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Essays in Existentialism: Walls

I love your fics and was wondering if you’d write a smutty one where Clarke and Lexa are neighbors and have never met but the walls are super thin and they can hear each other through them

Sunday, April 4th; 12:04pm

As soon as her face hit the pillow, the noise started. Or at least that was what it felt like. It wasn’t even the normal noises of the city creeping through her window. Those things, the car horns and mufflers, the traffic and creaking brakes, the general hum of the world where she lived, those things all sang her to sleep most of the time. But this, this low hum, it was new.

“Are you kidding me?” she growled after looking at her clock and seeing that it was lunchtime. It didn’t matter. It was her only day off, and thus she was angry that any kind of sleep was taken from her.

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The Waiter - one.
  • Chanyeol x Reader x Sehun
  • Angst - Mafia - Smut (later chapters)
  • Word Count: 1762

Description: It has been years since you felt the feeling of love from your boyfriend Sehun. You are left in a diner alone everytime he asks to meet you to make up for his absence. A handsome waiter named Chanyeol comes along to fill the void that your boyfriend left.

A/N: I have three chapters already written for this and I’ve started the fourth, but I have been thinking about rewriting some of them. One of the chapters has mention of rape(?) in a sense and I don’t know how people might react to that. Anyways, enjoy~

one. // two. // three. // four. // five. // six. // seven. // eight. (soon)

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Random Pezberry Thought of the Day #59


Santana unapologetically nodded, continuing to unpack her suitcase. “You heard me right, Berry Short. You got yourself a new bed buddy.”

“We have a couch - ”

“Hell no.” Straightening, Santana gave Rachel a pointed look. “That thing is ratty as hell. My back is not going to be its acupuncture victim.” She crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow. “We shared a bed at Christmas. What’s changed? Didn’t think you’d suddenly be a prude. It’s not like I sleep naked.” She paused for effect. “Every night.”

Rachel closed her eyes, shaking her head. “I’m not going to touch that. And, I’m not a prude, thank you very much. That’s not the issue here. My bed is my personal space. What about Kurt?” 

From where he had been drinking tea, loitering and not at all eavesdropping, Kurt looked at them. “Excuse you?”

Glancing at Kurt, Santana rolled her eyes. “While Porcelain smells amazing…”

“Thank you.”

“And no doubt has a very comfortable bed, probably being allergic to harsh fabrics…”

“I am,” Kurt agreed.

“I’m not sleeping with him. He’s too bony.” Santana smirked. “In more ways than one.”

Kurt choked into his tea, while Rachel looked confused for a few seconds. “I don’t see how being slim would be… Oh, Santana.”

“What? It’s not like he’d be able to withstand the hotness that is me.”

“I’m gay, Santana.”

“Hasn’t stopped ‘em before.”

Santana,” Rachel raised her voice, shaking her head and waving her hands in front of her, “Who says I would be able to - “ She abruptly slapped her hands over mouth, stared at Santana, then Kurt, then back at Santana, and turned on her heel, walking out of the blankets.

Kurt and Santana watched her go. 

“Did she just…?” Kurt asked.

Santana nodded, looking contemplative as she studied the area Rachel had disappeared behind. “She did.”

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For the fall prompt thingy!! Sterek and apple picking please omg i need it Amber 😭😭😭😭


Stiles never would have thought apple picking, of all things, was romantic. Then again, he never would have thought Derek ‘Angry Eyebrows’ Hale was romantic, either. And on both counts he was wrong.

Ever since they’d started dating–having gotten together the summer before senior year after Stiles had come dangerously close to dying from the aftereffects of having been possessed by the Nogitsune, Derek not wanting to risk never being able to love Stiles the way he wanted to, open for the world to see–Derek had absolutely blown him away with how affectionate and downright romantic he could be. Not a day went by without Derek performing some sort of grand romantic gesture.

On their first date, Derek had surprised him with a bouquet of deep red roses, despite the fact that they were only going to dinner at the local diner that served Stiles’ favorite curly fries. They held hands throughout their meal, Stiles somehow managing to eat a greasy, bacon loaded double cheeseburger one-handed, playing footsie under the table like the dorks they both unabashedly were.

It had started raining by the time they finished dessert, sharing a milkshake like it was the nineteen fifties, Stiles teasing Derek about looking the part of the bad boy greaser in his leather jacket. As they fled to the Camaro, hoping for a reprieve from the heavy rain, Derek used his jacket as a makeshift umbrella, holding it above their heads to shield them from getting pelted by the cold rain.

