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A while ago I realized, you can, and should, do things to make yourself happy. There are no guarantees; there are many, many things that you simply cannot control. But it is your responsibility to put in effort. So, I tried. I began to wear nice and elegant outfits to rather dull places, like school or on a walk around the neighborhood, to make it feel like I was doing something nice and elegant. I would take photos of the most boring objects and places, using lighting and angles to manipulate them into something as beautiful as I envisioned in my head. I looked in the mirror, and instead of picking at the flaws that screamed at me, I would search for the things that made me happy about who I was. It was occasionally like searching for a four leaf clover, but working for it was what helped. No, it didn’t always work. Yet the fact that I was trying made me feel as if when I was angry, or sad, or overwhelmed, it was okay because I knew I was capable of happiness, and I was working to be happy. You cannot go through life saying your situation is void of silver linings, not if you refuse to look for them.
—  maybe i’ll write a book with this in it someday, CI carolineingle
The unexpected twist

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A/N: This was requested anonymously. I hope you enjoy!  I am so so sorry this took forever for me to write! I was/am really sick but I managed to get it up!

Request: “Can I get an FP Jones smut where the reader is friends with Archie and everyone but shes got a thing for Jughead’s dad and he knows it and tries to be a gentleman about it but he finally gives into her and they sort of wind up together and Jughead and their friends eventually find out and surprisingly Jughead is ok with it but tells her hes not calling her mom 😅

The reader is legal age! (18/19).

Warnings: Swearing, unprotected sex (Wrap it in foil before checking her oil), fingering, smut and PORN GIFS.


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you must be prince charming, 

because when you smile flowers seem to grow

cr. / insp: i & ii

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How was the first date?

T: Oh, it was a very casual date, haha, just the usual stuff: Pinkie came looking totally stunning to pick me up…

…she took me to a fancy restaurant to have dinner together…

...we went to some nice places she knew of to have a little fun…

…and finally she walked me home…

T: We had a very nice night together; she was fun as always, but polite and careful too. She really put effort into making me feel comfortable, and I appreciate that.

P: Had to be cool for my girl out there, of course

T: Yeah, yeah… she used to be very cool back then

P: Hey, I’m still cool!

T: Of course you are, silly, hahaha…

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Hello, I'm here to drop a prompt *fidgets nervously* Could you draw a picture featuring young Draco and young Scorpius? Thank you <3

[ Inktober 2016.10.21 - Draco with baby Scorpius ]

There’s this old polaroid photo that Astoria took when Scorpius just started to find some nice squishy places to step on and practice walking :’)

+ bonus:

Neighborhood watch

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A/N: This was requested by anonymous. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “could you write some more fp jones smut?? maybe where the reader is his neighbor and hes always had his eyes on her”

The reader is legal age (18/19).



FP Jones POV:

I watched her for days, weeks, and maybe even months.

She was so beautiful and sexy. The way she moved her hips while she walked, while she danced. I was starting to think how those hips would move if she was riding me.

(Y/N) had been my neighbor for close to nine months. She was there when my wife left me and took my daughter, she was there when my son ran away, and she was there on my worst nights. (Y/N) was a caring and kind person, she came over to my house after Jughead ran away to see if I was okay, she cleaned up the broken bottles that I had thrown in a drunken rage, she helped put me to bed when I was too drunk to walk.

She was always there.

(Y/N) was only nineteen years old and I was a forty-seven-year-old man. I knew she would never want to be with someone my age, not even for a hookup.

Or so I thought.

(Y/N)’s POV:


I had just moved out of my parent’s house and into this trailer park on the Southside when I had my first encounter with FP Jones. He had a wife and two kids. Jughead and Jellybean Jones. From what I could tell by looking at him he was a very attractive man with a broken marriage. FP wore this patch that belongs to this local gang, Southside Serpents.

When FP’s wife left him and took his daughter, I went over to see if he needed anything. I let myself into his trailer to see FP sitting on the floor, drunk with tears streaming down his face. This man looked broken. I looked around to see broken bottles surrounded the floor. The place was trashed. I immediately had my maternal instincts kicked in and I walked to the kitchen to grab a broom to start cleaning up the broken glass. As I was cleaning, FP looked up towards me with tears streaming down his face.

“I’m sorry,” I felt my heartbreak at the sound of his voice. I walked over to him before taking a seat next to him and removing the bottle from his hands.

“Listen, you have nothing to be sorry about. Now, let’s get you to bed,” I said as I stood up before helping him get up. I put his arm around my shoulder before I began helping him make his way to his bedroom. I laid him on the bed before beginning to remove his boots. I went to stand up to leave when I felt a hand tugging on my wrist.

“Stay,” I smiled at FP before whispering.

“I can’t. You need your sleep,” I said before laying his hand back on his bed and standing up before heading towards the door.

“You’re so beautiful,” I heard FP mutter before he passed out into a deep sleep. I made my way back to the living room as I began to continue cleaning up the mess from FP’s drunken rage.

Once, I was done I locked up his trailer before making my way back to my own.


I was coming home from another shitty date. This guy that I had met on the popular dating app ‘Tinder’ was nothing like he said on his profile. I can’t even keep count of how many times he’s tried to grope me in many different places. I finally had enough and let him walk me home.

“I had a nice night, when will I be able to see you again?” The douche bag questioned as I mentally rolled my eyes.

“Listen, you’re a nice guy and all but I think this was a one-time thing,” I said as the guy chuckled before beginning to make his way towards me.

“Oh, don’t be such a tease,” The guy said as he pushed me against my front door with a little too much force.

“Don’t touch me,” I said while the guy chuckled before putting his hands on my waist and his lips onto my neck. “Get off me!” I yelled pushing at his shoulders but he wouldn’t budge.

“When a lady says no you listen,” A voice spoke up from behind the guy.

It was FP.

“Why don’t you mind your own business? The old man,” I rolled my eyes at the guy as FP made his way up my stairs before pulling the guy off me and throwing him to the ground.

“Why don’t you? Now, get lost!” FP yelled while the guy got up and ran.

“Thank you for saving me,” I said as FP turned back to me.

“It was no problem. Punks like that deserve to be taught a lesson,” I giggled at his words before turning to unlock my door.

“Would you like to come in?” I questioned with curiosity. FP stared at me for a moment before nodding his head. I pushed the door open before walking while FP followed.

“Nice place, you got here,” FP said once he was fully in. I nodded before closing the door behind him.  

“Thanks,” We stood in awkward silence until FP finally broke it.

