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A while ago I realized, you can, and should, do things to make yourself happy. There are no guarantees; there are many, many things that you simply cannot control. But it is your responsibility to put in effort. So, I tried. I began to wear nice and elegant outfits to rather dull places, like school or on a walk around the neighborhood, to make it feel like I was doing something nice and elegant. I would take photos of the most boring objects and places, using lighting and angles to manipulate them into something as beautiful as I envisioned in my head. I looked in the mirror, and instead of picking at the flaws that screamed at me, I would search for the things that made me happy about who I was. It was occasionally like searching for a four leaf clover, but working for it was what helped. No, it didn’t always work. Yet the fact that I was trying made me feel as if when I was angry, or sad, or overwhelmed, it was okay because I knew I was capable of happiness, and I was working to be happy. You cannot go through life saying your situation is void of silver linings, not if you refuse to look for them.
—  maybe i’ll write a book with this in it someday, CI carolineingle
The unexpected twist

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A/N: This was requested anonymously. I hope you enjoy!  I am so so sorry this took forever for me to write! I was/am really sick but I managed to get it up!

Request: “Can I get an FP Jones smut where the reader is friends with Archie and everyone but shes got a thing for Jughead’s dad and he knows it and tries to be a gentleman about it but he finally gives into her and they sort of wind up together and Jughead and their friends eventually find out and surprisingly Jughead is ok with it but tells her hes not calling her mom 😅

The reader is legal age! (18/19).

Warnings: Swearing, unprotected sex (Wrap it in foil before checking her oil), fingering, smut and PORN GIFS.


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you must be prince charming, 

because when you smile flowers seem to grow

cr. / insp: i & ii

Baby steps -Tom Holland

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this. It’s been sitting in my drafts and I devided it in 2 because it got too long. Maybe part 2 if you like it? I feel like it’s trash hdjdb Anyways, enjoy!

You first met him at the gym. You were not working out but actually working there. It was a private gym with only a few assistants let alone woman assistant. Your clients were all about privacy so your manager kept the circle small. It was five in the morning and you were setting up last things in the gym when your eye cought someone coming in.

“Sorry we’re closed for another hour!” you called without looking at the door and kept putting the weights on their places.
“Oh…uh, Jim told us we could stroll in early because we start shooting midday.” A voice unknown to you answered and you stood up from where you were crouching down and put your hands on your hips while turning around to the guy you were about to scold. You hated being told otherwise and you sure didn’t like to be told how this place was running. You blew a streak of hair out of your face when you recognized him and you lifted your brows.

“ guys. Right. Forgot about that. Jim was rambling about something yesterday. Alright come in.” you said and waved them in. While they walked in you turned back to your work and told yourself not to freak out. You were in the same building as Tom Holland. Yes. But what difference does it make? Celebs and rich people were coming here all the time. No big deal. Play it cool.
You took a deep breath and bent down again to keep working while you were mumbling to yourself.

“Sorry?” you heared someone say half an hour later and looked up immediatly just to see Tom Holland staring at you, seeming confused.
“What?” you said and facepalmed yourself in your mind immediatly.
“Did you say something?” he said and smiled politely while grabbing onto the handles.
“No, no. Was just…talking to myself.” you said and walked away immediatly hiding your red cheeks.

You tried to avoid him and his friend as much as possible after that conversation. So you stayed behind the counter preparing the drinks your gym was offering their clients. You put one bottle after the other on top of the counter and hummed along with the music which was playing out of the boxes all over the gym.
“Talking to yourself again?” you heared someone say and your head shot up to see Tom smiling at you while he took one drink off the counter. He sat down on one of the chairs and opened the lid of the bottle to take a generous swig.
“Singing along, more likely.” you answered and pointed at the speaker at the top corner on the ceiling. You left your finger in the air while wiggling along to the music and preparing the rest of the drinks.

“I’m Tom, by the way.” he introduced himself and you couldn’t surpress a chuckle.
“I know.” you smiled and slid to the left to take a lid for the bottle.
“You know?” he chuckled and you nodded.
“Who doesn’t?” you teased him and kept your head down focusing on your work and keeping your hands busy.
“Well, I can’t exactly say: ‘Hi, you know who I am. What’s your name?’ while approaching people, can I?” he laughed and took another swig of his drink. It made you laugh too and you shook your head.
“No of course not. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you. Love your work.” you blurted out before you could stop yourself and wanted to vanish into thin air.

“Thanks. Appreciate that. Not so bad yourself.” he said and made you look up with a questioning gaze. He was holding up the bottle and shaking it lightly which made you roll your eyes and smile a little.
“When you make hundreds every day you get the hang of it.” you said shrugging your shoulders and put another five on the counter.
He opened his mouth to say something but got interrupted by his friend.
“Tom! Are you coming, mate?”

“Yeah! There in a sec.” he called back and stood up from his chair and walked towards you.
“Tight schedule. Talk later?” he said apologetically and you raised a brow in surprise but gathered yourself together immediatly.
“Sure. I’m here from 6am to whenever Jim doesn’t need me anymore. Always at your service.” you said and saluted jokingly while cleaning the counter. He left with a chuckle and you finally could take a deep breath.

You guys didn’t talk later. You didn’t even see him leave which upset you a little because you got your hopes up, which was obviously very dumb of you. Even though the voice in the corner of your head kept telling you to not expect anything. Now it was laughing at you.
You were finishing to clean up to exchange shifts with the next assistant when Jim called you.

“I’m coming.” you said while jogging to the reception.
“You got a call.” he murmured and you smiled apologetically.
“Mom I told you not to call at work. Jim gets annoyed. You can call my phone, I showed you how.” you hissed into the phone turning your back on Jim.

“I would, but I couldn’t get your number.” someone else said and your jaw dropped.

“You know who I am.” he laughed and gave you time to gather yourself.
“What’s up?”,you said finally, playing with the cord of the phone. Yes it was an old phone with a cord attached to it and all.
“I felt bad for leaving without a goodbye. I really looked forward to chatting with you but I had to leave early because of the shoot.” he apologized and you furrowed your brows.
“No big deal. I’m always here.” you said and shrugged your shoulders not really thinking about that he wasn’t able to see you.

“Well, I got a ten minute break right now. But you could give me your number so I could call you sometime. I mean, if you want. If that’s okay, you know.” he stuttered and you chuckled at his attempt to get your number.
“As I said…” you said after thinking about it and coming to a conclusion,“You can always find me here. I’m always at your service.” you added and gave Jim a thumbs up who was watching you from afar.
“Oh,” he said and went silent for a second,“Yeah, sure. Of course. I gotta go Y/N. I’ll see you around.”

“Goodbye Tom.” you said before he hung up and you sighed while putting the phone back to its place. He was a celebrity after all and you did not belong in his world in any shape or form. You didn’t want to get your hopes up again. You went through your hair with your hands and walked to the changing room. Time to get home and sleep this out.


Tom came in three times a week. He didn’t say anything about you refusing to give him your number. He didn’t ask why, he simply respected your desicion. You’d be always there when he came in with his friends. You’d chat for a bit about things you saw or what happened in your lifes before splitting up. He was by your side every break he did and while time passed you became really good friends. You weren’t feeling awkward and jumpy around him anymore and could be yourself while he enjoyed your company. He loved that you were not constantly talking about his career as an actor or how it was to be spiderman. He enjoyed the casual questions you asked about his life. You both enjoyed the simplicity of your friendship.

It had been more than two months when he finally gathered his courage together to ask you out. Both of you walked out to the parking lot and were laughing about something when he asked you.
“Hey Y/N?”

