nice note to end the night on

Midnight Cravings

Shawn Mendes 
Words; 200 
Note; I wanted to write a bit after this, but it wasn’t coming out right so I ended up giving up. I might come back and add to it later 😄

It was a little past one in the morning. Normally Shawn would have been asleep by now, but he was still ‘pumped up’ from his evening work out with Geoff. I didn’t mind much, it was nice having someone to talk to while I did my late-night editing session, although there wasn’t much editing going on.

Shawn turned his head as I poked his cheek again, “Yes?”

“I’m hungry.” He chuckled at my pout.

“Baby, you’re eight-months pregnant. You’re always hungry,” I glared at him through the dimly lit room. He leaned up to kiss my cheek, laughing harder which only made me more annoyed, “God you’re adorable. Okay, what do you want me to do about it?”

“Can you drive me to Hortons?” I asked sweetly.

“Baby, the closest one is like half an hour away.” Shawn sighed, running a hand through his hair, but I knew he was close to giving in already.

“Please. I’ll buy you a muffin.” I stared down at him with wide, puppy dog eyes, knowing he wouldn’t be able to say no, especially when muffins were involved.

I was right. Groaning, Shawn sat up, his large hands instinctively reaching out for my barely-there baby bump as he pecked my lips.

“You’re lucky I love you.” He mumbled before climbing out of bed, searching the floor for his jeans and hoodie.


quiet night

theres just a what-if here about ritsu getting just a bit of psychic empathy and achieving the rest with his writers brain, and theres also a headcanon about mob not being a very good singer or not playing any instrument but being able to whistle very well 

I remember theres a word for that, the very good whistler thing, from a jeffery deaver book Ive read, but I cant find it in my memory anymore

I kinda want it back



I hope you’re all having a good morning/day/night. My mum and I moved my desk out of my small study room (aka closet) and into my bedroom. It’s so nice to study in daylight haha. I’m going to rewrite biology notes after this and then do some math. I haven’t opened a single math book since school ended omg I feel so guilty 

Going to the Yule Ball with Draco Malfoy would include...

Originally posted by crystalgreene-justromance

request -  Dancing with Draco at the Yule Ball.

a/n - i kind of changed it up and made it into a yule all with draco thing since i had a lot more ideas to offer into the request, hope you don’t mind!!! xxx

- he probably asked you by using a charm to be all cutesy

- he only went all out because he thinks you’re the absolute cutest in the school

- also would probably beat crabbe and goyle up if they called they said anything about you that was negative

- him asking fellow slytherins to tie his bowtie

- ‘draco all you’ve ever told me to do is go stick a dragons egg up my arse why should i help you now’


 - waits for you at the bottom of the staircase in front of the great hall

- might i mention that you’ve already tripped on your dress a good 5 times already

- your mom sent you that dress okay!!! it was special and you hope he would like it

- and oh boy did he

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Stereotypical (8) conclusion

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, smut, fluff, Bucky is a hopeless romantic.

A/N: this is the end guys! Hope you enjoyed it! :) xxxx

“Clint, you better be nice” you check your make-up in the mirror one last time before straightening imaginary wrinkles in your dress.

You’re not dressed overly chic, it’s a casual night after all. Just dinner at your place, something you cooked up yourself. Nothing complicated, honestly. Something that can’t really go wrong.

Still, you’re nervous. Clint has been clear about how he feels about the entire situation; he doesn’t trust Bucky.

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Cold waters


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / (implied) Namjoon x Reader 

Genre: Merman!Au / Angst / One-shot

Rated T for mentions of death

Word count: 6.4k

Synopsis: Every night, a song crawls from the woods - they say it’s the lullaby of a monstrous creature that has fallen from grace, a beast fiery like fire and ruthless like ice. Yet, his voice is such beautiful one that the cords of your heart quiver with love for each, saccharine note piercing your skin.

And every night, he draws you in a bit more.

Author’s note: Hello my lovelies! This is my second request (Cold waters, warm touches + His beauty could kill you + Merman!Jeon), at first it was supposed to be a fluffy one but, uhm… it accidentally ended up being another angst *sweats*

Anyway, dear anon, thank you for the nice concept, please lemme know if you liked it <3

There’s a legend, whispered among the sunbeams getting lost in the forest at the borders of the village.

There’s legend, one of a terrible, alluring kind, that widens children’s eyes and makes hearts tremble beneath the warnings of worried mothers.

There’s a legend, more like a secret or maybe a dream, deep carved in the memories of your innocent days; one that has your glances wander into the shadows of the woods when you think that nobody is watching, that nobody is judging.

It’s a legend, they say, about a creature doomed to live in the lake at the center of the forest: oh, a ruthless one, with eyes like broken glass and thick blood covering its claws. Murderous are its intents and fury tints his flesh with such a poisonous vigour that the water is now no different than the venom running under his skin. 

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Everyone and their mother has done a version of this story in the last few days, but I got a few requests, so here’s my take!


Your heart sank when you heard his voice crack.

He recovered right away, which you knew he would, but the subtle look of disappointment on his face when the performance ended was obvious to you. He had been rehearsing so long and practicing so hard all week to make sure the performance was perfect; he had even stopped his band more than once to ask if he could redo a certain section because he knew he get it better. The last rehearsal before the show, he had nailed every single note but now, when it was live, he had missed one and you knew he wasn’t happy about it.

The crowd was still ecstatic when he finished and you knew that no one other than Harry was going to care about his voice cracking, but Harry was his own worst critic and you had seen the result of that more than once over the course of your relationship.

There had been a few nights – down in Jamaica – where Harry had come home from a long day at the studio and went straight into the sitting room to continue working on lyrics, even though you were in a bathing suit and preparing to take a dip in the private Jacuzzi outside your apartment.

“Harry, you’ve been at this for hours,” you would say, “Take a break and come swim with me.”

No matter how much you tried to persuade him by wrapping your arms around his shoulders or shoving your scantily clad body into his back or pressing kisses to his neck, he wouldn’t give in.

“M’sorry babe. I need to finish this.”

“I bet all the other guys have gone to bed. You’re going back to the studio tomorrow; I’m sure all the words will be the same by then.”

He would let out a slightly annoyed sigh and turn ever-so-slightly in his chair.

“I’ve been workin’ on this one for days, (Y/N). It needs to be perfect and I can’t get it where I want it.”