“Listen, I should get going,” FP said as he reached for the door handle. I ran in front of him before he could open the door.

“Wait!” I said while FP furrowed his brows. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but I felt more confidence than I usually did.

“What?” Before FP could speak again I reached my hand up to his cheek before pressing my lips to his. FP stood in shock before he began kissing back. FP’s lips were more dominant as he pushed me back until my back was against the door. I moaned into the kiss as I wrapped my leg around his waist before beginning to grind my hips into his. FP broke the kiss while he looked into my eyes.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” FP questioned as I nodded my head. FP moved his lips to my neck before taking my other leg and wrapping it around his waist. FP carried me to the kitchen where he laid me on the counter. We broke away from the kiss as FP smirked at me.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” FP said sternly while I felt my panties become wetter by the minute.

“I want you to finger fuck me while you eat me out, baby,” I watched as FP shuddered in pleasure.

“Oh baby girl, you have such a dirty mouth,” I smirked at his response before he dropped to his knees. FP began to push up my dress before sliding my panties down. He threw my panties behind him before prepping my inner thighs with kisses. I moaned softly before running my hands through his hair. I felt FP’s fingers graze my folds before teasing my entrance.

“Mmm, FP.  Don’t tease…” I moaned to FP as he slammed his fingers into me. “OH FUCK FP!” I felt his tongue on my clit as he began to lick figure eights. I felt my legs shake at his movements as I let out breathless pants and moans. FP began to suck on my clit as he added two more fingers. I felt my release slowly approaching; “F-fuck FP! I-I’M CL-CLOSE!”  I screamed out. FP removed his mouth and fingers while I let out a whimper.

“I want you coming on my dick, right now,” FP replied with a smirk. He began to unbuckle his belt before pushing them down his thighs along with his boxer’s as his cock sprang out. FP was bigger and thicker than I imagined, I gasped while he chuckled. “Never seen a cock this big, huh?” FP questioned while I blushed and shook my head. FP reached up and pushed the straps of my dress down before revealing my bare chest. “Oh fuck, baby girl. No bra? Damn! Please, tell me you’re on the pill?” He questioned while I smiled and nodded my head. “Oh fuck baby girl, you’re going to make me come here on the spot,” I pulled FP into my chest before whispering into his ear.

“Then you better fuck me sooner,” FP shuddered before lining himself up with my entrance and slamming in. “OH FUCK!” I screamed out as FP continued to roughly slam into me.

“Fuck, baby girl! You’re so tight!” FP grunted into my ear as I moaned in response. I felt my orgasm approaching for the second time.

“FP, I’m cl-close!” I felt FP’s thrusts pick up speed as he started going in harder. “FUCK FP I’M… CO-COMING!” I screamed before I tightened around FP’s cock, making him groan. FP’s thrusts began to go sloppier before he slammed in once more before groaning and pulling out.

“Holy shit, baby girl,” I didn’t realize I was gripping FP’s jacket until he began to smirk. “That good, you still haven’t gotten over to it,” He said motioning to my grip on his jacket.

“Sorry,” I replied as I let go of his jacket.

“It’s alright,” FP began to fix himself before beginning to do his belt up. We stood in awkward silence before FP broke it. “Well… I guess I should get going,” FP said as he went to walk away. I reached for his arm before pulling him back to me.

“Don’t… Stay,” I said with a pleading look. FP smiled before nodding his head.

“Fine, I’ll stay,” I fixed my dress before hopping off the counter and taking FP’s hand before heading to my bedroom.

Imagine escaping from the Saviors and Negan looking for you, only to find you at the line up

(Wooo back to some imagines XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D I hope it isn’t too long…Yay, Negan being a creep…I guess? XD Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You were tired of everything in your life at this point. You didn’t want to be around these people, calling themselves Saviors, when in reality they weren’t really saving anyone.

You hated seeing their faces especially the man that was leading them and calling himself your “husband”, Negan.

He had found you along the road and after he had saved you from a herd of walkers,he somehow managed to convince you to come along with him and as you got to his place, he instantly confessed to having some feelings for you.

You didn’t know what to do, and you just accepted his offer of being his wife, when you realize there was nowhere to run.

He was oddly nice to you but slowly things started to get creepy with him. He would spend his day following you and keeping his eyes on you, doing anything just to get your attention.

When he was with his other wives, he would request for you to be there next to him and one time had even had the audacity to suggest you to join in with him for a threesome.

You refused all his advances and although he never did anything to you further than hugs and light kisses, you just couldn’t stay with him.


And with that you had managed to sneak away during the night and leave without being seen.

You had walked for days and being quite clumsy you ended up using most of your supplies in the few days that followed.

You were on the road a hot day and as you looked up at the sun, you suddenly lose consciousness.

You woke up to a strangely well decorated and cozy room. As you looked around it, you saw a man sitting by the chair and for some reason instantly your first instinct was to throw your pillow at him.

It woke him up and he stood up quickly. He growling and mumbling something at you.

“What is wrong with you? I saved your life out there…and brought you here and this is how you pay me back? A hello would’ve been enough…”

You looked at him from head to toe and just couldn’t believe he belonged to such a nice place. He seemed too wild and dirty.

Being the loud mouth you were, you said exactly what you thought of him and the whole situation.

It ticked him off and slowly you both got noisy to the point another woman had walked in and pulled him away.

She later came to check on your temperature and while at it ended up explaining everything to you.

She had introduced herself as Denise and told you that the man earlier, Daryl, had brought you back along with him when he saw you unconscious on the road.

As she talked, you started to feel bad for the way you treated him and knew you had to do the right thing and thank him as well as apologize for your reaction.

As you felt better, you walked outside and realized how really nice the place was. You sat by the porch, as Denise warned you to not leave yet and as you did, you were greeted by most of them.


You hadn’t seen Daryl in the next few days but you did rest as much as you could. Although what you had done had pissed him off, he still came to check on you every time you were asleep, making sure you were safe.

One day, you finally got better and you eventually spotted Daryl. Quickly you made his way towards him.

You patted him on his shoulders and as he turned to look at you, you looked in his eyes.

As he noticed it was you, he sighed and said “What?”

“I-I’m sorry about the last time…I just got scared…waking up to see a man and being in such a nice room just threw me off…And I kinda panicked…Also i’m sorry about saying you were wild and stuff…I really am…”

He had crossed his hands and was having fun seeing you getting all shy and nervous in contrast to the first time he saw you awake.

It made him chuckle and just made him want to have a little fun out of you.