“Hm?” you answered still chuckling and were looking for your keys.
“I wanted to ask you if you’d like to grab a coffee with me some time?” he asked out of the blue and you looked up.

“Really?” you asked and he nodded shoving his hands into his pockets.
“I really would want to see you out of this building.” he shrugged and pointed with his head towards the gym.
“Sure.” you said also shrugging your shoulders as if it was nothing. Your heart was beating in your ears, but he didn’t need to know that.


You left your apartment two days later to meet up with him. You didn’t dress up or anything. He only had seen you in your working clothes and a ponytail, so you put on simple light blue jeans and a white blouse. You let your hair fall onto your shoulders to look at least a little bit different.
When you walked in to the café he told you about a bell rang above the door. You looked around and your eyes searched for the brown locks and brown eyes in the café but he was nowhere to be found. You shrugged your shoulders a little and decided to give your order while you were waiting.
You took your coffee and walked through the café looking for a nice place to sit when suddenly someone grabbed your wrist.

“Hey!” you hissed and pulled your arm back and looked who it was.
“Hi.” Tom smiled under his blue cap and glasses.
“Jesus. Is that really necessary?” you chuckled and sat down in front of him while putting your  cup on the table.
“The cap: yes. The sunglasses: no.” he answered and took his sunglasses off and revealed his beautiful dark brown eyes and smiled at you. As soon as he put his sunglasses down you looked around to see if someone was going to come screaming at him but it stayed silent.
“Fans are usually more subtle than that.” he chuckled as if he could read your mind and you blushed immediatly.

You talked about various things for hours. He made you laugh which you appreciated. Life was sometimes really cruel and it was a blessing to have someone who made your day a little brighter everyday.
“You know I was really nervous when I first met you?” you said finally and leaned back in your chair and crossed your arms in front of your chest slightly grinning.
“I played it ‘cool’.” you mocked yourself and put quotation marks into the air.

“I thought you didn’t like me.“he laughed and mimicked your body language.
“Actually I was a little intimidated by you.” he confessed and you gasped.
“Why?!” you said leaving your mouth slightly ajar while hiding a smile.
“You yelled at me. First step into the gym and I hear some angry woman yelling that I am not allowed in.” he explained himself and held his hands up in defense.
“It was 5am in the morning. I may have been a little grumpy.” you gave in and closed your mouth into a smirk. You put your arms down on to the table and leaned in.

“You wanna know a secret?” you whispered and made him lean in too.
“Sure.” he played along and you surpressed a grin.
“I told you that I love all your work when we first met, but I actually didn’t even know your name before Spiderman came out.” you said and bit your lip to prevent yourself from laughing because he made such a funny face.
He rolled his eyes and groaned while leaning back into his chair again.
“I thought you were going to tell me something fun. You’re lame.” he said and threw his scrunched up napkin at you which landed in your lap. You picked it up laughing and put it on the table. Suddenly he let his hand glide in to yours fingers crossing. You looked up with a raised brow and saw his stupid smiling face which made you blush.
“You make me really happy, Y/N.” he said out of the blue and you intended to pull your hand back but he tightened his grip as if he read your mind. Again.


“And I wish you would believe me.” he added and let go of your hand. He raised the same hand to call for a waiter and asked for the check.
“I already paid for mine?” you said apologetically and he raised his brows.
“Well, I guess your paying mine too then?” he joked to lighten the atmosphere he just had created and you chuckled nervously.
You did pay the check even though he assured you he was joking. It was no big deal.

“You still can pay for another round.” you said quickly while shouldering yourself into the jacket and his head shot up.
“I’ll text you if you give me your number.” you said casually and bit on your lip nervously.
“Yeah, sure, totally.” he chattered and took out his phone to give you his number. You were about to say something after he gave you the piece of napkin he wrote his number on when his phone rang.
“Sorry…I gotta take this. Hello?” he apologized and picked up.
“No, I’m out. Okay. Yeah, I’ll be there in ten.”

You fumbled with the zipper of your jacket when he hung up and jumped out of his chair.
“I really have to rush out. Something with my manager and the movie. You’ll give me a call?” he asked and took his jacket.
“Sure.” you said totally baffled and suddenly he leaned in, laid his hand on your arm and gave you a gentle kiss on your cheek.
“I’m really sorry.” he said before pulling away and walking out of the café.
You’re hand wandered to your cheek and you stood there for several minutes with your mouth slightly open.
Did he really just-…?

You took your phone out of your bag and typed in his number.
“I’ll see you saturday evening on the rooftop of the building in front of the gym. I’m gonna show you the most amazing sunset you’ll ever see. Bring coffee. X”, you wrote and sent it before you could delete the x at the and of the message.


You were really excited about saturday. You weren’t working on saturday so wasn’t he but you couldn’t just sit around at home so you went to the gym anyways. Since you texted him, the messages kept going back and forth. The voice inside your head was sitting in a corner with crossed legs and was judging you while shaking it’s head.
You started your workout routine and finished it around 3pm. You still had two hours so you could rush home to take a shower and get ready. You also had prepared a basket with sandwiches and soda, plus a blanket to lie on.

You put your headphones on and shouldered your duffle bag and closed the lights of the gym. You were humming to yourself when you pushed the door open and suddenly you were standing in a rain of flashs and question.

Are you dating Tom Holland?

Is he your client?

Are you with your client?

Since when are you two together?

Could you look over here?

Is he in there too?

Can we get-…

As your numbness faded a little you stepped back and shut the door immediatly. You leaned against the door and slid down on to the floor. What did just happen? How did they know? How did they-…
You jumped up and rushed to the computer at the reception and typed his name in. Millions of photos popped up but you could only see the ones trending.
It was him holding your hand. It was him giving you a kiss on your cheek. It was you laughing at something he said. It was both of you looking at each other. You clicked on several posts and you were shocked about the comments.

What a fake bitch!

Who is she even?

Tom deserves better, he can do better!

She can go kill herself.

She is not even pretty.

You shut the laptop down and a sob escaped your throat and you pressed your hand against your mouth while teares built in your eyes. You stepped slowly back until your back hit the wall and you started crying.
You were trying to avoid this. All along.

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Hello, I'm here to drop a prompt *fidgets nervously* Could you draw a picture featuring young Draco and young Scorpius? Thank you <3

[ Inktober 2016.10.21 - Draco with baby Scorpius ]

There’s this old polaroid photo that Astoria took when Scorpius just started to find some nice squishy places to step on and practice walking :’)

+ bonus:

Neighborhood watch

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A/N: This was requested by anonymous. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “could you write some more fp jones smut?? maybe where the reader is his neighbor and hes always had his eyes on her”

The reader is legal age (18/19).



FP Jones POV:

I watched her for days, weeks, and maybe even months.

She was so beautiful and sexy. The way she moved her hips while she walked, while she danced. I was starting to think how those hips would move if she was riding me.

(Y/N) had been my neighbor for close to nine months. She was there when my wife left me and took my daughter, she was there when my son ran away, and she was there on my worst nights. (Y/N) was a caring and kind person, she came over to my house after Jughead ran away to see if I was okay, she cleaned up the broken bottles that I had thrown in a drunken rage, she helped put me to bed when I was too drunk to walk.

She was always there.

(Y/N) was only nineteen years old and I was a forty-seven-year-old man. I knew she would never want to be with someone my age, not even for a hookup.

Or so I thought.

(Y/N)’s POV:


I had just moved out of my parent’s house and into this trailer park on the Southside when I had my first encounter with FP Jones. He had a wife and two kids. Jughead and Jellybean Jones. From what I could tell by looking at him he was a very attractive man with a broken marriage. FP wore this patch that belongs to this local gang, Southside Serpents.

