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ninjastuck eridan! hmm i think his weapon is a sword but he can hold it like a gun and shoot and blade out! but its like attached to the hilt part with a really long rope kind of like hidan’s weapon where he can swing it around u know? fukc i cant explain it very well but i s2g it makes sense in my head

the seadwellers are part of kisame’s clan HE CANT BE THE ONLY NINJA WITH GILLS AND SHIT THAT WOULDNT MAKE SENSE RIGHT? so he and fef are cousins by marriage (his dad’s sister’s husband’s sister’s daughter). eridan’s dad is a s-rank missing nin and lots of people shun him for that. his life sucks haha

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Hey there, did I ever tell you how I met Steve Buscemi? It was a cold stormy night and everyone told me to stay indoors, but I didn't listen because you know, I'm in those rebel teen years, but anyways, while I was wondering the night I saw a strange figure in the distance, it was STEVE BUSCEMI! I freaked out and told him that I loved him and that I was also very cold and wet, because it was stormy. So... He took me to his house, gave me a blanket, fire, and hot coco, then we talked all night.

I saw a college au thingy and I wanted to write some jasico because the tag is slowly disappearing and as much as I enjoy reading Solangelo, I could never see myself writing because these two dorks have my souls. So this is the ‘its pouring and I have my final paper in my backpack so I guess we’re both stuck under this awning hey do you think they deliver pizza here?’

Jason was finally leaving the library at 10 at night, after being there for 3 hours to complete this stupid paper that was due tomorrow morning. He just wanted to go home at this point. Or at least Leo’s dorm so he could pass out on his couch since his own dorm was across campus and the class was at 7 in the morning. Of course, Leo was a 15 minute walk from the library.  Jason really didn’t mind the walk. He had made this journey more times than he would like to admit, but Leo didn’t mind and Jason always brought him some brownies, so it was all good.

That was, until Jason felt the first drop. Then his heart dropped and he ran to the nearest awning.  There was no way that this paper was going to get wet. He would die before letting 3 hours of his life and half of his sanity to go to waste. Thankfully, he made it under the awning right as the sky opened up and let the storm loose. Sighing in relief he slid against the wall to sit down.

“Um…” A voice said to his right. Opening an eye, he looked up to see another kid standing right next to him, soaked to the bone. Apparently he wasn’t lucky enough to get to the awning before the rain came. Jason patted his bag.

“3 hour English paper. Was not going to risk it.”

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Reasons to reblog

There once was a tumblr user who didn’t reblog this post and in the middle of the night she heard a a small bang that got louder and louder. The door to her room slid open and in walking a small boy, her brother who was having a nightmare and when she asked him what it was about he looked up in to his sisters eyes and said, he dreamt that her blog was missing something… This post! And that’s when the tumblr user remembered, she didn’t have a brother.

helo boys and girls, genderless dudes, other people, its ur very best friend, pastallama the genderfluid sasquatch. 

As you know, I’m the mod for htkrewofficial, and i love the hot topic krew, but i need to try something new, something original, something that i told SSBF that I would post like half a year ago.

You know how in HTKK chapter 1, I said that Lucina hating Dark Pit was a nod to a future fanfic? Well it was this one.

Also I submitted a few quotes from this before I finished it and stuff so yeah.

So I’d like you to tell me what you think of this fanfic! I’ll be basing elements off of things popular here, and stuff off of my own!

This is just the first chapter, or at least it’ll be if this gets good reception.

[noodle’s voice from 19-200] alright here we go

Super Smash Brothers: The Coolio Adventure of Ness

Chapter 1: The Mystery Of Magicant

Ness walked along the sidewalks of Onett. It was a relatively normal day in his hometown, but things were super weird as always. Or something like that.

He heard footsteps, and turned around to see a running man in the distance, reaching alarming speeds. The man almost instantly reached the young boy.

It was Snake.And he be like. 

"Hey kid. Have you seen any snakes around? I lost mine." 

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Should I follow my dreams and be a Ninja?

A while ago, I was about to wear my pants when a mosquito was flying near the wall. I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and used my belt in an attempt to kill it. With one swing of my belt, *bam!* …the poor creature is now part of my wall. I felt very awesome.


It’s not the only time I felt like this:

  • I can bullseye any target using a shuriken I bought from SM CDO.
  • I can sneak at my cat most of the time (even if cats have good hearing)
  • I know how to use nunchucks without hitting my self in the groin
  • I love ramen
  • I was singing a music one time and when i turned on the radio, it was the same music
  • I can mimic a lot of voices
  • I am a brown belter, uhh…but I will continue this hobby…someday.


^ This and a few other things which I can’t remember at the moment are just the example of things that made me wonder if I should really push through. I really want to be a ninja but I think they are now hiding in the depths of modern technology. I wonder if there are others like me? For now, I shall live as a normal human being. *poof*