“Alright…I get it…But i’m not accepting your apology yet…I gotta get back at you…”

He grabbed your arm and leading you back inside, he went to get a pillow and threw it back at you.

You were shocked to see a grown man being so childish but you couldn’t help but laugh at him. However, being childish as well, you picked up the pillow and hit him back.

It stunned him and quickly he got another one to do the same and you both spent quite some time playing around like kids.

You laughed so much, you had completely forgotten the world and the man you had just walked away from.

You ended up staying in Alexandria and grew to know everyone there and love them, especially Daryl. You felt yourself free there and couldn’t be any happier with your decision, until now.


However, while you were happy, Negan was a mess. As soon, as he had called for you and didn’t hear you answer or walk towards him, he felt his heart drop.

He had paced all over the place and had quickly lost his patience, screaming at the top of his lungs for you.

He didn’t want to believe the worst, you just walking out of his life but knew it wasn’t something impossible.

Everyone had no choice but to help him look for you and were just praying to find you alive and safe.

As they didn’t find you, Negan yelled at them for being incompetent and was just so frustrated he ended up taking someone’s life that night.

As the days passed, Negan sent out some people to look for you everyday and he himself went out with them.

He was determined to find you no matter what and was going to do whatever it took to get you back.

He was infatuated with you and had tried everything to get you to like him and at this point just couldn’t let go of you.


While he was busy looking for you, the people in Alexandria had taken upon themselves to kill some of the Saviors.

You had warned them to not do so but they didn’t heed your suggestion and went at it.

Because of it your happiness quickly turned into a nightmare.

Denise had passed away, you and Daryl had grew apart and he left to avenge her on his own without saying a word to you.

Maggie had been feeling sick and you and the others went along to help her get to the Hilltops.

Along the road, you had been stopped. countless of times and each time you recognized the people as the Saviors.

It scared you to think about what would happen and quickly you turned to be right.


You were now all on your knees on the ground in the cold night and Daryl and the others had been brought to be put in the line along with you.

The men unarmed you all and Negan’s right hand man, Simon, instantly recognized you as he got closer.

He smirked and shaking his head went on as if he didn’t noticed you, walking over to Carl instead.

Soon, you heard the door of the RV open and jumped. You heard a familiar chuckle and knew who it was.

“Pissin’ our pants yet…”

As he said that, he had an amused smile and was just getting excited at the thought of teaching you all a lesson.

However, as he shot his gaze towards you all, he finally noticed you and instantly, he felt his heart race.

He felt his throat getting caught and his eyes widen in shock. He had looked for you for so long that seeing you there was just overwhelming.

He didn’t knew what to say and just stood still in the shadow, taking a good look at you and realizing you were truly well and alive.

He was more than relived and just kept thinking about taking you back home with him and making things right with you.

He just couldn’t ever get mad at you for leaving his side, he couldn’t bring himself to start yelling at you or even thinking of hurting you in any way.

As he stared at you, he couldn’t keep his gaze away from you and took notice of your breathing being ragged, your messy hair and your sweat and tears covering you and still he found you breathtaking.

It went on for a while and it stayed quiet and nobody made a move. You glared up at where he was and just wanted to curse him out for what had been done to your friends.

Both your eyes locked and he finally managed to say your name.


It was soft and low, making it strange for everyone. You didn’t answer him and only kept staring at him angrily thinking about what everyone had went through.

He slowly approached you and smiled.

“You’re alive and fine…That’s good…”

He sighed and with a soften expression, he continued saying “I missed you…I really did…and now you’re here…with these people…”

He then turned his gaze towards Rick and knew  he just couldn’t let him slide for what he did. He made his way towards him and threatened him as planned.

He gradually went back to his crazy and wild self, scaring the crap out of everyone there and started to talk about killing one of you just to get back at them for what they did.

He then started to pick someone out of you and sang “eenie meenie minie moe” his decision, while always avoiding you, obviously


Seeing how scared your friends were and noticing him not counting you along with them, made you understand you were the only able to save the situation.

He was near the end of the song and suddenly, you raised your voice at him and tears were flowing down your cheek.

“Stop! Stop it! Just stop everything! You want me back?!”

It instantly caught his attention and made him lost his count. He looked your way and raising his eyebrow, he got closer to you.

You looked up at him and in a lower tone, you continued.

“You want me to spend the rest of my life with you…don’t you? If that’s what you want…Then…Fine…I’ll go back with you…I’ll do as you want and…i’ll be happy with you and only you…I can promise you that…But only if you don’t kill any of them…and you let them go…”

He noticed you fighting back your tears and just wanted to hold you in that instant. A smile came to him but it went away as he heard Daryl, standing up and trying to reach over at you before getting stopped by the others.

He understood his action and looking back at you, he said “Really?”

He crouched down to you and getting closer to your personal space, he whispered to you.

“If I do as you say….You’ll forget about any feelings you had for any other men, right?”

You bit your lip, regretting what you were about to tell him and nodded at him, while looking away from him.

He cupped your face and made you look at him in the eyes.

“If I do that then it’s only me right…You’ll love only me…Think and care about me…and you’ll be with me forever…no other men will ever have you…right?”

You reluctantly nodded at him and your tears rolled down your cheek. Breathing in and out, you confirmed your promise to him.

“Yes…Don’t hurt them…Leave them alone and i’ll go back with you…”

He smirked, nodded and getting up he pulled you to your feet.

He wiped your tears away and said “As long as you keep your promise…I won’t even think about hurting them…”

You nodded at him and he pulled you over to get to the car. As he did, you looked back at your friends, you told them you were going to be fine.

You felt slightly relived to see them being left alone and standing up one by one, until you met Daryl’s gaze.

All you saw in his eyes was anger and in that moment, you knew he was going to get himself in some trouble because of you.

Lucifer x Reader: In Exchange

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Everyone loves a good Reverse au, right? I wouldn’t call it good, but here you are.

Gabriel came running into the room, hands full of papers, “I’ve found something!”

Lucifer downed the rest of his coffee and pushed himself away from his own work, “Finally. What do you have?”

Gabriel pulled up a chair. He placed all of the papers he held and explained his theory about their case. There was a pattern with the multiple deaths that had occurred that Gabriel believes point to were the monsters’ hideout is.

Gabriel and Lucifer heard the front door open and slam shut, Castiel’s agitated voice filled the bunker. Only there were a few extra pair of footsteps.

“Leave me alone, Dean,” Castiel said, entering the room and dropping his duffle bag on the ground.