When FP’s wife left him and took his daughter, I went over to see if he needed anything. I let myself into his trailer to see FP sitting on the floor, drunk with tears streaming down his face. This man looked broken. I looked around to see broken bottles surrounded the floor. The place was trashed. I immediately had my maternal instincts kicked in and I walked to the kitchen to grab a broom to start cleaning up the broken glass. As I was cleaning, FP looked up towards me with tears streaming down his face.

“I’m sorry,” I felt my heartbreak at the sound of his voice. I walked over to him before taking a seat next to him and removing the bottle from his hands.

“Listen, you have nothing to be sorry about. Now, let’s get you to bed,” I said as I stood up before helping him get up. I put his arm around my shoulder before I began helping him make his way to his bedroom. I laid him on the bed before beginning to remove his boots. I went to stand up to leave when I felt a hand tugging on my wrist.

“Stay,” I smiled at FP before whispering.

“I can’t. You need your sleep,” I said before laying his hand back on his bed and standing up before heading towards the door.

“You’re so beautiful,” I heard FP mutter before he passed out into a deep sleep. I made my way back to the living room as I began to continue cleaning up the mess from FP’s drunken rage.

Once, I was done I locked up his trailer before making my way back to my own.


I was coming home from another shitty date. This guy that I had met on the popular dating app ‘Tinder’ was nothing like he said on his profile. I can’t even keep count of how many times he’s tried to grope me in many different places. I finally had enough and let him walk me home.

“I had a nice night, when will I be able to see you again?” The douche bag questioned as I mentally rolled my eyes.

“Listen, you’re a nice guy and all but I think this was a one-time thing,” I said as the guy chuckled before beginning to make his way towards me.

“Oh, don’t be such a tease,” The guy said as he pushed me against my front door with a little too much force.

“Don’t touch me,” I said while the guy chuckled before putting his hands on my waist and his lips onto my neck. “Get off me!” I yelled pushing at his shoulders but he wouldn’t budge.

“When a lady says no you listen,” A voice spoke up from behind the guy.

It was FP.

“Why don’t you mind your own business? The old man,” I rolled my eyes at the guy as FP made his way up my stairs before pulling the guy off me and throwing him to the ground.

“Why don’t you? Now, get lost!” FP yelled while the guy got up and ran.

“Thank you for saving me,” I said as FP turned back to me.

“It was no problem. Punks like that deserve to be taught a lesson,” I giggled at his words before turning to unlock my door.

“Would you like to come in?” I questioned with curiosity. FP stared at me for a moment before nodding his head. I pushed the door open before walking while FP followed.

“Nice place, you got here,” FP said once he was fully in. I nodded before closing the door behind him.  

“Thanks,” We stood in awkward silence until FP finally broke it.

“Listen, I should get going,” FP said as he reached for the door handle. I ran in front of him before he could open the door.

“Wait!” I said while FP furrowed his brows. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but I felt more confidence than I usually did.

“What?” Before FP could speak again I reached my hand up to his cheek before pressing my lips to his. FP stood in shock before he began kissing back. FP’s lips were more dominant as he pushed me back until my back was against the door. I moaned into the kiss as I wrapped my leg around his waist before beginning to grind my hips into his. FP broke the kiss while he looked into my eyes.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” FP questioned as I nodded my head. FP moved his lips to my neck before taking my other leg and wrapping it around his waist. FP carried me to the kitchen where he laid me on the counter. We broke away from the kiss as FP smirked at me.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” FP said sternly while I felt my panties become wetter by the minute.

“I want you to finger fuck me while you eat me out, baby,” I watched as FP shuddered in pleasure.

“Oh baby girl, you have such a dirty mouth,” I smirked at his response before he dropped to his knees. FP began to push up my dress before sliding my panties down. He threw my panties behind him before prepping my inner thighs with kisses. I moaned softly before running my hands through his hair. I felt FP’s fingers graze my folds before teasing my entrance.

“Mmm, FP.  Don’t tease…” I moaned to FP as he slammed his fingers into me. “OH FUCK FP!” I felt his tongue on my clit as he began to lick figure eights. I felt my legs shake at his movements as I let out breathless pants and moans. FP began to suck on my clit as he added two more fingers. I felt my release slowly approaching; “F-fuck FP! I-I’M CL-CLOSE!”  I screamed out. FP removed his mouth and fingers while I let out a whimper.

“I want you coming on my dick, right now,” FP replied with a smirk. He began to unbuckle his belt before pushing them down his thighs along with his boxer’s as his cock sprang out. FP was bigger and thicker than I imagined, I gasped while he chuckled. “Never seen a cock this big, huh?” FP questioned while I blushed and shook my head. FP reached up and pushed the straps of my dress down before revealing my bare chest. “Oh fuck, baby girl. No bra? Damn! Please, tell me you’re on the pill?” He questioned while I smiled and nodded my head. “Oh fuck baby girl, you’re going to make me come here on the spot,” I pulled FP into my chest before whispering into his ear.

“Then you better fuck me sooner,” FP shuddered before lining himself up with my entrance and slamming in. “OH FUCK!” I screamed out as FP continued to roughly slam into me.

“Fuck, baby girl! You’re so tight!” FP grunted into my ear as I moaned in response. I felt my orgasm approaching for the second time.

“FP, I’m cl-close!” I felt FP’s thrusts pick up speed as he started going in harder. “FUCK FP I’M… CO-COMING!” I screamed before I tightened around FP’s cock, making him groan. FP’s thrusts began to go sloppier before he slammed in once more before groaning and pulling out.

“Holy shit, baby girl,” I didn’t realize I was gripping FP’s jacket until he began to smirk. “That good, you still haven’t gotten over to it,” He said motioning to my grip on his jacket.

“Sorry,” I replied as I let go of his jacket.

“It’s alright,” FP began to fix himself before beginning to do his belt up. We stood in awkward silence before FP broke it. “Well… I guess I should get going,” FP said as he went to walk away. I reached for his arm before pulling him back to me.

“Don’t… Stay,” I said with a pleading look. FP smiled before nodding his head.

“Fine, I’ll stay,” I fixed my dress before hopping off the counter and taking FP’s hand before heading to my bedroom.



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How was the first date?

T: Oh, it was a very casual date, haha, just the usual stuff: Pinkie came looking totally stunning to pick me up…

…she took me to a fancy restaurant to have dinner together…

...we went to some nice places she knew of to have a little fun…

…and finally she walked me home…

T: We had a very nice night together; she was fun as always, but polite and careful too. She really put effort into making me feel comfortable, and I appreciate that.

P: Had to be cool for my girl out there, of course

T: Yeah, yeah… she used to be very cool back then

P: Hey, I’m still cool!

T: Of course you are, silly, hahaha…

Karlie Visits Paris for Fashion Week & Half Marathon

A mutual of mine has shared a story about Karlie that I would liked to share. I am not very keen in summarizing so I will be posting the entirety of the story minus the parts they don’t want me to share. This story doesn’t reveal something wild about Kaylor but it’s still cute and something to think about. Keep in mind that Karlie visited Paris for fashion week and to run the Paris half marathon in March 2015.