You had enjoyed your time with Harry in Jamaica – you really had – but it was nights like that where you worried about his well-being. Harry would work until he collapsed if you let him; that’s why you were happy he had surrounded himself with so many people who weren’t going to let that happen. More than one night, his bandmates had forced him to take a break and go back to the apartment for dinner and to spend some time with you. You hadn’t expected to see Harry all that much while you were down here, but those little moments during the evening were always nice.

Harry was much more worried about his album being perfect than you knew anyone else was, but that was just how Harry operated.

Which is why you knew he wasn’t going to be happy about missing that note.

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Mobile Masterlist (fluff/angst/reactions/other)

Here you can find our masterlist for everything else than smut! 


Long distance + Jealous + “I’m not letting you go until you stop crying.” (angst/fluff)
Morning + cuddles + “Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with someone as wonderful as you.” (fluff)
Cuddles + “C'mon, 5 more minutes!” (fluff)
Always (fluff, childhood friends!AU) 
In your dreams (fluff-ish, AU) 
7 Minutes in heaven (fluff) 
Best friend Seungcheol slowly falling in love with you (fluff; bullet points) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Fluffy aftercare (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
Soulmate AU (fluff) 
50’s diner AU - he’s in a biker gang and you’re very girly (fluff) 
Jicheol fluff (fluff, no reader) 
Poly relationship with Jicheol (fluff) 
He’s really cheesy and cute to you at a fansign (fluff) 


Bath + “You smell really nice…” (fluff)
Period + shopping + singing (fluff)
Cuddles + “Say what you want, I still love you.” + “Stop! You know I’m ticklish!” (fluff) 
7 Minutes in heaven (fluff) 
Love is blind(ing) (angst, soulmate AU) 
Barista AU (fluff)
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
Bubble bath (fluff) 


Coffee + First date (fluff) 
Cuddles + kisses + “I really have to go, darling…” (fluff) 
You’ve had a bad day and hide in bed when you get home (fluff / hurt/comfort?) 
You’re on a drama set and he purposely messes up your kiss scenes and ends up proposing (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
7 minutes in heaven (fluff) 
Hybrid AU (fluff)


Sunset + holding hands (fluff)
Jealous + kisses + dancing (sorta fluff w/ making out and all that) 
You like him but he’s dating your best friend (angst) (part 2 ; fluffier than part 1!!)
He grabs your ass and lifts you into a hug in front of the other members (99,9% fluff)     
“Boyfriend does my make up” youtuber AU (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points)
Medieval AU (fluff-ish) 


Dancing + “Hey! What are you doing on my phone?!” + “You’re so cheesy!” (fluff)
Kisses + “I’m tired but I’m not going to bed until you come with me.” (fluff)
Night + stress + “I’m tired but I’m not going to bed until you come with me.“ (fluff)
Coffee + picnic + “Stay here with me?” (fluff)
Sunset + rapping + “You smell really nice…” (fluff) 
Dance session turns into a make-out session (suggestive fluff) 
Transition from Kwon Soonyoung to Hoshi results in intense kisses (fluff with lowkey smutty hints) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You drive around all day as friends but he has a crush on you (fluff) 
How would it be to date him when you’re both Shawols (fluff)


Rain + “Please don’t leave.” (angst)
Period + “Who cares what other people think? You’re really beautiful.” + “Say what you want, I still love you.” (angst) 
Confession + jealous + “Who cares what they think? You’re really beautiful.” (fluff) 
College/barista!AU (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You accidentally adopt 5 kittens (fluff; bullet points) 
You go on a holiday with all the members as friends, but fall in love with Wonwoo (fluff) 
Wonwoo as a boyfriend 


Confession + all nighter (fluff)
Shower (fluff)
Period + stress + “(S)he’s going to kill me!” (fluff)
7 minutes in heaven (fluff) 
You’re his best friend and he confesses (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Fluff scenario with a noona; college-ish (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
Your child asks him for a younger sibling & he brings it up with you (fluff) 
Jicheol fluff (fluff, no reader) 
Dorm-wide nerf gun war where you’re best friends with Woozi but betray him (fluff) 
Poly relationship with Jicheol (fluff) 
Soulmate AU (fluff)


Picnic date (fluff) 
You’re dating and you meet Seventeen for the first time (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Stop it (fluff-ish) 
College AU-ish (fluff) 
Splashing in puddles (fluff; bullet points) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You’re an up and coming actress & it’s his first time acting; netizens think you look good together & turns out you like each other (fluff) 


Long distance + “I really have to go, darling…” (fluff) 
Coffee + stress + “Stay here with me?” (fluff) 
Everyone’s been trying to set you up for months but you’re already together (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
He’s busy & stressed so you don’t see too much, accidentally tells you he doesn’t love you (angst, happy ending) 
You’re a trainee at Pledis and he sees you practicing and starts liking you (fluff; also with Dino and The 8) 

The 8

I only see you (fluff, high school AU)
Cuddles/Kisses + “Stay here with me?” (fluff)
“Say what you want, I still love you.” (angst / hurt/comfort)
You’re friends with Seventeen and he develops feelings for you (fluff) 
Intense make out session after his dance practice but the boys walk in (fluff)
He tries to help you relax because you’re on an exam week (fluff) 
Bathing together with kisses and cuddling (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Number one (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You’re a trainee at Pledis and he sees you practicing and starts liking you (fluff; also with Dino and Mingyu) 


Crushing on you
A road trip to Jeju with your 2 small children
Snow + first kiss + “I really do love you. You know that, right?” (fluff)
Snow + period + rapping (fluff)
Ringing Memories (AU-ish, fluff?) 
He sees you wearing his mother’s wedding dress (fluff)   
Fall fun (fluff) 
Call (fluff) 
Morning fluff (fluff) 
Singing a lullaby to your baby (fluff) 
You cheat on him (angst) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You sing at home without realizing the window’s open, and he starts belting out with you (fluff ; bullet points) 
Mini imagine: Making out (fluff, suggestive)


Jealous + “No, she isn’t prettier than you!” + “Hey! What are you doing on my phone?!” (fluff)
Song + kisses + “You’re so cheesy!” (fluff)
Shower + “No, I’m not going to shower with you!” (fluff)
Jealous + spring + “You’re so cheesy!” (fluff)
Cuddles + kisses + “I really do love you. You know that, right?” (fluff)
Make-out session (fluff)
Jealous Hansol (fluff)
Birthday scenario where he’s tired and you snuggle and watch a movie (fluff) 
You’re Vernon’s girlfriend but he keeps seeing Mingyu and Wonwoo flirt with you (fluff)
Cuddles, tickles and kisses (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
Pool date (fluff) 


