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My favourite adoptive relationships in fiction

BDAY PIC FOR THE BELOVED WEN ~*~*~ who is so sweet and wonderful and talented!!!!(&you should commission them) i hope you had a wonderful birthday thank you for being so nice and fun to talk to, who welcomed me into fandom life with open arms <3 have some colored science bfs!

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Do you think Anakin focused on Form V/Djem So of light saber styles because it was called The Way of the Krayt Dragon? According to canon it was created by Form III users seeking more offensive capabilities and I wonder if these Soresu masters traveled to Tatooine for inspiration or if it was created and developed on Tatooine?

Sorry to disappoint, anon, but as I’ve said many times, I only take the movies as canon, not the Expanded Universe. And everything about lightsaber forms is found only in the Expanded Universe.

There’s nothing in the movies to even indicate that there are different named forms of lightsaber combat. It’s pretty reasonable to think that there would be, since this is a martial tradition, so I can see why the EU went in that direction. But there are no hints about lightsaber forms in the movies.

Still, the EU’s ideas are perfectly plausible in this area, so why not? Where this breaks down for me, though, is with the idea that the Jedi Order would have a form named for the dragon of Tatooine.

Tatooine is a backwater world in the Republic’s Outer Rim Territories. It’s a territory, not a member state, and the Republic’s laws are not enforced there. (Or, more cynically, perhaps a different set of laws are enforced in the Territories.) We can be reasonably sure that Jedi don’t go there - Anakin reacts to meeting Qui-Gon in TPM like he’s meeting something out of a legend. (Not to mention, of course, the fact that Tatooine’s children are obviously not getting midichlorian testing at birth the way children born in a member state of the Republic are.) Tatooine (and probably other worlds in the Territories) is in flagrant violation of any number of Republic laws, not least the anti-slavery laws, and the Jedi, who are tasked with, among other things, upholding the law of the Republic, do not spend time in the Territories.

Put simply, I don’t buy that any Jedi would name a lightsaber form after anything relating to Tatooine, because one of the main thematic elements of the PT is the fact that the Jedi don’t involve themselves in anything that’s not important in Core World politics. The Jedi are the most visible and identifiable representatives of Republic structure. Tatooine, in many ways, represents everything that the Republic is not. Of course, you can also make a case that Tatooine represents everything that the Republic is, just beneath the surface, but refuses to acknowledge. In that sense, Tatooine could be considered the shadow side of the Republic. And the defining feature of the old Republic Jedi is their absolute refusal to acknowledge their own shadow side.

So this is a long winded and probably incoherent way of saying: While it’s not technically impossible for the EU idea of a lightsaber form named for the Krayt to exist, I don’t think the symbolism works at all. And Star Wars is all about symbolism.


Am really liking this 1971 Olds 442! She’s got a 350 horsepower 455 mated to a turbo 400 automatic transmission with a 3.23 rearend. She’s clothed in GM “Viking Blue”. Look at the options on the performance package on the bill of sale. I miss seeing those factory Olds rims. Nice touch with the drive-in speaker beside the car. Cool collection of 8-tracks, huh? I had Rod Stewart, Styx, Fleetwood Mac & Jefferson Airplane back in the day.

I’m a legal adult now who authorized this

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blease,,,,,,,MiriTama first date/first kiss.......I need 2 know how u feel abt this in fiction form. Pls

If there’s one thing Togata Mirio is certain of, it’s that Amajiki Tamaki will always come through in a crisis, despite any fears or insecurities that might try and stop him.  

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ok, ok, i just want you to know,,, i will fight a tree for patton. he's the dad we all deserve. could you maybe do something with the others also having the same instinct of "I WILL HECKING FIGHT A TREE FOR YOU."? Because??? Patton??? Is so good???

I, too, will fight a hecking tree for Patton.