“I met Karlie in Paris. She came to have breakfast early in a small place I worked at. She came in with Jourdan, which I didn’t know nor recognize at the time, but I could tell she was also a model because… duh. They were very nice. I think they walked in as the place was empty. Let me tell you this, Karlie’s love for coffee is not underrated. She warned to have a gallon ready for she would have a ton. Jourdan was very heavy on the eggs and Karlie was not afraid of carbs. She had a heavy, filling breakfast, which I think would surprise many who only know model diets from some clichés and bad agencies. It does make sense though. It was fashion week. They were both working and had a long week ahead of them. This was also the year Karlie ran the half marathon between runway and after party because why not? So yeah, get your fuel girl!

While I didn’t lose my shit - I did. After they left, I had to crouch behind the bar and breathe for awhile. Just because of the sheer amount of “WTF did this just actually happen?!”. It was probably obvious I knew who she was and I think I may have called her by name. 

One thing I’ll have to say about Karlie: she’s the type of person that doesn’t seem to get off on people being starstruck. I think she’d be rather uncomfortable with it rather than having her ego stroked. I tried to be as professional as I could and she was very nice and casual and joking. The same impression you get from her vlogs. A bit of a klutz, friendly, dorky, etc…

I had another regular come in and I was just around doing my job. When I came back to their table Karlie actually engaged me and I honestly don’t remember what random shirt we talked about. I make small talk professionally with tourists and French people alike so I can’t tell you how we ended up chatting about makeup and me asking if she had a red lip recommendation to share. I had been looking desperately for a shade that would work for me and I dunno why my filters fail. It’s like knowing someone is a doctor and asking them for medical advice on their day off. I felt so awkward but she didn’t seem annoyed. As soon as I spoke I also figured she’d tell me something by L’Oréal because I think she was already working for them then. She pondered for a bit and then told me Dragon Girl by NARS. While Jourdan was in agreement, Karlie went on to say it was one of Taylor’s favorites. Now, I had not brought up Taylor at all before and we hadn’t talked about her previously.

Later, I was coming by again and they were talking so I kept myself discreet as I cleared their table. Karlie was picking at her sweater and she included me in her joking complaint that cat hair follows you everywhere around the world because they get in your suitcase every time your turn around while you’re packing (SIDE NOTE FROM ME: This is so cute I screamed via living together article). She did have some on her sleeve. She does not, however, own a cat. While I dunno other people she could’ve been hanging out with, I’m just gonna assume she came straight from Taylor’s to Paris at that time because it’s cute. I like to picture Karlie lifting Meredith out of her suitcase every time she needs to put an item down.

That was pretty much it. She came by again after the race. I couldn’t swear on whether it was early Sunday or early Monday morning but she recognized me and greeted me by first name. I was touched because she must have met tons of people. It still goes to show we’re people, not servants. It’s nice. Believe me you, you don’t get that from every model.

Other Random Facts:

- Jourdan comes alive after food. She’s very silent and sleepy before. She’s one of us you guys.

- Karlie seems even taller in person. I’m 5′3 and I felt like a hobbit.

- I was wearing a very noticeable rainbow bracelet that is hard to miss when I serve. Neither commented on it but they both noticed and Jourdan gave it a smile. 

- The place I worked at is in the gay corner of Paris, which Karlie has a habit of running in given her IG documentation of it. She has also visited more than those two times for food because of her love for falafel.”

That’s the end of what I felt was relevant and needed to be shared from this story. This is just another one of those times where someone confided in me and I want to respect their privacy as much as they wish. I figured this is a nice distraction from all the Toe crap we have had to endure recently and also confirms what already know about Karlie: she is a sweet and kind person. If anyone has any questions, feel free to DM me or shoot me as ask.

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“Are you flirting with me?” Drarry

Are you flirting me with me?” Draco asked, eyes wide, staring at Harry.

He turned completely red, looking down at his shoes. “That depends. What would you say if I was?” Harry looked back up, seeing Draco’s amused face.

“I’d say hurry up and ask me out, you git. You’re not very good at flirting, you know.” It was Harry’s turn for his eyes to widen. “Well? Go on. Ask me out.” He stood there, waiting.

“Um o- okay. Um, w- will you go out with me?” Harry asked, stumbling over his words out of nerves.

“Hmmm,” Draco began, pretending to think. “Tomorrow. Six o’clock. You take me some place nice.” He states and began to walk away. Harry shook his head fondly, watching him go.

“Looking forward to it.” Harry called out after him.

“Me too, Potter.”

Where He Takes You on Your First Date


Dean Winchester:  A diner for lunch. He wanted to make it nice and simple because he wanted to appear laid back, but in reality, he was incredibly nervous. You two ate burgers and pie together and had an amazing time.

Sam Winchester: A fancy restaurant for dinner. He picked you up and took you to an expensive restaurant where you two had an amazing time. You laughed and drank together. Then you went for a walk in a park. You held hands and talked about basically everything. It was just like a perfect dream date.

Castiel: You and Cas never went on an official date, because he didn’t quite know how to plan one, but every once and a while he would take you out to grab a bite to eat. A lot of times, it was a simple fast food joint, but you appreciated just being able to spend some quality time with him.

Crowley: A nice dinner seated at a secluded booth. He took you out to a very nice restaurant. You wore a beautiful red dress that he found to be incredibly sexy on you. You sat in the very back of the building and drank a little more than you should have. You made very nice small talk. However, he mostly tried to talk about you, not him, which made you even more interested in a second date.

Lucifer: A walk around a park. Lucifer didn’t like normal dinner dates so you two just walked around a park and talked for the whole afternoon. He held your hand and always made sure you were as close as possible to him. He didn’t know what it was about you, but you already made his world brighter.

Balthazar: A trip to Paris. He didn’t want to see you bored. For your very first date he zapped you two to the top of the Eiffel Tower and bought you a nice dinner. You were completely smitten with him and insisted that he take you to a new city for each upcoming date. He happy agreed to take you all over the world.

Gabriel: A trip around the city. It started off with a nice dinner and walking to the best places around, but eventually ended with you two pranking everyone in sight. He showed you some of the best pranks he’s ever come up with and you even added some new ones to his list. By the end of the night, you both had completely fallen head over heels and were both thinking you could spend the rest of your life with each other.

Chuck Shurley: An average, but nice dinner. He didn’t quite know what he wanted to do, so he just took you to a normal dinner like a normal guy. He was a complete gentlemen. Although, he did come off quite awkward at first. But you found him incredibly cute and couldn’t wait for your second date. He was nervous throughout the whole thing because he thought you were the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

Kevin Tran: Laser Tag. Ever since he was forced to read tablets day in and day out, you told him he needed to relax and have more fun. In order to prove to you that he could be a fun guy, you guys went to laser tag and played for hours. It was the most fun you both have had in a long time, which was why you couldn’t wait for your next dates.

John Winchester: He never took you on an official date because he never thought about actually getting too serious with you. But over time, he found himself liking you more and more. For your dates, you two often stayed at home, watched movies, and ordered take out. After his long weeks of hunting, you were both happy just to be with each other in the comfort of your home.


Movies. He took you to a horror movie because he thought it was the best chance to have an excuse to hold you. However, he ended up being more scared than you were. Nonetheless, you thought he was adorable and he thought you were absolutely perfect.

Mini Golfing. He picked you up, gave you beautiful flowers and then took you mini golfing. He wanted to make sure you both had a lot of fun and didn’t have to endure awkward first date conversations. You both ended up being very competitive which made the night even better. You two couldn’t go five minutes without crying from laughter. By the end of the date, he had fallen for you and you couldn’t wait to see him again. 

Movie and a Dinner. He wanted to keep it very traditional and not move too fast so that you knew he was serious about you. It was a very nice night and he was incredibly sweet to you. He was exactly the kind of guy you would want to settle down with.