“C'mon, Cas. I helped you,” Dean spoke, trailing behind Castiel, with Sam not far behind.

Castiel faced the green apple-eyed angel with a glare, “I would have prayed to you if I had required your help.”

Sam, the taller of the two angels, sighed, “I think he’s right, Dean. He had this one handled.”

Dean looked around the room before facing Sam again, “I’m sorry, princess, but I can’t find where I asked for your opinion.”

Sam tilted his head, fixing Dean with pierced lips and a glare. They exchange this face often, and the Shurley brothers - Castiel, Gabriel, and Lucifer - ended up calling this expression ‘The Bitchface’.

Lucifer and Gabriel stand from the table.

“Come on, little brother,” Gabriel said. “We’ve got a case to finish.”

Castiel’s eyebrows press together, “I just got back.”

“I know. Give us a few minutes and wait at the door for us, little bro.”

Castiel picked up his duffle bag and started heading to the door. Dean, whose intent was to follow Castiel, was pulled back by Sam.

“We’ll stay and keep an eye on things around here,” Sam insisted.

“Thanks, Sam-oose,” Gabriel mocked a flirtatious wave and blew a kiss. Lucifer rolled his eyes and followed Gabriel out.

The three brothers moved throughout the building, Lucifer armed with a demon knife, and the other two with an angel blade. The first demon who showed up attacked Castiel, grabbing him from behind. Castiel, on the other hand, was prepared, and reacted immediately.

From that, more demons showed up in groups, in groups of 5-6 at first, but grew to 10-13. The Shurley’s were being outnumbered by black-eyed demons. They were getting worn out, panting with exhaustion. The three brothers used whatever they could to stay ahead, from chairs that used to hold hostages, to the empty vessels as human shields.

A simple snap went unheard within the uproar within the room. The vessels that held demons split and rupture in a muddle of blood and pieces of flesh. The blood and flesh spray along the walls and nearby surfaces, including the Shurley brothers. As if they didn’t have enough blood on them from their own injuries.

A slow clap interrupted the sudden silence. The brothers whip around to a woman sitting comfortably in one of the chairs that resided there. The woman held a smug smirk and held her head up high. The Shurley’s glare.

“I almost thought that you three had this handled,” she spoke.

“Satan,” Lucifer spat, as if the very word was dipped in poison.

The smirk fell from her lips, the red in her eyes showing off a bit more than before, “I do have a name, you know.”

Gabriel scoffed, “As if we’d use it, silver tongue.”

The woman scowled, standing to a powerful stance. A flash of lightning illuminated the room, throwing shadows of what looked to be wings on the wall behind her. The large ever-growing shadows, along with the ice-y blue, glowing eyes, managed to make the woman look much larger and much more intimidating. The lights seemed to burn brighter, as if they were about to burst with the energy it held.

Watch your tone.” The lights explode into sparks and tiny pieces of glass.

The woman closes her eyes, taking a breath, and raising her hands as if in apology. A smirk makes its way onto her face again.

“I’ve come with a proposition, on the condition that you use my correct name,” she spoke with sincerity and travesty of honesty, which made it hard to determine her actual intentions.

“Let’s here your proposition…Y/n,” Castiel spoke. He made a slight face when he said your name, as if it had a bitter taste to it.

Y/n sits down again, “I give you information on whatever you need, as well as my help on whatever hunt you need.”

The three glace cautiously at each other.

“What’s the catch, sugar?” Gabriel asks.

Y/n’s smirk broadens, “You house me at your place.”

“Absolutely not,” Castiel said firmly, shaking his head.

Y/n simply shrugs, “Oh, well. Shame to let all of this information go to waste.”

There was silence a few moments. Y/n, who made the proposition, was getting something out of it. So, when it was declined, why did she just shrug it off?

Gabriel grabs Castiel and Lucifer, “Family meeting.” He pulls them in a huddle. “What do you guys think?”

“No,” they both respond firmly, Lucifer sounding slightly more aggressive.

Gabriel holds a look of being conflicted. They all look over their shoulders to Y/n, who waves, before turning back into he middle of the circle.

“I don’t like this any more than you two do, but The Devil is offering information. All we have to do is deal with her bipolar ass in the bunker,” Gabriel rationalizes.

They all exchange glances.

“Fine, say we did house her, which we won’t, how long would we do it?” Lucifer asks.

Gabriel shrugs.

“As much as I don’t like the thought, we could use the information that she has to offer, as well as her help on hunts that could go unfavorable,” Castiel says.

Lucifer glares and growls, “Fine.”

They break the circle and turn to the fallen archangel in front of them.

Lucifer crosses his arms, glaring daggers at the being, “We accept your offer.”

Y/n stands up once again with a smug smile fixed to her face. “Perfect. Shake on it,” she stepped closer to the group. They tensed, and her smile faltered only a moment.

Lucifer stepped up, but when he gripped Y/n’s hand, his skin broke out in goose-bumps and a shiver went down his spine.

She chuckled, “What? Expected a more warmer hand? Unknown to most, it’s actually the opposite. I don’t burn hot.”

Lucifer ignored her comment, rushing his brothers out to the car with Y/n only a step behind them.

Y/n was the first to step in the bunker, scanning the area.

“Nice place,” she says.

Dean and Sam walk into the room to greet the brother, but stop immediately as their eyes fall upon the archangel.

Y/n turns to them and smiles, “Hello, Sam. Hello, Dean. My brothers.”

Dean growls and goes in for an attack, “You little-” Sam quickly holds him back from you, a look of fear and slight anger.

“You’re the little one, little brother. What’s got your feathers in a twist?” Y/n spoke with a teasing smirk.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Dean asks aggressively.

“Raising hell, actually, in case you’ve missed that bit.”

“I got that, but why are you here?”

“You have no business here, Y/n,” Sam intervenes.

“In fact, I do, little brother. I’m helping your humans here in return that I hideout here. Which, by the way, you’re not going to tell anyone about my location.”

“Who’s gonna stop me?” Dean glares.

Y/n’s teasing expression falls to a glare as well, and the temperature of the room raises a few degrees before dropping below the original set temperature. Y/n and Dean hold their stares for a few moments before Dean takes a few steps behind him, backing down.

“That’s what I thought.”

It’s been a few weeks since the beginning of Y/n’s stay at the Shurley’s bunker, and to the surprise of the brothers, you were very helpful. She gives them information of the whereabouts of certain monsters, as well as information about monsters that they’ve never heard about. Y/n also has saved all of their lives multiple times. Although, with all of that good came a whole lot of bad, but what else would you expect from The Devil?

