nice montage

I’m so happy this all makes sense now :)

But it got me wondering… how he says “Then the end bit ;)” - I feel like this is directed at Lou because he’s obviously talking about he phone call in the middle - so was there a Molly scene that maybe got cut at the end?

I guess he could be doing a winky face about the nice montage or the twist that the little girl is Eurus or whatever…

But I was actually expecting another Molly scene because I’m pretty sure she went up to the studios twice over 2 weeks during the end of setlock. This was after they had filmed the phone call scene in the beach house.

Maybe they filmed something confirming a romance relationship and it got cut because they wanted to keep it open?? Maybe?? Hopefully??

Maybe it will be on the dvd deleted scenes???? (I think I’m reaching here).

Was anyone else following Lou’s movements on setlock and was expecting more?

Also what the hell happened to this scene?

Thanks to thesetison (my hero) -


Rain Oppa!

This is a throwback lol a nice montage of Rain with Naomie Harris in Ninja Assassin.  I wish there was more of a romance and I think Rain said the same thing at Comic Con when he was promoting the movie lol :)


Mixing New York and Paris in Old Photographs

In his project entitled Haussmanhattan, photographer and architect Luis Fernandes get the idea of mixing the “Haussmannian” architecture of Paris and this one of New York, often compared, by moving buildings in old photographs of the two cities. Very skilled photomontages tributing to these atypical architectures.

anime update 3:

Ghost in the Shell is OK, I guess. Considering its short run time I would’ve figured that it would have been packed full of happenings, but they still somehow burn time with a couple of nice-looking-but-meaningless montages. For something that’s so revered and supposedly influential, I would’ve figured that it would have just, like, had more to it? I enjoyed it, but like Golgo 13: The Professional, it struck me as really more of a vibe piece or something. Not a lot happens, but it looks cool in the process. I suppose that’s enough, but again, considering how revered this thing is, I expected a lot more.

filming on the beach
  • normal shows: probably a nice montage of fun times with friends, a group of teenagers generally having a good time in nice weather, happiness
  • teen wolf probably: a blood thirsty water creature, tail probably laced with wolfsbane or some sort of poisonous substance, general pack chaos, fear