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*The One Room We Didn’t Do It In!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 363

Warnings: none

A/N: Entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017, Week 2

  • Dialogue prompt: Are we completely sure that’s how it’s supposed to look?”
  • Gif prompt: in the story

*The one room we didn’t do it in!

“Are we completely sure that’s how it’s supposed to look?”

You bite your lower lip; it stills a bit puffed and warmer than usual from the intense kissing, and your eyes scan the apparently neat surface. “Grab that corner,” you indicate and take the opposite yourself. “Pull.”

Dean and you haul the sheets, each one towards themselves, “Yeah, now I think…” you trail off when his arms are around your waist from behind, the weight of his body against yours almost makes you fall onto the bed. “Careful! I don’t wanna have to tide it up again.”

“Let’s get outta here then. Sam’s gonna kill us when he finds out-”

“If, he finds out.” you turn around in Dean’s arms and nibble at the side of  his jaw.

“He will, Y/N. We broke it.” he growls a little bit, his hands pressing your body impossibly closer to his.

“You broke it,” you slip off his embrace and start walking out the room, Dean stops you by the hand and you pull him behind you.

I broke it? I remember someone else jump at me, making us both fall down.”

“Yeah… and you weren’t strong enough to catch me!” Your eyes meet and you both smile at the memory

“Now, we gonna have to scratch Sam’s room out with a little item on the side saying: the one room we didn’t do it in!” you whine and Dean laughs.

You turn around and glare at him. “Now where? That whole breaking the bed thing kinda interrupted us.”

Dean stops with you, a big smile playing at his lips as he thinks. “I recall having quite a nice time at the garage.”

You nod slowly. “Big old cars, fucking comfortable back seats! I race you?” Before Dean understand what’s going on you already start to run. “You comin’?” you mock seeing over your shoulder he hasn’t moved yet.

The heavy door of the bunker opens and closes, you’re about to stop when Dean’s arms come suddenly and the only thing you can do is squirm when he hauls you up and carries you over his shoulder shushing you and telling you to be quiet.

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Loneliness - Tom Wilson

A/N: This wasn’t requested. I’ve just been having a really stressful weeks and needed to write something that nobody had requested in case I wrote something really shitty. It is long, but I hope you like it xx.

Word count: 3333

Warnings: Anger. Swearing. Sadness.

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I turn around in bed, trying my best to get comfortable. The room isn’t cold, but my bones are freezing. The bed is huge, but I’m lying on the edge. I have everything I’ll ever need, and yet again I feel helpless. It is always the same; it is the same loneliness that hunts me every time Tom is away… And I’m not sure if it is worth it anymore.  There are days when I just want to run away, go back to my home and never look back,; but this is Tom’s dream, and if I love Tom, I need to learn to love his dreams just as much as I do him.

Jack jumps onto the bed and lies against my back, melting part of the ice inside of me. Getting Jack had been Tom’s idea so I wasn’t alone every time he was on a trip with the team, but the Australian Shepherd could not replace Tom. He was a good boy nevertheless.

“Hi, buddy.” I whisper, turning around to pet his fluffy head.

Jack has learnt to sense my mood, because he lifts his head and licks my hand, making me smile for the first time today.

“You are the best boy in Washington DC.” I say to him and he picks up his ears, turning his head and looking overall adorable.

I’m whispering, even though that I’m alone in the apartment and no one would care if I scream, but after spending the whole day quiet I don’t think that I can make myself to speak any louder. I spend another hour turning around and petting Jack until I fall into a tormented sleep where I’m alone and I can’t escape my own demons.

Waking up in an empty bed is just as bad as going to sleep alone, so I roll off of it as soon as I open my eyes. I walk towards to the kitchen, the wooden floor cold against my bare feet, and start making coffee when I hear the front door opening.

“Hello?” Tom’s voice is loud and I wish I could just cover my ears.

“Hey.” I answer him, my voice much calmer than his while I keep working on making coffees for both of us now.

“Hello, beautiful.” His voice is about to burst my eardrums when he walks in the kitchen.

I don’t say anything and I keep working on the coffees, pouring almond milk and hazelnut syrup on mine, and a sugar in his black coffee. I hand him the mug and turn around to face him. He is as handsome as always; his hair is messy and his blue eyes are bright.

“Hi.” I just say, and I try to give him a small smile, but it comes like more of a grimace than a smile.

He doesn’t seem to notice, because he leans in and kisses the corner of my mouth softly. I don’t know why this time is different, but I can’t pretend that I’ve been okay this time, so I just look down and wrap my hands around my cup seeking the warmth of the beverage.

“Where is Jack?” He wonders, looking around for our little rascal.

“He was still sleeping when I woke up.” I explain to him and he huffs. “Jack, dad is home!” I call out for him and seconds later we hear the four paws running through the hall. Jack jumps around Tom, excitement clear in his pretty eyes.

I’ve always thought that Tom chose Jack because their eyes look the same; they go from icy blue to the color of a stormy sky, hitting every color in between. One of my favorite games is to name every color I see on Tom’s eyes; he finds it hilarious when I tell him that his eyes are ‘the color of the sky on a summer day when it is too hot to go out’ or ‘the color of a smurf’s butt”.

“Hello buddy, I’ve missed you.” Tom throws himself to the ground, not caring about the suit he is wearing.

I look at the way they play on the floor, Tom getting on his four and grunting and for a second I feel happy, but the feeling washes away when I remember that this is temporary, he is going to leave again.

“I’m taking a shower.” I say, walking to the bathroom and shutting the door.

I lean on the door, feeling my eyes sting for the first time in months. I stopped crying about this a long time ago, but today is an odd day and I let myself roll with it. I turn on the shower and undress myself, shivering when I step in, the water still a little cold. The more time I spend in the shower, the more my crying becomes sobbing and I end up struggling to breathe while I cry under the shower. I don’t even hear Tom coming in until I feel his hands around my wrists.

“Ey, ey, ey, what’s wrong?” He asks, using his finger to make me raise my head.

“Nothing.” I say, stepping away from him, hitting my back against the wall.

“Baby, you are sobbing.” He says, a hurt expression in his face and his shirt sticking to his body.

“I said that I’m fine.” I yell and I choke on my own screams.

“Then why are you crying?” He sounds mad now and I turn around, facing the wall and not him, resting my head on the tiles.

“Because I goddamn want to.” I fist my hands in frustration, punching the wall slowly.

“You know what, sweetheart, I can’t read your mind.” His voice is harsh now and I shiver. “So, you either tell me what’s wrong or you stop acting like your fish has died.”

“Or what?” I challenge him, turning around to look at him.

We hold each other’s gaze for what seems like centuries, neither of us wanting to give it up to the other, until Tom sighs and lifts his hand to punch the wall, just as I was doing, but with all his strength.

“For fuck sake, (y/n), talk to me.” He screams, but I don’t even flinch at his bloody knuckles or his cursing.

“I don’t want to talk, Tom.” I simply answer, turning off the shower, wrapping myself with a fluffy towel and walking out of the bathroom.

“Too bad, I do want to talk.” He follows me, leaning on the wall and looking at me getting dressed.

I ignore him, picking a pair of clean underwear, a pair of leggings and a cozy sweater from my wardrobe and putting them on. I take a deep breath, my eyes still stinging, and turn around to face him.

“Talk to me, please.” He begs and I break down.

I sit on the bed, burying my head on my hands. I’m crying again, but this time it isn’t sobbing, they are just quiet tears. The bed shifts next to me under Tom’s weight and I want to jerk away when he rubs circles onto my back.

“I can’t do this anymore.” I say in between hiccups. “I can’t pretend that I’m fine.”

“What is ‘this’?” He asks and I sigh, lifting my head up, my eyes red and my face soaked in tears.

