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Summer’s Last Hurrah par Marcus Rodriguez
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The sun’s put in an all-too-rare appearance, today after what seems like weeks of unseasonably cool weather. The days are drawing in, the harvest’s gathered and thoughts turn to preparing for the long dark days of winter.


rip sakura.. i cant believe she freakign Died in the Voting Gauntlet :’(

(thrilling conclusion to this)


some slytherin dormitory headcanons

  • slytherin common rooms that have large hearths every 20 feet with plush high-backed arm chairs and ornate blackwood tables around
  • slytherin common rooms with connecting smaller study and hang out rooms for smaller groups of people, with chandeliers and plush rugs to just sprawl on infront of the fire
  • slytherin common rooms that are furnished with art, tapestries and marble sculptures with little shelves beneath them for information on the famous artists and their process and history to fame.
  • slytherin common rooms with a beautiful vintage record player that selects songs based on the overall mood of the room, whether they’re muggle or wizarding.
  • slytherin common rooms with random enchanted ceiling to floor windows that show the hogwarts grounds around them while still maintaining the ethereal glow of the lake above them.
  • slytherin common rooms that change its architectural layout every 6 months like sometimes its baroque or victorian or italian renaissance or modern contemporary
  • slytherin common rooms with the best views in the castle of the vast and mysterious underwater creatures swimming by, and during nights, bioluminescent plants on the windowsills act as nightlights for the students.
  • slytherin common rooms with a 24/7 snack counter in a corner for kids who get peckish and want a nice hot mug of tea with biscuits.
  • slytherin common rooms that have two extremely large and long corridors that extend in opposite directions of the central room, showing the girls and boys dormitories, and unlike old-fashioned Gryffindor, slytherin places no restrictions on boys entering the girls rooms.
  • slytherin dormitories being the most comfortable after hufflepuffs with pillows and armchairs everywhere and even the occasional beanbag in the rooms to casually catch up on reading/talking/planning
  • slytherin students staying up late at night to hotly debate about the market statistics of various independent enterprises in the wizarding world and fight over the economic state of wizarding britain with wildly differing methods on improvement
  • slytherin hosting an intra-house quarterly competition for the best business strategies, or most innovative improvement to an already existing spell, or something of that sort and the winner gets to pitch their ideas to The Wizarding Times.
  • slytherin alumni discreetly visiting their old common room to help the current students network and build ties to people outside the school for better advancements after graduation.
  • slytherins basically not giving a fuck that they’re living in the dungeons because they’re the only house to be able to dig and expand their common rooms into the biggest in the castle, even airier than the ravenclaw common room and live it up in the grand dormitories.

I know it’s kind of a low res photo, but I got my newest issue of BBC Shop’s mag today and this was in there. It’s backwards! As far as I can remember (and I’ve been getting this a couple years now) they haven’t flipped a promo photo. Like, sure, maybe it was a design choice, but if it was, it was really weird design choice.

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Oh! This is interesting! Is this the American or Canadian one (since I know those are the only two shops still in operation)? I ask because I get them too and I haven’t received mine yet!

Yeah, why would they flip the image in the magazine? I mean… from a graphic design standpoint, one of the things you never should do is flip and image with people in it, especially one like this where the viewer CAN TELL IT WAS FLIPPED. I’m looking at the pic and I see NO logical reason it should have been flipped unless they have an intern who doesn’t know better (I will concede this is highly probable. We were all interns once and we all only learned these things on-the-job). By “logical” I mean that the image isn’t “heavier” on one side or another and because of the nature of the image you’re always drawn to Sherlock and John. And because of THAT it only makes it more obvious that something seems off with the image even for even the general audience because… John and Sherlock are in the wrong places.

Listen, I have a healthy dose of skepticism and I know that this could EASILY be a graphic design faux-pas, but there’s also that niggling possibility: is this the BBC America / Canada telling us this is a mirror series? How much to they know? Did the designer receive the instructions from H/O and said “but you’re not supposed to flip the image!” to which H/O says “Do it, anyway”. At which point the designer rolls their eyes and says, “ooookkkaaayyy”. Because magazines like this have to go through corporate for approval to publish. So it could be these were directions from home office, and they just DID IT because you gotta appease the crazy higher ups.

So yeah, REGARDLESS of intern or not, this was a DELIBERATE move, mirroring the image to promote S4. Now there’s also the possibility that the higher up didn’t even notice, and the designer themselves are on Team Fucky™ and tried to see if they could get away with it without BBC noticing. Clearly they did.

ALWAYS the possibility of a mistake, but this is a pretty noticeable one to make. And you are right, in the 3 years I have also been receiving my copy, they have never mirrored the images. NEVER.


EDIT: People are pointing out to me that they are trying to keep Sherlock above his own name. Which, is a valid point, BUT I HAVE seen the design before where the prices are first and the show description is on the right hand side so… this actually could be a moot point. Especially on a “right hand” page. Putting the name on the right would actually not be odd on a right hand page. In newspaper / magazine design we used to do the “reverse pyramid” design, so that it’s “heavier” on the outside so that it draws the reader’s eye.

  • Endeavor: Okay, a few kinks to work out, but overall, the people love me. Hey, merch vendor, how are the Endeavor shirts selling?
  • Merch vendor: Very, very, very not good. Not good at all, Endeavor.
  • Endeavor: But what about the masks?
  • Merch vendor: Those especially. Here, I’ll show you. [to little boy] Greetings, young man. Might I interest you in an Endeavor mask?
  • Little boy and Mother: [shrieking] Run, baby, run!
  • Endeavor: Maybe it’s the beard.
  • Merch vendor: No sir, they just don’t like you.
  • Wife: Oh, honey, look at all that great stuff.
  • Husband: Wow. We should load up.
  • Endeavor: Finally, someone with taste!
  • Husband: Oh, let me just… [picks up bust of All Might] This would look great in our foyer.
  • Wife: How much for this handsome fella?
  • Merch vendor: Oh, well…
  • Endeavor: It’s not for sale! Come on! You know what? That’s it. Hell Flame! [burns All Might merchandise to a crisp] There! All that terrible All Might stuff is gone! Now, how about a nice Endeavor coffee mug or a bobblehead?
  • Husband: We don’t want your stuff.
  • Wife: Yeah, we don’t like you. Nobody likes you, dude.
  • Merch vendor: You see what I’m dealing with here?
  • Endeavor: I am your new number 1 hero! I command you to like me!
  • Husband: …No.
  • Endeavor: [frustrated scream]

So you have thought about it. Interesting. You’re the one who’s always getting out of that shower in that little towel, Jess. Or you’re wearing your glitter or your pantyhose. They’re driving me crazy! Okay? I know how hard it is to get those pantyhose up, and I just… I just sometimes want to rip ‘em down.

i feel as though people need to understand that when i sit down under a huge cozy blanket with a nice big mug of hot cocoa and open up a 30k+word fic you don’t bother me unless you understand you are tempting fate in the process