Breakfast. He took you to the same place he went every morning for breakfast so that you could start going with him every day as well. You talked about absolutely everything. By the end of the date, you two knew each other so well, it was as if you’d known each other for years.

Bite Me - Bucky Barnes x Reader - Drabble

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Summary: In which Bucky Barnes temps a semi-naked (Y/N), only to see the side he desires and despises.
REQUEST BY: 2 ANONS (thank you!)
PROMPT NUMBERS: 24: You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad
17: Bite me

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 354 // Drabble

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A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:

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Imagine escaping from the Saviors and Negan looking for you, only to find you at the line up

(Wooo back to some imagines XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D I hope it isn’t too long…Yay, Negan being a creep…I guess? XD Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You were tired of everything in your life at this point. You didn’t want to be around these people, calling themselves Saviors, when in reality they weren’t really saving anyone.

You hated seeing their faces especially the man that was leading them and calling himself your “husband”, Negan.

He had found you along the road and after he had saved you from a herd of walkers,he somehow managed to convince you to come along with him and as you got to his place, he instantly confessed to having some feelings for you.

You didn’t know what to do, and you just accepted his offer of being his wife, when you realize there was nowhere to run.

He was oddly nice to you but slowly things started to get creepy with him. He would spend his day following you and keeping his eyes on you, doing anything just to get your attention.

When he was with his other wives, he would request for you to be there next to him and one time had even had the audacity to suggest you to join in with him for a threesome.

You refused all his advances and although he never did anything to you further than hugs and light kisses, you just couldn’t stay with him.


And with that you had managed to sneak away during the night and leave without being seen.

You had walked for days and being quite clumsy you ended up using most of your supplies in the few days that followed.

You were on the road a hot day and as you looked up at the sun, you suddenly lose consciousness.

You woke up to a strangely well decorated and cozy room. As you looked around it, you saw a man sitting by the chair and for some reason instantly your first instinct was to throw your pillow at him.

It woke him up and he stood up quickly. He growling and mumbling something at you.

“What is wrong with you? I saved your life out there…and brought you here and this is how you pay me back? A hello would’ve been enough…”

You looked at him from head to toe and just couldn’t believe he belonged to such a nice place. He seemed too wild and dirty.

Being the loud mouth you were, you said exactly what you thought of him and the whole situation.

It ticked him off and slowly you both got noisy to the point another woman had walked in and pulled him away.

She later came to check on your temperature and while at it ended up explaining everything to you.

She had introduced herself as Denise and told you that the man earlier, Daryl, had brought you back along with him when he saw you unconscious on the road.

As she talked, you started to feel bad for the way you treated him and knew you had to do the right thing and thank him as well as apologize for your reaction.

As you felt better, you walked outside and realized how really nice the place was. You sat by the porch, as Denise warned you to not leave yet and as you did, you were greeted by most of them.


You hadn’t seen Daryl in the next few days but you did rest as much as you could. Although what you had done had pissed him off, he still came to check on you every time you were asleep, making sure you were safe.

One day, you finally got better and you eventually spotted Daryl. Quickly you made his way towards him.

You patted him on his shoulders and as he turned to look at you, you looked in his eyes.

As he noticed it was you, he sighed and said “What?”

“I-I’m sorry about the last time…I just got scared…waking up to see a man and being in such a nice room just threw me off…And I kinda panicked…Also i’m sorry about saying you were wild and stuff…I really am…”

He had crossed his hands and was having fun seeing you getting all shy and nervous in contrast to the first time he saw you awake.

It made him chuckle and just made him want to have a little fun out of you.

“Alright…I get it…But i’m not accepting your apology yet…I gotta get back at you…”

He grabbed your arm and leading you back inside, he went to get a pillow and threw it back at you.

You were shocked to see a grown man being so childish but you couldn’t help but laugh at him. However, being childish as well, you picked up the pillow and hit him back.

It stunned him and quickly he got another one to do the same and you both spent quite some time playing around like kids.

You laughed so much, you had completely forgotten the world and the man you had just walked away from.

You ended up staying in Alexandria and grew to know everyone there and love them, especially Daryl. You felt yourself free there and couldn’t be any happier with your decision, until now.


However, while you were happy, Negan was a mess. As soon, as he had called for you and didn’t hear you answer or walk towards him, he felt his heart drop.

He had paced all over the place and had quickly lost his patience, screaming at the top of his lungs for you.

He didn’t want to believe the worst, you just walking out of his life but knew it wasn’t something impossible.

Everyone had no choice but to help him look for you and were just praying to find you alive and safe.

As they didn’t find you, Negan yelled at them for being incompetent and was just so frustrated he ended up taking someone’s life that night.

As the days passed, Negan sent out some people to look for you everyday and he himself went out with them.

He was determined to find you no matter what and was going to do whatever it took to get you back.

He was infatuated with you and had tried everything to get you to like him and at this point just couldn’t let go of you.


While he was busy looking for you, the people in Alexandria had taken upon themselves to kill some of the Saviors.

You had warned them to not do so but they didn’t heed your suggestion and went at it.

Because of it your happiness quickly turned into a nightmare.

Denise had passed away, you and Daryl had grew apart and he left to avenge her on his own without saying a word to you.

Maggie had been feeling sick and you and the others went along to help her get to the Hilltops.

Along the road, you had been stopped. countless of times and each time you recognized the people as the Saviors.

It scared you to think about what would happen and quickly you turned to be right.


You were now all on your knees on the ground in the cold night and Daryl and the others had been brought to be put in the line along with you.

The men unarmed you all and Negan’s right hand man, Simon, instantly recognized you as he got closer.

He smirked and shaking his head went on as if he didn’t noticed you, walking over to Carl instead.

Soon, you heard the door of the RV open and jumped. You heard a familiar chuckle and knew who it was.

“Pissin’ our pants yet…”

As he said that, he had an amused smile and was just getting excited at the thought of teaching you all a lesson.

However, as he shot his gaze towards you all, he finally noticed you and instantly, he felt his heart race.

He felt his throat getting caught and his eyes widen in shock. He had looked for you for so long that seeing you there was just overwhelming.

He didn’t knew what to say and just stood still in the shadow, taking a good look at you and realizing you were truly well and alive.

He was more than relived and just kept thinking about taking you back home with him and making things right with you.

He just couldn’t ever get mad at you for leaving his side, he couldn’t bring himself to start yelling at you or even thinking of hurting you in any way.

As he stared at you, he couldn’t keep his gaze away from you and took notice of your breathing being ragged, your messy hair and your sweat and tears covering you and still he found you breathtaking.

It went on for a while and it stayed quiet and nobody made a move. You glared up at where he was and just wanted to curse him out for what had been done to your friends.

Both your eyes locked and he finally managed to say your name.


It was soft and low, making it strange for everyone. You didn’t answer him and only kept staring at him angrily thinking about what everyone had went through.

He slowly approached you and smiled.

“You’re alive and fine…That’s good…”

He sighed and with a soften expression, he continued saying “I missed you…I really did…and now you’re here…with these people…”

He then turned his gaze towards Rick and knew  he just couldn’t let him slide for what he did. He made his way towards him and threatened him as planned.

He gradually went back to his crazy and wild self, scaring the crap out of everyone there and started to talk about killing one of you just to get back at them for what they did.

He then started to pick someone out of you and sang “eenie meenie minie moe” his decision, while always avoiding you, obviously


Seeing how scared your friends were and noticing him not counting you along with them, made you understand you were the only able to save the situation.

He was near the end of the song and suddenly, you raised your voice at him and tears were flowing down your cheek.

