nice things to say to others

quiet wlw things: listening to music about loving other girls on low volume, zoning out in class because you’re thinking about that girl that said hi to you a week ago, curling up in bed in the dark with your phone pressed to your ear listening to the girl you like tell you about her day, getting excited when she gets excited, wishing you were brave enough to ask her out, wishing you could hold hands, wishing you could kiss her, thinking about braiding her hair, having to ask a girl to repeat what she was saying because you got distracted by her mouth, thinking about all the dates you’d love to take a nice girl on, noticing little things about a certain girl and then being unable to stop noticing them, wanting to ask her what her favorite color is, loving things about her that she might not like so much, getting that crazy happy feeling when you see girls loving each other in public, loving when she talks and talks about something that she likes, wanting to compliment that one girl everyday because she always wears the cutest clothes, never wanting to be the one to end the conversation, smiling at every girl u see because they’re all so beautiful

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luntian-berdengguhit  asked:

You may have seen the way you draw hands as not nice or like what you'd said "claw hands things", but have you seen the way you colour?! Your art style?! They are all amazing!!! ;u; I always admired your colouring style uweeeee. <3 (I DON'T THINK YOUR HANDS ARE SILLY AT ALL AAAAH WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! ;U; THEY ARE NICE!!!!)

Awww, thank you so much! I’m always looking to improve and hands are something I can always work on! Always moving forward and always learning new things!

Have a happy little frog who I’m sure it always learning new things too! Get those new beats going! Check out all these awesome artists here! We’re all gonna do great!

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what was the team like when they were lil kids?


He wasn’t the loudest kid and not much has changed. He grew up in a strict household so he’d just stay to himself a lot and just draw or play with the toys in his room alone. He did have a really nice baby sitter and would be extra clingy to her. He cried a lot as well because he was afraid of being left alone in the dark so he asked to be read stories till he fell asleep.


He was a moody little brat. He used to throw his stuffed toys about a lot when their imaginary voices didn’t say nice things even though he was the one thinking it up for them. However, when his sister was born, he kept asking mum to “return the thing” to the store since he thought the word sister meant pet and he was always told that dogs were expensive.


He was the most angelic little boy that would always wave at other kids when he was taken to the park. He started speaking a little later than other kids but he’d always copy whatever Wakatoshi said; the two were inseparable. He’d always share his toys with everyone as well as be the first to tidy up whenever his parents or someone else told him to.


He tried to play with other kids but gave up eventually. That’s why he turned to watching TV so much; he always stayed up late and sit really close to the TV with it on at a really low volume so that he wouldn’t get caught. He didn’t go out much as well since he was really content with the millions of ties that scattered the floor of his room.


He was constantly praised for everything. He looks back on it now thinking he never deserved any of it. He was adventurous and tried to do everything from being in school plays, competing in races etc but would always be the extra or get the participation medal. He used to think that he was the awesomest kid around but he doesn’t exactly think that now.


He was left alone with the house staff so he was pretty quiet. His parents pushed him to be at the top of everything and ended up being a bit scared of them as well, doing his best only so as not to disappoint them. He started playing the piano at a young age because he was told he had to be different, but his idea of different was always playing whatever he wanted rather than following the sheet music.


He used to be so bouncy and full of life. He liked to sing… dance… preTEND…. AAAAAAAAAND KAAAAAZOOOO. Legit. He used to look like the kazoo kid and unironically played the kazoo. He also climbed trees and fell out of them a lot so wound up with a lot of bruises and scratches. But he’d always get back up and try to get to the top because he was persistent as shit.


He was the coolest kid in primary school. The kid who got his pen license first and always came first in a 100 metre sprint. He also hung out with girls a lot more than the guys since he thought that it wasn’t right for the boys to be mean to the girls so he’d teach them how to play football and other sports. Eventually, the girls and Yamagata challenged the boys to a match to settle things and he helped to get everyone to understand each other. The peacemaker. The mediator. An amazing child.

i love the idea of joker being thrust into bruce’s world, and not grasping how much money bruce has
like, joker is used to eating fast food and wearing dollar store makeup/elf/wet n wild, his whole aesthetic revolves around things that are cheaply made
and then he meets bruce, who is a billionaire, who could buy elf out if he wanted to, and both of them are in such shock at the other’s lives
joker sends bruce a picture of that mariah carey mac collection just to say “i like this product design” or smth and bruce just. assumes that means he wants it (or maybe. just wants to be nice it was a holiday collection) so he buys him a few of the lipsticks or some highlighter and joker is awestruck bc hes never spent more than $10 on a single product in his entire life