  • So, in chronological order of who comes to the realization that Pat is Too Pure For This World ™ it goes: Anxiety, Princey, and Logic.
  • When Virgil first discovers how ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE Patton is, it’s maybe three videos after his first appearance. They’re chilling after helping Thomas with a video, Patton is singing and dancing in the kitchen while the others hang out in the common room, waiting for Best Dad Forever to cook dinner and Virge is like, right in the eye line of the kitchen in his armchair and he’s trying and failing not to smile. 
  • Pat is just so precious, singing along to the movie that plays on the TV. 
  • He has a bit of a flush to his cheeks that make his freckles pop more, and his eyes scrunch up in just the cutest way, and his laugh when he trips or messes up a lyric to the song is melodic in itself. 
  • So, when he suddenly sees Pat’s face shift to one of horror in .01 seconds, the loudest shriek leaving his mouth, Anx is up immediately. He’ll blame it on his fight or flight reflexes later, but he was ready to punch whatever it was that was distressing Patton right in the face. 
  • It’s a spider, and he’s the one that has to dispose of it. He’s not so happy that Pat overreacted like that, but…he realizes that he never wants to see that happy smile leave Patton’s face ever again. 
  • When Roman realizes he’ll do anything for Patton comes a bit later. Actually, this is the moment Logan realizes something is…undeniably charming about Patton. But that’s a different story. 
  • They’re going out to a party– or, well, Thomas is. Since they have no physical form, and are figments of Thomas’ imagination, they’re simply in attendance with Thomas. But Pat insists on getting dressed all fancy and drinking wine like “our big ol’ kiddo, look at him being such a charmer–” and so the others do it to entertain him. 
  • So they get dressed in some formalwear and Roman is astounded to see Patton cleans up well. He has on a baby blue dress shirt, tucked into his dark grey trousers, and a nice matching grey vest. His hair is slicked back and even though he’s still wearing glasses, they’re rounder and a nice tortoise shell rim and he looks very sophisticated. 
  • Everyone in the room gapes at him. They’re all a lil gay for him in this moment (and let’s be real every other moment too). 
  • They spend the night getting totally hammered and watching Thomas get…slightly less hammered. And when it all comes to an end, Anxiety is asleep in his arm chair and Logic tells Roman to take care of Patton and he’ll carry Anx to bed if he deals with Pat. 
  • So Ro agrees because Anxiety is basically like a corpse when he sleeps, like he won’t help even a bit. Besides, Patton is an emotional drunk and Logic doesn’t like those icky feelings. He helps Pat up from the floor and half-carries-half walks him to bed. They get there with relatively little issue, and Roman is just starting to leave when he hears sniffling. 
  • He turns to Pat and sees him sobbing and something in him snaps. He’s immediately at Patton’s side, hugging him tight, and Patton is crying about something, something like– how him and Logic don’t care about him? Oh no. Now Roman is upset at himself. He quickly reassures Patton that he’s loved, and that he and Logic don’t mean to be so mean, they just– forget that he’s sensitive. And promises to be better. 
  • And he is– after that, he tones down the patronization, and tries to tell Pat nicer things. He never wants to see a sad Pat again, and he’ll do anything to protect that cute face. 
  • Logan…
  • Logan takes some time. He’s not good with emotions, and Patton is the embodiment of emotions. He’s always found Patton cutesy-feelsy-nice and all those positive adjectives but he’s never felt anything towards them besides confusion. So I think Logan finds out how much Patton means to him maybe after he tries to pull a Virgil ™ and Duck Out. 
  • Hear me out!
  • Patton still feels quite useless even with Anxiety and Princey loving on him as much as possible because he seems not to be…important to Logan, and – as he’s stated – Logan is his hero. He cares about Logan because they’ve known each other the longest, and it’s so important that Logan knows how much he cares but he doesn’t even acknowledge it and it hurts
  • So Patton ducks out. He’s obviously not needed anyway. 
  • And cue everyone flipping and finding him and when he tells everybody he just doesn’t feel needed Anx and Princey Flip ™. Bc. Wtf. They thought they were doing everything they can. But He still doesn’t feel like he’s appreciated and cue LOGAN giving this whole emotional speech because he’s realizing he can’t be without Patton, he can’t, and why won’t this idiot listen to my facts and so he tells him his FEELINGS and cue lots of crying and emotions and ahhhh. 
  • Yeah. 
  • I really love Patton Sanders.