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I was tagged by @sftspot to post a selfie !! I love you babe you’re so gorgeous 😍

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karunagi with touken danshi’s outfit cause i’m sO CURIOUS AND IT FITS THEM////// love you full dorks

Some Things You Can Do

-sit outside when it rains and enjoy the coolness and the rainy earth smell

-take pictures of cute dogs and cats you see

-take a 30 min nap and hit snooze if needed

-make a list of fictional characters who would be your best buddies in real life

-read some travel books for a vicarious world-traveling experience (I recommend ‘The Book of Marvels’ by Richard Halliburton because he travels the world and writes as though you are right there with him)

-write snail mail to a friend – filled with stickers and doodles

-stretch those arms and legs

-make tea and add things you like – cream, coconut milk, sugar, fresh ginger slices, almond extract, or lemon

-have a photoshoot in the park with friends

-put on something that makes you feel happy – maybe your favorite color, earrings, comfy sweatpants, a nice scent, or nail polish

-take a shower and put on lotion

-rent an animated movie and make snacks for yourself

-spin your favorite tunes