“The loneliness.” I try to explain. “I can’t handle the distance. I can’t handle being alone. I stay awake at night, not being able to sleep because the bed is too big and too cold without you. I make two cups of coffee every morning, just to find yours on the counter realizing that you are not going to drink it. I don’t wash your shirts until the day before you are back because they smell like you. I see more of you on TV that actual real life.”

“Baby, you are not alone.” He tries to cut me off.

“Tom, I am alone all the time.” I wave my hands in front of me. “Yeah, I hang out with the girls, I go to work… but at the end of the day I’m alone here.”

“(y/n), I know that me being on the road sucks, but you have to understand that this is my job.” He states his case. “This has been everything I’ve ever wanted. This is my dre…”

“Your dream.” I finish the sentence for him. “And I understand that this is what you want.”

“Then what’s the problem?” He asks and I bury my hands in my hair, pulling from the roots.

“The problem is that I can’t do this anymore.” I whisper and he looks at me like I have just poured a bucket of icy water on his head. “But because I understand it is your dream I don’t want to make it difficult for you.”

“What does that mean?” He gets on his feet. “WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?”

“What I want to say is that I won’t make it hard for you.” I tell him and I can see the rage showing in his face. “I’ll be gone by the time to get back from practice tonight.”

“So you are giving up on us?” His shirt is still wet and his hair is more of a mess while he runs his hands through his hair. “YOU ARE GIVING UP ON US, JUST LIKE THAT. WITHOUT TALKING. WITHOUT FIGHTING. DO YOU EVEN LOVE ME?”

“This isn’t about love. This isn’t about fighting. It is about both of us being happy.” I say. “You are happy playing hockey and I need to find what makes me happy.”

“You know what? Fuck it. Leave. Today. Now.” His voice is pure poison. “Get the fuck out of my house.” He spits, leaving the room and a few seconds later the house, slamming the front door.

The worst thing about the last week is that I don’t feel any worse than I did before. I’m still hurting, but nothing has really changed; Tom and I don’t see each other, and the only difference is that we don’t talk or text.

After Tom left I packed up as much stuff as I could fit in my car and left the apartment, leaving Jack behind. That’s probably what hurts the most; I’m completely on my own now. But it has taken me a couple days to find a nice apartment to move in and start moving on.

My day has been okay so far; that’s the thing, everyday was just okay. I just want to go to bed one day and feel like it hasn’t been a waste of twenty-four hours, so when my coworkers asked if I wanted to go out for drinks I said yes. The night has been fun, and my coworkers made me smile for the first time in what it seems like forever, so the idea of going back to my apartment wasn’t really appealing.

“C’mon girl, you can do this.” I encourage myself. I need to stop wiping and start moving on.

The doors of the elevator open and I take my heels off, stepping on the soft carpet of the hallway. I turn right and walk down the hall to my apartment when I see it, a figure sitting next to my door. This is Washington after all, so I hold my shoes so I can use the heel to defend myself if necessary and I start walking as quietly as I can towards the unknown figure.

“Tom?” I drop my shoes in disbelief, kneeling down so I can shake him awake. “Tom, what are you doing here?”

It takes him a moment to open his eyes, and when he does I wish he hadn’t; his normally bright and blue eyes are now puffy, bloodshot and grey, with no spark on them. My heart breaks in a thousand billion pieces just because how helpless he looks; Tom Wilson, who could punch his way out of every situation, looks helpless. He opens his mouth for a second but closes it as fast as he has opened it, not sure of what to say. I take that time to straight up, picking my shoes up and opening my bag, looking for my keys. If he isn’t going to talk I might as well just get inside and try to forget how grey his eyes are.

“(y/n), wait.” He says when I insert the key in the keyhole and unlock the door.

I lean on the door, trying to figure out if I want to open the door and get inside and leave Tom outside, both from my apartment of my life, or I want to listen what he has to say. Curiosity wins over common sense because, as my mom says to me all the time, common sense is the least common of the senses.

“Want a drink?” I ask, opening the door and pushing it wide open, inviting him in.

He gets on his feet fast, stumble and hitting the door frame with his shoulder and hissing. I shut the door when we are both in and I stand there, trying to figure out what to do next; what do you do when your boyfri… ex-boyfriend shows up on your door?

“I don’t really have that much to drink.” I confess, walking towards the kitchen and looking inside the fridge. “Beer, orange juice, milk and diet cok…”

“I can’t believe you don’t have diet coke.” Our voices overlap and we both chuckle. “Water is fine.”

I nod, taking a cup from the cupboard and filling it up with chilled water, neither cold nor warm, just as he likes it.

“Thank you.” He says, grabbing it from my hands, our fingers touching for a second.

We both walk around the couch and sit as far from the other as possible. The air is heavy, changed with electricity as both of us look everywhere but the other, neither of us wanting to break the silence. Tom drinks from his cup and I play with my own fingers, picking on a small piece of skin.

“Stop doing that.” He scolds me, giving me a warning look before realizing what he’s done and sinking even deeper in the couch. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay. You are right.” I say, putting my hands under my thighs so I can’t pick on my fingers anymore.

“So…” He starts and I look at him, seeing him struggle. “How have you been?”

“It’s been a busy week.” I don’t lie, my week has been busy as hell, but I don’t tell him how shitty it has been as well. “You?” I casually ask.

“Definitely busy.” He agrees, grabbing a coaster from the middle of the coffee table and puts it down so he can rest his drink on the table. “It’s a nice place.”

“It is. It was fully furnished, so moving it has been easy.” The conversation is light, just to fill up the empty space between us.

Tom nods, but doesn’t say anything else. He seems deep in thought and I don’t do anything to snap him off of it, so silence is the king of the room once more.

“I get it now.” I hear Tom’s voice from what it seems far away and I realize that I have spaced out as well.

“What do you get?” I ask, confused.

“What you said.” I raise an eyebrow, not understanding what he is saying and he sighs, frustrated. “The loneliness, feeling alone.”

“Oh, that.” I answer, not really knowing what to say. “It wasn’t that big of a de…”

“But it was, and I’m sorry.” It’s the first time that he is actually looking at me. “I’m sorry that I didn’t understand. I’m sorry that I didn’t listen. I’m sorry that I didn’t notice. I’ve spend a week by myself, just a week, and I felt like I was drowning the whole time.”

Words get stuck in my throat and tears are burning in my eyes, so the only thing I can do I look at his cloudy eyes and hope that he keeps talking.

“I know that I was a jerk, and I know that it is unfair of me to even ask, but I would love to have you back, baby.” He says, and he really looks like he’s taken a huge weight out of his shoulders.

I chew my bottom lip, my mind racing at a thousand miles per hour. I’ve missed him, I’d be lying to myself if I said I haven’t, but I’m not sure that love is enough to heal my shattered heart. I can’t go back to the way the things were before.

“I can’t…” My voice comes out as a whisper. “I can’t go back to the way things were before. I can’t go back to your place. I can’t go back to missing you, having everything reminding me of you.”

“But baby, I love you…” He starts, but I cut him off.

“And I love you too, so much it hurts.” I tell him. “That’s why I can’t do it anymore. Love isn’t supposed to hurt. Love is supposed to make my heart flutter, not break every time you aren’t around.”

Tom’s eyes are glossy and he covers his face with his hands to hide it.

“Come with me then. You won’t be alone.” He says, sounding defeated.

“That’s not how it works. We need to be okay when we are apart, and I’m not okay when you are gone.” I explain to him and he looks at me, tears falling down his cheek.

“I don’t know what to do or say to help you, (y/n).” He looks helpless again.

“I can’t miss you and see you everywhere.” I say, my voice breaking in the middle of the sentence. “I see you everywhere in your apartment.”

“Then don’t be in my apartment. Live here or there or wherever makes you happy. Find a way to miss me with your own terms. Take your time to try to figure out how you want to love me.” He sounds both passionate and defeated. “But don’t leave me.”

