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I drew a bunch of squishy obi and clones but no Master Anakin yet !! how dare !! Good Dad guy Anakin Skywalker is awesome. 

I like to think Anakin would let Obi-Wan train with the clones (with practice swords, nothing to burn) under the guise of preparing his Padawan for the unexpected. In reality Fives is the only one who ALWAYS jumps at the opportunity to fight like a Jedi and it powers both of them out during downtime.

The other pic is from @swpromptsandasks SkywalkersPadawan verse snippets which are super adorable and I make puppy noises everytime i see an update (any update really) and y’all should go read it!

Obvious bbys #17
  • Miyano: That’s right. I feel like, there are friends like that? It makes me jealous. It doesn’t just feel like the intimacy between close friends, they excite each other so much they want to be together all the time, that makes them the best rivals. I watched it while being happy that they have that sort of relationship.
  • (...)
  • Shimazaki: They don’t really meet that often though.
  • Miyano: If it were the opposite, they wouldn’t be able to think so much about the other would they?
  • (...)
  • Shimazaki: Rin is the one who was always able to move Haruka’s heart. Haruka thinks of Rin as his rival, and also his friend. That’s why I was really happy to hear Rin’s feelings for the first time in season 2, episode 12. Since up until then I didn’t know.
  • They didn’t say it directly but their feelings were the same, and they were able to convey that they remembered when they met. I think it was the final factor in Haruka deciding his dream, that talk was really important.
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  • Miyano: It really does feels like the two of them are a “destined pair”.

the umbrella scene


okay that;s enough Miss Fisher for me for one day goodnight internet