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Anon Pt2. Sister was saying that he seems to really like me unlike other girls. And that he has never taken any other girl on a date. But then that instagram photo happens about 2 months later. He never posts stuff like this on facebook. With all this, do you think he actually likes me? Or is he just being nice

I think you may be overthinking the whole comment thing and I’m pretty sure that he does actually like you so I don’t think that there is anything for you to worry about. I think the comments on instagram were probably just made in a jokey way or were flirty but really didn’t mean anything its seriously isn’t something you should be worrying about. 


Friendships → Harry and Luna

They looked at each other. Luna was smiling slightly. Harry did not know what to say, or to think. Luna believed so many extraordinary things … yet he had been sure he had heard voices behind the veil too …

Are you sure you don’t want me to help you look for your stuff?” he said. 

Oh no,” said Luna. “No, I think I’ll just go down and have some pudding and wait for it all to turn up … It always does in the end. Well, have a nice holiday, Harry.” 

Yeah … yeah, you too.” 

She walked away from him and, as he watched her go, he found that the terrible weight in his stomach seemed to have lessened slightly. 

How to Stop Beating Yourself Up

1. Try to understand where it came from. Why do you demand so much of yourself? Do you have tendencies towards perfection or self-hatred? If so, where do these come from?

2. Practice self-compassion. Everyone deserves to be loved and understood, to be allowed to make mistakes, and to take the time to grow. Give that to yourself. Don’t attack and hurt yourself.

3. Deliberately focus on positive self-talk. Being negative, impatient, critical and overbearing becomes so automatic that we don’t realize it’s a habit. So, interrupt that habit and be kind and positive.

4. Decide not to compare yourself to others. We tend to judge ourselves by the people who excel, or have an easier life, or who face few obstacles. It’s not a level playing field so don’t compare yourself. Remember you ARE changing, and you have a lot to give.

5. Make a note of compliments and nice things people say – then pull it out and read it when you start to feel you’ve failed. Remind yourself that others see your value and worth … And others see the good in you, and want you to succeed.

Mental Illness in the Horror Genre

Something that pissed me off the other day.

Talking to a guy who knows my parents but doesn’t know me very well, and he tells me that his friend (indeed, a very nice and talented actor) recently put out a horror movie. And I’m interested until I hear the words “So it’s about this guy with OCD…” and at that point my mom and I give each other a sidelong glance.

I say, “I don’t know, because I have OCD and it’s a pretty serious thing for me.”

To which he follows up, “Oh, you don’t have it like this guy! You’re totally functional!”

Okay, dude. Yes, I am standing before you in a fancy club, dressed nice, and looking relatively balanced. But you do not know me. You do not know OCD.

You do not know that I have been non-functional, and that in order to maintain my current balance of sanity, I take daily medication and see a weekly therapist, and I still have downward spirals and panic attacks.

OCD can add to a story, for sure. The Aviator is a great example–albeit, it was on the voyeuristic side, kind of “check out what a weirdo this guy really is”, but his condition was portrayed in a realistic and *sympathetic* manner, because it focused so hard on his anxiety and entrapment.

I don’t need a horror movie about my disorder for a couple reasons.
1. I already live the horror movie that is OCD.
2. Just like people with psychosis, schizophrenia/schizotypal disorders, dissociative identity disorders, and any other number of mental disorder that makes us act in unusual and yes, sometimes frightening ways, I don’t need it to be the hinge for your horror flick, a handy device that makes more people like you scared and misunderstanding of people like me.
3. And for people with the above disorders who may not be diagnosed, they don’t need to be told that they are dangerous monsters and cause them to avoid treatment out of fear. (This goes double for people who experience paranoia or delusions as part of their symptoms.)

