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"We're gonna play a guessing game!" They laughed then smiled. "I'm joking, I'm joking. As far as you know, you don't know me, and I don't know you. And I want that to stay that way. Needless to say, thank you for giving me the hope to continue on reading the Owari no Seraph manga. You prove there are good beings in the world that won't ruin the fandom."

As he read this with a blank look, noticing that obviously this wasn’t directed towards him, he gestured for his mun to come forth. 

“Looks like you’ve got some admirer, or at least some positive note from a grey-faced coward. Well, with the point of their message, I suppose they’re not a coward in a negative way, but in a…’positive’ way.”

Oh…? /reads message

O-Oh– ;-; 

Let me be honest with you anon, but like for me if it weren’t for most of the good friends I’ve met and made through OnS, and the fact that Lest exists in the series, I would’ve probably long left both the series and fandom behind since…well…in early 2015 that was the fandom’s golden times, where everyone was open to other’s shippings, drawing fanart for one another even if you don’t have the skill for it, discussing theories and ideas and AUs with one another without being bashed down or shunned for it, and it was just an overwhelmingly bright and happy time. 

Gradually however, newer people came to be interested in the series, and…well…I don’t mean this in a negative manner…not really…but like I’ve come across a few 13 or younger-aged girls that were fujoshis that, well…kinda wrecked drama and all that about the series and it just kinda left a bad taste in my math, as well as all the other older members of the fandom. Then from there, things started changing where the newer people who joined weren’t so understanding or open to others’ ideas, and only wanted to focus solely on certain biased views and whatnot. 

For example, Ferid was incredibly loved and we agreed he was a sassy but perfect vampire and we loved him. Now as time passed, he’s only known as a pervert, a sadistic vampire, a really big evil guy, always portrayed in an incredibly negative manner and it’s just–it’s disappointing. The hate for him became so bad that there was some stupid, wild rumour flying around that it was official that Mika had scars on his back from the times in his childhood when Ferid raped him. I…that’s not a funny thing to joke about, and Kagami most definitely would never go that far to implement something so horrific and scarring in a what would’ve been a detailed, brilliantly-written series. I mean if anything, the only rape that was even mentioned was by Saitou in the Guren LN where he urged for his associates to rape Sayuri and Shigure to torment Guren, or that Guren was possessed by his demon and nearly raped Mito. But do we hate them? No. In fact, we absolutely love them (I honestly do too), I just…dislike how Ferid is mainly the one portrayed in such a sour, negative manner. If he’s the “bad guy” of the vampires, then who’s the bad one for the humans? Logically, Kureto, but even so the majority of the fandom absolutely adores him and sees him as a brilliant person. In some ways, I do too - it’s difficult for me to hate a character in this series after all since I naturally love everyone. However, just why is it that solely one character that gets the majority of the fandom hating on them, portraying him in such a bad manner, and just saying such vulgar, rude things towards those who love him and putting hate in his tag? 

There was also this one time when the season two of the anime ended that my inbox was invaded by anon haters who basically said some very rude and negative things about Lest. I really don’t get it. He has literally done NOTHING at all yet, besides coming to Japan and earlier taunting Krul during the council meeting. Like seriously? Get out. Stop it, he hasn’t done anything to draw attention so would you please just leave it alone and keep such explicit hatred to yourself? Opinions are one thing, down-right, blind hatred is another.

Sorry I’m just rambling now but I get what you mean about the fandom. It’s honestly so toxic, and ruins the series for A LOT of people because some people are just so narrow-minded and biased about petty little things and finds amusement and favour in enforcing their blindly oblivious views and opinions on others, then going as far as harassing, threatening, cyber-bullying to those who sees things different and have different opinions. I’m going to be short and say honestly that it’s disgusting and revolting, and I despise it a lot. I honestly really do miss how the fandom was earlier in 2015 and in 2014, like seriously, that was when the fandom was small and nice and everyone got along together and we were just our own little group of happy sunshine. Now that’s no longer truly a thing that exists for this fandom, does it?

So if I’m one of the few, “good” people left in this fandom, then there must not be too much good in it if I hate even the other “fans” of this series when we should be getting along and enjoying the series rather than ruining it.


Through online give-aways, creative ideas, donations and DIY methods, this Norwegian nursing home center transformed dull common areas into a restaurant, football pub, SPA, grocery store, and hallways with songbook deco. For Valentines they brewed their own beer, with especially made beer labels: wedding portraits and family photos of the residents. Everything was done to create spaces people wanted to use and would have used at home.

No surprise: living conditions improved massively. It also means families can do cozy stuff with their seniors without having to leave the premises.

@ossycar - You got that right.

@notatargaryen - I’ve been to Portland, Oregon twice actually. Few weeks first time, 2 months second time. That was how I developed allergies :F it’s really a nice place to visit, and I do have more than a few good reasons to say hi again. Maybe some day!

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Do you think season 3 will be the final season or that we'll get more?

I don’t see why s3 of Haikyuu would be the final season :O Though I guess it does seem like a “nice place” to end. In terms of profit and everything, I think (as a totally not-informed-enough third party haikyuu fan) that it would make sense to keep the haikyuu train going on and on and on. It’s a quality series, and when there’s more manga content, why not show Nationals and stuff? 

Just because s3 is short doesn’t mean it’s the end. Usually, there are many many seasons in between seasons for an anime series, we are getting s3 incredibly, obscenely fast. I hope there’s always gonna be more Haikyuu anime!