I look down at my hands and I feel the couch shift besides me, where Tom has moved. He grabs my hands from my lap and brings them to his lips, kissing my knuckles and my palms and my fingertips.

“Don’t leave me.” He repeats and I break down, sobbing onto his shoulder as he picks me up and puts me carefully on his lap, hugging me like I was a glass doll.

“I feel like I’m so selfish.” I say in between breaths.

“You are not selfish, princess.” He whispers, rubbing circles on my lower back. “You were lonely, and that’s my fault and my fault only.”

“Are you okay with me having my own place?” I ask, looking at his eyes so he can’t lie to me. “Not living together during the season… just until I can figure it out. I need a space that it’s just mine, where you aren’t everywhere.”

“I only see one problem…” I look at him, trying to figure out what’s wrong. “Jack.”

“He’ll go where I go.” I tell him, making it clear that I won’t accept no as an answer.

“But…” He starts complaining but stops when he sees my face expression. “Sure thing, baby. But make sure I see him at least once a week.”

“Of course, pretty eyes.” I tell him, wrapping my arms around his neck, looking at his now bright blue eyes. “We wouldn’t want your kid to forget your face.”

Tom runs a finger down my cheek, collecting the leftover tears.

“I love you.” He says, his forehead pressed against mine.

“I love you too.”

“I want you to feel like we are the couple your poetry books talk about.” He whispers, his lips getting closer to mine.

“We already are.” And our lips crash.

Under Your Spell

[Part 1: “Bewitched”]

content: “It’s not easy to live with a witch.”

word count: 5,881

author’s note: After participating in @destieldrabblesdaily‘s fanfiction contest last year, a lot of people asked me to continue this series and I’m honestly happy to oblige <33 And since I recently gained 2,000 followers I thought this would be a good way to celebrate!!


It’s not easy to live with a witch.

At least some people told Dean beforehand that it would be crazy to move in with his uniquely magical boyfriend who tends to turn things that usually are very much quiet and motionless into something alive and chatty.

That he’d lose the last bit of privacy and sanity along the way and probably end up in a special ward at the hospital, talking to himself.

And yeah, sure, their concerns weren’t exactly unfounded, Dean’s able to admit that. It may seem strange from an outsider’s point of view to actually crave to live in a place that’s more or less the pure definition of madness and Dean’s honestly still not really used to the coffeemaker talking his ear off first thing in the morning or the candlesticks performing their weird and somewhat disturbing dance everytime they hear even the faint sound of a pop song.

It’s insane. It’s wild. Sometimes it’s even freaking terrifying.

But Dean doesn’t want it any other way.

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Love myself

I want to learn to love myself
I mean, I have before
But when that one bad thing happens
I feel it falling through the floor

When I look into the mirror
I dont see a nice face
I see the bags under my eyes
And acne all over the place

When I go to dress myself
I have forgotten how to choose
I no longer care about cloths
And dont care about makeup Or shoes

I lay in bed
At night and try to dream
But I end up over thinking
If I cannot love myself
How can I love anyone else

I just want to learn to love myself
No matter how hard it is
I will love myself
And see my self beautiful again

The Stand-In Part 4

A/N: Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! I’ve been busy with family all weekend, and that’s why I haven’t been posting a whole lot. Anyways, this one is again, not really what I was expecting, but I’ll go with it. Enjoy!

Word count: 2217

Pairing: Firefighter!DeanXReader

Warnings: This one starts out with some smut so I suppose that earns a warning. Otherwise, I don’t think there’s anything else to be wary of.

Part 1-Part 2-Part 3-Part 5-Part 6-Part 7-Part 8


When she first wakes, she feels like he’s touching her everywhere.

His warm breath hits the back of her neck every few moments, and his hand is curled around hers as she lays on his bicep.

And God is it a nice bicep.

He shifts slightly, his other hand sliding against the flesh on her stomach, as her shirt has ridden up the tiniest bit. His palm covers her belly button, his fingers splayed out to cover a vast expanse of skin with his pinky just brushing the top edge of her panties.

She wonders what it would feel like to have his hands dip lower, and then she feels her cheeks flush as she remembers that they barely know each other and haven’t even had a proper first date.

She swallows the lump in her throat and exhales, feeling his leg shift behind her.

He gives a little grunt and stretches one leg out, tucking the other between her knees in a way that parts her thighs the smallest bit.

God damn it, Dean. This is not making anything easy.

She shivers as she feels his lips brush the back of her neck, a soft kiss laid upon her flesh just like that forehead kiss what seems like ages ago.

Only this time it’s not just one kiss. His lips move a fraction and he kisses her neck again, his grip on her stomach tightening to pull her close. Another fraction of an inch and another kiss makes her want to dissolve into a puddle, but she manages to hold herself together.

Neck kisses are her new weakness, it seems. At least, when they come from him they are.

“You awake?” he murmurs softly against her neck, his lips resting right at the base of her hairline. His nose is in her hair, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.

She hums in response, and he pulls her in closer, so that her back is pressed flush to his chest.

“Do you want to get up?” he asks gently, rubbing his thumb up and down her skin carefully.

She opens her eyes weakly and lifts her phone, checking the time through a squinted gaze.

“It’s only six,” she whimpers, closing her eyes once again.

“Sorry, I’m used to it,” he murmurs, pressing another kiss, this time to the top of her shoulder. “Go back to sleep, Sweetheart.”

“I can’t with you kissing me like that,” she returns, moving her hand in his to link their fingers together.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, and his movements halt.

“I never said you had to stop,” she finally says. “I just said that I couldn’t sleep if you did keep kissing me.”

She feels the smile on his lips against her skin, and he places a kiss just at the base of her neck, working his way up.

She feels his hand move, sliding over her skin like silk as it settled on her hip.

His lips press behind her ear as his hand slides slightly upwards.

“Is this okay?” he asks, lightly scraping his fingertips across the bottom of her breast.

“Yes,” she breathes, reaching an arm back to brush through his hair. It’s so soft and fine between her fingers.

“God, you feel so perfect,” he whispers, and she shivers when he leaves his hand under her shirt. “I could wake up to this every day.”

She swallows carefully as his hand cups the bottom of her breast, working slowly up her skin.

“Is this okay?” he asks again, and this time his hand is fully holding one breast, his skin burning her with desire.

He doesn’t pull or twist or even teasingly graze over her nipple; he just holds her while sliding his hand up further.

“Yeah, it’s okay,” she whispers, closing her eyes to revel in his warm flesh against hers. The feeling of his touch, but not actual stimulation, is driving her insane.

She just wants him to squeeze, to pull, to give her anything that can relieve some of the pressure building in her lower belly.

It’s so intimate with his hand now hovering over her heart. It’s more intimate than anything that she’s ever done with any of her previous partners.

“Dean, I…” she begins, but she can’t find the right words. “If you want… I…”

“Shh,” he hushes against her shoulder, his lips fluttering kisses up the side of her neck.

Finally, his thumb brushes over her nipple, and she gasps softly.

“Is this still okay?” he murmurs, gently squeezing the soft bud between his thumb and forefinger.

“Yes, God, yes,” she gasps out, pressing her thighs together as she searched for some way to ease the pressure building between her legs. “Dean, please. I can’t take this.”

His lips move back to her neck, and she cries out weakly as he kissed her and toyed with her gently.

The pads of his fingers are soft, gentle, but the palms of his hands are rough with callouses. The mixture of the texture makes her weak in the knees, as he was skilled in using both aspects.

He’d palm her breast and squeeze it gently before honing in on the peak with careful precision that makes her breath short.

“Dean,” she whimpers, squeezing her hand through his hair while pressing her chest into his hand as he moved from one breast to the other that had yet to receive any attention. “Please, it feels so good.”

He places open mouthed kisses behind her ear, pressing his chest into her back as he gave her breast attention similar to its twin.