This post ended up way longer than I meant, but really, truly, hear me out creators:


muns who talk to me while roleplaying  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

muns who send nice things to me (・∀・ )

muns who help me with something 。◕ ‿ ◕。

muns who like or reblog my stuff  (´∀`)b

muns who like me or my muse   (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

muns who roleplay with me  (ノ・◡・)ノ ♥

muns who worry when i am not online much (⊙ヮ⊙)

muns who say good night or morning to me(   ´∀´)☆

muns who follow me on other social media (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)

muns who are crazy like me or sinners like me (ι´Д`)ノ


when you’re having a nice time with jonathan and then he says, “Nancy Wheeler, she’s not just another suburban girl who thinks she’s rebelling by doing exactly what every other suburban girl does… until that phase passes and they marry some boring one-time jock who now works sales, and they live out a perfectly boring little life at the end of a cul-de-sac. Exactly like their parents, who they thought were so depressing, but now, hey, they get it.“

I really find it quite sad how much hate some characters get in the YOI fandom just because they’re not nice lil’ cinnamon rolls.

Like JJ - people hate Jean Jacques because he’s arrogant, as though that’s not completely normal in competitive sports.

It’s actually realistic that not all characters are all nice and friendly and cheering for each other. It’s important to acknowledge that both sorts of people exist in the world of figure skating.

(And can I say that no one seems to hate on Seung Gil even though he’s cold and self-centered himself?)

Or take Chris - a weird guy, I understand that he can make people uncomfortable and I personally agee that his sexuality is somewhat overdone, but he’s not actually a bad guy and is a skilled skater, but the only thing that people focus on is the ‘climaxes’ (literal or otherwise) to his routines?

The truth is that there have been skaters like him in history, very open and flamboyant and unashamed and, as you’d expect, people bashed them too (I mean, take Johnny Weir as an example and he never got anywhere near to what Chris does). People like them are verbally harassed just because they’re different and you’d figure that a fandom with so many LGBT+ individuals could be more understanding of them?

I’d say Yuri on Ice is an interesting exercise in broadening your horizons and being less judgemental and more accepting. I mean, JJ officially does charity work during off-seasons and actually crosses himself before his performances, not to mention the love for his home country (look at his tattoo). Meanwhile, Chris is motivated to skate by his admiration for Victor which isn’t all that different to Yuuri, and he loves cats (as seen in the ending IG pic).

I know that they’re not necessarily easily likeable characters and I understand that hate will always exist in fandoms, but can we at least try to see where they’re coming from and not prejudge them too much? (especially considering how little we actually get to see of them.)

caregivers: DON'T EVER...

💦insult things we like

💦flirt with other littles

💦lie to us

💦tell us we are annoying

💦say our stuffies “can’t talk”

💦tell us our coloring/drawing is ugly

💦punish us out of anger

💦tell us to shut up

💦say “thats nice” when we’re excited

💦yell at us

💦take our stuffies/binkies/blankies away

💦tell us we’re being childish

💦force sexual acts on us

💦ignore safe words

💦make fun of us

💦tell others our secrets we trusted you with

💦starve us for punishment

💦make your little cry (outside of punishment)

💦forget aftercare

💦insult us

(all these things feel awful, i know from personal experience)

feel free to add to the list if you think of more!

How to Create a Positive Impression

1. Smile: People who smile are viewed as being warmer and friendlier individuals.

2. Be easy to impress, or to make laugh and smile: Others also worry about how people see them. If they think that they’re succeeding, then they’ll like you even more.

3. Show interest and liking through your use of body language: Face the person, look them in the eye when you’re talking, and show you are friendly through your open body stance (uncrossed arms and legs etc.)

4. Remember the power of transfer traits: Basically, that means that if you say nice things about other people, they assume you’ll say nice things about them, too … Or if you criticise others, then you’ll criticise them, too.

5. Poke fun at yourself: It makes you seem more human and approachable.

6. Remember the power of emotional contagion: That means that others tend to pick up the emotions we project. So, if you seem laid back, warm, happy and relaxed then those you are with will start to feel the same way, too.

7. Remember the name and few basic facts about the person you are talking to: Such as their job, college major, favourite hobby, favourite food, places they have been to or awards they have received.


Jack + recognition

on the difference between Passion and True Love

Mickey has NOTHING.

He’s SO PAST rock bottom he’s hit a new level.  No prospects, no income, no home, constantly will have to live his life checking over his shoulder.  Hell he doesn’t know where he’ll get his next meal.