“Stop! Stop it! Just stop everything! You want me back?!”

It instantly caught his attention and made him lost his count. He looked your way and raising his eyebrow, he got closer to you.

You looked up at him and in a lower tone, you continued.

“You want me to spend the rest of my life with you…don’t you? If that’s what you want…Then…Fine…I’ll go back with you…I’ll do as you want and…i’ll be happy with you and only you…I can promise you that…But only if you don’t kill any of them…and you let them go…”

He noticed you fighting back your tears and just wanted to hold you in that instant. A smile came to him but it went away as he heard Daryl, standing up and trying to reach over at you before getting stopped by the others.

He understood his action and looking back at you, he said “Really?”

He crouched down to you and getting closer to your personal space, he whispered to you.

“If I do as you say….You’ll forget about any feelings you had for any other men, right?”

You bit your lip, regretting what you were about to tell him and nodded at him, while looking away from him.

He cupped your face and made you look at him in the eyes.

“If I do that then it’s only me right…You’ll love only me…Think and care about me…and you’ll be with me forever…no other men will ever have you…right?”

You reluctantly nodded at him and your tears rolled down your cheek. Breathing in and out, you confirmed your promise to him.

“Yes…Don’t hurt them…Leave them alone and i’ll go back with you…”

He smirked, nodded and getting up he pulled you to your feet.

He wiped your tears away and said “As long as you keep your promise…I won’t even think about hurting them…”

You nodded at him and he pulled you over to get to the car. As he did, you looked back at your friends, you told them you were going to be fine.

You felt slightly relived to see them being left alone and standing up one by one, until you met Daryl’s gaze.

All you saw in his eyes was anger and in that moment, you knew he was going to get himself in some trouble because of you.

In My Feelings (G.D) SMUT

A/N: I don’t condone in taking drugs or drinking alcohol, neither does Grayson, this is all just for fictional purposes. Plus I worked my ass off on this after I got home so you better appreciate it :)

Request: “Hey I love your ‘flesh’ smut!! I was wondering if you could do a Grayson smut to Lana Del Reys song ‘feelings’ off of her latest album??

Word count: Over 4200

Warnings: Mentions of drug use and alcohol, smut, fingering, and yeah cussing of course ;)

Originally posted by too-cool-to-know-ya

“Want one?” Josh extended an arm, his lips forming an “O” shape so the repulsing fumes gushed onto your face. The lit up cigarette in between his index and middle finger as he cocked an eyebrow. You gagged and shoved his hand away, “I would like to keep my lungs in tact, if that’s okay with you.” You replied and looked away. He scoffed and leaned back against the wall, “Whatever you want babe.” He said as he brought the cigar back up to his lips. You refrained from rolling your eyes as you stretched your neck back to look behind you two. “Shouldn’t Gray be back by now?” You muttered under your breath as you wrapped your arms around your torso in an attempt to warm yourself up.
“Don’t know, don’t care.” You heard Josh mumble. You furrowed your eyebrows and punched him in the arm. “Don’t be such an ass.” You hissed and crossed your arms. “I don’t even know why I’m dating such a loser like you.” You laughed harshly and leaned forward to snatch a newly open cigarette from his hands, lighting it up and bringing it up to your lips.

I’m smokin’ while I’m runnin’ on my treadmill
But I’m comin’ up roses
Could it be that I fell for another loser?

Suddenly two fingers came forward and plucked them out of your own, you cracked open an eye and raised your eyebrows, Grayson coyly smiled down at you as he carelessly tossed the unused cigarette onto the ground. “Don’t smoke kids.” He gave you a certain kind of glare and you felt your cheeks redden. “I’m not a kid.” You huffed and crossed your arms against your chest as you leaned up against the cool brick wall. “Mm, last time I checked your not a legal adult yet my darling, twenty-one’s the age and your not there yet.” Grayson gave you a smug grin and you gently pushed him. “Oh shut up I’m 17, Im old enough, Mr. Adult.” You looked around to make sure no one was watching and turned back to Grayson and Josh. “What do you think about heading back to my place? I’m not a fan of the cold weather.” You smiled at Grayson and turned to Josh. “Really? We’ve never been to your place.” Josh’s eyes lit up a certain way you’ve never seen and you felt weirded out but decided to not ponder on it anymore. “Yeah sure, it’s not very far.” You shrugged as if you didn’t care but deep down you did. Living alone in LA as a teen took a toll on you, you were corrupted by society and social anxiety, trying so hard to fit in with the rest, but trying to fit in only made you even more of an outcast. You didn’t belong there and everyone knew it. It sent you on the wrong path. A path down drugs and alcohol, an endless string of loser ex-boyfriends who only wanted you for your body and nothing else. The only one who was honest to you was Grayson, he couldn’t stand seeing you like this so he felt the need to tell you. Tell you to leave and pursue your dreams.

“Get out of here.” He had said one night. “What?” You inquired and turned to gaze at him. “I don’t mean to sound rude, but you don’t belong here. LA’s not your place, and to be honest it’s not mines either.” Grayson admitted and stared down at his hands. Your head fell onto his shoulder as a small sigh escaped your lips, “I know. But I can’t exactly go back. My mom hates me for running away.”
“Why’d you run?”
“Why wouldn’t I?”

Grayson never understood what happened that night, he didn’t understand your way of reasoning. However he understood you as a person, perfectly. Better than you did to be honest. Better than your past ex-boyfriends and so called “Best friends.”
He was your right hand, even if he was 4 years older than you were.
And you couldn’t lie, there were even times you found yourself fantasizing about him. How could you not? Especially with how he looked, He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. He must get used to that, the sudden pause in a person’s natural expression when they looked his way followed by a long gaze and weak smile. Of course the blush that accompanied it was a dead give-away. It didn’t help that he was so modest with it, it made the girls fall for him all the more. Despite all the opportunity that came his way he was a one-woman-man who found genuineness and thoughtful conversations more attractive over lipstick and designer fashion. He was handsome alright, but on the inside he was beautiful.
His rich chocolate hair that had always looked as if he had just woken up, you found it adorable. He had strong arched brows and eyelashes so thick, it could be illegal. And then his eyes they were deep and catastrophic, a bright hazel that sometimes, softly melted into a glossy, olive-green. He also had distinct cheekbones and sharp jaw, his sun-kissed skin made him look devilishly handsome and you could never look away.

I’m cryin’ while I’m gunnin’
Makin’ love while I’m makin’ good money
Sobbin’ in my cup of coffee
‘Cause I fell for another loser

He’s wasn’t usually the kind of guy you went for either. For starters, he was a brunette and you’ve always had a certain fondness towards blondes. You lusted after blue eyed men, just take a trip down memory lane and look back at all your exes. Blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. They were your go-to..until you met Grayson.

Grayson waved a limp hand in your direction and promised to meet you both there soon. You nodded and led Josh towards your apartment. Stuffing the key inside, you twisted the door knob and kicked it open. “Looks like a nice place to crash.” Josh said as he walked in, toeing off his shoes with ease. “Excuse me?” You scoffed as you tugged off your leather jacket. “What? I’m your boyfriend, so I can stay here whenever I want” Josh said as he plopped down onto your couch, pulling a cigarette out of his coat pocket. He cupped his hand around it and used his lighter to set the cigar aflame. You stood directly in front of him and snatched it from his hands. “Don’t want my house smelling like smoke, and I want you out.” You said as you tossed the cigar into the trash can. Josh gave you a boisterous laugh before giving you a cheeky smile. “No you don’t, you love me.” He smirked and your eyes immediately widened. “When in god’s name have I EVER said that?” You replied and placed your hands on your hips. Josh’s eyes glossed up and down your body as he gnawed on his lower lip mischievously. “You don’t need to say it babe.” He winked at you and you cringed before running your hands through your hair. “God. Why did I even start dating you, you’re so full of yourself and such a damn idiot.” You muttered as you pressed your index finger, middle finger and thumb to the temple of your forehead in an attempt to calm yourself. You heard Josh’s soft chuckle from the couch and you sighed. “Leave, before I have to make you leave.”