You bringing him food to the studio (fluff)
A fluffy noona scenario (fluff)
Fall fun (fluff) 
You’re cuddling when Jeonghan walks in and proceeds to tell the other members (fluff) 
Late night date where you doze off because you’re so exhausted (fluff) 
He accidentally gives you a hickey, and the rest of the boys have a “serious talk” with you (fluff) 
You’re a year above him and use aegyo to motivate him to study (fluff) 
First date (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
First kiss (fluff)
You’re a trainee at Pledis and he sees you practicing and starts liking you (fluff; also with Mingyu and The 8) 


You break your racket while playing tennis (hip hop unit + Jun)
You ask them to brush your (very) tangled hair (vocal unit)
You try to kiss them with pickle breath (vocal unit)
You nearly pass out from not enough food/sleep (Mingyu, Jun, Hoshi, DK and Wonwoo)
Touching your incredibly soft hands (hip hop unit)
Finding your sketchbook that’s full of sketches of them (performance unit)
You see a cockroach on your way out of the shower and your towel slips off as you run away (Hoshi, Woozi, Joshua, Seungkwan, Mingyu)
You nearly pass out from not enough food/sleep (Vernon)
Their younger sibling is someone’s crush (vocal unit)
You bending down in front of them in a more public place, which gives them a nice view (Mingyu, Jun, The 8, Wonwoo, S.Coups; with gifs) 
They’re put in charge of a 13/14 yo trainee - how they’d treat her, act etc (Hoshi, Jun, Woozi, The 8) (reaction / bullet point scenario) 
You’re very flexible (performance unit) 
You’re not able to walk after a rather rough night (S.Coups, The 8, Jun, Wonwoo) 
They see you in lingerie for the first time (S.Coups, The 8, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Jun) 
You’re writing a song about them but they don’t realize until they see you blushing (vocal unit) 
They hear you hit Jimin’s high note at the end of Let me know (vocal unit)


1000 followers special: wild card scenarios
2000 followers special: Fall fun
Performance unit comforting you when you’re on your period
Christmas imagines 2016
4000 followers special: member + word drabbles
Seventeen and the types of ASMR they prefer

Monsta X as Werewolves

Pace yourself with the scenarios and reactions okay? But i want to request Monsta X as werewolves, 🐕 since you have a lot of vampires. 🦇

I will, thank you for the concern! This is my first werewolf!au and I LOVE au’s so this was so much fun to write :D I hope you enjoy this and have a lovely day, anon! ~


  • You were convinced he hated you at first,, He would often stare you down, or avoid you, or leave if you entered a room. As the newest to the group, you often wondered why you were let in when the leader didn’t even like you
  • Frustrated, you vented your feelings to Minhyuk while you were partnered up for a task. He laughed at your worries; “He doesn’t hate you! It’s actually the opposite - He thinks you’re so beautiful that he can’t stand to be around you!”
  • With this new info in mind, you start to test Minhyuk’s confession. You showed more skin, would frequently corner Shownu to “ask” him something, often brushing against him
  • While working with Minhyuk, he vented about you. “I’m loosing my mind! I can’t think straight anymore!” and with a meek voice, Minhyuk admitted that he might have told you about his crush
  • Now aware of your game, Shownu teased you back
  • And this back and forth flirtation resulted in a relationship … after a night of passion
  • With mating season drawing near, the leader had locked himself away, afraid of loosing all control and taking you on the ground, with everyone around
  • But knowing his reason, you “visited” him and helped relieve his stress
  • So yeah,, basically, he’s the pack Dad and you’re the pack Mom (regardless of the gender you identify with)

Originally posted by sonhyunu


  • Kind of a fuckboy but a nice one, does that make sense?? He has a big heart and wants to share it with everyone, male or female, human or werewolf
  • That’s why it’s no surprise when he ends up in your bed one night, not caring that you were human. What is surprising, however, is when he wakes up to see you gone, a note stuck to his forehead: ‘I’m out. Be gone before I’m back.’ The cold tone cracks his heart. He’s not used to being left, usually being the one to leave
  • He can’t get you out of his mind so after a few weeks, he tracks you down again
  • “I’m that good that you sniffed me out again?” you tease but he doesn’t laugh
  • He looks very serious, stood on your doorstep with a single rose in hand. “That’s not why I came back. I want to know … Can I take you out to dinner?”
  • You humour him, more so looking for a casual fling. But Hoseok surprises you that under that handsome man, is the biggest sweetheart you’ve ever met
  • Although neither of you make it official, you know your hearts belong to each other 

Originally posted by bunnywonho


  • Not really a werewolf, more of a werepuppy
  • He’s in charge of easing newbies into the pack and entertaining the kiddies while the adults do work
  • It was when he was younger, only a teen, that an orphaned wolf was put into his care. You weren’t much younger than him, so the bond never became anything fatherly. And he was too playful to be taken seriously anyway. He was more of like a close best friend, who also happened to be your guardian
  • Minhyuk took care of you diligently, often bringing you back pretty stones or other things he’d found while hunting. An almost perfect condition wrist watch was one of his greatest finds and you treasured it
  • So when you got into a fight with a fellow wolf, who smashed it, you saw red. After nearly killing her, Shownu was on bad terms with you. You almost were kicked out of the pack. But when Minhyuk found out why you had flipped, he fought to keep you
  • And now you were even more indebted to him
  • Minhyuk felt bad about the incident, often bringing the girl you fought medicine to help her recover. This annoyed you to no end and you often tried to stop him visiting her
  • “Why??” he asked eventually. “Don’t you want her to live?”
  • “No,” you admit, the blood rushing to your cheeks. “She broke my second most precious thing and is going to take my most precious thing away.”
  • “Your second most precious thing is that pocket watch I found you, right? So what’s your most important thing?”
  • Shyly, you buried your blushing face into his chest. And he grinned from ear to ear
  • “So cute!! You love me?! Why didn’t you tell me before?! I love you too!”