And Ian apparently has EVERYTHING, he’s the FARTHEST he’s got in life.  He’s got his health checked, he’s got a nice boyfriend who helps him grow and become a more aware person, he’s got a badass job where he feels like a hero.


Ian chooses Mickey when Ian has a wholesome, happy life and Mick has NOTHING.

Any other person and Ian would take one look at the scruff and matted hair and think “jesus christ I dodged a bullet” - like Fiona would say.  Like she thinks when she looks back on JimmyJackSteve.  Like she always lost patience with him when he started getting boring or jobless.

And here comes Mickey.  Dirty and poor and scarred and traumatized and no doubt humiliated looking at Ian in his crisp blue uniform.  Literally all Mickey has is the thinnest hope he made up for himself, and he’s blowing on that hope like a sucker freezing to death in the cold and dark would blow on a little flame.

Ian sees Mickey and instead of looking down on him, all he sees is an open door.  All he sees is possibility.

That’s true love.  When someone’s down in the dirt like a kicked and sickly stray and when you come across him, and he looks up at you, you don’t feel pity or think about the luck you got, in comparison.

Nah.  You think - “Thank God, my life is now complete.”

I guess I should’ve learned a long time ago how to recognize unhealthy relationships before they really start to mess you up.

It’s all the things you’ve heard from your parents when you were young: people who mistreat you don’t deserve your love, you have no obligation to anyone who tries to buy your affection, your worth is so much more than anyone who tries to place a value on your body. Phrases engrained in your mind but somehow they go mute when you find yourself giving that one person just one more chance because you really believe in them, because they can change, you can help them do it.

When they buy you flowers, or take you out somewhere nice instead of saying sorry for that other night, instead of starting to listen to you when you talk, instead of actually answering your texts when you try and ask them about their day. That’s when you should realize that a relationship is not a membership someone needs to subscribe and write checks out to. It’s never IOU’s attached to broken hearts and tear stained pillows.

It’s hearing each other’s fears and wants and wishes and deciding that maybe you don’t understand them completely but you will always be behind each other for support when it’s needed. It’s unwavering trust and constant I love you’s being traded back and forth and every time, it’s truly meant.

The functions as little embarrassing things we all do

Si: starting to reminisce about an experience you had with someone until you realize they don’t remember it at all

Se: starting a sentence and then having no idea where you were going with it

Fe: smiling and waving at someone and they don’t wave back

Fi: apologizing for bumping into inanimate objects

Ne: repeating “what?” way too many times because you CANNOT understand what the other person is saying

Ni: accidentally saying something really heavy during a light conversation

Te: not realizing someone was trying to be nice to you and dismissing them

Ti: trying to talk to someone about your obscure interests and then seeing them give you the “uhh that’s weird” look

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Dengeki Girl’s Style 2016/12 (p44-45)

Here’s the interview with Toshiyuki Toyonaga & Kouki Uchiyama that was published on the Dec. 2016 issue of Dengeki Girl’s Style. Some parts are similar to other interviews with them, but actually there are quite a few tidbits that were not present in the others. (For example Toyonaga talking more in detail about how he relates to Yuuri)

I’m actually quite amazed that all the interviews with the two of them I read were different and interesting. Usually if you see various interviews with the same person about the same series in the same period they tend to all say the same stuff, but they managed to keep the variety… So yeah, you may think “another interview with those two??”, but I assure you it’s a nice read!

Quick note: in this interview they do not call them Yuuri/Yurio like in other magazines, they call them Yuuri/Yuri, so that extra “U” there is the only thing making the difference (it’s also the reason why I started using Yuuri instead of the official spelling Yuri when translating, so that the characters don’t get mixed up…).

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***
***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Interview: “Yuri” Talk
Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Yuuri Katsuki & Kouki Uchiyama as Yuri Plisetsky
Yuuri and Yuri, whose names are pronounced the same, are portrayed with very different personalities in the anime. Let’s hear what their voice actors think about “Yuri on Ice”.

—How did you feel when you first got to know about “Yuri on Ice”?

