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kirishima eijirou aka shark boi

so uhh im trying to get myself to memorize his character design so ima be drawing him more often

I’m curious about a thing.

Since Gabriel Agreste is Le Papillon, can he decide what abilities he get when he get himself akumatized as The Collector? He’s smart enough to akumatize himself to avoid suspicions but doesn’t take into account that his akumatized object have limited number of pages? If he’s aware of that crucial information, WHO TOLD YOU TO COLLECT THE MONUMENTS AND PUBLIC FIGURES?

*deep breaths*


This is the same person who threw a useless tantrum over a missing book that he started throwing and breaking objects, probably knowing that he has to replace the damages when he ‘calms’ down.


K1-BO hanging out with his mom… in other words the best/wort thing I’ve ever drawn… I love K1-BO… he is best boy, best girl, best robot, and best son.

Me, happily reading metas supporting AND denying the Kuron Clone theory while ya’ll argue with each other about it:

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hey ghouls i’m honey, not to be mistaken for rupi’s milk and honey !! ba dum tss. let’s move past that horrible joke ?!anyway i’m eighteen ( soon to be nineteen thank u ! ) and currently living in the gmt timezone and i go by she/her pronouns. i’m super excited to be here so let me just jump into this. SDFHDG you can read a little about callista under the cut, she’s a mess and a half. like me ! give this a like if you want to plot with her and i’ll come running your way or feel free to just shoot me an im. you can find her wcs here :~)

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you know these moments when a friend just casually says something that validates your friendship, like just refers to something as “our place” or “our thing” and suddenly your heart is auditioning for Cirque du Soleil and days later you’re still thinking about it


My favourite adoptive relationships in fiction

guess who tried digital art for the first time

Edit: this is now available as a sticker/ other things on redbubble!!! If u wanna support that would be greatly appreciated!!