nice skin she has


Getting to help stitch up a cheetah @ethicaltaxidermy is mounting for the Booth Museum! This cheetah died of abscess in her spine and jaw back in 1980, and has been sitting in a barrel in the museum ever since. Her skin is tough and brittle, as she is been in formaldehyde for 30 years - but she is looking good. So very soft too.

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I don't think Ariana is trying to look like a POC. She looks like she has golden skin like a nice tan you would get on a vacation somewhere really hot. I have pale skin and I would love a tan but I can never tan, only tanning solution would work. Maybe she hated her pale skin and wanted a nice tan or she likes the olive skin that many Italians have. I'm Italian myself and I would love olive skin, it's so pretty!! I think she looks orange and darker in some pics because of lighting tbh.

I don’t think she’s trying to look POC I think she’s trying to look non-white- does that make any sense? Bitch has never defined herself as white- only Italian. When she’s barely 3rd gen Italian… so really she’s just American with some Italian heritage. 

But back to the tan, I think you’re in denial if you think the orange look is only made by some lighting, because there’s SO MANY pictures of her being orange. 

Take this picture from recently- it’s literally a scale from white to black skin tones behind her. And they aren’t affected by the light…. But Ariana and her orange ass is the only one out here looking like that…

  • Carlos: Well, what does she see in him?
  • Jay: Ben? He’s brilliant.
  • Carlos: You called him a slick git not five hours ago.
  • Jay: Yeah, well, he was running his hands all over Mal, wasn’t he? Something snaps. You gotta hate him. On principle. What do you suppose he sees in her?
  • Carlos: She’s smart… funny… attractive…
  • Jay: Attractive?
  • Carlos: Well, you know… she has nice skin.
  • Jay: So, you’re saying Ben is dating Mal because of her skin?
  • Carlos: Well, I dunno, I’m just saying it could be a contributing factor.
  • Jay: Evie’s got nice skin. You know, as far as skin goes.
  • Carlos: I- I’ve never thought about it before. But now that you mention it, yeah. Very nice.
  • Eight: [about Nine and Six] What do you think she sees in him?
  • John: He’s smart… funny… attractive…
  • Eight: Attractive?
  • John: Well you know… he has nice… skin.
  • Eight: So you think she is going out with him because he has nice skin?
  • John: Well, I dunno, I’m just saying it could be a contributing factor.
  • Eight: Marina’s got nice skin. You know, as far as skin goes From Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Other families

I kiss him before I walk up the house - a beautiful victorian era house with a garden and a rose bush. I stand there on the steps, for three minutes before I knock. A woman, Lena - I recognize her photo from her Facebook page - pretty, she has brown skin and curly hair. A nice smile. A pretty woman, far from what I pictured.
“Hi… I’m looking for Helena Willis? Or Advree… I’m not sure-”
“She’s out at the moment. You must be…”
“Summer. I’m…I’m her daughter”
“Oh-she never mentioned she had another daughter, you never said…in your email”
“Another daughter? Excuse me. I’m her only daughter”
Lena bites her lip, “Look, Sandra…” She looks she’s going to give bad news. Terrible news. The worst possible situation.

“It’s Summer. Like the season. Helena-Summer, and I want to speak to my Mum. I didn’t travel all around the world, I didn’t waste all this time and money and I didn’t piss off my Dad and in his girlfriend just so I speak to my Mum’s friend and for her to call me Sandra. It’s Summer”
Suddenly I feel panicky, my breathing is quick, my palms sweaty. But more so, I’m angry. I can feel hot tears welling up, I push them away with the back of my hand, stubborn.
“I’m her fiancée, Summer. We have a daughter. She’s two. Her name is….Autumn- Helena Alba Smith, she has my last name. Do you want to come in? You look like you have someone waiting, is he your brother or something. You can invite him, too”
“She never mentioned me. She never said, look honey I have a 16 year old daughter. She never…said anything”
“I knew she had a son, she didn’t say anything about a daughter…Look, lovie. Just…come inside. Out of the cold. Invite your friend. We’ll have a cuppa and wait for Helena, shall we?” Lena says. And she says it so nicely, and so caring. She reminds me of Jade. Because she’s trying so hard to make the best of an awkward situation. Suddenly, I am overcome with love for her - not Lena, but Jade.
I really love her, she’s been the bust mum. Or…mother like figure she could be. She’s tried so hard.

I grab my phone and send two txts:
Jade: ….I love you. I do. And I am so grateful you’re my kind of Mum.
Jared Carter: I need you to come out and hold me because I can’t do this without you.