Toyonaga: I heard about it for the first time when I was told about the audition. My agency told me that there was going to be an audition for an anime about figure skating. I’m just a newbie, but I happened to watch figure skating on TV, so I knew the names of the Japanese skaters and I thought an anime about it would be really intriguing. By the way, actually my manager loves figure skating much more than me. S/he told me “I absolutely want to do this, so do your best to get the role!” (LOL).
[translator’s note: I’m not sure about the gender of Toyonaga’s manager, though judging from the reaction I would think it’s a woman. To be safe I’m leaving it ambiguous]

Uchiyama: That’s some pressure (LOL).

T: It is. S/he was really excited. I know that sometimes whether you pass or fail an audition depends on the timing too, but I still did my best for it. As far as I know, this is the first anime created with the theme of realistic figure skating. Plus I like figure skating too, so I really wanted to get a part in it. At a later time I was actually told that Mitsurou Kubo-san said “only Toyonaga-san can play Yuuri Katsuki”… Of course I was happy, but I also felt a lot of pressure. When I was notified that I passed the audition my manager was so happy (LOL). I was happy too of course, but it was like when someone starts crying before you and you don’t feel like crying anymore (LOL). After some time the realization that I passed the audition finally sunk in.
In the audition I aimed for a flat acting style. It was a bet, because I tried to make the acting as realistic as possible, including the way he speaks. ……This is also why, when I passed the audition, I actually felt some pressure because I realized I had to keep playing Yuuri-kun in that flat style.

U: I thought it was a unique and nice project. I remember getting excited when I saw that big names like director Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsurou Kubo-san where involved, and I had the feeling this could become an amazing anime. I definitely wanted to take part in it, and that’s why I auditioned.

—Yuuri and Yuri. What did you think when you heard that there were two characters with the same name?

U: Sometimes it’s hard to understand who they’re referring to (LOL). During recording, if they give us instructions saying “the Yuri in this scene!” we both reply.

T: Yeah, we answer at the same time (LOL). At the beginning we used to ask “which Yuri do you mean?”.

U: In the end we decided to call my Yuri “Yurio” like the nickname he was given in the anime.

—Tell us about the highlights of this show.

T: Naohiko Fujino-san, who is doing the narration for the Grand Prix Series on TV Asahi, is part of the cast.

U: I laughed when I saw on the script “Naohiko Fujino, voice of Naohiko Fujino”. Also, announcer Morooka is voiced by TV Asahi announcer Taihei Katou-san (he actually does the coverage for the Grand Prix Series). Thanks to his voice it really sounds like the real thing! One of the highlights is that the staff is very careful about details that are indispensable when portraying figure skating.

T: One of Yuuri’s main problems is that he is skilled but mentally weak, and this weak point of his tends to stand out, but it’s not like he’s nervous the whole time. As he and Victor lay bare their feelings and clash with each other, their hearts gradually get closer and Yuuri mentally grows up through that. I think that in the story Victor will eventually demolish the wall that Yuuri has built in his heart. And beside Yuuri’s frustration and growth, the way Victor changes too is something to check out.

U: The first half of the series is set in Japan, then from about midway through the Grand Prix Series starts and many new characters appear. With different settings and more characters, I think the show will also have a different “color” compared to the first part. That’s also something you should look forward to.

—What do you find interesting in Yuuri and Yuri?

T: The fact that he is skilled but mentally weak is very Japanese, in my opinion. Also the fact that he’s somewhat of a late bloomer, that he’s an ordinary person and gives importance to the spirit of cooperation is also quite Japanese.

—According to Toyonaga-san, Yuuri Katsuki is very Japanese. What about the Russian Yuri?

U: As his nickname “Russian yankee” says, he tends to be bad-tempered and is meant to be basically the opposite of the Japanese Yuuri. When he was still a junior he was considered a genius and left splendid results. Right now he is shifting to the upper level, the senior class, so it’s a time of change for him. He says many harsh things, but he’s still in his teens. Sometimes he shows behaviors and expressions that are fitting for his age, which is kind of a gap compared to his usual self, and that is something I pay attention to when voicing him.

—Which Yuri do you think is most similar to you?

T: I think I’m similar to Katsuki-kun, I mean, I can relate to him a lot.

U: Do you cry in the toilet?

T: I did that.