The coiling in her stomach is there, and she knows that she’s about to come undone just from him touching her breasts and neck.

Not even any dry humping or similar tactics. She’s never come from just this.

Hell, she barely even came when trying to get herself off. Something about Dean Winchester, though, was capable of making her body do things she didn’t think possible.

“Dean,” she breathes, panting softly. “Dean, I’ll come if you don’t stop.”

“Do you want me to stop?” he asks, tugging on her earlobe with his teeth.

“No,” she whimpers, sealing her fate with a single word. “Please, Dean.”

The pinching and rolling grows the smallest bit harder, and she releases a whimpering moan as the spring in her stomach coiled even tighter, until she feels like she’s seconds from exploding.

She clenches his hair as she reaches the edge of the precipice, her body shaking with energy as he strummed her until she could go no further.

And like a flood, everything rushes over her. She lets out a hard moan as she falls apart, her eyes squeezing shut as her body worked her through her orgasm.

“Beautiful,” he murmurs into her hair, moving his hand down to her stomach where he brushes his thumb soothingly over her heated skin. “How’s that for waking up?”

She’s shaking slightly as she exhales, and after a few moments her eyes open once more. She looks over her shoulder to his green eyes, trying to understand his motives for what he has just done.

“Dean, what was that?” she asks, struggling to turn onto her back while keeping herself tucked into him.

“If you have to ask, you’ve been with the wrong guys, Sweetheart,” he says with a half smile.

“No, I know what that was,” she makes a face at him. She’s still slightly breathless. It wasn’t the strongest orgasm, but it’s more than she’s had in quite a while. “But… Why?”

“I wanted to,” he shrugs. “I wanted to see how sensitive you are.”

“Why?” she returns, and he gives her a half smile in the bright light streaming through her window.

“Because I wanted to make you feel good, Sweetheart. Do I need a reason?” he asks, tracing his fingers over her jaw.

“No,” she responds, leaning into his touch. Her body feels tuned to him, like she could face a million people blindfolded and still know which one was him.

“I’ll make us some breakfast and then we can go out, how does that sound?” he asks, tapping her nose lightly.

“I like a man who can take charge,” she admits with a slight blush to her cheeks. “Most guys just ask where we should go and things like that. It’s nice to see something different.”

“Thank you, I think,” he says with a smile that makes her heart flip.

“You’re welcome,” she presses a kiss to his cheek and props herself up on her elbow. “Do you mind if I get a shower?”

“Go right ahead. I’ll get started cooking,” he sits up slowly and lets her stand before he follows her out of bed.

“So um, there’s stuff in the kitchen. If you want I could show you?” she offers awkwardly, suddenly realizing everything that had just transpired. “I don’t know what you can or can’t cook, and I’m not real sure of what I have right now.”

“Sweetheart, I cook for the guys all the time at the station,” he grins knowingly. “I can whip something up easy. I’ll find what I need.”

“Okay. Um, I’ll just be in here if you need me then,” she points to her bathroom door and he nods. “Just knock if you need anything.”

“Okay, Sweetheart,” he laughs lightly. “Relax and calm down a little. I thought you could use the release, I didn’t realize it would make you so nervous.”

“Sorry, it’s just…” she trails off with a slight blush, the tiniest smile on her face. “You’re just a lot different from my usual thing. It makes me nervous.”

“Good different?” he asks, and she nods while biting her bottom lip. “Then that’s all that matters right now. No need to be nervous.”

“Well, when you have to face a Greek god, you try not being nervous,” she mutters as she looks through her dresser for some clothes.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Aphrodite,” he winks and then leaves her room. She watches him go and waits for him to get a little ways down the hallway before letting out a small scream into her clothes.

God, he was so playful in the morning.

She isn’t sure she knows what to do.

She finally makes her way to the bathroom and takes one of the fastest showers of her life. Within a few minutes, she’s watching Dean move around her kitchen skillfully as he cooked something that smelled good.

“What are you making?” she asks as she hops onto the island counter to watch his back as he cooked.

“I decided on some omelettes,” he answers, peeking over his shoulder at her. “You look less panicked.”

“A good shower will do that,” she says wittily, having had a chance away from him to collect her scattered thoughts for a few moments.

“But I still think,” he turns to look at her, pressing in close so that he can look up at her through his lashes, “that your showers are too short and lack a person.”

“Dream on,” she rolls her eyes as she bites back a smile. He grins at her and then moves back to their food.

“They’re almost done, could you get us some plates?” he asks, and she hops off the counter to do as he requested.

Once their food is on plates and they’re sitting together at her little table, they begin to eat.

He watches her silently as she takes the first bite, looking for her approval to be written on her face.

“Oh my God,” she states, but her expression doesn’t give much away. His breath comes out relieved after she smiles. “This is good.”

“I hoped that breakfast might make up for being a dick and moving our date,” he says, and she looks to her plate quietly.

“Dean, I’m not mad about it,” she says, looking up at him. “I was, but then I saw what you did and how you saved peoples’ lives and I realized why you had to cancel. I was mad at myself for being mad at you without knowing the story.”

“It was still a shitty thing of me to do, especially when you were looking forward to our date all week,” he explains, sighing softly. “But I’m hoping that I can make it up to you.”

“So far you’re doing an excellent job, then,” she tells him, biting her lip as she looked up at him. “Do I get to know where we’re going now?”

“Not yet,” he shakes his head. “It’s a surprise.”

“So when do I get this surprise?” she asks, as she was now finished with her food.

“I think around one is the best time to go,” he says vaguely.

“You got me up early so you could make me wait?” she pouts.

“It wasn’t the plan, Sweetheart,” he laughs. “But we can at least talk for a little while, or watch a show or something.”

“Only if I get to pick the show,” she says, grinning.

“Of course. What would you like to watch?” he asks, taking her plate to the sink before returning.

She looks him in the eye and feels a little bit of sweet revenge for making her wait.

“It’s a surprise.”


Tags for my lovelies who requested them:

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If I Fall For You

TITLE: If I Fall For You

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1 of 8

AUTHOR: the-resawrites

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki’s chosen bride is a beautiful Princess, a daughter of a powerful King. He visits her every week to get to know her and sometimes she visits him too. However, Loki falls in love with her Lady’s maid- a shy yet very smart, book-loving young maiden.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I’ve had this fic with me for a few months now and it’s finally getting submitted! Also I haven’t seen this fic till now so beware of typos. Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 1

My entire life has been filled with ups and downs. My mother died of an illness when I was nine, leaving me as the only child. I, along with my father, had to continue with our lives without her. He got a job, while I went to school and learned. It was something he wanted me to get, education.

I was happy with how my life was going. Until something terrible happened. It wasn’t long after I turned eighteen, my father became ill and was unable to support he and I. So I had to go to work.

At first, I started somewhere small, a library. Books are like my life, it’s something I could never see myself without. Everything was going great, then out of nowhere, I got a job at the palace. I was going to be the Princess’ maid. That’s how I was going to win more earnings to support my father and I.

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Music Series: Carry Your Throne by Jon Bellion**(slight smut)

I hadn’t heard this song before receiving the request. It’s very theatrical to me, like it could be in a medieval movie. I do like the concept it gave me to write about, so I hope you all like it, too.

This is “Carry Your Throne” by Jon Bellion, which you can listen to on Spotify HERE. Thank you, Anon!




Sometimes, love is war.

Two crowns and a gold cup

And they’re coming for the throne, love

But if your heart is a dog fight

Then I’m ready to go to war like

Harry watched as your boyfriend had his arm around you. You were making small talk with others at the wedding when you saw Harry sitting at a table, staring at you. He made no apologies about it. He definitely wanted you to know his focus was completely and wholly on you. That stare with his brow lowered and eyes looking up toward you. You nervously lick your lips as Harry groans lightly, envious of your tongue.

