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I was thinking about what would happen if my Fire Emblem children ever met each other and decided to doodle it.

don’t breathe

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in which you seem to always hold your breath around him.

genre: fluff 

word count: 2227

― vampire!yoongi x reader

a/n: word vomits with bora at 1am

     FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, YOU WISHED YOU WERE ON DRUGS. It would make trying to make sense of what was happening before your eyes way easier. You stood in horror, watching the infamous-for-so-many-wrong-reasons Min Yoongi feed off of a classmate of yours. You couldn’t quite remember her name, something like Sooyeon. What was more revolting was the fact that her face showed pure euphoria, as if he weren’t sucking the life out of her. 

Placing a hand over your mouth, you slowly took one step back from the classroom. The almost inaudible sound of your shoe hitting the tiled floor made Yoongi glance up sharply. You blanched, feeling your stomach lurch. His eyes were glowing a deep scarlet, the blood dripping down his chin was almost the same color. 

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Underneath the Bandages

Summary: Dan hits his head whilst masturbating, and despite being rather awkward, the incident brings him closer with his best friend, Phil.

Warnings: vomit, hospitals, head injuries, fainting, mentions of masturbation

Word count: 6.7k

A/N: Disclaimer, probably not my best work but I wrote it so here you go.

A loud thump from Dan’s room interrupted the TV programme I was watching. At first I thought it was nothing, but as I replayed the sound in my head, it started to bother me. He probably just dropped something, he was known for his butterfingers, but something made me worry that it could be something serious.

I turned the volume off on the TV and called out his name, “DAN!?”

There was no reply.

To ease my mind I decided I would go and check everything was okay. I stood up, slipping my phone into my pocket and made my way to Dan’s room. The door was shut, so I knocked, again saying Dan’s name loudly. When there was again no reply, I decided I would go in. I guess he could be asleep and maybe the noise came from the neighbours, but something in the back of my mind told me that I needed to know.

I opened the door and was met with a sight that I had not prepared myself to see; Dan lying, naked, on the floor.

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Seventeen Reacting to You Being Latina

make a request or check out the master list! [ gifs do NOT belong to me ]

As a Latina, I know there is a LOT that goes into dating someone who is Latinx. Specially when there is differences in culture but I mean…people are people??? So I focused on them learning the differences.

-Admin AJ

Seungcheol/S.Coups He first noticed that you do sometimes forget that he doesn’t speak any Spanish and the few words he’d hear you say when referring to household items would make him blank out. You would repeatedly gesture to his sandals but be saying some word repeatedly. “Wait…what are they called? Can you say that again?” He learns a lot from you and shows it off at interviews.

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Jeonghan He likes hearing stories about your family members and sometimes you bring up moments that he is actually worried they are all on bad terms with each other. When he learns that your family is just very blunt and playful with each other, he nods and laughs with you. “I still don’t get what’s wrong with not being hungry sometimes but, it’s nice your family encourages you to eat.”

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Jisoo/Joshua He grew up in Los Angeles, he can also speak Spanish fluently, he’s more than happy to put his experiences to use. Whenever he sees you missing home or others who you can connect to, he sprinkles the language throughout his conversations with you to make you feel less alone. He’s also always up for talking about any Latin dishes you both miss eating. “I miss that one too! I liked the seasoning that went into it. You’re making me so hungry right now.”

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Junhui/Jun You both connect on the whole ‘respect elders’ and ‘large family get-togethers’ that is a stable in both your cultures. He learns that you also have dishes that serve parts of animals that many would avoid or be entirely grossed out. He likes searching up different dances that are popular to those of your family’s home country. He finds the traditional clothing very beautiful and colorful. “Am I getting the rhythm right? I think I’m dancing it better than you though. Just kidding!”

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Soonyoung/Hoshi He asked Joshua to tell him more about your culture when you first told him. He wanted to impress you with his knowledge of your culture. He also likes to sit down and ask you questions about your family and the country they are from. “Tell me more about the desserts! They sound so good! I really wanna try them some day. I’d take you with me if we tour internationally.”

