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there was a terrorist attack targeting parliament in London today

the whole of the UK is shook up and scared and it’s just a really horrible day

sadly i haven’t seen any posts about it on tumblr but i know that’s usually the case when something happens outside the US

Woke up to something really nice yesterday. I now owe my hypothetical firstborn to a certain mutual


Ok what???? when did the trading card series have a soundtrack

and why is it so fucking nice sounding omg

Better Angels - Ch. 17

“Did you choose this place because the name was in French?”

Emily and Lena glanced at each other before the redhead nodded. “We thought you might like that. Is something the matter?”

Haché,” she explained with a little smile, “means hamburgers.”

“I…oh.” Emily laughed, then opened the menu to see it did, in fact, list a number of different types of steak, chicken, lamb, and vegetable burgers, all with different toppings. “Still, these sound pretty nice.”

“They do,” Amélie agreed, “it is fine. It is just funny.”

“I mean, at least all the names are in French,” Lena suggested with a grin, “counts for something, right?”

Amélie snorted, but there was no heat in it.

“The baked Camembert starter sounds nice,” Emily suggested, “feel like splitting it?”

“Sure,” Lena agreed, “I might get a milkshake too – as long as I have a run or two to keep it all from going right to my hips.”

“Oh, it does not .” Emily rolled her eyes. “You’ve got the metabolism of a hummingbird, sweet. I swear you couldn’t put a pound on if you tried.”

Lena grinned. “Does that mean you’re tryin’ to fatten me up, pet?”

Amélie raised an eyebrow. “Perhaps we can think of a few ways to make sure you…work things off.”

“…in that case, maybe I’ll go with the cheesecake for afters.”

Chapter Three – Part Seven

Peter: I really don’t know if I can even stay awake for this party.

Simon: Why are you so tired? Just the usual classes and stuff?

Peter: Yeah, basically. I have a performance next week too. I think I’ve had like 8 hours of sleep total in 3 days.

Simon: You could take a nap.

Peter: And leave you out here? Wait, you could come nap with me. If you want to.

Simon: Uhh, y-yeah okay. That sounds nice. Should we tell Colin? He hasn’t come back from the door yet.

Peter: I’ll text him. C’mon, follow me.

Simon: Your bed is really comfortable. Mine is like a rock. I need to get a new one one of these days.

Peter: Mmm, yeah. I wish I could be in it more. Hey Simon?

Simon: Y-yeah?

Peter: Do you want to cuddle?

Simon: Yes.

That Photo Stays Between You and Me

Alexander x Reader
Word Count: 1360
A/N: I’ve been procrastinating for the past few days and was able to spit out some short little imagines, and here’s one of the them; also, why do I write about photographers so frequently

“What was your promise to me, Alexander?” You asked accusingly, raising your eyebrows in annoyance.

He sighed, but didn’t move his eyes from the papers scattered all around himself. “At least six hours every night.”

You nodded your head, “And you’ve been working all day, Alex, let’s just go to bed,” you suggested softly. You walked over to him from the doorframe, and let your cheek rest on his head, your hands rising gently on both of his shoulders. “I’ll play with your hair while you fall asleep,” you offered, running your hands over his shoulders soothingly. “Does that sound nice?”

Alexander nodded his head, but sighed, “I guess,” he said quietly, scooting his chair back, slightly.

You grinned and took his hand, leading him away from his desk, his work, and all of his stress. “If you fall asleep soon, you can still be up bright and early,” you said, pulling the duvet back for him to crawl into. Once he did, you pulled it back up to cover him.

Alex nodded as you began changing into your pyjamas, “Do you have to work tomorrow, too?” He asked, turning to lay on his back so he could look at you.

You nodded your head; “Yeah. Marie asked me to take engagement pictures for her and Lafayette. I’ll be gone for most of the day.”

He nodded his head in understanding; “But we’re taking the weekend off?” He asked, his voice quiet with his sleepiness.

You nodded your head as you crawled into bed beside your boyfriend, “Mhm,” you replied, reaching out to play with Alexander’s hair.

He closed his eyes and cuddled into you, “Okay,” he muttered, “I’ll try to get all of my work down tomorrow then.”

You grinned and leaned down, giving him a small kiss on the top of his head; “Alright,” you whispered, “Don’t work yourself into the ground, though, okay?”

He nodded his head so softly that if he wasn’t leaning against you, and you couldn’t feel it, you wouldn’t have realized he had done it at all.


The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed, as usual. Sighing, you flung off the covers and made your way into the bathroom, passing Alexander’s office on the way.

“Morning,” you grinned as you passed on by.

“Morning, Love,” Alex replied hurriedly, clearly not having any time for affection this morning.

You shook your head.

After readying yourself, and collecting all of your camera equipment, your final task for the morning was to make sure that both you and Alex had something to eat. You flung some porridge on the stove and prepared a variety of fruit to throw in it, and made two cups of coffee.

Once you were done, nearly fifteen minutes later, you took your breakfasts into his office. “Hungry?” You asked, sitting his porridge on his desk, along with his mug of black coffee.