“What’re you gonna do? Huh? Little 17 year old girl. You’re such a dirty slut, you like fucking older guys don’t you?” He growled and stood up. “You and I have NEVER, EVER had any intimacy other than kissing, alright?” You jabbed a finger hard, into his chest and he fell back against the cushions. “Calm down!” He hissed and stood up once more. “Don’t tell me to calm down. You damn prick, get the hell out of my apartment. It took me this long to realize how much of a disappointment you are. You’re disrespectful to me, and not only me but any other women you’ve come across. Im done. Im so done. Get out before I’ll have to call Grayson to come put your ass in check.”

Get that cigarette smoke out of my face
You’ve been wastin’ my time
While you’re takin’ what’s mine with the things that you’re doin

“Yeah, cause you’ve been fucking him on the low right? Like the dirty whore you are?”

Your eyes narrowed as the man continued to taunt you with his vicious, disgusting words. He was tall and handsome, but a pretty face wasn’t going to get him out of this.
“What did you say?” You asked in a whisper.
A cruel sneer formed on his smooth face and he leaned forward, eyes bearing straight into yours. “I said, you’ve been fucking Grayson. Like the dirty whore you are and always will be. Going from guy to guy every week.” He snickered as you inhaled a sharp breath.
Your hands twitched and you could feel a vein pulsing on your forehead. “You know what? You’re right, I have been fucking Gray. And he fucks me a hell lot better than you would.”

Josh’s eyebrows furrowed and he stepped forward. “Go ahead. Hit me.”

“Sorry kid, but I don’t fight children. Especially-”
“But you’ll date one?”
“You’re no better than the rest of the guys I’ve dated. All sore losers.” You closed in the distance between the man and you, your voice lowered, almost to a whisper. “Get the hell out. Or do I have to beat your ass myself?”

Josh scoffed before pulling out a cigarette, “I only stood with you for the sex but apparently your not as easy as the rumors say.”
“Yeah, well rumors are rumors for a reason aren’t they? They’re undetermined, but you’ve gotten your answer..haven’t you?”
The man gave you a scowl before opening your door and leaving. The damn nerve. You didn’t know what just happened, what made you snap at him but then one glance outside you’re window told you everything.

Talk that talk, well now they all know your name
And there’s no comin’ back from the place that you came
Baby, don’t do it

You watched him cross the crowded road, he didn’t see you yet so you gazed freely. He wasn’t particularly special looking, but to you he stood out from the others, all of them dodging the puddles together. There was something about Grayson, a slight confidence and inflated ego, that had you muddling your words and blushing uncontrollably whenever he was around. He caught you through the window and smiled, making his way to the door. Even under the angry clouds and drizzle he looked like sunshine. 

He opened the door and you immediately engulfed him into a hug. “Uh, where’s Josh?” He asked you and you didn’t even bother to pull away to give him a direct answer, you just mumbled a soft, “Dumped him.”

“It was about time. He was beginning to get on my nerves,” You heard Grayson say and let out a soft laugh against his neck. You felt as he stepped forward, your arms still draped around his torso as he kicked the door shut. “I need to stop dating such losers.” You sighed and pulled away. “Date a man Y/N.” Grayson murmured softy as he stared blankly ahead of you. “I only have one man in my life..” You whispered and looked up at him. The bright light peeking through the window glossed over half of Grayson’s face, casting a glow to his skin as he looked down at you. “I know.”

“It’s wrong.”

“That didn’t stop you from dating Josh, now did it baby?”

The word made you melt into his arms, but you grasped his biceps to hold yourself up as you both stared at eachother with intent.
Your gaze slid to the side. Unexpectedly, he pulled you against his chest. His nose tickled your ear. You let out a tiny gasp and squirmed uncomfortably in his arms. You weren’t used to being so intimately handled, the closest you’ve gotten to intimacy is when Josh gave you sloppy kisses but that was it. You felt his lips softly graze your neck and your face immediately heated. You summoned enough courage to meet his gaze. His hazel eyes twinkled. He knew. He knew of your attraction for him and he was trying to make you feel like that.

‘Cause you got me in my feelings
(Got me feeling so much right now)
Talkin’ in my sleep again
(I’m makin’ no sense at all)

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered so you could feel his warm breath in your ear. You wrinkled your nose in protest and softly giggled.

“Shut up and kiss me.” You whispered back.

His lips gently brushed yours and you smelt his minty breath as your bodies press together.
His hand reached for yours and they interlocked as you kissed tentatively, passionately and then, tenderly. He pulled the loose fitted, silky white tank-top up, over your head and you felt the little sparks of static dancing over your skin from his fingers that gently skimmed your skin. It was a magical feeling and made you shiver in pleasure.

His lips pressed against yours with passion, love, and affection as his warm hands roamed all over your naked body leaving a trail of sparks in their wake.
“You act as if I’ve never seen you naked before.” He muttered against you with mocking amusement, referring to the drunken night you two had shared a year ago. You pulled away and lifted a hand to caress the stubble growing on his chin ever so softly. “Because you haven’t. I’m in my feelings right now baby.”

Drown out all our screamin’
(Got me feelin’ so crazy right now)
Who’s doper than this bitch? Who’s freer than me?
You wanna make the switch? Be my guest, baby
I’m feelin’ all my fuckin’ feelings

You watched as a smile began to etch upon his face and he leaned forward. “Thank you. For revealing your vulnerabilities to me, I promise I’m not like them, I’ll treat you how you deserve to be treated my love.” His words made your heart flutter, and you found your hands unzipping his leather jacket and pealing it off his arms quickly. Grayson wasted no time in lifting you up by your thighs. You crashed your lips against his once more as he began to walk forward. “Mm, bedroom?” He questioned and you pulled away to leave soft, delicate kisses along his jaw and neck. “Straight ahead, make a right. White door.” You whispered against his neck. You nipped gently at the skin there as Grayson stumbled into the wall. You snorted out a laugh as he stood up again and began to walk into your bedroom. He kicked the door shut and laid you down onto the bed, you moved your hair away from the right side of your neck and waited for Grayson to make a move. You had been longing for his touch for many months, and he was here, ready to fulfil not only your sexual desires but many more. Your insides craved his touch. You craved his touch, ever since that night you two shared ages ago, the dirty memories remained at the back of your mind, and you still couldn’t believe you had done that.
You watched as his hands found the hem of his t-shirt, getting rid of it in one swift movement leaving you in awe of his toned and fit body.