You and Harry had an interesting relationship. You first met him a few weeks before when you were taken to one of his concerts by a mutual friend. You were excited to be allowed backstage to meet him, and only slightly uncomfortable by the attention he had given you. But when you found yourself intensely making out with him in the back of a darkened car, you swear you didn’t know what had gotten into you.

You have a boyfriend, a boyfriend you really liked and had been with for quite some time. You told Harry after his first aggressive kiss that you have a boyfriend, by which he seemed completely unfazed.

“Not for long,” he said forcefully against your ear as he inhaled your neck into his mouth. Maybe if you had been more assertive against his advances, he would have backed off a bit, but you were so turned on by his desire for you that you easily forgot about the man you had been seeing up until that night. “Fuckin’ beautiful,” he whispered.

Rough sex in the courtyard

And your legs are the North Star

Church bells let me ring them

She looked back, said “baby this your kingdom”

For the next several days, you found yourself in Harry’s home with him wrapped around you, doing things to you that made you breathless. You clutch your arms around the upholstered leather ottoman, knees on the floor, Harry pumping himself deeply inside of you from behind with one of his hands grasped firmly to the other side of the piece of furniture as his other holds you, his breath gasping into your ear with mutters of “fuck…so good, baby” against your head, until you were both shouting against your orgasms and breathing heavily in unison.

Cleaning and redressing, Harry’s lips still kissing where they would reach, he hated that he knew you were leaving.

“I want you to leave him,” Harry told you point-blank. “Wanted it since the night I met you.”

You look at him with a face of guilt. You had never been a cheater before. But you were unable to keep control with Harry. It had only been a few days…less than a week, and you weren’t sure what was happening between the two of you.

“Harry, it isn’t that easy,” you say, straightening your dress as you pull it back over your head, Harry’s hands quickly finding your hips and pulling you toward him, focusing his mouth on your neck and chest, as he lifts the skirt of your dress up again, his hands finding your ass. You close your eyes, loving the feeling of his seduction, but knowing you had somewhere to be. “He and I…well, we have history, we’ve been together a long time. I can’t just go to him and say ‘Hey, I met someone who makes me feel things I’ve never felt before with you, so bye’. He’s a really nice guy.”

“So am I,” he says with a smirk before kissing your lips softly. “I knew from the first night you had a boyfriend, but I didn’t care. I knew I wanted you and would have to win you over. But I don’t want to share you. I don’t want to know you’re going to his bed when you leave mine. I want you…only me.”

If you’re lost in this darkness

I’ll carry your throne

No I won’t let it swallow you whole

You see the sincerity in his face, which answers at least some of the questions you keep asking yourself. Part of you wondered if, after leaving your boyfriend, Harry would do the same at some point, leaving you alone. You didn’t want to break your boyfriend’s heart just to turn around and have yours broken, too. Would probably be fitting punishment. What you did know, was that you had feelings for Harry that you had never felt for your boyfriend in all the time you had been with him.

“Going to fight for you, love,” Harry said promptly. “He may have had you first, but I’ll have you last. And if I have to wait a bit for you to get to where I am in this, so be it. Whatever it takes, you’re going to be mine and mine alone. I promise you that.”

His kiss is welcome on your lips as you catch your breath from the emotions you felt in that moment. Harry did make you feel things you’ve never felt before, and it wasn’t only physical. He made you feel…desired…wanted…loved…and you didn’t want to lose that.

“The wedding,” you start, feeling Harry release his hold on you a bit. “Saturday. It’s his sister’s wedding. I can’t do it before then, but after.”

Harry smiles widely. “You will?” he questions hesitantly. “Promise me, love.”

“I promise,” you reply with a soft kiss.

Harry holds you tightly, peppering kisses into your hair. He walks you to your car, opening your door, then leaning in to kiss you.

“You know I’m invited to the wedding…friend of the groom…?” Harry smirks.

“I know,” you grin lightly.

“Come with him, but leave with me,” Harry says, another kiss finding your lips as you nod in agreement. “Just one more thing…I make you feel things you’ve never felt before?” he smiles mischievously, giggling as you push him out of the door and close it, smiling as you back out of the drive.

They try to break inside the walls with

These lies but I’m pulling up the draw bridge

We rose this love from the dirt now

Set fire to the sky watch it burn down

Harry watched intensely during the ceremony and the reception following. He clenched his fist at the sight of another man touching you. Those were the hips he grabbed as he helped you grind on top of him, his length buried deeply inside of you. That was the hair he buried his nose in to fully intoxicate himself in your scent. And it was the hand he held as you slept next to him, the same hand he wanted to be holding right that very minute.

Harry swallowed hard, not knowing how much more he could take. He was glaring at the two of you dancing on the grassy garden lawn, until the song finished and Harry noticed your boyfriend excuse himself for pictures. As you began to walk away from the area of the party where the music was playing and people were dancing, you felt a hand grab yours and turned to see Harry with that sweet smile you had loved since day one.

“May I have this dance, love?” he asked gently. “It’s a party after all.”

You smile, looking around shyly to see if anyone was watching, then allowing Harry to hold your hand and put his arm around your waist, the two of you sway slowly to the song playing.

“You look so beautiful,” Harry whispers in your ear. “Can’t take my eyes off of you.”

You wipe a tear from the corner of your eye, experiencing that feeling once again that he made you feel and nobody else. Desired. Wanted. Loved. You felt his lips ghost your cheek as you danced, wishing you would always be in his arms.

After a tearful goodbye to your boyfriend, you sat next to Harry in the car, his hand holding yours as his thumb caressed your skin lightly.

“Thank you for that,” Harry said sweetly. “Know it couldn’t be easy. It means a lot to me that you chose to be with me.”

“I never felt with him after all that time, the way I’ve already felt with you,” you answer honestly. “It was comfortable and he was good to me. But…”

“I’ll never give you reason to regret it,” he replies, squeezing your hand. “Feel things for you that I’ve also never felt before. Can’t explain it. Thank you for choosing to be with me.”

It’s a ceremony but the crowd’s gone

And you got nothing but my crown on

Round 2, round 3 give me sequels

Every time you open the cathedral

If you’re lost in this darkness

I’ll carry your throne

No I won’t let it swallow you whole

Take Care Of You Part 2

Lots of fluff, things will get more exciting with the others in the next part! I’ll update my master list in the morning! Also just wondering if I have any male readers? Please let me know, because I have few questions for them!

I tie my hair up in a bun, groaning as I have to change into one of the uniforms in the back. A few curls escape but I’m in too much of a rush to care at the moment. With a pen and a note pad I rush back into the seating area. All the tables are full for some reason today, high schoolers and office workers fill the spots at every low table. I glance at the clock, 4:30, I still have a few hours before I have to get over there. With a big smile I approach my first table, I greet them politely, kneeling next to the table I get each of their orders before heading back to the kitchen to fill it.

I glide through the tea house with my tray in my hand, something I’ve done 1000s of times before, serving, clearing and setting, and repeat. I’m in a flow, helping the other servers with their tables when mine are content, it isn’t until I get my next table that I start to falter. Sitting cross legged at the table is Minseok, and he does not look one bit happy. I briefly consider pawning it off on of the other servers when our eyes lock and I know I have no other option. With my head hung like a child who was caught doing something wrong, I shuffle over to his table and kneel down beside him.

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Part 33 - Second Chances

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe.

This story is ongoing, so if you missed a part, or are new to the story, please use the link to the masterpost below to catch yourself up:

Part 33 - Second Chances

I didn’t get much sleep and when Jin’s alarm went off at 5:30 AM I felt like I wanted to die. 

He’d given me fair warning the night before that he was an early riser, and knowing he liked to get a workout in before heading to the academy I should have realized exactly how early “early” had meant.

