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Since the fractured but whole is coming out soon (ish) I was wondering what twaig's superhero outfit would look like if she was playing with her dad's?

something similar as the two dorks OF COURSE

i would call her Twaigstar but i don’t know anything about superheroes and just read an article about people suspecting that someone named “wonderstar” might be supermans and wonderwomans kid so idk, i just went with that

A small little thing I really appreciate about Star Trek Beyond is how the crew doesn’t complete lay waste to Yorktown while saving it?? Like it’s become such a staple of superhero movies to see people smash up more than they leave intact, but I love that this movie didn’t feel the need to throw BIG MASSIVE DESTRUCTION at you to make its point.  

Clark was… uncomfortable with seeing the fusion.

At first, Black Lace was subtle with the idea of fusing with Peri. He’d never fused with someone so short, he claimed. “How am I supposed to dance with him? He can barely reach my waist.”

Peri had frowned and blushed at that. But the Gem monster was likely to strike back soon after reaching the surface. He needed to fuse with Black Lace Onyx now, or the monster would poof them all.

So they danced, with Clark being unable to do anything but watch.

He wished he hadn’t.

At first, the two seemed to do a generic dance, their arms and hips moving rhythmically, Peri doing something more resembling the robot, Black Lace dancing as though he were at a club. And then Black Lace started moving much closer to Peri, to the point that they were almost touching.

“I have an idea,” he said quickly, and had Peri 5 dance towards a nearby fallen tree, where he motioned for Peri to sit on.

That’s when Clark started to feel his face burn.

Black Lace started to back up into Peri still dancing, who was sitting there, confused for a while before Black Lace finally reached Peri, his rear grinding against Peri’s body. He started blushing, before he smiled at the contact. He reached out to rub his hands against Black Lace’s chest and stomach. Black Lace grinned, and kept rubbing himself against Peri, before turning, and rubbing his hands up and down Peri’s body, still dancing, his hips moving sensually, very close to Peri’s crotch. Peri reached over to touch Black Lace’s thighs and feeling around much more than Clark thought was necessary. Peri’s hands reached Black Lace’s butt, making him smile, and lick his lips. Now Black Lace started wrapping one leg around Peri, as Peri held him closer by grabbing his lower back and pulling him towards himself.

Black Lace Onyx straddled Peri with both legs now, and moved in to kiss Peri, which Peri happily reciprocated. He was certainly enthusiastic in the kiss, Clark could see, as the two were using their tongues very liberally, their hands rubbing each other’s backs. Suddenly, the two were surrounded by a bright light, just as the Gem monster burst from the earth.

Before the two went to fight, the fusion looked at Clark, and winked with two purple-and-green eyes.

It didn’t take long for Chrome Tourmaline to defeat and bubble the Gem monster, and they soon unfused themselves. Clark was uncomfortable to see that Black Lace and Peri were still kissing each other, and Black Lace’s hands were very, very low on Peri’s backside. As the two parted, Clark was just a little upset to see Peri smiling lecherously at Black Lace.

“You’ve never fused with an Onyx, have you?” Black Lace asked. “How was your first time?”

“Okay,” Clark said loudly, taking Peri’s hand. “We’re done here!” He turned to Peri, smiling widely. “Peri, I am so proud of you, for taking down that Gem!”

“I helped,” Black Lace grumbled.

“Sure,” Clark muttered, before lighting up as his gaze went back to Peri. “I want the two of us to celebrate, alright? We can go back to my room, and I’ll make you something nice to eat, and we can spend the whole night together. How does that sound?”

“That sounds wonderful,” Peri said, blushing.

Clark’s voice turned breathy. “And then, maybe we could try out that dance in private. Do you like the sound of that?”

Peri had to smile at that. “Oh, now that sounds wonderful, Clark.” As the two walked off, Peri grinned. “I have a feeling that a certain someone was jealous.”

“Me? Jealous?” Clark said, grabbing Peri around the waist. “No, I just really wanna show you who’s better at dancing.”


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guess who marathoned legion of superheroes all day instead of doing any work

i wonder which character is still my favourite after all these years. it couldn’t possibly be the tiny battle pod robot who’s as thirsty for clark kent as pearl is for rose quartz could it

listen not to be That Guy but i honestly do not understand why they put in so many coming out imagery and ambiguous sexuality quips if kara danvers is straight

It’s not monday but I just got a bunch of pictures back from my last event and?? They’re so nice I’m in love

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Omg I love your superhero EreJeanMarco fic! Will it be a continued story or just a one shot? I would love to read more about it!

Thank you :) The setting really has potential, doesn’t it? I can feel there’s a huge story behind it and lots of ways for it to develop from this point.
Writing it was fun but I’ll be honest, it’s not a priority right now. I get lots of wonderful, creative prompts and it’s great that I can give you a peek into all these different worlds and stories but sadly I lack the time (and motivation) to explore all the settings and universes the way they’d deserve to.

