nice mohawk

I believe in a world of endless possibility,
“The Mistress of Misdeeds.”

The ripped dress debutante;
I believe I’m going to fuck you up.

Underfell Sindere-Chan, Aka Sin.

-Edgy as frick

-Really paranoid

-Keeps a butterfly knife in his pocket

-Smokes way too much

-Thinks that love and emotions are a waste of time

-Likes to pick fights

-Hates everyone (but secretly likes Underfell Tai @tk-senpai)

-Is still a switch (aggressive dom, power bottom)

-Wears heels because height makes him feel more dominating


Help, I’m being devoured by Kitty la Kitty!

I though it would be fun to make Kitty la Kitty character sheet edits, now when they all have gotten some special characteristics (which honestly wasn’t my plan in the beginning!)

  • Aikuro’s ears and tail are similar colours as his hair. He has purple shaded whiskers.
  • Gamagoori’s gotten pale ears and tail to match his darker skin. He’s got a bob cat tail without markings.
  • Inumuta’s ears and tail are same colours as his hair. His tail is very silky and wavy. I believe his proud of it.
  • Nonon has snake like pattern on her tail. Top of her ears are darker and she’s got stripes behind her ears to match her tail pattern.
  • Tsumugu has scruffy short tail (not as short as Gamagoori’s) with bandages. He also got two ear rings on his right cat ear to match his left human ear’s earrings. Mugu is my absolute fave to edit into Kitty la Kitty tomcat. His mohawk gives nice contrast to his ears.
  • Satsuki’s got very small ears but long whiskers like guys. Her design is close to black panther. I believe she also has got sharp, long teeth!
  • Ryuko also has got long guy-like whiskers, white in colour. She’s got dark circles behind her ears like tigers do. 
  • Mako is closest to a pet cat, very down to earth and not too flashy. Her whiskers are very short!
  • Sanageyama’s got the longest tail with grey dot. Kitty girls like his tail. His whiskers are also white. 

All the guys have two dots on their cheeks where the whiskers start.


The earlier Kitty la Kitty edits

Skating class got postponed for tomorrow, but my father took me to the park so we could at least sharpen some stuff =w=

I was able to nail a lot of things down! Finally got a nice looking chassè. My mohawk is still a bit wonky tho ;;