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part 3/? of my surfer au mood board series

In celebration of seeing Pendulum Live in a couple weeks I’ve uploaded the finished/final version of my Begin Again bootleg that I’ve had all to myself since I finished it forever ago. 

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i hope i will still have the time next year to maintain all my friendships and hang out with people, i really need to step up my math game

So just a random post I already know I need to bury...

Mostly a rant really but I just really hate this stupid problem I’m having with my back. I mean I can’t even move. I know I make jokes and shit but it’s times like this I can’t help but actually feel old as balls. Jeez look at me I even complain like an old person. Maybe some people are right….

Argh. I don’t begrudge my flatmate having an end-of-exams get-together in our flat, but there’s nothing quite like a social event to remind me just how Autistic™ I am. I spent most of the time sitting in a corner playing Star Trek Online on my laptop and being completely incapable of joining in with the party games because they all required bluffing/improv and I Cannot do that, I eventually had to relocate to another room because it was getting Too Loud and Too Crowded, and now I’m Suffering because the living room smells of body spray, aka The Most Painful Smell Ever.

Why are humans so Much all the time