Alexander nodded his head, scooping some of his meal into his mouth, before getting straight back into business. “Thanks,” he said through a mouthful of berries, “You’re the best.”

You grinned, and ate your breakfast; even though he wasn’t being very social with you, you understood that it was only temporary. After today, you’d have him to yourself all weekend. You couldn’t really remember a time when he wasn’t working 24/7, and you had your doubts that he would last the full three days work-free. Nevertheless, you were both hopeful and excited.

Once you had finished your meal, you noticed that Alexander wasn’t even halfway done his. You couldn’t help but just shake your head; “I’ve gotta get going,” you said with a pout, “But I’ll be home late this afternoon… You’ll still be here, won’t you?” You asked, cocking your head to the side as you leaned on his office door.

He nodded his head; “I’ll be here,” he said, giving you a quick smile, “Have fun.”

You grinned back at him, “Will do… And make sure you eat today, alright?” You said, raising your eyebrows.

“Of course, babe,” he said, smiling, “I’ll see you later.”


“I think they’ll really turn out,” you assured Lafayette as you made you way up the staircase.

“No, you looked great,” you laughed, shaking you head, “And she looked beautiful; you guys looked amazing, I promise,” you grinned, fiddling with the lens of the camera hanging around your neck. “I’ll have them back to you in a couple of weeks—don’t be nervous, Laf, it was a great shoot,” you repeated yourself, for what felt like, the millionth time.

You understood his anxiety well enough, you just wished there was a way for you to calm him down. “You’ll love them Lafayette, and I’m sure Marie will, too.”

You were approaching Alexander’s office, and decided to peek in quickly. What you seen is exactly what you had expected, but you were shocked as if it wasn’t. “Laf, I’ll have to call you back. Don’t worry about anything, you’ll have the pictures in two weeks,” you said quickly before hanging up the phone.

Alexander looked up at you, his hair completely out of his usual ponytail, and sticking up on its own, due to how frequently he ran his hands through it. His eyes were the usual amount of tired, but what was new was the extra amounts of panic and stress. Without thinking, you lifted your camera up and snapped a picture really quick.

“Babe!” Alexander exclaimed in protest.

“Sorry,“ you apologized quickly, before taking the camera off from around your neck and laying it down on his desk, along with a million papers and pens, and highlighters. And his half eaten porridge from this morning.

“Hey,” you said, eyeing the bowl, “You promised me you would eat today,” you commented, taking out his hair tie gently, and beginning to run your fingers gently through his hair.

“No,” he sighed, “I only said I would; I didn’t promise, because I knew I wasn’t going to keep it.”

“Alexander,” you sighed, retying his hair, “How you’ve managed to survive this long is beyond me.”

He sighed once again; “I’m just trying to finish everything up. Give me a few more hours and I’ll be done… I promise,” he said, raising his eyebrows slightly. He looked at you, and you looked right back at him, trying to decipher if he really meant it or not.

“I promise,” he repeated himself, “And right when I’m done, we can eat dinner together. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?” He asked hopefully.

You nodded you head, sighing, “Okay,” you said, “Three hours?”

“Three hours.”


It wasn’t three hours, but it was four, and that was good enough for you. “Pizza’s on the way,” you grinned, as your zombie-boyfriend made his way downstairs.

“Good,” he sighed, flopping down on the couch, immediately leaning against you, “I’m starving…”

You raised your eyebrows as you began flicking through the photos from your shoot on your laptop, “You wouldn’t be,” you began, “If you took care of yourself throughout the day.”

“Hey,” Alexander said, defensively, “I take care of myself just fine—I’m still here, aren’t I?”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, “Barely—hey look, that’s you,” you giggled as you came across the picture you had taken of him, his hair amok, eyes tired.

He groaned immediately, “Y/N,” he bellyached, “Delete that right now.”

You chuckled, shaking your head, “No way!” You exclaimed, “This is my favourite photo of you… Look at you, you’re adorable!”

“I look like I’m on the brink of death!” Alexander protested, leaning his head on your shoulder, “I hate it.”

“I love it!” You exclaimed, “Genuinely; I think you’re adorable. Hands down the cutest boy I’ve ever met,” you smiled, beginning to edit the picture. A little bit more exposed, a tad bit sharper, a little bit cropped… “I think I just took your next profile picture. For everything,” you said, looking down at him seriously. “It’s a very accurate representation.”

He looked up at you, equally as seriously; “That photo stays between you and me, Y/L/N.”

You smirked, saving the photo, “Whatever you say, Hamilton.”

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Omg it's so cute that Blake literally "giggles" whenever Gwen talks about him or country music on the show. TEENAGERS!!!

One of the things I loved about what Gwen said was that it was “so beautiful to discover something that is so *important*. I dunno, that just struck me. It wasn’t like, ‘yeah, it sounds nice’ or some kind of generic ‘it’s been cool exploring another genre’, y’know. It speaks to a better understanding of its place and where it fits. And yeah, Blake looked kinda proud, lol. 

Also, if they were any other couple but them, I’d probably find their giggling and OTTness sickening. But as it is… 😍

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.