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Dear Diary:

noct was really grouchy at me when i woke him up this morning (・:゚д゚:・)

like it’s my fault he was up late fishing?! (; ̄Д ̄)

but at least he still let me take some pictures of him (*^ω^*)

not bad, right? 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

iris got curious about what we were doing, so i got some photos of her, too~

and then it was time to go to caem o((*^▽^*))o

it was…

it was so pretty!!  (*´ω`*)

i only got one photo though before everyone else ran off to do other stuff (; ̄Д ̄)

it was fun though, taking pictures by myself (;^ω^)

i… tried to go into the kitchen since i could smell iggy baking something, but gladio and noct were snapping at each other (;へ:)

but talcott was there, and he seemed in a better mood, so that’s good, right? 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

and then iris wanted a bunch of pictures with her and gladio, and who am i to say no to iris?! (*^ω^*)

and… it’s nice to see gladio smiling so much…

and do you know what the best thing about caem is, diary?

real. beds. (*´▽`*)

you see that? that is the face of pure happiness o((*^▽^*))o

although… i wonder if noct is done being grumpy in the kitchen yet… because some of those pastries would make me even happier 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Miss Moving On

Genre: Angst–>fluff

Characters: Yongguk x Original Character [Dahee] x Daehyun

Summary: He promised her that their relationship would be fine when she went to London, but his promise fell on deaf ears as she sees him kissing another girl. Heartbroken and betrayed, Dahee reconnects with her best friend and  slowly her broken heart is glued together by a new love.

Word Count: 1936

Credit to gif owner


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Jealousy (idk what to call this lol)

Request: Dang I’m late but can you do a cute Philip x Reader where he gets jealous? Thank youu

Warnings: none

Tags: non

Notes: man i suck at writing about people being jealous lmao but i got you my dude (psst- it’s a modern au too but like,,, it’s kinda obvious)



A lot of things are associated with that word; the color yellow*, fofos*, heck; it’s even a deadly sin*. Overall, being jealous is not a good thing.


Wish you would tell that to Mr. Philip Hamilton over here, glaring at others that hung out with you or showed any kind of affection towards you. Of course, you noticed nothing at all; seeing all these acts of affection and love as acts of friendship and care. But of course, Philip could not see it as that at all.

It all started when Philip realized an important smidge of information about you: he had a crush on you.

A really bad one.

So it’s no wonder why every time he sees you with someone that wasn’t him, he gets this feeling of…hatred towards the person.

He never planned to be like this, but he was just a shy boy who wanted to ask you out.

Was that too much to ask?


Philip was lying around in his room, playing some lame nerd game on his phone that some dude introduced to him a while ago. As he was playing, he dropped his phone on his face as he received a text from you. He shouted in surprise as the tiny box thing hit his face. He sat up and rubbed the spot where the device hit him before seeing what the text was about. He almost dropped his phone on the floor as he read what you sent him.

From: (Y/N)

hey yo dude- you wanna get some food later? all my friends are gone and i’m lonely :(

He audibly wheezed as he read over the message over and over again. You, the person he had a crush on, was asking him, some lame boy who didn’t know how to confess to you, to get food.


Philip scrambled to his phone again to see what you sent this time.

From: (Y/N)

haha whoops forget to add this-

i was gonna go get food now

His eyes widened as he read the word “now”. He quickly texted you a “yes sure where should I pick you up?” and ran to look for something decent to wear and found nothing. He cursed the gods for preventing him from doing his best. He quickly went through his roommate’s things and put together something nice. He scribbled a apology for borrowing their clothes without notice and left it on the bed. He grabbed his phone, car keys, and wallet before rushing out the door and to your house.

When he arrived, he parked the car and got out. He was just a tad bit nervous, but he managed to get to your door just fine. He pulled out his phone and quickly texted you before knocking.

To: (Y/N)

Hey- i’m outside your door :)

He waited for a couple minutes before he heard the doorknob turn to be opened. He was greeted with you face; something he could never get out of his head. Your eyes brightened when you saw Philip at your door.

“Ah hey- welcome! But uh…” You furrowed your brows in confusion before looking back up at him. “What’re you doing here?” Philip was now confused.

“You said you wanted to get food-” You squinted in confusion before cursing under your breath.

“That must’ve been Theo- she took my phone earlier and-” Philip waved to shush you.

“No no it’s fine- still wanna get food?” He asked hesitantly, giving you a shy look like. You nodded and a wave of relief washed over him.

“Yeah sure- I’ll go change. Go ahead and come inside; make yourself comfortable.” he nodded before walking in and taking a seat on your couch. You quickly ran upstairs to change. During this time, Philip looked around at the living room and found a couple of pictures of you and others. Seeing those pictures made that feeling of jealousy rise up again, but he kept it on the down low. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and quickly turned to face you, a smile gracing his features when he saw you. He got up and walked out the house with you to his car.

Soon enough, the two of you went out to get some food and now you were walking back to his car; hands entwined. He didn’t mean for it to happen- it just did. He had his head turned away so you couldn’t see the red on his face from him being flustered. You just grinned happily, not minding the hand holding. Soon enough, you spotted a classmate of yours and you waved him over. Philip blinked before turning to face you again and was met with another person. Philip’s smile turned into a scowl as he realized who this person was. It was George Eacker.

“Hamilton.” George hissed out. Philip sighed.

“Eacker.” You blinked.

“You two know each other?” Philip and George nodded, the hatred for each other not leaving their eyes.

“So what’re you doing here with my (Y/N)?” George angrily breathed out and Philip felt himself grow angry at hearing that my.

“Excuse me- she’s not yours.” George scoffed.

“She’s not yours either.”

“Uh hey guys-”

“Not now, (Y/N).” George dismissively said, pushing you back. That was crossing the line for Philip. Philip grabbed your hand yet again and stormed off but not before throwing some sick insults and profanities (he learned that from his dad :) ) at George.

Once Philip got far enough away from George, you crossed your arms at him. Philip still had a angry aura around him, but he pouted slightly when he saw that you had that look on you face.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“Don’t you ‘what was what’ me, mister.”

“It was nothing.” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“…he pushed you.” You sighed before rubbing your temples.

“He’s like that Philip.”

“But you didn’t deserve to be pushed!” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m fine Phi-” A thought crossed your mind. You stared him down. Philip looked away, coughing nervously.

“Were you jealous?” He coughed out a “wha- no-” and you moved closer to him and he began rambling.

“YesIwasjealousbutit’sonlybecauseIreallyreallyreallyreallylikeyouandandand-” You held up a hand for him to stop. You heard something in there that made everything click together.

“You like me.” Philip’s hand flew to cover his mouth.

“Did I really just say that-” His voice a bit muffled from behind his hand. You nodded. He paled and you laughed. Philip moved his hand away from his mouth and gave you a questioning look.

“So you like me-” You stated once again. He covered his face in embarrassment.

“Stop bringing that up-” You placed a hand on his shoulder and he peeked at you from behind his hands.

“That’s too bad-” you hummed, rocking back and forth on your heels. 

“Because I like you t-” You never finished that sentence as you were smothered in his arms in a bear hug.





“Philip. I need to breathe-” His eyes widened before letting you go so you could catch your breath.

“Yes I will be your girlfriend-” His eyes brightened. “On one condition.” He blinks confusedly an urges you to go on with his eyes.

“If you give me a kis-” And there he goes- he leaned down to kissed your lips mid sentence. Your eyes widened in surprise before pulling away. You cursed yourself internally; you asked for this. He smirked at you and you wheezed on the inside.

“Hey you look pretty hot in your frocks- how about we go back to my house and strip down to ou-”



*yellow is actually the color associated with jealousy, not green (idk i read it on Yahoo Answers lmao)

*fofo is a type of yellow flower that is also associated with jealousy (again, Yahoo Answers)

*Jealousy is a synonym for Envy, one of the 7 Deadly Sins. The other ones are: Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Wrath, and Sloth.