Once they’d climbed into the Camaro, Derek draping his jacket over Stiles as he unlocked the doors and jogged around the front of the car to climb into the driver’s seat, they’d luxuriated in the Camaro’s heated seats as they laughed about their luck and poor timing, going on their first date the only time it rained that month. Stiles had made a comment about rain on a first date being a sign of good luck, Derek arguing that it was only wedding days that were lucky if rained on, sparking an intriguing conversation about various good luck signs as Derek drove Stiles home.

Stiles had kissed him on the front porch after Derek walked him to the door until his dad started flicking the porch light on and off. Stiles had smiled like an idiot when Derek insisted he hold on to his leather jacket for a little while, laying a kiss on Derek’s cheek for the sweet gesture. He’d put the roses in a vase and set them on his nightstand after Derek left, stealing glances at the beautiful bouquet for the next two weeks, breaking into a blinding grin whenever he did.

On their second date, a double feature at the local movie theater across town, Stiles had attempted to return Derek’s jacket, slipping it off his shoulders when Derek pulled up in front of his house, only for Derek to insist that he keep it, at least for just a little bit longer. Stiles had proudly strut over to the Camaro, chin held high as slid into the passenger seat still wearing the leather jacket despite the midday heat, slipping his hand into Derek’s as they pulled onto the road.

They’d sat in the back of the darkened theater, Derek leading Stiles to their seats, his werewolf night vision guiding him through the crowded theater, the location of the seats prompting many innuendos and eyebrow waggles from a jokingly scandalized Stiles. He’d only stopped teasing Derek about his choice of seating when Derek had grabbed the front of his Star Wars t-shirt and pulled him into a deep kiss as the opening credits rolled.

They’d spent the rest of the double feature holding hands as they shared a tub of popcorn and a box of Reeses Pieces, occasionally feeding each other the peanut butter candies before leaning in to kiss the butter from the popcorn off each other’s lips afterwards. They both blissfully ignored the appalled, genuinely scandalized looks they received, mostly from the elderly couples in attendance, due to their blatant public displays of affection, Derek assuring Stiles that he had no reason to be embarrassed or shy, casually throwing his arm around Stiles’ shoulders and kissing his temple.

A few hours later they left the theater with Derek’s arm still around Stiles’ shoulders, smiles proudly plastered on both their faces.

Their third date consisted of a nice dinner in at loft, giving Derek an opportunity to flex his culinary muscles, thoroughly impressing Stiles with a three course meal — an appetizer of potato skins followed by an entree of filet mignon before a dessert of various fruits dipped in chocolate and caramel sauces. They ate on the couch, the informal seating belying the sophistication of the meal, cuddling as they took Boyd’s suggestion to heart and watched Luke Cage on Netflix.

They watched Mike Colter kick ass on screen, Stiles making an offhand comment about how hot he was, Derek huffing and crossing his arms over his chest in faux jealousy until Stiles peppered kisses over his cheeks. Whenever there was a lull in action on the TV screen they took advantage of the opportunity to lick the sticky sweetness of chocolate and caramel off each other’s lips, hands tenderly stroking each other’s faces, fingers brushing through each other’s hair.

On Stiles’ eighteenth birthday they had sex for the first time.

Derek made love to him so gently and so sweetly, holding him and touching him and kissing him like he was something to be cherished, something to be treasured and protected and loved, that Stiles had buried his face in the crook of Derek’s neck and cried. Derek had held him for the rest of the night, rolling over so Stiles lay on his chest, running his hand up and down the smooth, mole dotted planes of his back, whispering hushed words of love into his sweaty hair as Stiles sobbed softly.

In the morning, Derek made him breakfast in bed and scattered kisses over the marks he’d left on his neck the night before, combing his fingers through Stiles’ disheveled bed head as Stiles munched on the perfectly crispy bacon and wonderfully fluffy pancakes Derek had made, trying not to be too embarrassed by the previous night’s waterworks.

After breakfast, Derek had literally carried him to the bathroom where they’d taken a hot shower together, Derek, unable to help himself, nipping and sucking at Stiles’ neck as he massaged body wash into Stiles’ smooth, pale skin. Soon enough, Derek’s amorous kisses and less than innocent touches led to what was both Stiles’ first time having shower sex and his first time having sex standing up–all in only his second time having sex at all.

Between moans he thanked the heavens above for Derek’s foresight to have a bottle of oil based lube on hand in the bathroom, smirking to himself as he idly wondered about how long Derek had wanted to fuck him in the shower.