The brothers quickly found out just how bipolar Y/n was. They never know what mood she could be in at the time, which unnerves them. When they come back from hunts, she could be very polite, greeting them kindly and asking how it went. She may be feeling a bit more anxious, which could go either way for them. Then there’s the possibility that she yells at them, which not only freezes the air, but also breaks bulbs, not to mention absolutely terrifies them. Gabriel’s almost certain that she’ll go against them some day.

It wasn’t only her mood swings they found out about, but also other aspects. For example, she loathes being bossed around and will often not do what they say. She does what she wants and gets aggressive when anyone tries to get her to do something. Although, no matter what she’s feeling at the time, she’s almost always prodding for attention, especially from Lucifer.

Y/n and Lucifer have gotten close over the time that she’s stayed there. So much so that Lucifer expected and enjoyed her company most of the time. He even got Y/n to try a few human things. The was appalled by all of them, but one: sleeping. She won’t admit that she likes the dormant act, but she spends a decent amount of time doing it, especially if everyone else is.

“Pay attention to me, I’m bored,” Y/n complained, leaning her head back at an uncomfortable angle.

“Not now, Y/n. I have research to do,” Lucifer said, not even glancing up.

Y/n lifts her head and rests it against the table, “You’re always on a case though. You deserve a break.”

As tempting as it sounded, Lucifer decided that it was his best bet to ignore her.

She got up and sat next to Lucifer, who sat on the couch, before laying down and resting her head over his book, which resided in his lap. “Pay attention to me.”

Lucifer sighed, “Y/n…”

She frowned, “Is your book more important to me?”

“I wouldn’t have to do this much work if you didn’t start the apocalypse. Get off.”

Y/n sits up, “I don’t have a choice.”

“Everyone has a choice, it’s just your decision to make it or not. Now leave me alone.”

She growls and gets up. For a few moments, Lucifer actually wondered if she left, but that though left when he felt an ice cold forked tongue make it’s way up his neck and the shell of his ear, causing him to shiver.

Y/n blew frosty air over the saliva left behind, causing another tremor, and whispered in Lucifer’s ear, “You know what else the term ‘sliver tongue’ is used for…”

Lucifer slams his book shut and turned the his devilish friend, “If I spend time with you, will you leave me alone?”

She grins and nods.

“Fine. Only for a while.”

Y/n rounded to the front of the couch again, wrapping her arms around Lucifer and falling into the couch.

“What are you doing?” Lucifer asked.

“You’re always want me trying human things. This is a human thing, right?”

“I guess…” Lucifer trailed off, shifting to make his position more comfortable.

“You know what else is a human thing?” Y/n asked Lucifer, although there was a mischievous, devilish glint in her eyes.

“What?” Lucifer responds.

Y/n presses her lips against Lucifer. It was the opposite of what he expected from Satan herself. It was softer, leaving room in case he decided that’s not what he wanted, but also warmer. Being the walking air conditioning that she is, it came as a surprise to him. He feels the forked tongue prod at his lips and he pulls away before he was too tempted.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that tongue,” he tells her.

“Maybe I could persuade you otherwise. Besides, I am the master at persuasion and temptation.”

Molly had her first full day at her new home today. 

She keeps opening up to us and the other dogs, sniffing and examining everything she encounters. Besides exploring she also took a lot of naps.

She also ate for the first time but the food didn’t stay in her stomach. The breeder had warned me that this could happen. The stress of the past few days and the switch to different food could upset her stomach. My mom made her some cooked rice, carrots and steak in the evening. So far she didn’t throw up so that’s good.

We also went for a walk today. Though a bit all over the place, she did walk along nicely.

Cadan seemed a bit grumpy today. I guess he realizes that Molly is here to stay. He tried bossing her around all day. I say ‘tried’ because Molly eventually became annoyed by his macho behavior and challenged him. I’m sure that when she’s an adult, Cadan will have to obey her, not the other way around.


valerianights  asked:

Sormik and 53 8)

Who crawls through someone’s window at 1am for ice cream?

I’m so sorry for the delay on this blue but today I got hit with some inspiration for this one so here you go!! thanks for the prompt <3

Mikleo climbed up the stairs to his room, careful not to step on the spots where he knew the wood would creak when too much weight was placed on it. It wasn’t so late as to earn him a scolding from his uncle, but if he were honest…

He didn’t want to answer the questions from either him nor his mother.

They would want to know how it went.

Mikleo made it to his room and carefully, slowly, shut the door. Then promptly leaned against it and sank to the floor, head in his hands.

It went terribly.

He berated himself, as he had been doing the moment Sorey had wished him goodnight on his doorstep. The moment he leaned in for a kiss and Mikleo dodged it, stepping back into his open door and vanishing into the dark living room, away from the confused and hurt look Sorey cast him, away from the whisper of his name that was interrupted by the door closing.

He curled in on himself, tossing his phone and keys to the side. The whole night he had felt fear in his chest, worry that what they were doing, what they were trying, was something that couldn’t be reversed. It had plagued him and made him, if he were honestly reflecting, a terrible date.

He figured Sorey’s attempt at a kiss was merely him trying to salvage the night, and Mikleo wouldn’t have it. He wouldn’t have pity kisses to try to fix the fact they while they were best friends, they were compatible to date. Clearly. Mikleo’s own hesitations, fears, confidence…. Whatever it was, he didn’t see how he wouldn’t, in the end, make a mess of things. It was better to never go down that path, never know what they could have had, and instead leave things as they were. It was simpler, this way.

His only hope now was that they could move on from this disaster of a date and go back to being themselves.

He reflected back on the night and laughed through a choked sob he hadn’t realized would come, with tears he hadn’t expected. They had even planned the most awkward thing, like it was doomed from the start. A romantic dinner at a nice restaurant, that made Mikleo feel out of place and uncomfortable, walking past shops and other couples who were dressed so nicely, holding hands and softly kissing each other.

He had seen these people and known, known so much, that he wasn’t like them. But that was what Sorey wanted. What was why they were there, it was what he wanted to create…

The room was brightened by the moonlight coming through the open window. Mikleo crawled across the floor, unbuttoning the dress up shirt he had worn to try to release some of the tension from his throat. He got into bed, but didn’t go under the covers, just clung one of his many pillows and bite down to try to quell the tears that wouldn’t stop.

He had wanted things to work so badly, but his mind had been so distraught at what could go wrong.