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Wonwoo Hearing you talk about the country and its values he feels that he can see how it affects your personality. Whether it is a big part of how you think, or its ideals makes you break away from them. “It’s cruel the people had to experience that. By the way, can you tell me more about your drunk uncles. You said they recently had a party right? Anything crazy happen?”

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Jihoon/Woozi You introduced him to the more popular artists from your family’s country. He seemed to pick up the more popular instruments as well as the overall love of music and dance. He was surprised to see the large variety of different genres and enjoys learning about any meanings behind the songs. “I thought you only had dance music…What do the lyrics mean? What are the underlying messages?”

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Seokmin/DK He’s only heard of a few Latinx artists and some songs as well, due to their high popularity. He tries to learn how to pronounce lyrics to some songs and struggles a bit until you and Joshua help him. He starts bombarding everyone with even more songs, with lyrics he only sometimes understands. “Wait, what do those words mean?…Oh,wow. Your music is very passionate huh? It’s very romantic.”

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Mingyu He was happy to hear about the country your family originates from. So one day he decides to learn some new dishes to see if he can impress you. He also learned quickly that even the more simpler dishes need a nice balance of spices. “I thought it tasted pretty good, what do you think?…Missing something?Oh, let me guess, the recipes differ from family to family right? I should’ve known.”

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Minghao/The8 He loves to learn new dances from your family’s home country. He starts humming the tune of some songs whenever he’s around you to possibly interest you in asking how he knows the songs. Learning the dances allows him to improve his footwork and teach him how to better loosen his hips. “The music is slow one second and super fast the next second. I don’t mind but I can only imagine how nice it must look when someone who grew up dancing to this does it.”

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Seungkwan The colorful traditional clothing is so interesting to him. You show him some videos of the clothing your family’s country have and the dances that many perform wearing those clothes and he’s in awe. They’re colorful and the dances are very cheery. He heard you miss one dish specifically and asked you to describe it to him. So you showed him multiple pictures of you eating the food. “Wow that looks so good! I can see why you would miss it. I wanna try that now.”

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Hansol/Vernon He understands the stares and comments that are whispered whenever people notice you are a foreigner. Specially when people assume because of your background that you are some sex symbol that is only good for having children, he gets protective. He knows that people judge other on stereotypes, and that you are not just a piece of meat. “Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. You’re an amazing person, and you won’t let anyone keep you down. Specially when all of that is just lies.”

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Chan/Dino He doesn’t get why so many people are shocked that you two are together and always ask about the cultural and possible language barriers. You both are two people in a relationship. What does your heritage have anything to do with it? “I get it can all affect how we act and maybe how we think but, it’s not what we only are. I’m not just this language, you’re not just your skin color. We’re just,people. What’s the big deal?”

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Me: possesses hagfish Guard: I'll find you, you hagfish! Me: SHIT.

Overseer: I’ll feed your heart to the hounds!

Corvo: Look there’s no easy way to say this so I’m just gonna say it straight [ducking grenades] I’ve spent the last six months in prison [running away from music boxes] and my landlord currently doesn’t provide breakfast [leaping onto tables to avoid hounds] so I’ve been eating anything and everything I can get my hands on [furiously duelling three Overseers at once] and I probably don’t taste very nice right now! I think feeding me to your dogs would be a very poor way of looking after your canine friends!

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hi carlos! hope you're having a swell day, i wanted to ask: what are your current anime recs? ive been looking for sth to watch and i think you have great taste! have a nice day, thanks in advance! :)

Hii!! I’m having a good day thank you! :D And sure, lemme copy and paste my previous list and make some modifications and updates to answer your question!