Originally posted by wonhuff


  • Was sent on a task to track down a human. He was told that they held important information about the wolf world that they shouldn’t know
  • Eventually he found you, working at a bookstore in town. You looked harmless, stacking books, but an order was an order
  • He kidnapped you as you walked home that night, done with your shift. And interrogated you. Except it wasn’t much of an interrogation. You were terrified, shaking like a leaf; “I don’t know anything! I seen a boy turn into a wolf and that’s it!” Your heart doesn’t falter so he knows it’s the truth
  • But he can’t let you leave. You didn’t know as much as Shownu thought, but knowing was all it took to warrant an execution. Except he couldn’t; it felt like trying to slaughter a baby lamb
  • Instead, he brought you pack to the pack. It took months until you felt comfortable around them, having been afraid they might snap and kill you
  • Kihyun took charge of you, making sure no wolf messed with you, and sometimes breaking rules to make you happy. You weren’t allowed to return home, but he would let you write your family letters to assure them you’re safe and alive
  • One morning, a female wolf started to pick a fight with you, threatening your life; “If it weren’t for Kihyuns protection, you’d be dead long ago.”
  • “Why does he protect me?”
  • “He loves you, dumbass. Luckily for you”
  • Kihyun bursts in suddenly, scaring her off and wrapping you in a hug: “Are you okay? Did she hurt you?” He scanned your face for any sign of fear, instead he found you smiling. “What’s so funny?”
  • Reaching up, you press a kiss to his lips; “I love you too, idiot”

Originally posted by wonhobe


  • Your first impression of him was rather negative. As a new pack member, you worked hard to fit in and impress your leader,, yet someone so high up like Hyungwon did nothing but sleep all the time. And if he wasn’t sleeping, he had this bitchy look on his face
  • It wasn’t until a neighbouring pack tried to start something, that you understood the real Hyungwon
  • A beta from the rival pack attacked you, both of you in wolf form, and your shoulder was badly injured
  • Hyungwon snapped that beta’s neck, nursing you back to health, and fussing over the others that were injured. He had a gentle, warm touch as he tended to your injury. And you even seen him sing one of the youngest to sleep, a 9 year old girl that lost her mother in the fight with the rival pack
  • Once better, you kind of just followed him around?? You wanted to repay him so you would fetch whatever herbs he wanted, or a rabbit if he was hungry, and for his birthday, you bought him the fluffiest pillows you could find
  • Hyungwon immediately fell for you
  • One evening, as the sun was setting, you returned to him with a basket of flowers he’d asked you to pick; “What are they for, Wonnie?”
  • “You’ll see,” he promised, arranging the flowers into a bouquet before handing them to you. “They’re for you. I wanted you to pick the prettiest flowers because my eyes don’t see beauty like yours do. That’s one of the reasons I love you.”
  • “That’s cute but be honest,, you made me pick them so you wouldn’t have to get out of bed, right??”
  • *avoiding the q* “So are you free tonight?”

Originally posted by wonhontology


  • Either or aggressive or soft, so he can be unpredictable. This is made worse during the full moon or mating season
  • Usually, newbies to the pack are assigned to keep watch on him, mainly cause no one actually wants to deal with Jooheon when he’s mad or acting clingy and cute
  • As the newest member, you’re given this job
  • Only you don’t react like everyone else has
  • You humour his cute side, scratching behind his ear (just how he likes it) when he’s in wolf form, smiling at his aegyo, bringing him extra food when he’s hungry even tho the other wolves call him chubby but he’s not leave him alone
  • And you listen when he’s mad or frustrated, helping him control his aggression until after a few months, Jooheon learns how to be calm, even during a full moon
  • He grows to realize that his aggression was misunderstood sadness; he was lonely, wanting a companion to love him and maybe have a litter with
  • Although he realizes this, it takes him another long year before he actually confesses. He had been too afraid of loosing you or getting rejected. His pack hated seeing him hold back like that so they eventually pushed him to confess
  • “Do you, uh, wanna go running in our wolf forms?? I mean, like, not just running. But as a … date??”

Originally posted by trainingpanda


  • Generally in control of himself,, although he hates humans, he never kills one unless they deserve it
  • Only looses control during mating season
  • Driven by lust, he breaks away from the pack, searching for someone to ease his carnal hunger
  • He stumbles upon an omega, you, wandering through the forest alone. You had smelled him coming from miles away, knowing what he was hunting for
  • You stayed,, wanting to feed your desire too
  • The morning after, he turns shy and soft. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so forceful last night.” Although he knows your bruises will heal quickly, that doesn’t make him feel any less bad
  • “That’s okay. I like a man who takes control. So do you wanna get breakfast or something?”
  • Tbh he didn’t know you, but the night before was pretty damn good so hell yeah, let’s get some f*cking eggs and bacon
  • “My treat,” he offers

Originally posted by won-kyun

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 5

A/N: I was gonna update yesterday, but yanno school is stressful yet a top priority. I don’t have much to say, but I'm glad you all like the last part and I’m thankful for all of the nice feedback in my dms. (You get to learn a small ounce about my childhood you guys lmao) I hope you guys enjoy part 5 and remember as always I need 100 notes to release part 6💕

I coulda ended it better too, sorry bout that. It’s past two in the morning on a school night and I ran out of ideas…

**WARNING**: Slight smut, not much though

Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/

“Y/N…” Calum grumbled, flipping onto his side to see you better and rubbing his eyes tiredly.


“Do you think fish go to heaven?”

You couldn’t help but to snort as the sleepy boy asked the question. You were currently in his bed and watching Law&Order SVU on Netflix as he struggled to stay awake. He had called you over an hour or two ago because he was bored out of his mind and now it was just a little past two in the morning. You were hesitant at coming over at first, not wanting to be seen by his roommate, but he convinced you his friend was heavily sleeping since it was so late at night. You also gave into coming over because you hadn’t seen him in almost a week and missed his scent and cheeky smile.


“I’m pretty sure they do, Calum, why?”

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Beginners Luck

Title: Beginners Luck

Paring: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 973

Warnings: Jared’s a super huge fluffy teddy bear so none J

Request by @letsdisneythings said: Hi I was wondering if you could write something for me? I was wondering if you could write something where the reader is in her mid twenties, hasn’t dated before. And that the physical part of relationships makes her anxious? And Jared tells her he’s fine with going at whatever pace she’s comfortable with?

“Coming!!” grabbing your purse and quickly checking yourself in the mirror you took a breath and answer the door.

“Hi I-wow,” Jared freaking Padalecki is standing at your door. Your girlfriend had been right after all, you really wouldn’t mind who she set you up with! “Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you.”

“Oh crap do I have the wrong night?!” Jared suddenly looks a little panicked.

“No, no! My friend, Emma, she just didn’t tell me who she was setting me up with and I literally just shut off my TV with your face frozen on my Netflix.” Your eyes went wide and you blushed hard, “but not in a creepy way! That’s just how it happened! And oh god, I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!” Jared laughed, “You’re totally fine. I haven’t been on a date in ages so I’m super nervous too.”