It was better this way…

He debated calling out sick from university on Monday. He needed some time before facing…well..everyone.

He was aware everyone knew what was happening. He could see it in their eyes the day before as he wished them a good weekend. Sorey had to have told them.

A sound echoed in the silence between his sniffling. Like a pebble hitting glass.

Must be the wind.

A few more sounds, but he didn’t pay it much more mind. The tree branches were probably hitting the window.

He managed to get himself to calm down, when he heard something else at the window.

He glanced up to see it opening more -

“What!” He sat up, clutching his pillow against his chest. Mikleo scooted backwards to put more distance between himself and…

“Sorey?!” His voice went up an octave annoyingly, his eyes widened, but there he was. Sorey, climbing through his window, a sheepish, wide grin on his face.

“Hey, Mikleo!” He stepped on the ground and crawled towards him, sitting on the edge of his low bed.

“Don’t say hi so casually! What are you doing?” He sunk away further. His eyes registered finally that Sorey had a small grocery bag with him.

“I’m sorry!! It’s just…” Sorey looked down at the bag. “I realize I messed up tonight. I wanted to make it up to you.”

Mikleo’s jaw hung open. “You…you? What about me? I’m a mess–”

“I put so much pressure on this! On us!” Sorey interrupted, moving an inch closer.

Mikleo’s back was against the wall. He couldn’t move anywhere else.

“I just thought. First dates were supposed to be a certain thing. And I realized, halfway through the night, that they don’t need to be fancy. Or special, or different. Mikleo, I should have planned something that’s us. That’s why I messed up.”

Mikleo licked his lips but wasn’t sure what to say, except… “It was pretty awkward.”

“Right?!” Sorey sighed and dramatically collapsed forward. His hands stretched out and nearly grazed Mikleo’s calf. “I’m so stupid.”

“Listen, Sorey, it’s…it’s alright. It’s probably for the best, anyhow.” Mikleo shoved his face into his pillow. He hadn’t been prepared to talk about this so soon, the feelings still so fresh.

“No, it’s not!” Sorey’s voice was even closer, and when Mikleo lifted his head he was met with those bright green eyes shimmering so close. His body leaned against Mikleo’s legs, now.

“So I’m here to make it up to you.”

“Sorey, aren’t you listening to me–” His words died in his throat as Sorey pulled up from the bag a carton of ice cream and a box of cones.

“You and I, we don’t need fancy dinners and long walks.” Sorey spoke as he opened the cones, pulled open the lid to the ice cream. He scooped out some and dropped it on the cone, handing it to Mikleo. When their eyes met as he took it, their fingers brushed and Mikleo felt heat rushing through his body, starting from his chest and burning through his cheeks. He could have sworn, even in the dim light, that Sorey’s cheeks were tinted red.

“We just need each other. That’s what matters.” Sorey whispered and got his own cone of ice cream. He pushed everything else off the bed and sat back against the wall so their shoulders touched.

“I can’t believe you…” Mikleo said under a laugh as he shyly took a bit of ice cream.

“What?” Sorey smiled, leaning his head against the wall and staring..staring at Mikleo.

“You! Who crawls through someone’s window at 1am for…for ice cream?” He couldn’t help smiling back despite how much he was also in shock that Sorey was there, that this was happening, after the night they had.

“Mmm,” Sorey moved closer, chin grazing Mikleo’s shoulder. “I guess I do?”

Mikleo didn’t know what it was, but something pulled him forward to meet Sorey, their foreheads barely touching.

“Tch, you would,” Mikleo muttered, his ice cream forgotten when Sorey reached up and ran a hand through his hair. His fingers grazed the back of Mikleo’s neck and his eyes looked down at Mikleo’s lips.  

It was a simple tilt of their chins, but that simple action also felt so much more as their lips met. The cold of the ice cream quickly gone as they warmed each other. It was a slow, chaste kiss. But it was also the most amazing thing Mikleo had ever felt.

He hadn’t even remembered closing his eyes. When he opened them, Sorey was watching him.

“Is this…okay?” Sorey whispered.

Mikleo studied him, eyes moving over his face. He let out a long breath and made his face serious. “You have a choice.”

“Eh?” Sorey sat up a little. “What choice?!”

“The ice cream,” Mikleo motioned with his chin to their starting to melt treats, “or another kiss.”

In a quick movement and with a shout, he was pulled off the wall and falling forward, Sorey beneath him and clinging to him as they moved on the bed. He wasn’t sure where the ice cream ended up, that was for morning Mikleo to handle, because all he could focus on in that moment was Sorey’s hands pulling on his hair gently and lips kissing him, and their breaths against each other with open mouths. Mikleo gripped Sorey’s broad shoulders and their legs tangled as they aligned themselves more comfortably, bodies pressed so close Mikleo wondered if this was a dream. He would wake up in the morning alone and with this dream as a reminder of what he could have had.

“Mikleo,” Sorey gasped out, and Mikleo lifted his head and braced himself up with one hand on the bed. This felt too real. It had to be…

“Sorey?” Was this it, if this was real was Sorey not feeling what he felt, was he realizing his mistake–

“I really want to date you.” His hands moved to Mikleo’s chest, fingers curling into his shirt, pulling at the edges where it was unbuttoned.

The last bit of tension in his mind lifted away from him as Mikleo bent down. He let his lips rest just barely over Sorey’s as he spoke, so quietly he wasn’t sure Sorey would even hear, but really he hoped that the kiss that would follow would be enough to give his answer, in the end. 



Summary: An unexpected visit to your bakery by Bucky Barnes leads to a childish food-fight and perhaps the start of something new. 

Word Count: 1,370.

A/N: See that mini HSM reference I did there? So this cute idea randomly came to me and I knew I had to write it down immediately. Unfortunately there’s no new part for “Wedding Planner” but there will be next week! Hope you enjoy, xo.

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The Date - Claire’s perspective

So I wrote a ficlet where preschool teacher Claire mistook Jamie, doing the school run for Jenny, for a single father. He eventually cleared that up and asked her out on a date. 

As per usual, it didn’t go according to plan which we saw in the ficlet I wrote from Jamie’s perspective.

And now here’s Claire take on the whole thing!


Claire Beauchamp was not a woman who was easily flustered. She had grown up travelling the world with her archaeologist uncle who taught her how to survive in the wild. It made no sense whatsoever that when she saw Mr. Fraser in his well pressed suit all the well thought out potential conversations in her head ran away. She struggled to have a simple chat without stumbling over her words. His deep blue eyes and slightly stubbly chin didn’t help matters, either. The whole idea that they were going on date in less that twelve hours was beginning to settle in and making her slightly jittery.