Currently watching:

Boku no Hero Academia

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

One Punch Man

Hunter X Hunter

Recently watched:

  • Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan - it’s the Game of Thrones of anime imo.. like it’s so GOOD.. it will just make you gag after every episode. it’s so intense and there are really badass characters. and the plot is really brilliant. like i’m almost finished with season 1 and i’m just shook after every single episode. i watch during my cardio sessions in the gym lmao after every workout.. and its great cause it’s like when a titan is chasing a character, i end up walking faster on the stairs Lmaoo so intense
  • Love Live! - i honestly just watched this like out of curiosity and just for kicks. i was not expecting to love it but after episode 3, i was like wait??? wasnt this anime supposed to be fun?? why am i crying?? so yeah, it’s super good, touching, entertaining and sweet! and the songs are really catchy and good.. it’s such a WLW anime and there’s a canon couple :>
  • Love Live! Sunshine - i watched this like a few months after finishing Love Live! cause i loved the OG girls and i was worried i wont like these girls.. but honestly, LLS is EVEN GAYER.. and is soo good too!
  • btw tell me who your fave girls/best girls are after watching Love Live and Sunshine. my best girls are Umi Sonoda and Yo Watanabe :>
  • Kimi no Na Wa - universally lauded and recently released! it’s the best film released in 2016 imo. i swear it’s really next level storytelling

Anime watched/finished:

  • Rurouni Kenshin - i think i watched this anime twice/thrice.. It’s so suspenseful. it’s about samurais. and this anime made me interested about Japan’s history. it’s kind of a period drama with amazing fight sequences. and it’s critically acclaimed. it’s my father’s all-time favourite anime
  • Rurouni Kenshin OVA - it’s a prequel. also more violent and tragic than its anime counterpart.. like it’s really different from the series. but it’s so good. you’ll find out how Kenshin got his iconic X mark from here!)
  • Ghost Stories - THE DUB IS A MASTERPIECE! You really have to see this one. the anime bombed in Japan so the english dubbers got all the rights for the anime and they gave the go signal for the dubbers to do whatever the fuck they want. it ended up being like an anime Scary Movie with a hilarious script
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica - i swear do not be deceived.. it is a really intense and surprisingly dark anime with excellent plot twists
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - super funny anime. if you need a laugh, this will really lift you up. i watched the first two episodes in sub and dub back to back.. and i can vouch that the voice actors for the English dub are excellent. it’s actually even funnier.. but if you prefer subs, then that’s fine. it’s just the lines are more humorous, expressive and have more variety :) Nozaki’s voice is also attractive in the dub.. it’s still very Nozaki imo. this anime pokes fun at the shoujo manga yet still has romantic elements. it’s mostly comedy though 
  • Jigoku Shoujo / Hell Girl - angst, tragedy, philosophical anime analysing humanity’s hatred, need for vengeance, and suffering. Futakomori or the 2nd season is my favourite but it’s worth finishing the entire series. 3rd season is very painful to watch though and you dont have to watch that one tbh
  • Yu Yu Hakusho - occult, spirit world, ghosts, and fighting. you most probably have heard of this
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - 1st series starring Yugi. iconic!
  • Digimon - can be very intense! better than Pokemon imo
  • Cardcaptor Sakura - this is also suspenseful. like the premise is essentially that Sakura has to catch all the “monsters” that were freed from this book. and it’s up to her to “capture” them and put into cards. magic, fantasy, and beautiful animation
  • Ranma ½ - this was so funny but the ending was disappointing cause it got cancelled apparently.. i really hope this will go out of limbo and give us a proper ending like InuYasha did but i doubt it
  • Danganronpa (murder plot twists, intense and despair-filled storyline. btw i highly suggest you play this game (it’s available on Steam) instead of watching the poorly condensed anime. so buy it on steam or you can download it how you like cause it’s one of the best games ever. and if you plan on watching this, there is no Danganronpa 2 anime so yeah just play the game tbh. but a playthrough/game since the anime is based from the game. murder, plot twists, suspense. click this to know more about the premise. it’s Battle Royale meets CSI. after watching this, here’s a link of the playthrough of the 2nd game. it’s super fun, full of plot twists, and interactive) 
  • Yuri On Ice - it’s a really cute gay anime. people will argue it isnt and its queerbait but i’m gay and alot of the things which happen are too much for just bros to do so yeah, i believe it’s canon gay or mlm. and i enjoyed it so you watch it and be the judge
  • Blood+ - vampires and sword fighting
  • Ghost In The Shell - it’s a sci-fi movie
  • Yakitate Japan - baking and cooking!
  • Getbackers - still up to debate if the duo are gay but if you google art of them, there have been official art released and it’s so gay lol. but yeah it’s shonen genre and it’s not canon gay
  • Cowboy Bebop - a CLASSIC. the dub is great!!