Giving him a grateful smile you pulled the door shut. Well I haven’t dated ever, so this should go well.

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Better For Me (Part Two)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao

Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn

Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?

Word Count: 3011

Chapter Notes: Bucky apologises to Y/N but being the self centred prick he is, he makes her snap, making her push him to his breaking point. Does she really think he won’t go down until he’s pushed her to her breaking point?

A/N: The start is pretty filler-ish, all the nice stuff is near the end <3


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Tyler Seguin- let’s get out of here

Request:  Can you write one about t segs where you guys are good friends who live together and there’s extreme sexual tension between you guys when you both get ready for and during casino night? And you guys act on it once you get home.

Author’s note: I hope this is what you wanted!

Warnings: steamy? Maybe possibly cuss words

Up next: Tyler Seguin 

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A quick update: Mummy’s surgery on Monday went smoothly, the cancer has not spread beyond the breast, and she is recovering well! :) She’ll be at the hospital for a few days still. Soon we’ll get the details regarding future chemo treatments but for now mummy’s elated the surgery part is over, she’s been absolutely terrified of it!

I took a pic of her bedside table at the ward today, all the nurses said how sweet the baby squirrel plushie I got for her was, awww. :) It’s soft and cuddly, mum adores it and keeps it close at all times. She says it reminds her of me (I also remind her of a duckie, a mouse, a baby chick, etc, you know how mums are, hehe). :) And dad brings her the newspaper every day because she loves crossword puzzles, they’re part of her morning routine and make the stay at the hospital a little more like home.

Thank you from all of us for all the messages and well wishes I received on tumblr! ♥

Night to Remember

Word Count-1892

Prompt-The Kraken Spiced Rum and the phrase “Damn, that was a night to remember.”

Characters/Pairings-Gabriel x reader, Sam and Dean mentioned.

Warnings-Drinking, fingering, unprotected sex.

A/N-This was written for @winchester-writes Birthday Challenge. I blame this all on you Rose. Between the prompt and the research, well smut happened.
Apologies to @skybinx-blog, who betaed this, I feel asleep on the couch after work.

            Sam and Dean had dragged you to the bar saying that you’d been sitting in the bunker by yourself far too much lately.  Some night out, it took less than an hour for both boys to find a hook up leaving you alone at the bar.  As you finished your Kraken and coke the bartender set another drink in front of you.  Puzzled, you looked up at Glen.

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Valentine’s Day Shorts

Hers a list of headcannon type things of what the Sidemen + others would do with their significant other’s on Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Takes you out to a nice restaurant
  • Triple checked that the reservations were set
  • When you get to the restaurant the person working at the front knows him because he called so many times
  • Pulls your chair out for you and is super gentlemanly


  • Tells you you’re going out to a restaurant
  • Surprises you and makes a homemade traditional Nigerian dinner
  • The boys have left the flat so it’s just you and him
  • Candle lit
  • Flowers
  • Really nice conversation about several topics


  • Is really nervous when he first asks you out
  • Takes you to a nice restaurant
  • Takes you back home and you snuggle in comfy clothes
  • Watch some Netflix


  • Decorated the house for you
  • Hid little sticky notes around the house saying nice things
  • Was really lovey-dovey all day


  • Takes you out on a lunch date
  • Since it was less crowded you could have a better conversation
  • Laughed a lot
  • Was overall just a really nice meal
  • Hung out the rest of the day


  • Stayed up all night writing down reasons why you love each other
  • Put the strips of paper in a wooden box
  • Put the wooden box in the back of a closet so you can find it some day after you forgot about it


  • Harry made reservations but they ended up being canceled, to his dismay
  • End up settling for takeout
  • Played FIFA and made bets and forfeits
  • It might not have been a “traditional” Valentine’s date but you couldn’t have asked to spend it any other way

Lewis Redman

  • Decorated your bedroom with balloons
  • Brought you breakfast
  • Spent all day in bed watching movies and TV shows
  • The only time either of you got out of bed was to go get more food


  • You two had a day trip up to the Lake District and had the cabin to yourselves
  • Kicked a football around some on the fields
  • Found a way to get up onto the roof of the cabin at night to look up at the stars


  • Spent the day out walking around London shopping and eating
  • Bought each other gifts
  • Went to a park to see the sunset and look out at the stars
  • He gave his coat to you when he saw you shivering


  • You started to teach him how to play piano
  • It was full of him apologizing for getting frustrated
  • He gave up in the end
  • You made a compromise where you would play piano and he would sing
  • Sometimes he would sing horribly on purpose just to make you laugh


  • He invites you over for dinner
  • You get there but Manny isn’t home
  • Instead you find a riddle that starts you on a scavenger hunt
  • You finally catch up to Manny who’s setting up dinner at the start on the back porch 
Where Does This Leave Us? ~ Part 3 - Cole Smut

Request: Hey could you a part 3 for “Late night confessions”? Where maybe they have to work out their feelings after the night they’ve spent together and maybe end up in bed again? That’d be nice! Love ur blog anyway❤

Warnings: Mild language, smut

Notes: Part 1 ,  Part 2  Also, please ignore the caption in the first gif. 

Tag List: @xbobaaa@superoriginalteenwolf@jbrhs-princess@katshrev@itsbee63​ @lost-in-wonderland-x @princessal @love-darren-criss1234 

“Thank you”, I whisper. 
“For what?”, Cole chuckles. 
“For being the one I lost it to”


Waking up, I feel a heavy arm around my waist and carefully turn over and saw Cole fast asleep. Flashbacks of the events that occurred last night flashed in my mind and I felt blood rush to my cheeks at the sudden realisation; I lost my virginity to my best friend. A sudden wave of pain pulsed down to my heat, and I winced slightly, getting up and taking some medication for it. 

“Fucking hell,” I whispered as I sat on the edge of the bathtub, wincing in pain. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the pain went down, and I sighed in relief. Opening the ensuite bathroom door, I saw Cole looking up at me. 

“Oh thank God. I thought you left.” he sighs, smiling at me. 

“No no, just my ugh ‘thing’ hurts”

“Oh shit. Are you okay? Do I need to take y-”

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“I’m okay. It’s totally normal for it to hurt after losing your virginity,” I say, crawling back into bed next to him. Both of us lean in and kiss each other for a few minutes, before Cole pulls away. 

“So… Where does this leave us?” Cole asks, being serious. “Was it just a one time thing?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never felt this way before about you before. This has definitely changed things between us - there’s no denying that”

“How about we just wait and see what happens?”