After their steamy shared shower, Derek had carried Stiles back to bed after drying him off, Stiles too boneless with pleasure to even lift his head off Derek’s shoulder. They spent the rest of the day lounging in bed, not bothering to put a shred of clothing on, Stiles lazily pressing kisses over Derek’s neck and shoulders and collarbone as Derek gently stroked his hand up and down Stiles’ naked back, tracing the play of moles across the breadth of his shoulders.

And the romance hadn’t stopped there. If anything, it had intensified.

Derek made a point of continuing to be as romantic as humanly–werewolfily?–possible, constantly one upping himself with every gesture.

A few days after he gave Stiles another bouquet of red roses for their three month anniversary, he one upped himself by scattering rose petals and candles around the entire loft leading to the bed upstairs where he made love to Stiles for hours. Only a few hours after he’d absentmindedly began singing to Stiles on the couch, Stiles’ head in his lap as he re-read one of his favorite books, he pressed kisses to Stiles’ shoulders and back as he mumbled poetry into his skin in fluent Spanish as they laid in bed together.

So, naturally, he was intrigued when, while he and Derek were driving along a country road on the outskirts of Beacon Hills, Derek had pointed out a sign in front of a local farm, advertising for people to pick their own apples, and insisted he pull over. He’d cocked an eyebrow at his boyfriend but parked and climbed out of the Jeep nonetheless, eager to see what Derek had in mind.

Derek slipped his hand into Stiles’ and led him over to a display of produce for sale where an elderly man was restocking a wooden shelf of cartons of cranberries. The man turned to greet them with a warm, toothy smile, wiping his hands with a handkerchief. “What can I do for you gentlemen?”

“Hi,” Derek greeted, holding his hand out to shake the man’s hand. “How much to pick our own apples?”

“Five dollars a head,” the man replied, returning Derek’s firm handshake. He visibly blanched when Derek handed him a twenty dollar bill, shaking his head as he stammered, “Oh, no. This-This is too much.”

Derek simply shrugged and slipped his arm around Stiles’ shoulders, hugging him tightly against his side. Looking back at the man who was still gawking at the twenty dollar bill, he explained, “It’s a special occasion.”

After blurting out a few thank you’s, the man directed them over to the apple orchard, handing them each a hand woven basket to collect their apples in. They had eagerly hurried to the orchard where Derek set to work explaining which apples were the best to pick.

Stiles waited until they were both immersed in picking apples, steadily filling their baskets, to ask the question that had been burning in the back of his mind since they parked. Glancing over his shoulder at Derek who was reaching up to pluck a juicy red apple, he inquired, “So… Apple picking?”

“Yeah,” Derek answered simply, a smile audible in his voice. “My mom used to bring us every year. All of us — me and my sisters — would spend the whole day picking apples with her.”

Stiles smiled himself, biting his bottom lip. He loved hearing about Derek’s family though he always ached at the fact that he would never meet any of them.

“My mom would always bake an apple pie that same night. With streusel on top, not pie crust,” Derek continued on, luring Stiles away from his downright depressing thoughts. A soft, nostalgic smile accompanied his words as he recalled, “She’d use the rest of the apples to make her own apple sauce. And apple cake and cider and muffins, even cheesecake.”

Derek raised his head to smile over at Stiles who beckoned him over with a wave of his hand. He set his basket down and meandered over to Stiles with a sly grin, backing him against a nearby tree. “Yeah?”

“I love you,” Stiles announced, raising his hands to fist them in the front of Derek’s shirt to reel him in for a sweet kiss. The funny thing was it almost tasted like apples.

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I'm tired, kinda sick, hungry, and forced to be at school. Could you write me some cute headcanons? I don't care what they're about.

((girl… you can have as many headcanons as you desire. now let me introduce you to alabama native!peter simmonds and new yorker!jason mcconnell 🙌🏼))

• peter actually enjoys college football and is most likely an alabama fan

• his family lives in a small but very rich town where there’s nothing but big, fancy homes, each sitting on 50+ acres of land

• you wanna talk about living in bumfuck eqypt? come to alabama, where it takes you 30 minutes to get to the nearest gas station and another 20 on top of that to get to walmart

• he has a horse named hamlet :) hamlet tries to bite jason the first time they meet (he’s a jealous horse)

• peter says “y'all” and “bless your/his/her/their heart(s)” all the fucking time and everyone thinks it’s a compliment at first, but jason knows the truth

• matt thinks peter’s accent sounds funny when they’re like 11 or 12 and he makes fun of him for it, but peter just claps back and asks him why his hairline is already receding


• jason is just… so enamored with this little southern firecracker and can’t get enough of him

• all of peter’s old friends from back home know about him being gay and beg him to bring jason to alabama so they can finally meet him and threaten jason’s life if he hurts their best friend
- “did they threaten you in any way, honey?”
- *laughs nervously* “nope! they were nice!”

