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To all kind witches on tumblr🌙

i don’t write about my personal life often in here. but my good, kind, grandmother is not well. she has terrible pains in her hips and legs, and she is too old to get an operation. she loves me and i love her so very much. what i really want to ask is if any of you witches who read this could do some healing spells/emoji spells or light a candle for her to ease all her pain and health problems, that would be so nice of you. if you post it, simply tag my username in it. i still need her in my life and so does my grand father, her husband.🕯🙏🏻💖

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Currently Active RPG Maker Blogs

Last update: December 31st, 2016

Since the Steam Winter Sale has made the RPG Maker Engines cheaper than dirt, I decided now was a great time to link some neat blogs in the tags.

Game Development Blogs You Can Follow

  • @rpgmgames - Collects all the RPG Maker game development blogs here on tumblr into one nice, convenient place.  You can even submit your game there too!  

Resource & Help Blogs

  • @yumeresource - has 2 mods who can answer all your questions, and reblogs a bunch of resources as well as game development news.
  • @rpgmakerisawesome - does tutorials and some nice reviews of games.
  • @rpgmakerhorrorgallery - focuses on resource cataloging.
  • @pinkuboa - that’s me!  I focus on resource reblogging & game development news.

Fanart & News Blogs

I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone, so feel free to add on or shout out your name! And don’t forget there’s plenty of forums you can join up with as well!

okay real talk why are fic-inspired edits so unpopular on tumblr?? i see a fic edit like once a month and it has like 39 notes even if it’s really good??? this is such a great way to promote the writer aND to share your love for the fic with the world cmon Make Fic Edits The Real Deal 2K16

Izaya Orihara’s White Day Message Translated~

A nice anon decided to share this with me and tumblr which a yahoo member had given her permission to share…

So here is the douchebag troll’s message to you ladies out there:

“Going out or not going out, Valentine’s day or White day - everyone has interest in some really worthless stuff. But even including their foolish interests I really do like people. You can even say I love them. That’s why to you too, who enjoys this stupid event, I’m gonna give my thanks. Thank you.”


Art trade with kyatto *u* omg go check out her art she has such a lovely way of colouring things and she is so nice, too!!!

Ahh she wished for some touchy but not necessarily nsfw royai…and I somehow struggled with that a lot; I’m still kinda sorry because I don’t feel I drew what was meant… but I know she likes it and I am so glad and it was still absolutely fun for me to draw aaahhh but how can it not be if I get to draw more of the motif I’ve been drawing for two months now??? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

theoperators-trashcan  asked:

Hi there! You probably received a few asks or something from me and I'm sorry if I'm annoying or bothering you in any way haha..But. Hi! Just thought I'd introduce myself? I dunno.. My name is caitlyn and I have two blogs on Tumblr, this one and another one. I am attempting to be an artist on here but I think my art could use some work. I have an unhealthy obsession with alot of things. Your blog being one ha that probably sounded weird ;w; Once again, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you good day!💖

// Never an annoyance, friend! I’m sorry for my recent inactivity. Nice to properly meet you Caitie! Can I call you Caitie? You should show me some of that art too, I’d love to see it! If you’d like to chat, feel free to send me an IM. ^^

Funko Pop! Oliver Queen + Felicity Smoak= Yes.

Here is #10 in the series. Oliver is a jetsetter, but things usually go better when he has Felicity by his side. 

It would be so nice if Funko would acknowledge this character who is so important to Oliver Queen…so vital to Team Arrow! 

If you would like to check out my blog page with the whole set of images so far, they are here:

Tagging lovely some lovely folks who are too kind…

Hey, marcguggenheim, have a great weekend and if you see those Funko folks at Comic Con next week…please put in a word for our girl!

P.S. Reblogging is awesome.

Tagging some lovely peeps… scu11y22, tinaday3w, mel-loves-all, pierceangelus, tanyaslogic, florence-bubbles, diggo26, thecolourpurpleinafield, and athenaagron.

Please share

So a lot of you have probably realised that spooniestrong has been off of tumblr for a while, so this week I want to have a special selfie saturday, Stephanie is dealing with her own health issues as well as family members illnesses. 

This saturday I want you to post a selfie, tagging Stephanie using @ then spoonie strong with a nice message sending her love and spoons as she always does to us, so when she comes back she’ll have a load of nice messages to come back to, along with some hopefully, smiling faces too.

It would be great if you could all get involved and please share, she does so much for the chronic illness community and we should really give her some support with the difficult time she’s having

And Then it Got Real

Here I was blissfully complaining about my serious problems like Tumblr Notes, the new edit format (nice try) and growing older, and suddenly it got very real. Scrolling down my dash I happened across a friend’s post that today is World Cancer Day.  We all know this fearsome predator, and some of us know them far too well.  I lost both of my parents in their late 50’s to cancer, yet sadly that does not make me special or unique, I’m afraid being touched by cancer has become the norm.  While I greatly appreciate all the love I receive here, if you happen to have any extra love, prayers or warm healing thoughts today, please send them to our dear friends who have been touched so deeply by this deadly malady.  I won’t embarrass anyone by name, but one lovely young lady here is fighting the good fight today against apparently a very serious type. At least two of my best long term friends here are way too familiar with it’s icy breath, and perhaps my favorite young lady of all contracted it at an early age and did defeat it, but to put it mildly, paid a terribly dear price for her victory. My friends, you know who you are, and you know we love you.  While other than offering you our love and friendship, there’s very little any of us can do, please know our hearts are with you.  Love you all.      


So it’s Christmas and I thought I could be nice and share the others Artvengers Art for you all to see how talented they are and if you want you can follow them cause I’m sure they’ll be really happy to have you all in their blogs and you’ll see lots of amazing pieces of art.

In order we have:

@abi-anarchy : Her art is really awesome, she has the best ideas and she is studying animation which means you get to see some 5sos gifs too. She also has a really nice style even tho she keeps experimenting with other styles all of them really amazing!

@michaelcliffhrd : Really cute art and the principal artist for “wormstein” on twitter. Her drawings are so cute and I’m really in love with her style! She is thinking about deleting her tumblr and I want you all to show her that she is loved here please!

@friceberg : I’m sure a lot of people already know her art cause come on, Michael tweeted it (even tho he never gives credit to anyone *ehem michael ehem*) She is the author of the why so serious? drawing of Michael and as you can see her realistic style is really really amazing even tho then you can also see her “cartoony” side which is really awesome too

@andywabp : she is a cute little shit who lives in the same country as me. She has an amazing style and she also can draw the cutest cartoons but then BAM she uploads things like that one with the gorillaz style or with scott pilgrim’s style and it’s the best!

@majiksart : Ok I think lots of people thinks she cheats on her art and I can assure you all she draw every single piece with a pencil and a lot of patience and then she uses lots of black markers to fill the black so her art really is fucking amazing! I’m sure I’d never be able to draw in her style cause it really is unique!