I don’t remember if i finished these but I watched a lot of episodes enough to recommend it and will rewatch them soon to relieve memories. I’m pretty sure I tuned in though and watched like 80%:

  • Fushigi Yuugi (i think this is shoujo but it has a nice adventure storyline)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood  (i feel like i actually finished this. idk why my memory is hazy concerning this anime. this is so popular. you should’ve heard of this iconic anime somehow. i watched and tuned in but i don’t remember how or when i stopped)
  • Gundam series (i think i finished the first Gundam and the second)
  • Tsubasa Chronicles (it’s like a spin-off of Cardcaptor Sakura but they’re like all grown up and the plot is different)
  • Naruto
  • One Piece (i watched like the first four seasons)
  • Bleach (i remembered watching until episode 40 omg)
  • Great Teacher Onizuka (this is so funny tbh. i think i watched almost all of it)

Studio Ghibli films I watched:

  • Spirited Away
  • The Wind Rises
  • Ponyo
  • Tales from Earthsea

Anime I plan to watch (many suggested this to me and i plan on watching them so i’ll write them down here) :

  • Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)
  • Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Re: Zero
  • Your Lie in April
  • Shin sekai Yori
  • Gintama
  • More of Makoto Shinkai’s movies like 5 centimetres per second, etc.)
  • More Ghibli films too

Here you go!!!! I know it’s an extensive list. I’ll probably make this a masterpost of anime recs and will update this list, and add more soon. If you have any questions or anything, don’t be shy to message me! :)

[last updated: 15 September 2017]

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Thank you for all your quality braime posts! 😂 I am curious what you make of Bri*mund? You haven't said much about them, I don't think...

You’re welcome. I know I mostly keep it light with stupid crack posts, but I actually am very emotional about Jaime and Brienne.

 The second bit took me a second- not used to these censored names. Eff Tumblr’s “search” system. -_-

Anyway, I do like… let’s call him “Tormie” because I can’t stand asterisks or zeros for O’s. He’s a good guy and clearly has good taste. ;)

I also think it’s nice that he’s attracted to the things most other guys dislike about Brienne- her height, her strength, her fighting skills. But that is all it is- an attraction. They haven’t spoken. If they do speak, I hope he gets a few lessons from Pod beforehand about how to talk to her without pissing her off. His little uh… nickname… for her is not cute nor is it going to endear him to her, even though he doesn’t mean any harm by it and probably thinks it’s a compliment. I think comments about her height and build will always stir up bad memories for her.  

As for “the ship,” I think it started off as kind of a joke. A bit of comic relief and a reminder to the audience that Brienne is not just a fighter or a protector for Stark ladies and that there is a love interest in her storyline, even though they’d been separated for awhile.  

I doubt the writers intended to start A Thing because it’s pretty obvious that as long as Jaime draws breath, Brienne’s heart and loyalty will be with him. Not to mention show!Jaime’s gentle way of speaking to her or his book counterpart’s affectionate, mild “pseudo-insults” are much more her style than blunt and brash.  She doesn’t trust easily and she will be wary of any guy showing such a blatant interest in her, certain it’s a cruel joke or that he’s after her father’s money and lands.

But B/T were unexpectedly popular so they’ve kept it going, still mostly for comic relief purposes but it will probably lead somewhere next season. So now I’ve got a few theories… that actually all revolve around “Braime” because I’m me.

The happy, optimistic ones (let me dream!):

  • We might get a version of the classic book scene “You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name.“ 
  •  Possibly a bit of totally not jealous Jaime  
  • It could inspire Jaime to make a move or at least rant about how Brienne deserves better than an unwashed, bearded ginger. 
  • Brienne could scoff at Tormie’s “advances”  in the “as if he were my type” way and give Jaime an excuse to look at her all hopefully, kinda like this:

The pessimistic one because in this fandom we must always be prepared to suffer:

They might be setting things up to imply he’ll end up with Brienne some day after something happens to Jaime. Probably mostly in an effort to hush any cristism along the lines of “Oh, so a woman who isn’t ‘conventionally attractive’  gets a love interest and then he dies?!” 