• peter drives a truck (cue jason drooling everywhere) and definitely has some mean ass road rage because everyone drives like they’re in the fucking fast and the furious down here, especially on backroads

• driving down backroads and there’s so. much. green. and so. many. ANIMALS. especially cows. jason’s in heaven.

• going to bonfires with peter’s childhood friends
- jason just thought he could handle his alcohol
- he is a lightweight compared to these people
- peter tried to warn him…

• jason swears he’s dying of a heatstroke every second he’s outside
- “sweetheart, it’s only 85°”

• getting caught up on all the small town gossip because honey, there is A LOT of gossip
- jason can’t keep up with aunt betty sue’s ex-husband’s affair with his brother’s wife

• peter defies the stereotype of southerners speaking slow and low and jason didn’t think he could talk any faster. boy howdy, was he proven wrong.

• THICKENED ACCENT WHEN PETER IS HOME (cue more drooling jason because that accent does some things to his soul)

going to the lake or the river for the day
- peter driving a boat (jason: 🤤)
- peter skiing and wakeboarding

• local diners with the best food jason has ever tasted
- “why am i just now eating cornbread?! this shit’s amazing!”

• fourth of july date 😍

• going on horseback riding trails once jason finally gets the hang of sitting on the saddle without falling off


• dealing with that one homophobic kid that peter hated growing up

• jason beating that guy’s ass for being a dick to peter at a party (ง •̀_•́)ง

• sneaking into bars to go listen to bands

• peter singing at a bar one night like he used to do every summer


• going to atlanta baseball games together

going down to gulf shores together to peter’s family’s beach house

• no cell service = high strung jason

• outside concerts galore

• these two idiots actually getting to love each other and not be harshly judged like people assume (because, contrary to popular belief, southerners are not as publicly nasty about homophobia as people believe)

• peter: “we need to have sex in the truck bed”
- “why?”
- “because… aesthetic, baby”
- turns out it’s kind of uncomfortable but they laugh about it

• peter is damn good at cooking (obvs) and jason finally gets to see peter really cook with an unlimited amount of food unlike back at school

• peter teaching jason how to cook 😌 it turns out to be a disaster, but at least he tried

((ok…. now let’s talk about new yorker!jason for a minute…))

• hockey fanatic and more than likely a rangers fan

• probs a new york mets fan when it comes to baseball

• prefers walking everywhere because the subway and taxis are gross af

• most likely lives in a nice loft in tribeca or somewhere of that nature

• he takes peter to his first broadway show, a baseball game, AND a hockey game when he comes to visit during spring break

• shopping spree in soho 😏 jason does not even give a shit about how much peter spends and just lets him loose in every store possible
- try to prove that he does this out of spite against his parents by maxing out all of their credit cards

• “so living here is why you walk so fast… WILL YOU SLOW DOWN?!”

• peter will never be satisfied with domino’s pizza ever again

• jason is a walking encyclopedia of new york city

• peter really really REALLY likes jason’s yankee accent when he sees him in his element 😛

• jason likes being super high up on skyscrapers and it scares the ever living shit out of peter

• so. many. PEOPLE. what the FUCK.

• peter freaking the fuck out at seeing every single one of his favorite celebrities just… walking by him…. jason is used to it at this point.

- “that’s it. i’m never going back to alabama.”

• peter is not used to all of the sirens, car horns, and yelling people when he sleeps, but jason is knocked the fuck out and sleeping like a baby

• jason always gives money to street performers when he can because he’s a nice person and peter is all 😍 because of it

• jason makes fun of peter for hating the cold
- “peter, it’s only 40° out”

((this post could go on forever, but here’s some of he best ones 😌 hope you have a better day, my dear! 💕))