“Good idea,” I smile at him. “Breakfast?”

“Definitely,” he smirks and slides down under the duvet, spreading my legs and devouring me. 

“Cole!” I moan in sudden pleasure. Fuck he’s so good with his tongue. I swear I could just cum right then and there. His tongue dipped into my wet pussy, and hummed against me. My hands flew down to his hair, tangling themselves in it and tugging at it, pushing his face further into me. Cole’s fingers replaced his tongue, pumping them in and out at a rapid pace, whilst sucking and licking my clit. 

“Fuck, Cole. Yes!” I moan loudly, grinding against his mouth. A knock formed deep in my stomach, and I slowly felt it begin to unravel as my orgasm approached me. 

“You gonna cum for me?” murmurs Cole from underneath the duvet. 

“Yes! Fuck yes!” Moan were spilling out of me as he quickened the pace, causing his name to scream from my lips as I came all over his fingers. He came up and hovered over me, giving me a quick kiss beefore getting out of be. 

“Fuck me. You’re so good oh my god,” I laugh, still calming down from the powerful orgasm. 

“I know,” he winks and chuckles, whilst looking away. “Now, how about some real breakfast?”

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haunted starters

“I swear there was someone there…”
“Very funny! What’s next? The phone starts ringing while the cords not in?”
“I had a dream last night, only it was so vivid I could have sworn I was awake. In it I was killing you. I didn’t want to… but I couldn’t stop myself.”
“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
“Wherever I look I keep seeing these eyes staring back at me…”
“Did you not hear that?! They’re whispering your name!”
“Don’t move, be quiet. There’s someone in the bed with us… Don’t wake it.”
[ text ] Don’t open the door when you hear knocking. It looks and sounds like me, but it’s not me!
“I got the strangest phone call last night and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.“
“Something is going to happen to you and you’ll never be the same again.”
[ text ] Run!
“You can see me? But you’re just a mere mortal… Interesting.”
“You were talking in your sleep last night… and something responded.”
“You know I don’t buy into that whole ghost thing, but this is starting to freak me out.”
“You think I’m going to believe you didn’t just write this note yourself to scare me?”
“Oh no, I’m not going to kill you… You’re going to kill yourself and I’m going to watch.”
“When I peeked into your room last night… I saw someone sitting on the end of your bed.”
“This was a bad idea… I’m beginning to think there’s more to those stories, after all.”
“Stop it! That’s not even a language and I’m to believe you’re possessed or something? It’s not funny!”
“Nice costume.”
[ text ] Someone just opened your front door and sneaked inside… Get out!
“If you weren’t singing… then who was?”
“You’re dead! I was there at your funeral!”
“Please don’t be scared. I’m still the same person… dead or not.”

Back Together (Leonardo)

A continuation of the Breakup Prompt.


     You were one of the lucky few who had managed to land a job within six months of graduating. Though it was not exactly in your field for now, the more you worked your way up, the closer to your goal you would be. Even better, the job was located back in New York. After a month and a half, you finally felt settled in your new but familiar home. There was just one thing that lingered over you: how to tell your mutant ex that you were back.

     Granted, you did not have to tell them anything, however they had a special place in your heart and they at least had the right to know you were back in town. After all, how awkward would it be if the first time they saw you was after you got mugged? In the end, you decided a quick e-mail telling them you were in the neighborhood an invitation over would be best.

     When you had left New York three years ago, you had left someone behind; despite being states apart, you could never get him out of your head. Of course, trying to get a giant mutant ninja turtle out of head would be close to impossible without the help of amnesia, but that was not why he was constantly in your thoughts. Leonardo had been so supportive of your choice of college and had been understanding when you had told him your relationship had to end. It had still been hard to leave, especially when he did not show up to say ‘good-bye’ one more time, but you knew he had done his best to make it easy for you.

     Despite not having any communication with him those three years, you had found yourself pining for him during class, and even comparing other possible romantic interests to him. Of course, no one had even come close, and not just physically. When you and Leonardo had been together, everything just seemed to click. There was never a moment where you were afraid he would judge you, no matter how weird you thought you sounded. He had supported you and encouraged you in your passions, praising all of your hard work whenever you would show him a project of yours.

    There had been many times when the memories would tempt you to write out a message to him; and there had been many nights when you stared at the screen of an electronic, convincing yourself that you could not send him a note of any kind. It would break your heart, but you knew it was for the best in the end.

     That was why you invited him over now. You wanted to thank him for being so nice about the whole thing and to try catching up on missed time. A part of you even hoped the two of you might try to get back together, but you tried not to get your hopes up. Three years was a long time and he might not be the same Leonardo you had left behind.

    The night you invited him over came and went with no sign of the giant turtle. You checked your phone and laptop every hour. Maybe you missed his response? Perhaps it was sent to the spam folder? You checked to make sure you were on the right account and that you hadn’t misspelled anything. Everything was correct and had been sent properly.

     You leaned back in your chair and sighed. You could not help but feel disappointed and a little upset about his absence. Did he hate you? No, he couldn’t have. You two had left on such good terms, why would he hate you all of a sudden?

      Your hand scratched at your head as you tried to calm yourself. Of course he didn’t hate you. He was probably busy doing ninja stuff. There was no way he would be expecting a message from you anyway, especially after all these years. You decided to give it a week for a response; if you got something, great! If not, then you would have an answer regardless.


     In the beginning he had tried to forget about you entirely; he would do anything to keep his mind occupied, including listening to Michelangelo rant about mundane things. Donatello would pry at him, trying to get him to open up and talk about it, but Leonardo would not have any of it. He had figured keeping something this intimate to himself would be the best option.

     On one particular night, Donatello and Raphael had both been more aggressive about it during a patrol; apparently, he had been acting cold and silent to his brothers for too long that the red and purple ninjas finally snapped. The three of them argued while Michelangelo tried to be the voice of reason, but none of them noticed the Foot that approached them. They were easily ambushed and barely made it out alive; especially Donatello.

     A blade from the enemy had found its way into the purple-clad ninja’s exposed side, burying itself deep into his flesh. When the lean turtle collapsed from the shock, Leonardo called for a retreat. They were able to escape and patched the wounded brother up as quickly as they could before tending to themselves. Afterwards, Splinter had summoned Leonardo and asked what went wrong. It was then that the leader broke down, confessing to his father all that had happened between the two of you; how he had thought it best to just keep it to himself.