But I do believe that in order for that to happen, we’re going to get at least a little bit of Jaime/Brienne. If Brienne knows for sure that Jaime, one of the most beautiful men in Westeros, could love her and did love her, she’ll be more likely to believe someone else could love her, too.

…so the too long; didn’t read of it is: the ship you asked about, it’s okay, but it’s mostly a prop for Jaime and Brienne’s relationship, which is far superior.  

Michael Imagine #2 Nice Beanie (GIF)

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“Everyone please welcome 5 Seconds of Summer!” The interviewer announced as the crowd went crazy. The boys walked in and shook the interviewer’s hand. “Alright,” he began. “first of all, let me just compliment you, Michael, on your beanie. I think it looks quite good on you!”

“Oh, thanks! My girlfriend gave it to me!” Michael smiled.

“Did she really?” The interviewer asked. “Isn’t your girlfriend here today?”

“Uh…yeah! She’s actually sitting towards the back. Babe, stand up and say hi to everyone!” 

I quickly stood up and waved to my boyfriend and the interviewer. “Hi, [Y/N]! It’s nice to meet you! I think you have a great taste in beanies.” He assured.

“Thanks!” I laughed, happy that people liked it.

“Yeah, she has a great taste in a lot of things.” Michael added. “That’s not meant to be creepy…” The audience laughed. Embarrassed, Michael put his head in his hands. “I really hope there won’t be memes of this tomorrow because I just know people will take that the wrong way.” He laughed.

Sure enough, the next morning, Michael’s twitter was blowing up with all of the latest pictures and videos of the previous-day’s interview.

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bless u sergle, every time u get into a new fandom that I also like u manage to have the same fav character as me and I think "yes!!! nice!!!" tl;dr u have great taste in characters :V

i only select the BEST trash

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Can you make links to some great kdramas ?

hello lovely^^ I don’t watch many dramas, but here are a few that were quite enjoyable to watch (in no particular order) I’m not sure what genre you enjoy watching or if you have seen these yet, but I hope these links help :)

It’s Okay It’s Love

The Master’s Sun

Strong Woman Do Boong Soon

Descendants of the Sun


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

The Legend of the Blue Sea


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Ooooh how about a sirius going down on you blurb :))))


Ok, so maybe it starts all ‘innocent’ and y’all are making out and being all cute. Then, suddenly his hand works its way down toward your waistband as he gives you a questioning glance (BECAUSE CONSENT IS LIT, FOLKS) and you nod while your stomach flutters at his touch. And he gently pulls down your jeans/skirt/whatever. So he gives you his familiar smirk and you melt back into the bed as he slides your underwear down. 

He runs his fingers over your core a few times, just to warm you up. And you jerk up into him. He places loving kisses along your inner thighs before he just goes for it. It starts with a lick from your slit to your clit and you moan at the feeling of his warm tongue against your increasingly wet heat. Then he speeds up, alternating between up and down and side to side movements. After, he moves to your clit, sucking and sliding a finger in you (because he just can’t resist). All the while, you’re mewling and wriggling against him which spurs him on. Finally, he pulls back before settling on your entrance. He dips his tongue in just a bit, testing the waters. You groan and he hums against your heat happily which only makes you wetter. Then he’s all in, relentlessly moving in, out, and all around. He relishes in your taste, pleased at the noises your making for (and because of) him. 

When he finally feels as though he’s teased you enough and you’re pleading for release, he murmurs against your core, “Cum for me, sweetheart.” And you do. Because you can’t hold out any longer. The way he’s working you up and his soft, determined grunts are too much. Your back arches and Sirius holds tight to your thighs to keep you attached to his mouth as he guides you through your high.

When you finally come down, Sirius places soft kitten-licks wherever he deems necessary to clean you up. Once he’s done, he pushes himself up to his forearms and hovers over you. He places a kiss to your lips mumbling, “Tastes nice, doesn’t it?” And then….well….I think you can figure out the rest

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Ahaha sorry Mod B XD I have no idea what ranch is so I'm purely going off what google told me XD It might taste nice! I don't know!

i’m trying to think of a way to describe ranch, but honestly i’m drawing a blank. it’s uh… creamy? salty? like if someone tried to make american gravy but had no idea what gravy was like?

