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They’re bonding…

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that


Be careful who you call ugly in middle school… 👀

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I like my coffee how I like my men .... super old and really unique *points to brook and jinbei*

I’m only 90 years old!!!

((Guess who’s back again…I got a new laptop for Christmas and after a bit of fumbling with downloading the right programs, (wacom’s site was being a bit troublesome) I’m finally able to draw properly. Now I just have to get used to manga studio again…including modifying all the brushes and settings…))


what my inquisitor would wear throughout the course of inquisition

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Cloud had very little experience cuddling people. He (embarrassingly enough) slept in his mom's bed due to nightmares and loneliness until a few years past when it was acceptable, but other than her, there was only a SOLDIER Third Class who passed out on top of him during a transport back to HQ (he'd been bleeding too badly for Cloud to have the heart to push him off), and Zack Fair. Despite that relative inexperience, he was still fairly confident in concluding that Zack gave -damn- good (1)

cuddles. His chest was so broad and his arms so warm and willing to hold Cloud against him, and he always seemed to know just how to position himself to make Cloud the comfiest, and feel the most secure. The weird thing was that his best friend was just that – a best friend. As far as Cloud knew, no one else he knew snuggled like this with their best friend all the time, or spent nights over in their best friend’s bed, ear pressed to their heartbeat, clenching a fistful of their shirt. (2)

So one day, when Cloud woke up in the early morning to warm sunshine coming in the window, and Zack’s silly hair in his face, he drew away enough so that he could stare at his friend. He cupped his cheek, drifting his thumb carefully over his cheekbone. Zack stirred. “Cuddling you is nothing like cuddling my mom,” Cloud said, when he had Zack’s attention. Zack… just stared at him for a moment. “Uh,” he said, blinking sleep out of his eyes, “Uh? …Good? You okay there, Spike?” (3)

Cloud laughed under his breath & shuffled forward until he could bump his forehead against Zack’s. The SOLDIER’s arm wound around his waist, tugging him against his chest. Cloud thought for a moment, and then breathed, “Why the hell aren’t we dating already?” Zack didn’t answer for a moment, rubbing warm circles on his lower back with his palm. “…I don’t fuckin’ know,” he answered. “I guess we kinda are already.” “Yeah.” The two men stared at each other for a moment, then laughed. (4/4)

AAAAAAAH!!! this is so adorable anon, thank you!!! you’re so sweet to send me this *hugs* 8D

BTS reaction: their nice and happy s/o being interested in serial killers

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Jin: He would find this interest of yours surprising, but quite fascinating. Like, he wouldn’t really be able to deny that you being interested in this, would spark his interest a bit as well. Like, what people who do this kind of things think, and how they manage to plan it all out.

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Suga: He would find the contrast pretty nice/interesting, rather than surprising tbh. Like, I think he enjoys finding new sides to people that he wouldn’t have guessed. And he’s mentioned in an interview-thingy (I think it was for Dreaming Days or something), that he wants to study psychology when he’s got the time. So he might take up a slight interest in learning about killers that are sociopaths or psychopaths. Like Josef Mengele (he’s a serial killer, and you can fight me on this. And if you don’t know who he is, and you’re a bit squeamish, do not look him up. Reading about him had me wanting to throw up, and I’m the type of person who’ll eat dinner while watching the show Hannibal.)

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J-Hope: He would wonder what the hell is wrong with you. Like, unless you’re a cop or something like that, or a psychology major, he wouldn’t see how you could find it interesting even the tiniest bit. Like, he probably just finds that gross and scary, himself. Fictional mass murderers, fine. Those are just that. Fictional. But real ones? Nuh-uh, stay away from those.

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Rap Monster: He would get surprised by your interest, but would quickly get over the shock. And then he would see why you’re interested in it. He might not be overly fascinated by it himself, but he can admit that, for educational reasons and interests, this can be a very interesting subject.