I’m smokin’ while I’m runnin’
This town and you better believe it honey
I’m laughin’ as I’m taking no prisoners
And taking down names

As soon as his soft, plump lips imprinted on your neck, You lost your train of thought, the only thing consuming your mind was the fact that he could make your breath hitch from a single touch. It had your head spinning.
He slowly massaged your breasts as he sucked and licked a mark onto your skin, making you arch your back and moan his name softly. You rolled your head to the side, your chest rising and falling dramatically under his influence. He smiled against your neck as your fingers tugged at his short hair and your other hand scratched at his back. You trailed your hand down towards his belt and fiddled with the buckle for a few moments before finally removing it. “Hmm, eager are we?” Grayson teased as he kissed the valley of your breasts, “Very.” You breathed and tugged down the zipper of his well-fitted jeans. Grayson smugly grinned as you and sat up, twisting his body to the side and angling his hips up so he could finally pull off his jeans and boxers. He length sprang right up and hit his lower abs and you held back your gasp. “I don’t remember it being THAT big..” You muttered as Grayson lifted up your thighs and place them by his sides. “It won’t hurt, I promise. Just relax, beautiful.” Grayson leaned forward and gave you a sweet tender kiss before undoing the button of your jeans. You nodded and grasped the bedsheets as he got rid of your undergarments.

I’m cryin’ while I’m gunnin’
In the smoke they can hear me comin’
If you were me, and I was you
I’d get out of my way

You watched as he licked his lips hungrily at the sight of you, he hovered over you and pressed a kiss to your jaw as his finger drew small circles over you clit. You drew in a ragged breath and he sped up his movements. “God, don’t stop.” You moaned and sunk your nails into his biceps as your back arched off the mattress. “Wasn’t planning to, baby girl.” He hummed in satisfaction that he could make your body shudder by only doing this and slid a finger into you. You moaned loudly but Grayson muffled it by attaching his lips to yours. “Quiet now, you don’t want your neighbors to hear do you?”

You sunk your teeth into your bottom lip and nodded as he added another finger, making you whimper. “Shhh..I’m just getting you ready.” He whispered and moved to kiss your breasts. He enclosed his lips around one of your nipples, sucking, licking and slightly biting sending shivers of pleasure down your spine as you grinded your hips against him in search of more. “What do you want? Huh? What do you want me to do to you?”

Get that cigarette smoke out of my face
You’ve been wastin’ my time while you’re takin’ what’s mine
Well, you know what you’re doin’
Talk that talk, well, now they all know your name
And there’s no comin’ back from the place that you came
Baby, don’t do it

“Fuck. I want your mouth on me Gray, please.”

Without warning, Grayson slid down your body and spread your legs apart, blowing cool air onto your exposed clit sending jolts throughout your entire body. He leaned forward and flicked your throbbing clit with his tongue making you arch your back. He used his other hand to play with your nipples as his tongue drew figure eights onto your sweet spot. “Grayson please!” You moaned out in pleasure. “Please what?” The vibrations coming from his mouth intensified the pleasure coursing throughout your body and you rolled your hips against his tongue, “Please, make me come.”

Grayson suddenly inserted two fingers into you and pumped at a fast pace, he curled them up unexpectedly and hit your g-spot making you come hard. You clenched around his fingers and Grayson’s name left your mouth followed by a bunch of other profanities as you caught your breath. “Jesus..” You sighed and felt Grayson smirk against you. He readied himself by your entrance and you halted him.

“It’s been a while since you took my virginity. gentle.” You whispered and Grayson looked at you with admiration and sympathy, crawling over your body to give you, yet another kiss. “I’ll go as slow as possible, even if it physically hurts me from how amazing you’ll feel wrapped around me.” He whispered into your ear and you felt your cheeks redden. He bit down on your earlobe gently and gave the skin under there a swift kiss before he entered you slowly.

'Cause you got me in my feelings
(Got me feelin’ so much right now)
Talkin’ in my sleep again
(I’m makin’ no sense at all)

Your grip on the sheets tightened till your knuckles turned white but you willed yourself to remain calm so it wouldn’t hurt any more than it needed to. “Doing okay?” Grayson looked up at you through lust-filled eyes and you nodded quickly as if to tell him it was okay to continue. He thrusted into you slowly and your body jolted up as your walls expanded to fit his length. “K-keep going.” You whispered and Grayson pulled out once more. He thrusted in a bit faster and harder and you already felt the pain fading away. With a newfound surge of energy and confidence, you slapped a palm onto Grayson’s lower back, you drew him closer by draping your arm around his neck and you gave him a passionate and lustful kiss. “Faster.” Was all you said. Grayson gave you a look, a look that asked if you were sure, because if he started he was going to keep it up till you both came. Hard.
You almost immediately nodded and smiled. “Fuck me Gray. Do it better than any guy ever could. Fuck me like the man you are.”
Those words edged Grayson on, and he sped up his thrusts, so fast to the point your body was bouncing up against the bed in time with his rhythmic movements. “Oh fuck!” You exclaimed and clung onto Grayson’s back desperately. He pounded you into the mattress, the only sounds being heard were your moans and the constant squeaking of your bed. You were sure it would break with how hard Grayson was going but you didn’t want it to end.

Drown out all our screamin’
(Got me feelin’ so crazy right now)
Who’s doper than this bitch? Who’s freer than me?
You wanna make the switch? Be my guest, baby
I’m feelin’ all my fuckin’ feelings

Damn, that was the last thing you wanted, but as Grayson quickly found your g-spot you knew it would be over soon. Suddenly he slowed down his quick movements and stood still so his tip was pressed against your g-spot. “Moan my name, Y/N..” Grayson began as he rocked his hips against yours, the head of his cock rubbing circles around it as your jaw fell slack. The fact that he knew exactly where it was and how to angle himself into you to directly hit it amazed you. You involuntarily moaned out Grayson as he thrusted into you slowly but rough. “Let it out baby girl, moan my name so you know how a real man should make you feel.” He smirked and brought a hand down to rub at your clit viciously. “Oh! Gray! Im gonna-” He cut you off by slamming his mouth onto yours, enveloping you into a hungry kiss as you released all you had onto him, he came shortly after and fell limp against you.

Got me up in this place right now
Makin’ no sense at all
Got me up in this place right now, against the wall
Got me feelin’ so blue
Makin’ no sense at all
Gotta leave right now

He propped himself up onto his elbows and hovered over you. You looked past him solemnly and bit your lip. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Grayson rolled besides you and wrapped you comfortably in his arms. “Before you got here..and I dumped Josh. We got into a heated argument and he accused me of sleeping with you and called me a dirty whore for doing it. Now I’m just realizing how right he is..” You muttered and broke eye contact with Grayson to look away. “That’s not true.”

“Stop it.”
“Stop what? It’s the truth, I go from guy to guy, I’m a slut-”
“There’s a difference Y/N.” Grayson cut in and you stretched your neck back to look at him as he spooned you under the covers. You felt as he softly caressed your thighs and you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, “And what’s that?”
“Sleeping around is different from trying to find love..” He murmured and nuzzled his head into the cranny of your neck. You felt your breath hitch and your body stiffen under Grayson’s.
Was that what you were looking for? Was that the emptiness you felt that only Grayson could fill?
Did this mean you loved him?

'Cause you got me in my feelings
(Got me feelin’ so much right now)
Talkin’ in my sleep again
(I’m makin’ no sense at all)
Drown out all our screamin’
(Got me feelin’ so crazy right now)
Who’s doper than this bitch? Who’s free-er than me?
You wanna make the switch? Be my guest, baby
I’m feelin’ all my fuckin’ feelings


Had to pull an all-nighter last night to get a few papers done, and I’m fuckin tired as shit. Spent a few minutes directing traffic around a broken-down car and then headed straight to my college’s cafe, which is in the basement of the main academic building.

The ladies who run that place are legendary for their niceness and coffee skill.

I walked up to the counter and said “what’s the strongest coffee you guys have and can I get that in vanilla”

And the lady behind the counter took one look at me before snapping into *serious* mode and saying “you’re gonna want the RED-EYE and you’re gonna want it in large.”

So I got that going for me