~mod b


Trialling less spicy vegan curry options because @i-want-to-be-wonderwoman is weak sauce.

My take on green Thai pumpkin and Onion curry (served with pumpkin seed quinoa as I had some left).

Tasted pretty nice, but I do really think it’s a bit bland without the heat 😅 still I think i could serves her some, whack some fresh chilli and and give it another min for my taste.

Also - freezing fresh pumpkin and thawing it gives it a pretty meaty texture. Who knew?

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@dorkshadows To answer your review on LL Tv Show Prequel Cursed Hell Pairing. First you need some Backstory on LL - In LL chen xiang has this Love InterestTM who doesn’t pass the bechdel test and plays a part in a love triangle. Totally in love with chen Xiang, her relationship with him is pretty important in the show to the point where there was an almost-marriage scene. (Tried to get married, wedding gets crashed so didn’t work. Yeah I almost forgot this happened.)

Spoilers but lol - at the end of the series she jumps in front of chen Xiang to protect him from Erlang Shen, gets stabbed, and dies.

In LL Prequel, get this, holy hell, the same actor who played chen Xiang’s big giant love interest that was weaved throughout the first series intricately, was casted as Erlang Shen’s love interest.

H o r r o r. Prequel main character is Erlang. His love interest basically looked and acted exactly the same as his nephews love interest. Y I k e s.

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What do you think is in munakata's head whenever he sees awashima's ass squeezed inside that tight, short uniform of hers?

Hopefully “I should really find Awashima-kun a longer skirt.” Or possibly “That’s the last time I let Roy Mustang design my female officer uniforms.” Or “How do I gracefully admit that the skirt was a joke that I’ve been waiting for her to call me out on for years.” Also possibly “I should ask Awashima-kun for tips on how she keeps her behind so firm, I have been wanting to work on my glutes.” Or “Fushimi-kun would really look magnificent in that skirt.” There’s all kinds of possibilities, really.

“don’t be stubborn, try it!” // seokjin

“this is ridiculous,”

you’re being ridiculous!”

“i’m not even going to be here!”

“don’t be stubborn, try it!”

“for god’s sake and all of our sake, would you please taste the damn broth so he doesn’t keep asking you for the next twenty minutes?” yoongi rises his opinion from the living room and when he doesn’t get a reply instantly, he learns to pipe down with jimin grabbing him by the collar to hide behind the seat just as the both of you turn to his direction from the kitchen.

“hyung is being dumb! please ignore him!” jimin chimes and you can see yoongi trying to fight the latter by sitting up with a why i oughta- and jimin yanks him back down with a don’t get into this!

scoffing, seokjin turns to face the direction of the sofa, “do you have anything to say, min yoongi?”

“…no i’m good,”

with the rolling of his eyes, he closes the glass door and turns back to you with a pout, the ladle now sinking to the bottom of the pot like his frown digging the corners of his lips as the seconds tick by. 

“i just don’t get it. it’s just a little taste test!” you watch as his shoulders slouches down with disappointment and that really gets to you because seokjin doesn’t just ask anyone to taste his cooking before the end result. and let’s just say he’s been trying to gauge the right amount of seasoning for this specific soup for weeks now. as much as you’ve tried spoons upon spoons, if it makes him happy… well…

“give me it,” you mumble, stepping towards him by the pot and he raises a brow at you when you take the ladle, bringing it up to your lips and curse the day you try to be nice on your own accord because - “ah, shit,”

seokjin tuts and snatches the ladle, shaking his head as he puts it away to examine the redness of your bottom lip, “you’re so careless, you know that?”

“hey, screw the day i try to be nice, okay?”

“does it hurt?”

“…not as much as your heart, no,”

“…does it taste nice?”

“i think… you’ve got it down this time.”

(”stay away from soups for the next week, please,”

“after all the taste tests you’ve done for me, i think i can make it happen,”


“okay, no soup for a week.”)

