like you couldn’t believe. 
  • Holds Candy’s hand, isn’t loosing her in the crowd
  • Totally prepared. Eith his wallet, trip snacks, and his recorder - everything
  • Doesn’t really go with his friends, tbh, he wants to go with Candy
  • Friends don’t bother trying to leave with him, bc they know he wants to be with her.
  • Has some pictures, but LOADS of recordings like woah-
  • Laughs on the rides, thinks it’s hilarious when Candy is just yelling
  • Takes a small thing of cotton candy from her, just a smol piece
  • Buys loads of sweets, don’t bother trying to stop him
  • Isn’t worried for Candy, at once, this is just about them and having fun
  • Is scared to DEATH of goliath, hates super steep rides
  • Loves water rides, especially log ones
  • Isn’t the best at go kart but he tries
  • SLAYS bumper cars
  • Let’s Candy win some of the games, 
  • Wakamole is like his favorite, he imagines amber like ‘whack a ho-’//shot
  • Rather hold onto the handles of the ride, not a hands in the air type of guy
  • Wins mini games like a boss, he’s getting all the prizes and teddy bears folks.
  • Loves seeing Candy happy, it makes him happier
  • Stays until it closes.
  • So talkative, he babbles like a happy little kid
  • Doesn’t bring that many healthy snacks, healthiest thing he’s eaten was fruit flavored gummies
  • Gets temporary tattoos, gets some anchor on his face

The last ride they go on; The floating swings. Kentin would have his seat next to Candy making sure she’s fastened before himself. The two of them would start going up and Kentin would just smile so much. His precious smile. The two of them would just be happy, quiet, and just laugh. Their legs out and smiles up, they’re just happy. [Que illustration].

Morgan Rielly - Family

Originally posted by vanzish

Request: @crimsoncurse1104 “ Hey! Could you please do an imagine with Morgan Rielly! And it’s the first time he’s meeting her family for a BBQ and he’s petrified but then you guys get to the house and everyone loves him and he bonds with y/n’s like 3 year old nephew and y/n realizes how much she loves him?? Something fluffy AF basically 😊😊 thankssss!! “

A/N: When I asked which one you guys wanted next, it wasn’t even near close. I got so many anons in my inbox asking for Mo next, so here you go! 

Up next: Either Martin Jones or Nolan Patrick

Warnings: None

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Pater’s Rose 8

So guys, here is Part 8 of Parter’s Rose!!! I hope you will like it!!! 

And I’m so honored that I inspire some people with my writing!!! 

Thank you so much! 

All the love 


I lean exhausted and numb against the window, my eyes red and swollen. I have no tears anymore and my chest is hurting because of the deep desperate sobs which escaped from my empty shell. Halfway through the trip a woman enters my compartment; she carries a little child with her, a girl with dark curls. I smile at her and she nods as she sits down across from me. I examine the new passengers:

The little Miss looks cute in her dark green dress, her long curls falling over her shoulders with such a naturalness that every woman would be jealous. Her skin looks delicate like china; her cheeks have a rose color and her lips have a beautiful curve. Her dark eyes are awake and interested. Her little legs dangle excitedly against the cushion of the seat.

The bow in her hair matches perfectly the color of her dress. She babbles endlessly and her mother nods and smiles. From time to time she points out of the window and I follow her finger too, only to see me in the reflection of the pane. A pale teary face with sad big eyes. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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Protective of us - Sakura’s Jealousy

Prompt: Protective of us Title: Sakura’s Jealousy aka Sasuke says the right things sometimes. Summary: sasusaku get lunch and are interrupted by a girl.

The incident happened when they were eating lunch at a café. It was a normal day for them: Sakura had finished her morning shift, Sasuke had finished his morning training, and then he met her at the steps of the hospital. They walked to a place Sasuke chose and she told him about the non-confidential parts of her morning. He listened and didn’t say much about his day, except that he was pleased with his progress.

It didn’t go badly until they sat down to eat. And now she just didn’t know about him…

 “I don’t know what I want.” She mumbled to herself, scanning the menu a few times over. “I don’t even know if I’m hungry.”

Sasuke replied, “You need to eat. You’re doing a double shift today, yes?”

“Hn. I am.” She nodded, thinking his words fair. “I’ll get something with meat then.” 

The server approached them and Sakura noticed the girl’s interested expression instantly. She was about to brush it off as a Sasuke-kun/fan girl moment, but then the waitress opened her mouth.

“Sasuke-kun. It’s nice to see you again.” She smiled. “It looks like you’ve been training hard.” The girl was starting to look more like a woman to Sakura, and the pink haired kunoichi frowned.

Sasuke didn’t notice and nodded, “Yes Riko-san, it went well as usual.”

Sakura’s ears perked up at the use of the girl’s name and she felt suddenly jealous. She had never considered that Sasuke would talk to other women – that he would ever be interested in small talk. Yet here he was smiling and interacting.

She didn’t like it.

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