Signs as Settlements
  • Aries: a condominium in a high rise at the crazy city life will suit these energetic people. at the city cos it's where they really belong, in a high rise, so they'll be far away from the bustling when they wanna recharge.
  • Taurus: in a quaint little town that looks like it's out of a disney or ghibli movie. they love it when a place makes them feel all gooey inside, however and whatever that is, so a beautiful quiet village will be a+++ for them
  • Gemini: they'd choose a nice loft where their work, family, friends, recreational places (basically all connections) are close. for them, it's okay to spend a bit more for a nice place that makes everything reachable.
  • Cancer: a very laid back farm! or a place with accessible vast lands. these family people don't need anything else anyway as long as they got their family with them, and their friends knowing where to find them.
  • Leo: they envision their selves living in a very grand abode because hell why not? but since they ain't stupid not to know how high maintenance a gigantic house can be, a villa would be suitable for their tastes.
  • Virgo: they'd go gaga for those house designs ikea promote; not too big not too small, minimalistic but very chic and organized. they'd want their place to be utilized and transform into whatever purpose they want.
  • Libra: a cabin, definitely a nice cozy cabin just in the middle of the crazy city life and tranquilizing seclusion. they want to settle down in a place where de-stressing is easy and balance is easy to reach.
  • Scorpio: they'd love a modern and sophisticated beach house where they have the free reign to talk long walks at the shore and de-clutter their thoughts, and invite family and friends for gatherings and catching up.
  • Sagittarius: since they're in love with travelling, their rents would be short-terms, they'd invest on a home van, maybe even a portable house. the idea of bringing their home wherever they go is great for them.
  • Capricorn: they love being on top, and that goes to where they live too. realistically, they'd love to have an attic apartment with the rooftop for them. then after nonstop hustling, they'd get their penthouse of their dream.
  • Aquarius: mhm, a house that has some history story behind it, styled in soft bohemian or rococo which they'd take the liberty of customizing. they'd only call it their home if they see their fragments all over the place.
  • Pisces: these people may have the "come what may" attitude, they'd love to have a manor in a nice above-average suburb, surrounded by trees and a nice community, just having that peachy and rested life they want for their own.

“You’re dating him?” Derek asked, eyebrows raising, “Him?”

He can hear you…” Kai sang quietly as he looked around the loft, “Nice place, man.”

Derek crossed his arms over his chest, “Really, (y/n)?”

“Shut up, Derek. Your past relationships haven’t been the best either, hm?”

Peter Is Gonna Be So Jealous!

Originally posted by dailymarvelheroes

Liz Allen x Fem!Vigilante!Reader

Length: 3058 words (guess who got carried away?)

Warnings: maybe swears? fem!reader, hints towards attempted assault?, Y/V/N means your vigilante name, very much tried to make this sound like a teen talking


Liz Allen was the smart and popular girl, that was very much desired by every student at Midtown High. She was kind, head of several clubs, and pretty much everything you could want in a girlfriend…

So, it was a shame you couldn’t bring yourself to ask her out. Well, you had tried once, but that event had ended with you being pushed into a trash can by Flash. He saw you trying and apparently disagreed greatly. Maybe it was for the best, though. You weren’t even sure that Liz was into girls, as you’d never heard anything said about her sexual preferences before.

You guessed that for now, you’d join your friends Peter and Ned, in watching her from a distance (which was not stalking, you swear), daydreaming of a happy relationship with Liz Allen. You assumed this is what Peter did too, because you were too afraid to ask a straight, teenaged boy about his fantasies – you sure as hell did not want to be scarred for life.

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Can you write Kankuro headcanons in a modern au? I love your modern headcanons, theyre perfect. like what pets he would have, What job, how he would spend his time? Thanks!

thank you so much!!


•Soo as far as jobs go, I have something specific in mind. Maybe he’s really into the entertainment business. He’s one of those promoters in the entertainment business that sell tickets to shows/movies/concerts. Everyone comes to him for hookups. He flaunts it too. Brags about how he can get you a discount on those Rihanna tickets. But he hardly ever comes through. He forgets he made you a promise, or ends up not being able to get them at as great of a deal as he previously boasted. Damn Kankuro

•Pets? It’s difficult to say. Kankuro might think owning pets is a cool prospect but he’d be a pretty awful pet owner. Not on purpose, of course. But he just isn’t always attentive. Maybe he’d get a cat? They’re not that high maintenance. He’d be cute with an orange tabby cat 

•Probably drives a sports car. A Dodge Viper might be his car

•He of course spends lots of time working. Maybe he and his siblings actually run some sort of company? So he spends lots of time with Gaara and Temari working and organizing the company

•He lives in a nice apartment/loft. Maybe a condo. He’d have big hopes of finding a cute date to bring home so he can impress them with his crib, but it’s always messy as hell. He never cleans

•Watches lots of sports. Would host big game night parties at his place. Also watches Face Off and Skin Wars religiously. All those makeover/art shows

•WHAT IF as a summer job when he was young, he worked at a carnival and worked at those little makeup booths where kids go to get their faces painted. Omg. I can only imagine that given the sand sibling’s family business, he was never short on money, since he probably grew up well-off. So he takes the job just for fun. He really enjoys it

•Such a slut for classic movies? Classic as in 80s and 90s I mean. Goonies, Karate Kid, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, etc. He loves that shit