Her morning preparations finished, she sat in her classroom sipping her mug of tea before the children started arriving. She could not believe he had actually asked her out. On a date. Just a few days ago she thought he was a single father she had a tiny crush on and at the moment she was just struggling to get through her day at work without chewing her newly painted nails.

“Miss Beauchamp?”

She jumped when a voice interrupt her thoughts and hoped that the sighing in her head hadn’t escaped her mouth.

“Oh! Mr. Fraser?” she squeaked. “How are you?”

Wee Jamie giggled as he pointed at his uncle. He stopped quickly, though,  as both the adults in the room shot him a disapproving set of looks.

“You are more than welcome to put your things in your locker and feed the fish in the aquarium.” Claire proposed. She nodded her head in the direction he should go along with a look suggesting he do it immediately.

“He’s too smart by half.” Jamie laughed. “He doesn’t miss a trick.”

“I know!” she affirmed. “He is reading several years above his age and his other subject are at about the same level. His parents are doing a great job with him, I’d say.”

He blushed crimson.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Fraser!” she stammered. “I really didn’t mean to bring that up again!”

The grinning man reached over to hold Claire’s hand. “It’s really funny, if you think about it. And please, you can call me Jamie.”

Now it was her turn to blush as she batted her eyes.

“And now that you have my mobile number I suppose you can call me Claire.” she sighed. “I’m really looking forward to our date tonight. It’s been awhile since I’ve been out socially.”

Jamie smiled, “I’ll pick you up at six, we’ll be to Lallybroch by half six and then we can have a nice walk to the place I picked out. It’s called The Dunbonnet Inn.”

Claire stood with her mouth open for a good minute trying to take in all the information she was just given. First of all, he was one of The Frasers. The Frasers that owned Lallybroch, the largest working farming business in the country that had been extremely successful in bringing back heirloom foods and animals in the last decade. The Frasers that owned a seventh generation distillery that had received worldwide acclaim. On top of that they were also intense conservationist who donated to like-minded causes in the area.

“I think I read about that in the newspaper last week!” she casually replied. “I hear they have the freshest salmon in the county.”

His phone beeped and after checking it he gave her a peck on the cheek. “I need need to get to an important meeting to go over this new information but I’ll see you at half six. Right?”

She nodded and waved as he left.


Claire stood staring at half a dozen possible outfits she had placed on her bed and tried to decide between them. It wasn’t going well at all. Every single combination she had tried ended up being too something. A perfect look was usually paramount for a first date, but for some reason the way she felt about Jamie was unusual. It was as if she felt a pull to be with him or was it a need to be with him? She wasn’t completely sure but it most assuredly felt right.

With the ideal clothes finally selected, Claire felt much more relaxed and settled down with the book she was currently reading. Unfortunately that feeling left the room when she noticed the time. Jamie was late.

He stood me up! Now Claire, he does have a high pressure job. Maybe something came up at work? I’ll just give him a call.

She carefully dialled his number as she practiced what she’d say when he answered. It rang several times before a very flustered Jamie answered.

“Miss Beauchamp! I am so sorry!” he babbled. “My sister and brother-in-law had to take their youngest to A&E. I can’t apologise enough for not calling you!”

Her heart started beating as fast as a hummingbird’s. “I was hoping it was something.. No. Erm. I’m glad it wasn’t me.” she sputtered.

He laughed. It was swiftly explained that he was struggling to get his niece and nephew settled. She coyly hinted that she could help him if he thought he was up for the challenge.

Twenty five minutes later she knocked on the doors of Lallybroch and was greeted by Jamie and the two banshees she had heard on the phone. He greeted her with a tender kiss as he took her hand to tug her into the house.

What conspired that night would be wistfully remembered by Claire to be their first date, but their worst date by Jamie. Thankfully, for the both of them over the next year there were many more dates as well as much more kissing that led up to their very favourite date - their engagement.

Hearing My Voice In Your Voice Is Music To My Ears (Seriously Though, You'll Be Hearing From My Lawyers)

@lavellington NICE.

Ok so this might not be my best offering since I’ve only had time for one proofread- may go back over and tweak/fix it later. But I sure had a blast writing it so i hope you have a laugh reading it!

time for fluff, silliness and some slightly gratuitous hitchhiker’s guide references, enjoy! <3

Dirk had never been a fan of the word ‘Anglophile’. Frankly, he thought adding the word ‘phile’ onto any noun was unnecessarily pretentious at best and downright dodgy at worst. But, well, if the shoe fits!

See, Dirk loved England. England and all things English. He loved that there were at least fifty different phrases just to say ‘it’s raining’. He loved fish and chips and thought they hadn’t tasted as good since the chippies stopped serving them in newspapers. He loved tea, brewed to perfection and, to paraphrase Victoria Wood, hot enough to melt the buttons on a flame-proof nightie.

And most of all, he loved the accents. 

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Dance With The Devil (i)

word count: 1 516
warnings: none

summary: Y/N is a witch of the Gemini Coven, born as a Siphoner. Just as they attend another Coven meeting, she meets Kai Parker with whom she shares more similarities than she ever thought.
note: I don’t know where I’ll go with this story but I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. By the way, it starts before Kai got sent to the 1994 Prison World. And I’m sorry that Kai doesn’t have a really relevant role in this part, but this serves as kind of an introductory chapter. I promise he’ll be present more in the following parts.

*gif by me

Part I

Taking a deep breath, she stepped outside her room. She wasn’t ready yet. However, she couldn’t prolong it any longer. It was time to put her life in danger once again.

“One day everything will be over. One day the Coven will have a new leader, and you - we - don’t have to hide what you are, anymore.” Her mother suddenly had appeared with a stern look on her usually friendly face. A golden amulet dangled from her hand catching the girl’s sight.

She put out her hand, waiting for her mother to place the necklace in it. Letting out a sigh she did so. 

The girl felt the magic flowing through the pendant eager for taking it. But she knew it wasn’t right to siphon it right now. They still had to drive to Portland, and only there she needed to have magic.

Y/N was born as a Siphoner which was putting her and her family in danger of being exposed and exiled from the Coven. She was in even more danger because the Coven feared she’d be a threat one day, which would cause for her ending up in a Prison World. Just like every other Siphoner before her.

