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BTS REACTION to you judging SMTM


“Yeah! Go kick some ass. Get everyone out, pick favorites, beat them all-”

“Do you know how this show works-”

“Just destroy them!” He was gesturing with his hands and swinging his feet over the chair’s edge, looking at you like a child meeting a superstar. All the while, he was just backstage, watching the people do your makeup and bragging to Jimin over the phone about how cool you were. “ And you had better invite me every chance that you get. I’ll be coming anyway, you don’t really have a choice, seeing as there’s not getting rid of me, but you better invite me anyway! I want to be there while you rule the world.” He said, flailing his arms back in a rather awkward way. You just laugh.

“Yeah, you definitely have no idea how this whole thing works, do you?”

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“There she is, there she is!” He says for the third time, eyes wide while everyone gathers around the television.

“Kookie, we have seen Y/N before.” Hoseok says, showing him slightly. He just pulls his legs up to his chest and rests his chin on his knees, watching as you wave from the judges stand and the television gets darker when the lights go out.

A gasp escapes his mouth and he instinctively hits the nearest thing with his fist, which just happened to be Suga. “There she is again!”

“Jungkook! We have seen Y/N! We spend literally all of our time listening to you-”




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“How about you just stay home instead?” He snuggles his face into the back of your neck, and you can feel his lips move against your skin softly, like he’s smiling into you at the thought of having time to be with you. What a loser. You were going to go have a great time on a TV show and all that he wanted to do was sleep. “ We can lie together, and just watch it on TV and complain about the people who you don’t actually have to deal with…”

You pull our arms away from him with a snort, hitting his shoulder lightly. He wasn’t serious, but he wasn’t completely kidding about wanting you to stay home. “Min Yoongi would you stop that? I’m going there. You can be fine without me for a little while. I’ll get plenty of breaks, and you can come and see me any time that you’d like.”

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When the world randomly tipped to the side, since it was so early in the morning, you thought that it was a split second earthquake, not Seokjin’s arms shaking you back and forth. He was smiling down at you with a big smile and a too-loud voice, making you groan while you wrapped the sheets around you even more. 

“My little baby is all grown up!” He scoops you up more completely in his arms and moves you so that you’re upright in his lap while he kisses your forehead an overwhelming number of times. “Time to go to the airport… You’ve got a lot to do. Don’t worry though, I’ll be watching each time!”

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He was sitting in between your legs while you pressed the book down further so that the light would allow you to read. Mostly, the problem was with your loud, moving boyfriend, who wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing he thought this all way. “You know, I never knew that I would have such a cool girlfriend growing up. I always pictured myself with a really pretty, nice girl, but now- I have so much more! I have Y/N, who’s going to go mount the stage-”

“Please never say “mount” again.” You interrupt, but he just keeps droning on.

“And win everything!”

“Babe, I’m a judge.” You interrupt once again, putting your hand on his chest in an attempt to shut him up. He just takes the gesture as ou wanting to hold his hand, and gladly takes it, shaking it back and forth as he continues speaking.

“You’re officially the coolest.”

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“Please, Jimin, you’ve been very supportive of me. And I know you don’t want me to leave you, but I have to do this.” You say, but he just rolls over onto the bed, with his face in the pillows, groaning your name.

When you sit next to him, the mattress going down so that his face slightly falls into your lap, he turns around so that he’s looking up, his head resting atop your thighs. “But you’re going to be so cool! You’re going to be up onstage, and I’m going to be stuck back home bragging about you to the boys and yelling at them when they call you hot.” He pouts slightly, meaning his comments as a slight compliment. You just shake your head and bite your lip, hitting his shoulder a little less than gently. “And, that’s already what we do every Friday night.”

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“Y/N! THERE YOU  ARE ON TV!” He squeals, jumping around on the bed while you just shove him back down.  You couldn’t see his actions through the telephones, but you could hear the crinkling of his bedsheets and the sounds of the mattress springs while he excitedly giggled into the phone, not caring what he looked like on the skype call. “I like it because it’s like you’re here.” His boxy smile grows bigger than ever, and you can’t help but to let one creep up on your face.

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