U: Did you!? (LOL)

T: Yup, that happened (LOL).
Figure skaters have a junior class too, which means most of them have been on the rink since they were little. I’ve also started acting when I was still a child, so in a way the fact that we have been in the world of expression since we were little is similar. I have the impression that figure skating is the sport where artistic expression skills are considered most important. Choosing the theme of the song they are going to use in their performance, expressing something with their body moving along the music… I feel in a way it’s similar to musicals.
At the beginning of episode 1 I could also sympathize a lot with the frustration of going back to your town after finishing in last place. I acted that part remembering all the regret and humiliation I felt when my monthly income was low because I wasn’t popular and had to rely on my family’s support. Since I can relate to his painful feelings, the more I think about Yuuri-kun the more I feel like crying (LOL).

—What about Uchiyama-san?

U: If I had to choose between the two I’d say Yuri. I’m not a yankee though (LOL).

—In what do you think you can relate to him the most?

U: I guess his mentality. When he shifts from junior to senior he has to face some issues like the fact that he has not enough stamina (the skating time of the free program is longer in the senior class and they also have more matches), but he isn’t discouraged. He has a strong willpower.

T: Uchiyama-kun never gets distressed. In that way I think they are similar. Yurio is also someone who no matter what trouble he has to face is always like “so what?”.

U: I guess I might have some kind of competitive spirit that helps me confront difficulties (LOL).

T: It’s not exactly like Yuri, who lashes out at people like a punk, but I have the impression that when you are facing an issue you also react like “uh, is that so?”, like you are not affected. I’ve almost never seen you unsettled.

—What character do you find interesting among the ones who appear?

T: I like Georgi Popovich. He’s really pitiful.

U: He’s amusing because he’s so serious…… His single-mindedness is kind of humorous.

T: It’s because he’s so single-minded that people watching him end up giggling.

U: He’s a nice character.

T: I also feel some pathos in him. And I like him even more because Watano Hataru-san plays him perfectly. I hope viewers will like him too.

—What about Uchiyama-san?

U: I like the Japanese skater Kenjiro Minami-kun. He looks up to Yuuri, and when he sees that Yuuri is ashamed of his past self he spurs him on because he can’t bear to see the person who is also his goal feel so miserable about himself. I was impressed by that part because I thought it was good drama.

—Is there a scene that impressed you during recording?

T: There are so many that if I started listing them all I’d never finish! I could just say “everything”. In episode 1 I was really impressed by the beauty of Kyushu and Hasetsu’s landscape. I was like, “so this is where Katsuki-kun grew up”. His house, which is a traditional inn, is also beautiful and realistic. On the other hand, some details like Yuuri’s dad and mom and the three Nishigoori sisters are completely deformed characters. There’s a perfect balance between reality and things that you could only see in anime.
In episode 2, when Victor shows up to become his coach and starts living in the Katsuki house, there’s a scene where Yuuri realizes why he’s so confused about that. He says to himself “I see, I’m nervous because I’m so happy”, and that left a strong impression on me. The scenes in episode 3 where Victor coaches Yuuri and Yuri, the start of episode 4… There are so many (LOL).

U: I like the scene in episode 3 where Victor speaks to Yuri after he finishes skating. Victor comments that “it’s the best I’ve seen so far”. When I was practicing my lines I actually didn’t think too much about that comment. However, during the recording, the sound director said “in this scene, Victor is not giving Yuri unreserved praise”. It can be interpreted as “it’s the best I’ve seen so far from you”, “but whether you can win against Yuuri with this is another thing”. That made me sad. He went to Japan because he wanted Victor to become his coach, but in the end his wish wasn’t fulfilled, and that really moved me.

—Please leave a message for the readers.

T: We’ve already gotten to episode 6, halfway through. It’s a nicely paced series where every single episode is brimming with contents. Every skater has a short and free program, you’ll be able to enjoy them soon. I think that if you have seen up to episode 6 you already know why the name of Yuuri’s program became “Yuri on ICE”. In his free program Yuuri is going to perform “Yuri on ICE”, which represents his life, and that’s something worth checking out closely. I think one of the interesting things about figure skating is that even if the program is the same they will perform it differently based on their physical and mental conditions on that day. I hope you will enjoy this dramatic side too. Cheer on this anime, as well as the real Grand Prix Series!

U: It’s really a generous anime. We who are part of the cast are very excited to work in it too, also because since it’s a completely original anime we don’t know what will happen next either. I think one of the highlights is also finding out who will advance to the Grand Prix Final. Please enjoy the anime until the end.