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Hello! I love your writings sweetie, I was wondering if I could make a request? MC x jumin on a date please~?

Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoy my writings! I’m more than happy to do your request! I hope you enjoy it! 

Also, idk why but I went to jump a space and accidentally posted this before I was done???? I nearly had a heart attack


You walked beside Jumin, listening to the sound of the bell chiming as you entered the restaurant. 

It was extravagant, with a bright crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling that seemed to light up the room beyond belief. 

“Oh my goodness…” You said, your eyes widening in surprise. “This place sure is fancy.” 

“You deserve only the best.” Your husband hummed, wrapping his arm around your waist as you were both guided to a table. 

He sat down across from you, smiling softly as you gently thanked the employee. 

“Do you go to places like this a lot?” You asked, your eyes scanning the great room.

“Usually,” He chuckled. “Do you not?”

“Not really,” You shook your head, shrugging. “My family couldn’t really afford to go to these type of places.” 

“I hope you don’t mind that I took you here then.” He admitted. “I was afraid you might feel out of place or would prefer someplace quieter.” 

You raised your head, reaching out and grabbing onto his hand sweetly. “I love this place don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll enjoy anything you introduce me to.” 

He gave a sigh of relief, rubbing his thumb over your knuckles. “You always say the kindest things.” 

Before you could open your mouth to reply, a waiter approached you two, offering a selection of wine. 

You both settled on Bordeaux, the crimson wine slipping into your glasses soon after. 

“Do you like it?” He tipped his head slightly, lowering the drink from his lips. 

It had been smoky as it ran down your throat, an aftertaste of oddly enough, vanilla lingering on your tongue. 

“I do, it tastes very nice.” 

“I’m glad you think so.” 

As you settled down, you noticed the faint sound of a piano, delicately dancing against the walls towards you. 

It was a slow, relaxing tune, yet left you more and more curious by the second. 

“Is there a pianist here?” 

“Yes, there’s a professional that plays here.” He pointed upwards, towards a small spiral staircase that lead to a balcony overlooking the customers. “He’s very good.” 

An idea slipped into your head, causing you to slip from your seat, dragging your husband upwards. “Let’s go see him!”

“We haven’t even ordered our food yet love.” 

“We can come back in a second and do that.” You gave a pleading tone. “Please?” 

He was already up on his feet, guiding you up the stairs to the pianist. 

The sound, of course, grew louder, until you caught sight of the musician, his fingers nearly gliding over the keys. 

“Why did you want to come up here?” He asked, glancing down at you. 

“I wanted to dance with you!” You beamed. 


“Well, you taught me how to dance, and…I’d like to actually dance with you, now that I know how.” 

He seemed almost in shock before a thankful grin swept his face. “I suppose a small dance wouldn’t hurt.” 

Your eyes lit up, briskly kissing his nose in excitement. 

That nearly left him a flustered mess, his cheeks reddening to the shade of a strawberry in moments.

He embarrassedly tried to hide this by feigning coughs as he wound an arm around your waist and the other with your fingers. 

You placed your opposite hand on his shoulder, stifling laughter as he regained his composure. 

“Sometimes I think you’re too wonderful for this world.” He quietly remarked, faint pinks still dusting his cheeks. “And I’m constantly proven right.” 

“Well, how could I be without my miracle of a husband?” 

His flustered situation wasn’t being helped. 

Jumin muttered the first few steps to help you, eventually drifting off as he found you doing rather well.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were a professional.” He laughed softly, lifting up his arm to spin you.

As he caught you in his arms you set your head in the crook of his neck. “But you saw me at our wedding.” 

“Yes, and as always, you were absolutely amazing.” He shrugged. “If you ask me, I’d personally say your dancing was adorable.” 

“You just liked how I had to stand on your feet.” You snickered, as the two of you stopped, him leading you back down the stairs. 

“Plenty of people thought it was cute.” 

You stopped at the last step, staring upwards. “And what about now?” 

He thought for a moment before wrapping your cheek in his hand as he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours fondly. 

“You haven’t changed a bit, but I don’t think you can change perfection.”