So all her life they had to made sure no one found out about their little secret. At every coven meeting, Y/N had to wear her amulet filled with magic siphoning from it without someone realizing.

“We should go now if we don’t want to be too late.” Her father’s loud voice came from outside. He was already awaiting them at the car.

Both women walked out now, Y/N putting on the necklace on the way. She concentrated not to siphon its magic accidentally. Since this is what happened every time, her mind drifted off, and she wasn’t focusing anymore. 

Their drive to Portland was rather dull and quiet. They didn’t talk much; everyone was engaged in their thoughts.

Y/N couldn’t remember the last time she had attended a coven meeting at the Parkers home. It must’ve been a few years ago since she was sure she never met the second set of twins before. Not that she knew much about the other kids, but she did know that Joshua Parker made sure to have another set of twins. Although she had no idea why. 

“It’s time.” Her mother said, looking at her daughter through the rearview mirror. She just nodded in response taking the golden pendant in her hand.

Again, she felt the magic flowing through it just waiting to be siphoned away. Y/N closed her eyes, concentrating. She had to make sure not to siphon too much or otherwise she wouldn’t have enough resources for the week.

It was the longest time they’d ever were in Portland. Normally, their meetings only lasted two, rarely three, days but this time Joshua had demanded they’d have to stay a whole week. A week in which Y/N would have to hide her real powers.

The orange light disappeared as she now sensed the magic flowing through her system. She felt the strength it was giving her loving the sparks she felt through her body like electricity. Once she made a promise that one day she would find a way to make the magic stay permanently, this way helping herself and any other Siphoner. Then she didn’t need to hide anymore and would always be able to perform magic whenever she wanted.

They had arrived at the street where the Parkers house was standing. It couldn’t be seen yet, but as soon as they’d come near enough, the spell would lift itself for them showing the hidden house.

Her parents looked at her with a waiting expression. Y/N nodded knowing what her parents wanted to know. She was ready to face them.

As they walked closer, the house and everything spread in the garden became visible. Most of these things must belong to the kid’s as nearly all of them were toys.

Before one could even knock the door was opened by a brunette woman in Y/Ns age.

“Guess you’re here because of the Coven meeting. Come in.” She greeted them, shaking hands with each. 

They stepped in closing the door behind them. The girl revealed herself as Jo, Joshua’s eldest daughter. She offered to take Y/N upstairs so her parents could talk to the Coven leader. Gratefully she had agreed. She was not in the mood to face Joshua right away. 

As the two girls walked upstairs, they were welcomed by two little kids not older than three. They hugged their older sister kindly smiling at Y/N. 

“Who are you?” The little boy asked with big eyes. 

“My name is Y/N. And you must be Lucas.” Y/N replied earning giggles as an answer. 

Jo took her siblings with her, bringing them in her room. It was a rather small room, but somehow they all managed to fit in together sitting down on the carpet. 

They entertained the kids with magic, Y/N always making sure not to use too much. She couldn’t siphon in Jo’s presence; she would immediately know what she was doing, and then her secret wouldn’t be a secret anymore. 

“Is here a nice place where I can take a walk? I need some fresh air.” Y/N mentioned when the twins had gone out to get some toys to play with. She felt how she was slowly losing her magic.

“Yeah… sure. There’s a forest nearby.” Jo seemed a bit irritated of her sudden change of behavior. “Should I come with you?”

“Oh no. You don’t need to; I guess I’ll find the way back on my own. I’m getting headaches and to prevent it I only need to breathe some fresh air.” An innocent smile showed on Y/N’s face. 

She feared Jo might see something was odd and that she’d ask more questions. But she only shrugged so without further ado Y/N left the witch alone and made her way back outside. 

Like Jo had said there was a quiet little forest nearby. Y/N enjoyed the quiet and the feeling of the cool wind on her skin. Though the sun was still giving off rays of warmth, she already sensed winter’s coming. 

Only as she was sure, she couldn’t be seen anymore her hand reached for the necklace around her neck. The chill material was cooling her skin. Y/N closed her eyes concentrating on letting the magic flow through her filling every inch in her body. It was inside of her, just making her crave for more. 

But she had to stop herself if she wanted to keep enough magic locked for the rest of the week. It wasn’t even planned she’d siphon twice a day. Therefore she would need to make it through at least one day without siphoning. 

At the moment she had decided to go back to the others she heard something behind here. It sounded like footsteps on the leafed forest floor. Suddenly she feared being followed. Without even looking behind her she quickened her steps, hiding behind a tree.

“Invisique.” She whispered, using a spell to cloak herself. This way she felt more secure although only seconds later she was pinned against the same tree she was hiding behind. 

Pain shot through her as she could feel pressure on her arm. Someone was holding it tightly, not giving her a chance to free herself. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a familiar red light radiating off her arm. 

As fast as the pain appeared it already disappeared. But now she was first able to look at her opponent. Regardless of him being a stranger, he looked strangely familiar. Though she couldn’t put her finger on the why. 

He had dark hair and perfectly blue eyes. To Y/N he looked hot especially with the smirk that had appeared on his face. The guy tilted his head to a side, looking straight into the eyes of his counterpart. 

“You must be one of the witches who arrived today.” He said and placed a hand on Y/N’s cheek. Despite the circumstances, she lightly leaned into his hand feeling its warmth heating up her now chilly skin. 

Y/N’s breath got caught in her throat as the red light appeared again. Before she could properly think about it, she exclaimed that first thing that came to her mind. “You’re a Siphoner!”

At the same time, his facial expression changed to an uninterpretable one. He looked as confused as he looked interested. 

“Why can’t I feel your magic?”

All of a sudden Y/N gained back her courage. Her hand instantly wrapped around her amulet, again siphoning a bit of magic to push the guy off her. He was tossed a few steps away from her. 

Once more she used the cloaking spell to run out of the forest. No one - not even another Siphoner - should know the truth about her. 

Without any more incidents, she arrived back at the house. Just as she was about to knock on the door, it was opened. 

“Long time no see.”

→next part: here


[TRANSLATION] 170607 pledis_17′s Twitter Update

[17’S] 오늘 하루도 행복하게 만들어준 캐럿들 너무 감사합니다.
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세븐틴의 존재의 이유 캐럿들 사랑 합니다♡
What a Beautiful Day~!!!

[17’S] Thank you so much to CARATs who made also today a happy one.
It would be nice if we could keep looking at the same place and kept walking forward for a long time. The reason for Seventeen’s existence, we love you CARATs♡
What a Beautiful Day~!!!

credit: jina @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!