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bet they nuzzle a lot

(○゜ε^○)-  ‘’Le petit Jacques Septique ‘’


“Top of the morning to you ladies “ / “Bien le bonjour à vous, mesdemoisellles !“

The real translation word per word is “ “Au dessus du matin pour vous mesdemoiselles ! “ but that doesn’t mean anythin’ at all. “top of the mornin’” is more an expression so the french equivalent is a bit different too.(´ε` )♡

- Also,nice chez d’oeuvre ! Magnifique ! J’achète hon hon !-

midoriya roping todoroki into doing silly couple poses did you mean: my will to live

here’s a colored version of a thing i did for @van1llababy a while back! hope you like it joe!

i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it