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Jimin: He might get a bit weirded out by this. Like, out of all the interests you could have picked, this was the one you chose? But he would ultimately let you keep doing you. Don’t expect him to be very into whatever conversations might come up whenever you discover something new, tho.

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V: I don’t think he would be too surprised by it. Like sure, it wasn’t an interest he had expected, but it’s not that big of a deal. Rather, he would want to know what sparked your interest for it. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he got fascinated by it after you told him, and be quite interested when you found out something new.

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Jungkook: He would be the one to be slightly intimidated/scared, until you explained that you’re interested by it from an educational standpoint. Then he would probably just accept it and move on. He might get more interested by it himself with time.

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my honest thoughts on Cruella's backstory: FOR ONCE a villain who doesn't have a tragic backstory! just plain evil/crrrrazy :D that was nice (and quite surprising tbh)

I KNOW RIGHT? that was crazy beans, man. cruella was like serial killer status.

haven’t we been asking for this for ages tho. like a legit villainess who was bad just bc she loved being bad. no sob story included for miss de vil nosiree. it was gr8

- kelly


my thoughts on the cursed child 

okay so Unpopular Opinion Time™, but overall, I enjoyed reading it. but to say I wasn’t disappointed, confused and a bit frustrated would be a lie. also, a lot of my feelings are hella contradictory because I’m still conflicted over this entire thing


the good:

  • it’s entertaining and fast-paced and exciting
  • scorpius fucking malfoy! he’s funny and cute and a lovely human being and it was an utter joy to read his lines. his character was probably the strongest part of this book tbh
  • there were some beautiful moments. I admit that when harry was talking to dumbledore and he started crying I shed a little tear. and when snape realised he was going to die in another time but accepted it was also pretty moving, despite my complex feelings towards the character itself
  • there’s some cringey scenes but it’s quite comical at times, like how when snape finds out he’s gonna die his response is that at least he isn’t married to ron lmao
  • it was intriguing to see alternate timelines, for I have genuinely wondered what would have happened if voldemort won
  • this book is disconnected from the 7 books and while that’s disappointing too, I’m glad this isn’t a proper 8th harry potter book. for me, deathly hallows had that bittersweet and satisfactory ending to such an utterly perfect extent that I am yet to find it in other novels. I feel the story is over and I honestly don’t really want one that would contaminate such a fantastic saga

the bad:

  • the characterization was shat on. ron was literally like the movie version seeing as he did literally nothing and was basically a bumbling sidekick. and I know it’s in another universe but hermione was literally like snape when she was dada teacher and I can never see her acting like that. and I cannot comprehend cedric diggory EVER being a death eater! that boy was fair and just and loyal he would not resort to the dark side just due to humiliation. my children deserve better than this okay
  • queerbating central when it came to albus and scorpius rip
  • plot holes!! how did they see james and lily’s house with the fidelius charm? and the time travel thing has been altered because in the books it was like, a complete line - things have happened and you can’t change them - I read somebody else’s review in which they used the example of buckbeak. like, he was always meant to be rescued and the trio just didn’t see it the first time round. but now there’s different realities?? I need an explanation please??
  • I wish rose was in it more 
  • I don’t like the play format and I miss jkr’s brilliant writing. it’s just dialogue and fair do’s, this story is focusing on relationships, but it just meant it didn’t feel like ‘harry potter’ and thus the experience of reading it was weird and not as homey and nostalgic u kno
  • voldemort had a daughter what the fuck? I need explanations on when exactly this happened and fits in with canon? also the bad guy having a child storyline has always irked me so it wasn’t a nice surprise tbh. 
  • a time turner is such a deus ex machina which is why I was glad jkr destroyed them in ootp but no??? there was one more lol wtf

the ugly [sad conclusion]:

while I certainly enjoyed reading this book I don’t think of it as canon for those 7 brilliant novels stand alone. this book exists and I accept it as a nice and entertaining fanfic-type story, but that’s it. I do understand that this would be a lot better to see on stage, and if I had the $$$$$ I would most definitely do so

also please don’t kill me if you disagree with me thank xxxxxxxxxx