…maybe I should think about accepting commissions for those cases :D

Kara sat her desk at Cat Co with a bored expression. She sipped at her fast food drink as she clicked through her computer. She was happy to be back home, but she already missed her friends from the other Earth. It was nice seeing so many superheroes in one place. It made her yearn for the same on her own earth.

Of course she could always count on her cousin and J'onn, but just being able to work together with others every now and again and create and close knit team was something she wanted. She knew her brother had worked with some other vigilante once, but he said he wasn’t much of a team player outside his family.

Kara sighed as she tapped randomly on her keyboard. There wasn’t a Barry Allen or Oliver Queen on this earth, or at least they weren’t famous enough to be googled. By extension Thea Queen and Sara Lance weren’t on her earth either. She’d googled them too.

She typed in random letters and pressed enter. Results showed up immediately and she glanced back to her screen. Articles about a well known Central City firefighter appeared. Article after article with pictures and information. Kara clicked on the most recent headline with a smile.

‘Lieutenant Rory Saves Child in Central City Apartment Fire’

Karas smile brightened as she clicked over more and more articles and pictures. Barry had told her a lot about Mick after he’d told her he’d killed his family and liked starting fires. Who would have expected he’d be such a well liked central city firefighter. Heck, he put out fires instead of starting them on her Earth.

He looked exactly the same as on Barry’s Earth. She wondered if his partner was still alive on this Earth too. She typed in the name Barry had told her and was surprised to find brand new posted information on him. She clicked the link and her mouth dropped. Leonard Snart was still alive and it looked like Mick and him were still friends. But what made Kara’s mouth drop was that she found Barry.

'Police Commissioner, Leonard Snart, Announces His Engagement to Longtime Secret Partner, Barry Allen.’

Kara had not expected that, but could beleive after remembering the way Barry spoke about Leonard. She smiled at both the picture of Mick Rory and Barry and Leonard. Maybe she’d take a trip to Central soon and give Mick that call. Even if it wasn’t the Mick that hit on her.


We can finally share the stories we wrote for the latest Klaine book. My art partner was unfortunateplottwist, who I was so lucky to work with! She’s one of my favorite artists in the fandom. Our trope was superhero!Blaine.


Kurt Hummel opened his eyes and took three deep breaths to keep from panicking.

It had happened in a matter of seconds: one moment he was trying to stay awake as he rode the late night train from the library to his apartment after working on a very long essay, and the next was filled with screeching sounds as the train crashed against something, derailing and tilting dangerously to the side. Now, it was dark. Kurt searched in his bag for his bottle of water, giving it to an old man, who seemed in shock. He was about to reach for his phone to call for help when he heard a loud bang, and one of the doors shattered, falling to the subway’s floor like it was made of tinfoil. A girl choked on a little scream and stepped away, holding onto one of the poles for dear life.

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How do you feel about the designs of the villains in the popular show Miraculous Ladybug? I personally feel that some are more horrendous than others, but generally they range from strange to downright ridiculous. 


i feel like almost any superhero designs cant even be called ‘weird’ anymore because many of the most famous superheroes look bizarre/silly and we’re just desensitized to them. hell just the concept of muscular men in tight spandex fighting each other is inherently weird and thats the beauty of it.

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I mean there are superheroes that are part of the lgbtq+ community. There aren't as many in the tv/film universes (though there are some, i.e. Sarah Lance, The Black Canary, on Arrow) but in the comics theres Bat Woman, Green Lantern in the Earth Two Comics, Catwoman, Catman, Deadpool, and Mystique (that's what I can come up with from the top of my head but there is a wikipedia page for lgbt superheroes if you want to look into more)

g i v e m e t h e q u e e r s u p e r h e r o e s


“Welcome, welcome to my party. Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent but who might this be?” Lex leaned to the right to look at the person beside Bruce. “I don’t remember inviting you,”

“Let’s say it was a plus one, human shade lamp.” you rolled your eyes, proceeding to take a drink from the glass that you took from the waiter before he arrived to greet the superheroes. “Nice hair,” you commented sarcastically.

“Thank you,” he dipped his hands in the prayer position. “I actually grew it myself.”

“Oh really, with what? Plants miracle grow?” You chuckled, seeing a smile crack on Bruce’s face before Lex’ mouth opened a bit.

“Actually tresemme,” he replied, a bit taken back at your dragging.

“Are ya sure one of your people didn’t put, I don’t know, sperm or mayonnaise in the bottle?” you continued to insult him. “Are you gonna save some oxygen for the rest of us or are you going to keep exhaling repulsive carbon dioxide?”

“I think I might just stay here with you, you’re obviously enjoying my company.” he replied, getting in step with your comebacks. “I didn’t think my spearmint mouth wash smelled bad, should have used Listerine.”

“Why don’t they just kiss already?” Clark huffed, downing his glass of wine before leaving the three with surprise on their faces, and blushes on two.

Ended quick cause I could’ve went onnnnnnnn