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Stranger in the night

TITLE: Stranger in the night


AUTHOR: mad-about-britain

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine while walking downtown you meet jazz musicians playing on the street. The singer is tall man with raven hair dressed in the black suit sings as though he was born in the jazz era. He watched you, his new big fan, the entire time he was singing. Later when the street becomes empty and there is no one but you listening to the musicians, he lead you in the slow dance humming the song in your ear. It certainly wasn’t a bad idea to move to this city.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I linked the titles of the songs in the story for those who may not heard them before :)

New city, new life… you thought while walking in the city centre. You moved here recently and everything was new to you. It didn’t look like the place you lived before. Old buildings, little streets with small cosy cafes were feeling like home. It almost looked like the XIX century though people with phones were distracting.

You wandered on the quite little street with few cosy cafes when you heard the soft sound of saxophone. You were walking to the sound of it and saw a group of people. You approached the group and stand in the front row so you could see the artist. There were two men – saxophonist and singer. You watched at the singer and unconsciously decided to stay here to the end. He was dressed in the black suit with shirt and tie in the same colour. His raven hair was carefully laid behind his ears. This whole scene was like from the 1940s and you even couldn’t think about going away. There weren’t any benches so people had to stand. You, though, decided to stay for long so you just sat down on the brick road with legs bended in knees and crossed.

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i’ll help you stitch up your wounds

this is the longest thing i’ve ever written and i’m a music ho, so basically why not make a fanmix for it? tracklist under the cut

 synopsis: two boys, one party. that’s where it all starts. fitting, no? (wolfstar, college au, slowburn, mutual distaste to friends to lovers) 

want to read? - - ao3

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I knew that it was going to be almost 100% humidity (I waited for the rain to stop before this run), but when I saw that the sun had actually come out, I knew I had to take a before and after selfie because shit. is. rough. 

Overall not too bad, would have been a really nice n easy 5 miles if it was 10 degrees cooler. My legs felt good and my breathing stayed rhythmic, but at about 3.5 miles I started to get pretty light-headed. I blame the sun. Other than that, I took it fairly easy and it was a really nice run. 

I’m also loving this ~self love Sunday~ thing that’s goin’ on, guys! I’m learning to love my little legs that are slowly getting stronger, as achey as they are. 

So this works.

One note though: It’s easier to evenly apply than the traditional formula, but it’s also messier to apply because you have to keep squeezing the bottle to get the foam out. And the foam fumes are slightly more noxious. 

Two notes though: My favorite part of the Nice ‘n Easy home coloring kits is the deep conditioner they give you. I can usually eke out the entire tube over four or five weeks. However, in this kit they give you the deep conditioner in two small pouches. They really gyp you and I don’t appreciate that.

The bitches at Clairol be trifling with me.

Still, it works.

(Saving this post on my PC and posting via my iPhone because I’m outwitting the man)

anyways, i’m not i.m biased. but heres my 4th follow forever. it’s been a long yr….which is almost over but thank u everyone whos been w/ me thru 2015!!! as i say in every ff, ive lost and gained mutuals and im greatful for all of my mutuals i have.  ❤ ❤ 


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anonymous asked:

What hair dye did you use for the purple? It's exactly the color I want but I can't figure out which dye I should get. :)

Nice n easy argan oil intense purple!!


You know how some things should just seem like common sense? Well it looks like there are a HUGE number of people that simply don’t have it.
What I don’t get is: why is it that when a person of color has blonde hair, or blue/green eyes, they’re assumed to be mixed with white, or “trying to be white”???
A mere 2% of The ENTIRE human population has NATURALLY blonde hair. And According to the census of the human population worldwide. About 13% of people identify as “white”. So, how exactly is blonde hair exclusive to only white folks again? Where with the facts I just gave, not even half of all white people are naturally blonde? It confuses the hell out of me.
Like, are people truly that clueless that they don’t think majority of white women DYE their hair to look that way? They walked into CVS and picked up that nice n easy like everybody else sweetheart. And if you payed a little closer attention, you’d see they didn’t do a good job at touching up their roots cuz they are CLEARLY BRUNETTE?!!?
And with the colored eyes thing: let’s not even get into the Aboriginals of Australia. Let’s talk about Asians in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka?? original Africans in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Congo, Nigeria, Morroco, Sudan, Egypt? I’ve seen Caribbeans with green and hazel and grey eyes. Some Native Americans and indigenous peoples of Central and South America have light eyes and hair, naturally, without any mixing of white involved! My uncle Mickey and some of his children have icy grey eyes, and they’re fully black! My grandfather has bluish grey eyes. His mother was half Native American, not white.
How in the fuck do people confuse things that are based on PURE GENETICS, with so called “white culture”? How the fuck is getting blonde highlights in your hair “appropriating white culture”? How the fuck do you confuse human dna with “culture”? Naturally occurring Hair colors and eye colors have nothing to do with culture!
There’s this YouTuber and tumblr famous girl Cydnee Black that has gorgeous and NATURAL BLUE eyes! And while she’s stated numerous times she is 100% BLACK, she still gets the stupid ass question: “what are you mixed with?” Or “where’d you get your contacts?” It’s disgusting!
And I find it funny that people accuse us of always trying to be somebody else, but were never satisfied when we were ourselves to begin with. It sounds crazy to me. Really crazy, I can’t even find a word to describe how literally insane that sounds.
It has nothing to do with “well it’s uncommon for black people to have non brown eyes” well it looks like you haven’t seen much of the world have you? ANYBODY can have eyes of MANY different colors. It’s called GENETICS! DNA! That’s all it is!
Majority of white people have BROWN eyes and BROWN hair, but because of white supremacist beauty standards, people are brainwashed to think they have something unique lmao they’re not original at all!! 😹😹
But yeah I’m just so frustrated to the point of laughing at the fact that people think a certain hair and eye color is exclusive to white people. Yeah that makes total sense “It’s a part of whites people’s culture to have blonde hair and non brown eyes.” Lmfao 😂😂😂 People are so stupid sometimes. The facts could be right there in their face with a one second Google search but they’re too ignorant and lazy to do their homework.

Let’s take it nice and easy
It’s gonna be so easy
For us to fall in love

Hey baby, what’s your hurry
Relax and dont you worry
We’re gonna fall in love.

—  Frank Sinatra- Nice n’ Easy