     Splinter had been understanding but still firm in his punishment. Donatello could have been killed because of Leonardo’s lapse in judgment. The wrinkled rat reassured his eldest son that there was nothing wrong with seeking help from family, no matter how personal the situation may feel.
He stepped out of the dojo and approached his three brothers. Donatello was still on the bed, but he was at least sitting up and conscious. Both Raphael and Michelangelo had their arms crossed and eyes narrowed expectantly at their brother.

     Some tears threatened to seep out of his eyes, but Leonardo blinked them away. “I’m sorry,” he bowed his head and stared at the ground. “I’m sorry I let you all down tonight. Especially you, Donnie.”

     “And?” Raphael pressed.

     A little sigh came out of Leo. “And I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you guys about the break up.”

     “Aaand?” Michelangelo urged.

     A more aggravated sigh came out of him, but there was also a smile on his face. “And I’m sorry I’ve been a dick.”

     The three brothers smiled and it was Donatello who spoke up, “We forgive you Leo.”

     After that, Leonardo felt the weight of your relationship disappear; he was more open to talk about it with his brothers and father, and made sure to apologize to Donatello again the first chance he could. From then on, he was back to his regular self and an even better leader when he needed to be.
He still had some hope that you would come back, but it did not consume him like it did three years ago. It was more of a pleasant thought now rather than a fantasy he longed for every night. The memory of you no longer haunted him during missions or patrols either.

     “Hey Leo!” Raphael called out from the rooftop. The brothers had been on patrol for days due to some increased criminal activity. The only time they returned to the lair was to sleep before returning to the surface under cover of night.

     The blue-clad turtle snapped out of his thoughts and looked at his larger brother. “What is it?”

     A large finger pointed at the police radio he had taped onto his chest. “Just heard about a mugger runnin’ 'round south-side.”

     “Alright, let’s get going then,” Leonardo motioned for Michelangelo and Donatello to follow as the four of them slid into the night.


     You had decided to spend the day exploring the city; it was a great way to get yourself reacquainted with the place and it kept your mind off of Leonardo’s lack of response. All day you found your favorite spots and even discovered some new ones. Even though three years was short for a city, they still managed to change a couple of things.

     After stopping by a bakery to grab a snack, you noticed just how late it had gotten. The sun had nearly disappeared and night was closing in. Your apartment was an hour and a half away, so it would be dark by the time you were halfway there. A regular person would have used the subway to get home, but the threat of night did not bother you and you were still feeling adventurous.

     Despite the dull ache in your legs, your feet kept walking. You had not really paid attention to your surroundings, your mind too focused on the cloudy skies above. You were more worried about getting caught in a downpour than anything else. It was not until you felt someone bump into you and grab your arm that you finally came to.

     “H-hey!” You snarled, yanking your arm out of the stranger’s grip. Adrenaline began to pump through your veins as you sized up the man. “You got a problem buddy?”

     The large man took a step forward and glared down at you, “Yeah. You. Now give me your money.”

     Your heart began to race in your chest and your eyes widened. Was this really happening? You had never been mugged in New York before, and that was because you had–

     “C'mon!” The mugger growled and began to grab at your shirt. His hands began to search for any trace of money.

     You screamed and began to punch him in the side of his face. The man grunted and grabbed your arms tightly. He did not say a word, even as you kicked at his legs and clawed at his arms. Without warning he shoved you onto the concrete, your skin scraping against the rough surface before he grabbed your arm to pull you back up.

     “You ain’t too smart,” Your attacker snarled, rearing his hand back to punch you square in the eye. Just as the attack was about to happen, a large green hand clasped his. 

     “Neither are you,” a familiar voice growled before the green hand twisted the mugger’s arm around. The man screamed in pain as he was shoved into a wall. His head smacked against the brick, knocking him out cold as his body slid to ground.

     You stared up at your rescuer and your legs began to shake. The blue bandanna was still the same shade as you remembered, and his eyes the same cool blue that you dreamed about. This was like a dream come true. Not only was Leonardo standing here, but he had also saved you from an attacker. You would have pinched yourself if the scrapes on your arms and legs weren’t burning so badly.

     When he finally looked at you his eyes narrowed into a steely glare. “What are you doing wandering around the city at night?” He began to scold. “Don’t you know better by now? Also, what are you doing in New York!?”

     The other three turtles jumped down from their hiding spots the moment they heard their brother start to raise his voice. This wasn’t exactly the type of reunion you were expecting, but it did sound like he never got your message.
You shrugged your shoulders and couldn’t help but smile. “Well, I moved back. I uh, guess you never got my e-mail huh?”

     “No, I haven’t.” He stated, crossing his arms. He was so tense; he was never this tense before was he? “I’ve been busy. I got brothers and a whole city to look after.”

     You could hear it in his voice that he was upset. But why would he be upset with you? Was it seriously because you were out by yourself? You tried not to let it get to you, but it was hard. “Well, I’m back,” you announced, shrugging your shoulders.

     His lips were pressed together in a thin line as he stared at you. “Okay. Cool.”

     The air was tense enough to cut with a knife. You couldn’t believe this was happening; when you left you thought everything was fine. But now that you were back it was suddenly a problem?

     Your tongue clicked and your arms crossed, mirroring his stance. “You don’t seem too happy that I am.”

     The other three turtles inched closer, clearly intrigued by the argument that was bound to happen. Leonardo huffed before calling them out. “We’re gonna need some alone time guys,” He turned to face them. “If you don’t mind.” The last word he said in a demanding tone.

     Donatello and Raphael left reluctantly, but Michelangelo was the one to hang around. “Well, we just want to make sure you won’t do something stupid like last–”

     “Now Mikey,” Leo practically hollered at the younger turtle.

     The tone made the nunchuck wielding ninja jump before retreating with his brothers. You waited for a couple of minutes to make sure they were out of hearing distance as well.

     “I thought you were okay with me leaving,” You wasted no time getting to the root of the problem. If he was going to act passive-aggressive about this then you weren’t going to beat around the bush.

     “Of course I wasn’t okay!” He snapped, uncrossing his arms and taking a step toward you. “No one would be okay with that!”

     It felt as if someone had stabbed your gut. He had been lying to you that whole time? Guilt made your insides twist as you recalled all the times you would talk about your college to him before you left. “But…y-you were so supportive–”

     “Because that’s what a good boyfriend does!” He exclaimed. He could feel his vision blur from the tears that started to well up. “Of course I was going to support you no matter what. If it made you happy then I wasn’t going to stand in the way.”