Wow hey I finally finished this
I had like…no idea what to write for this
This is harder than I thought like
How do people coughTayah+Finnycough write so much like jfc


Pairing: Noctis x Reader
Prompt: Saying goodbye isn’t easy, especially when neither one of you want to. But that’s just what has to happen when you’re the Prince and you’re off to get married to someone that isn’t your girlfriend.
Word Count: 714
Warnings: Angst

This was supposed to be a headcanon for all the Chobobros but it got too long and so I thought I’d post it on its own. Short and angsty!

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A New Life - Chapter 4 - Jaebum  (Got7 Mafia Au) (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Exclaimers: This story will contain violence, blood, profanity, severed limbs, maybe sex, and a lot of other things that may trigger some people. If you know that these normally have a negative effect on you, please don’t read this story. I want you to feel happy and comfortable. Also, gifs belong to their respective owners none of them are mine.

“Well uhm” you scratch the back of your neck, “If I had to pick one person out of everyone here… I’d choose you…” you look up into Jaebum’s eyes. 

Jaebum scoffs turning away from your gaze “Of course you’d choose me.”

Something wasn’t right, you could hear it in his tone and feel tension in the air. You raise an eyebrow “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jackson crawls in front of you trying to hide Jaebum from your vision “Nothing nothing it means nothing. Just uh, pick someone else.”

You narrow your eyes “I already made my choice Jackson.”

“Jackson” Jaebum says and Jackson returns back to his previous seat. Jeabum looks at you with an expression and a posture that seems mocking. “Now Y/N, tell me why you chose me. Hmm? Is it my money? My power in Asia?”

This man awakens the small volcano in your heart, for now there are only earthquakes. No one in the room moves or speaks except for you two, why? Because if your volcano erupts all hell will break loose and no one will be safe. There’s one movement though from the corner of your eye, Jinyoung is picking up your ax and moving it away from you. 

You take a deep breath before looking at Jaebum with an expressionless face “Why would I want any of those things?”

He smiles, oh he is definitely mocking you, “To have all of the riches you’d ever want while you live here in my domain, to combine our family’s so that you have more power, or maybe to gloat to the other mafia families that you have me wrapped around your little fingers.”

Contain it Y/N, contain your anger you have too. You cross your legs and lean back into Mark’s legs and the couch. You say in a calm voice with closed eyes “I already have all of those things but I want a life with none of them. If you don’t understand then there’s the door.”

His voice is now deeper and menacing “Are you trying to give ME orders little girl?”

Too late. You laugh a laugh that hasn’t left your lips in years, you sound insane and dangerous. You stand up and slowly walk up to Jaebum with a twisted smile and everyone’s eyes on you. Jaebum’s expression isn’t mocking anymore nor anything at all, he’s expressionless but his jaw is clenched. You bend down looking him straight in the eyes your face centimeters away from his.

You speak but your maniacal smile never leaves your face “You know what! I’m sooo angry right now but I’m holding back. Why? Because I care for everyone in this room, that’s why I saved all of you in the first place. I even asked you to leave me alone and now you accuse me of wanting, what? Power? Money? Bragging rights? Who gives a shit about any of those things?! Not me! Because if I gave a rat’s ass I wouldn’t have left my family, my home, my comfort to come here. A place where I have to start from zero, so guess what? I don’t want to start from whatever number you represent, I want zero. Now get the fuck out of my apartment before I lose the little sanity I have left, and do something I’ll regret the rest of my life.”

You turn around and skip towards the door, holding it open and motioning them to leave. Everyone slowly gets up and filters out not daring to look you in the eyes except for Jaebum, his eyes stay glued to your own the entire way. You smile as you slam the door in his face quickly locking it. You slide down the door onto the floor clutching your heart. It was beating so quickly. Of course it was, you were scared. Scared of yourself and what you… You look over at your ax on one of the seats in your living room. Thank God you didn’t reach phase 3… You have to calm yourself down. You walk into your kitchen seeing the open cabinets and scattered fruit, Jackson and Bambam are such children. You smile but then sigh. You should have remembered that they’d be here in South Korea… tea will help calm you.

After making a nice cup of tea you sit in your living room slowly sipping it in the darkness. What will your life be like now? Will they let you live in peace? Will any other mafia families find you? Why can’t you just live a normal life… You place your empty mug on your coffee table and lie down on your couch. Caffeine always makes you feel sleepy; you don’t know why. Slowly your eyes shut.

You feel a weight across the middle of your back and another across the back of your knees. There’s a hard wall like surface to your left and it feels like you’re moving. Are you dreaming? You try to open your eyes but your fatigue keeps them shut, so you groan in despair.

“Shhh everything’s okay” Jaebum’s voice is soft and the wall to your left moves with his words, it’s his chest. The pressure on your back and behind your legs must be his arms, is he carrying you? “Go back to sleep Y/N.”

What’s going on? Why is he being so nice now when he was such an ass before? You feel something soft against your back and lose the feeling of his touch, he must have placed you on your bed.

“I’m sorry…” he sounds sad “I shouldn’t have said all of those things to you it’s just… women only approach me for the things I have; they only see me as a scary mafia boss… they don’t care about the person that I am on the inside… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have put you in the same category as them. You’re my childhood friend and were never phased when I told you I’d become a the GOT Father some day. You really don’t take shit from anyone” he chuckles the last words.

Choose one.

  1. Keep pretending to be asleep.
  2. Respond.

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Friends? Lifelong. (Jensen/ Dean AU) Part Thirteen

Miss Part Twelve? Here it is!


Part Thirteen

I walked back into the dorm and Dean wasn’t back yet. I sat my things down and grabbed my dress out of the closet. It was a simple classy black dress that ran down to right above my knee. I walked over to my bed and laid on the floor to see underneath to find my heels when Dean walked in.

“What’re you doing?” he smirked.

“Grabbing my heels, you said we were going out?” I said as I found them and climbed up on my bed.

“We are.” He said and pressed a kiss to my lips before reaching in his closet and grabbing a nice button up and dress pants.

“Where are we going?”

“There’s a fancy restaurant Lauren had mentioned at the time. And I asked around and people said it was the place to go.” He shrugged. The mention of Lauren made me stiffen. He noticed as he slid on his dress pants. “Sorry. I didn’t meant to bring her up-,”

“No, it’s fine.” I shrugged. This was the time. Tell him. Tell him… c’mon. “Are you ready to go?” I asked as he finished buttoning his shirt. Damn it, Allison!

“Ah, yeah… let me grab my wallet.” He said and reached into the jeans he just took off.

“Okay. How far can you walk in those? The restaurants a block over…” he said.

“I can walk. I love heels. You should know that.”

“I know, it’s just been a while since you’ve worn them. Didn’t know if you girls have to re-train your feet or whatever.” He said. I rolled my eyes and elbowed him as he put his hand on the small of my back and led me out. We walked down the sidwalk together, hand in hand as he talked about his science class and how much he hated it. I laughed as we got to the restaurant and there was a small line.

“Oh, wow.” I said.

“I called in reservations. Wait here,” he said as he slid past a few people and up to the podium. I watched as he talked to the woman. She nodded and he turned to look at me and motioned for me to walk up. I slid through the people and he motioned for me to follow the hostess. I didn’t like crowded places and he knew that, so I think he asked for a different seat because we were next to the rear exit and a window which helped. He pulled out my chair for me and sat down as the hostess smiled at us and handed over a menu. “Thank you.” Dean smiled at her. She nodded and walked back up front as a waiter came over and filled up the wine glasses on the table with water.

“May I start you off with something to drink?” he asked. Dean looked at me and he shook his head. “Water is fine for me, Allison?” he asked.

“I’m good with water, thank you.” I smiled.

“I’ll give you two a moment to look over the menu.” He smiled and walked off to his next table. Dean handed the menu to me and I looked across the table at him. Salads were fifteen bucks and the meat and seafood was almost twenty dollars a plate.

“Do you have this covered? The food is expensive.” I whispered.

“Of course. I came prepared.” He said and held my hand across the table. I decided on a grilled chicken salad. The waiter came back and Dean ordered a steak which surprised me, but he did say he had this covered. I ordered the salad and the waiter kindly took the menu from me and walked off. “You look amazing.” Dean said after a few seconds. His thumb was running over the back of my hand and I rolled my eyes.

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“You sound so cheesy!” I blushed.

“But you know I’m right.” He said and watched me closely. The fact that this place had a candle in the center of the table and the lights dimmed throughout the restaurant made it feel more romantic than it probably was with about fifty other people in the room. “What’s bothering you?” he asked.

“Hm?” I jumped when he asked. I took a sip of my water and couldn’t bring myself to tell him.

“Something is bothering you. I know you and I can tell when you’re not comfortable. Is it all the people?” he asked. I shook my head and squeezed his hand.

“I’m just really nervous I’m going to screw this up.” I lied.

“Screw what up? This?” he asked motioning between us with his free hand. I nodded and he smiled while shaking his head. “Nothing you ever do could make me love you less.” Our waiter walked by and Dean stopped him. “Excuse me, could you take a picture of us?” Dean asked him. My eyes widened as Dean stood up and walked over to my side of the table. The waiter nodded as Dean handed him his phone. I watched Dean closely as he stood next to me and got on one knee so he was level with me in the chair. I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck as our faces were pressed together. The watier took the picture and Dean pressed a kiss to my cheek after. “Thank you.” He said and patted the waiter’s back. He walked off and Dean showed me the picture. I almost cried at how cute it was.

“Dean… tonight is perfect.” I sighed.

“That was the goal. Now hopefully the next several years can be just as perfect.” He said. I looked down at my lap and felt guilt rising. “They have cheesecake.” Dean added. My head popped up in excitement.

“But do they have pie?” I asked.

“I checked. Pie for me cheesecake for you. I told them to have it ready when I called in the reservation. I figured we could take it home and watch a movie?”

“Of course!” I smiled. Our food came out a little while after and we ate in silence listening to the classical music that played quietly through the restaurant. A few other couples were talking quietly. I looked up at the hostess podium to see none other than Lauren. I almost choked on my food and Dean noticed.

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yeah. Um, Lauren works here?” I asked. He turned to see her and she looked away when he noticed her.

“Shit. I didn’t know-,”

“Dean… I need to tell you something-,” I began when Lauren walked over to our table.

“I’ll take it she told you?” Lauren asked. I cringed and Lauren looked between us in confusion as Dean’s glared hardened on us both.

“Told me what?”

“You didn’t tell him yet?” she asked. I shook my head and Dean watched Lauren closely.

“Tell me what?” He pressed.

“I’m pregnant.” Lauren sighed. Dean looked at me, then to Lauren.

“Good for you?” he asked.

“No. Dean, it’s yours.” She sighed. Dean looked at her with a smirk,

“Really funny, is this some kind of prank?” Dean smiled at me. I looked down at my hands in my lap and Dean looked at me, worry beginging to cloud his features. “Aly, tell me this is a joke.” He said his voice hitching.

“It’s not.” I frowned. Dean looked at Lauren and she watched me for a moment.

“I found out yesterday. I have an appointment tomorrow if you want to go.” Lauren shrugged.

“Well… I… Yeah of course I want to go.” Dean said quietly.

“Okay. I’ll text you. Bye.” She said and walked up front. Dean sat there and looked at his food before motioning down the waiter.

“I need a box and the check.” He said.

“Still want dessert?” he asked Dean. Dean looked up at me and I nodded.

“Yes, please.” He said. The waiter nodded and Dean put his head in his hands. “I screwed up.” He sighed.


“You have got to hate me. How did you let this happen tonight?”

“Nothing you ever do could make me love you less.” I repeated his words from earlier. He watched me carefully and shook his head.

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Imagine: Henry face-timing you in the morning while he’s off filming

Keeping your face buried in the warmth of his pillow, you instinctively reach out for Henry’s warm body as a loud buzzing filled the air. You want to tell him to answer the phone. The room is completely dark. It takes you a moment to realize that there is no Henry and that the warm mass is in fact Kal. Your boyfriend, Henry, has actually been gone for nearly seven days. The phone call ends before you can muster the energy to reach over to switch on the light and retrieve your phone.

One missed called. Henry.

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Happy Father’s day to my 아빠. I remember the way you would be studying and meditating on God’s Word every night before bed in the kitchen table. And when I would get up early in the morning to go pee, I would see you in the living room in prayer. Day after day after day. You didn’t buy me the “nice things” of this world, or raise me in a big house. But you gave me something far more valuable - an example of a life devoted to proclaiming the gospel of our Lord Jesus and serving the least of these. Thank you for your wholehearted commitment to living for the glory of God!

Random & Cute: The Gang

Requested by an anon

//I swear it’s not all just dirty jokes…only the first part…//

-They tried to do a secret santa one year and failed miserably because let’s face it none of them can keep a secret.

-Two-Bit and Steve go back and forth making poop jokes, especially when one of them have the urge.

-”It’s prairie doggin’!”

-”It’s playin’ peek-a-boo!”

-”It’s comin’ down the road!”

-Literally no topic is off the table(except maybe the Curtis parent’s death bc it’s sad)

-They will sit there and talk about the grossest shit imaginable and unimaginable.

-Angela joins right in when she’s around.

-Sometimes they’ll all get into a fairly serious mood, usually when another one of them needs advice for something.

-Good lord Pony & Johnny’s faces are hilarious when they cringe at something crude someone else just said.

-Curly is convinced they have parties at the Curtis house all the time and just never invite him, especially since every time he walks by there’s loud music blaring and like every god damn light on in the house(usually due to Two-Bit)

-Soda is the main instigator, especially for hyping everyone else up. If you need to get hyped up for something call him.

-If more than two of the guys sleep over at a time none of them ever get any sleep because they just talk and play cards and watch TV.

-Besides Darry, that is. This man could sleep through a train running right through the house.

-When all three Curtis brothers shared a bedroom Soda and Pony would always mess with a sleeping(more like hibernating) Darry to see if they could wake him.

-Thankfully for them, they never ever did.

-Tim always just shows up unannounced every now and then, usually reading the newspaper he found on their front doorstep and he’ll make himself a cup of their coffee too.

-When asked about him making himself at home, Tim simply replies “Mi casa, su casa, or however the hell it goes, right?”

-Omg it pisses Darry off so much when someone touches the paper before he does, whatever you do at least keep all the sections in order because he will go through and check to see if it’s how it should be.

-So needless to say, Darry’s eye twitches slightly when he rolls out of bed and shuffles to the bathroom, only to find a quite chipper and energized Tim sitting on his couch reading the paper.

-But he can’t stay mad too long(usually just until he gets his coffee) because Tim is always pretty nice to them.

-Steve has a habit of “fixing” things in the house and I don’t even mean like home improvement. I mean he’ll move the coaster holder to an angle because he thinks it looks better. He basically straightens things up, but only like the really miniscule things.

-Dally is the one to call if you want help with a home improvement project. He’s actually pretty good with pipes(no pun/innuendo intended, you dirty minded reader). He knows his way around a caulk gun too. It also helps that Darry pays him(like a few bucks) to help out.

-Dally always tries to refuse the money but Darry will force him to take it.

-Two-Bit has practically become a permanent fixture in the house.

-Johnny is the main one who cleans up the house, he feels guilty if he leaves his trash laying around, so he might as well clean up after the other guys too.

-Pony usually unenthusiastically helps Johnny, he’s more of a laundry type of guy.