nice to dream

things that are good:

- the smell of old paperbacks

- black and white film photos of flowers

- the smell of cheap coffee in the morning

- putting blush on

- feeling dewy after putting on your moisturizer

- rolling yourself up in someone you love’s duvet

- the moon visible while the sky’s still blue

- warm milk with vanilla and cinnamon before bed

- cardigans that make you look like a little old lady

- silver hoop earrings

- french braids that make you look like a milk maid

- knowing someone is putting good and kind energy into you

- dreaming about future apartment

- dreaming about future pet cat

- suede couches

I had a Thom dream in which he was my teacher from school way back when i was a child and I hadnt seen him since i was a kid but then i was in Paris and ran into him and he invited me to his place? And we talked for a while and got along great, idk we had a really familiar and comfortable vibe going on and ended up cuddling and making out a little but then he had to leave and I stayed at his place and waited for him to come back and then i woke up.

bambis-baby  asked:

You're my favorite fic author xx 😋

Aww, that’s so sweet! You’re too kind to put up with my stylistic nonsense, lol.

And look! D'Arcy! We are f r i e n d s! You have me on snapchat! Sometimes I post snaps of my cat! It’s like Paris in the late 19th century, all the artists and writers are friends and obsessing over the same stuff! 🙃


Blessing your blog with an 8 minute compilation of Yuta speaking his native tongue, Japanese 🇯🇵😇you’re lying to yourself if you don’t find this attractive 

credit goes to creator on youtube😊❤️