     You covered your mouth with your hand, completely blindsided by this. You were not used to him exposing his heart and soul like this. Your body shook in shock as you pulled your hand away. “Wh-why didn’t you say anything?”

     He shook his head and wiped at his eyes. “I know what I am,” He spoke, lowering his voice. “You have a life here, on the surface.” He gestured to the open city but kept his eyes on you. “I couldn’t get in the way of that, and I could never ask you to abandon it for me.”

     There was a silence for a while. You weren’t sure what you could say to make it right but you knew you had to say something. “Leo,” You started, taking a step forward and reaching out to touch his arm. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea you felt that way.” Your hand squeezed his bicep comfortingly.

     His eyes shot to your hand before he gave you a longing look. His chest rose as he took a deep breath in and he shook his head. “I…I lost it when you left.” He shrugged his arm out of your grip and took a few steps away. “I shut out my family. I couldn’t make good calls,” He paused and licked his lips. “Donnie almost died because I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

     Your mouth opened in a silent gasp. “Wh-what? But h-how–?”

     “The Foot ambushed us while I was arguing with him and Raph,” He admitted. “We barely got out in time to get Donatello patched up, let alone ourselves.” When he turned to you he lifted his arm, showing a long scar running down his triceps and stopping just past his elbow.

     Tears rolled down your cheek at the sight of the scar. “I-I’m sorry…”

     He lowered his arm and nodded in agreement, stepping toward you again, “It’s okay. I know it’s not your fault. But you need to know the impact you have on me.” He was letting it all out; restraint be damned. He should have said all of this three years ago.

    “You should have told me how you really felt before I left,” you told him when he was in front of you. “I’m not your subordinate, I’m your girlfriend,” you saw his eyes twinkle at the word, giving you more fervor. “You can’t hide things like that because you think it’s best! We’re supposed to share what we’re feeling with each other no matter–”

     His lips crashed over yours and he pulled you against his hard body. You were shocked by his aggressiveness but that didn’t stop you from giving in. Nothing was going according to plan, but you liked it that way. For once, he was giving in to selfishness.

     The two of you parted with shaky breaths and quivering limbs. His eyes widened a bit, surprising himself at how forward he was. “I-I’m sorry!” He grabbed your shoulders and pushed you back a little but he hesitated. It felt good to let go for once, to give in to how he felt. “You know what? I’m not sorry.” He bent down for another kiss before resting his forehead on yours and closing his eyes. “I want you back,” he breathed. “But I have to know you won’t be doing anything like that again soon.” His three-fingered hands grasped your smaller ones and squeezed tightly. “I don’t…” Tears rolled down his snout and onto the concrete below. “I can’t go through that again.”

     A small smile crossed your face as you rubbed your forehead against his. “It won’t,” you promised, sealing it with a kiss on his nose. “You know, I was going to ask if you wanted to get back together when I moved back here. But I guess you beat me to it,” you giggled, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

     He opened his eyes and looked at you; this was the Leonardo you knew. The one you had fallen in love with years ago and couldn’t forget. “I always have to stay two-steps ahead of my target,” he teased before finally noticing the red scrapes on your arms and legs. “C'mon, let’s get you back home and patched up,” he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and lead you away from the lonely street.


I’m always amazed by how quickly the days pass. I was thinking I was approaching two weeks since my last post, but it’s closer to three. Oops. Here are the highlights, with yet another promise to post more regularly (NB, even if I’m not posting, I’m still checking in on all of you!):

Got together with the old neighbors a couple weekends ago. We bbq’d, then went to a show in DTLA. It was good times. They’re a great couple and I love seeing them, but they don’t have a lot of free time, as her mom lives with them (long story).

That same day, we went to a “I’m leaving, take my stuff” gathering. One of our poly friends got rid of most of his possessions to travel the world with one of his partners. We picked up a few small things, like a camera lens for Sir, a few books, and a TRX system. 

The next day, I saw The Geek. It had been a few weeks, but we had fun sexy times (for me - no happy ending for him), then went for lunch. I haven’t seen him since, but we exchanged a few texts recently (kinda unusual for us, unless we’re planning to meet up).

Sir and I were in Palm Springs the following weekend. We spent most of that Saturday in the pool and drinking, which resulted in me passing out around 7pm. With the exception of one weakish cocktail, I haven’t had any booze since.

The day we returned from PS, there was a 3-year anniversary potluck and pool party for the poly group we’re in. Being a Sunday evening, we couldn’t stay too late, but it was nice to go and catch up with friends. Normally, there is a 2-hour discussion, but the organizers opted for short introductions from the ~100 people present; by the end of that, it was time for us to go.

This last Monday, I made $130 in cash (plus $15 for lunch) for doing interviews and tests as part of a depression study. I’m currently wearing an activity monitor and keeping a sleep journal, which will net me more cash.

It’s funny that the cash thing is so exciting to me, as I make good money at my job. And I just got a (big) surprise bonus at work. But I grew up with parents who were thrifty and I learned early on to save lots and spend little. So getting an envelope of cash, which was less than I would make for working a similar amount of hours in the office, just for doing 5 hours of study-related activities, was pretty exciting.

Work this past week was very stressful, but ended on a good note. Enough about that.

I had a first date Wednesday after work. Nice guy and decent convo, but I didn’t feel anything else. He asked if I’d be interested in getting together again and I said sure, but admitted that I didn’t feel a romantic connection. So yeah.

Speaking of romantic connections, I saw Rockstar last night. It’s been 8+ months since I last saw him and even longer since we last hooked up. Long story short, he’s now in a LDR and they’re monogamous. I’m happy for him, but sad, too. I know why I’m sad (the loss of potential future intimacy), but it’s also silly (we haven’t been sexually intimate for a year or more). I guess I’m grieving because, over the last 20 years, we’ve kept finding our way back to one another, and now, I don’t know if that will happen again. I mean, it’s not like our friendship is over and there remains a huge amount of non-sexual intimacy between us, which means the world to me. I guess I just need a little time to process that the door has closed yet again…

In other news, I made coffee this morning without remembering to replace the coffee pot in the maker. I was in the bathroom next to the kitchen, wondering what the dripping sound was that I was hearing. Oops. 

Sir is off skateboarding with one of his friends today. He hasn’t been on a skateboard in the 14.5 years that I’ve known him and he’ll be 40 in July. Here’s hoping he doesn’t hurt himself. But if he does, luckily, he has insurance. 

And I think I’ll stop there. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend!