nice little body nice little body

so, this might be just me but, since i spent such a long time watching these more cutesy and chibified cartoons, jack’s body proportions kinda take me off guard, a bit. i mean, his design still is highly stylized, obviously, but his body type is that of an actual adult, not just soft shapes and long lines and stick legs. it’s kind of odd when you compare it to the others.

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

I’ll admit, I’m really not the best at anatomy (i’m still learning) but one thing I’d have to nit pick is when people draw the guys will large hips and curves n’ shit. Again, I’m not the best at anatomy but I’d advise maybe trying to make their bodies a little more masculine. Most men don’t have such large hips. It just makes them look like a woman with a man’s head sometimes. 

Of course, I’m not saying men can’t have curves but it isn’t that common, I think. 

Just my opinion. Not being rude, just offering my piece of mind. 

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Remember how Louis said that Harry has a nice little body when they were younger, now I feel like Harry comments on Louis having a nice little body especially when he wears tight clothing


Five foot something with the skinny jeans

A masterpost about how amazing Louis’ legs and thighs and bum look in skinny jeans. It’s actually really unfair okay

So for the past year and a half Louis decided it would be a good idea NO NO IT WAS ACTUALLY A VERY BAD IDEA to start wearing really tight jeans and I’m upset about it.

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How to deal with a break up.

I know this is a sensitive subject but it need to be talked about. A DD/lg relationship is wonderful but it’s still a relationship. You need to be very careful about how to handle it. Especially if you’re a little. Its very easy to think its going to last forever. But there are times when things don’t go well.

Lots of times, the main cause to a break up is because of communication issues. Its hard to deal with not talking to your spouse for long periods of time. Its insanely hard if its a Ldr (Long Distance Relationship). That’s why I try to push talking to eachother everyday. Littles will feel neglected and become very upset.

If you do decide to break this off, its important that you guys discuss the issue in an adult manner. Just so the other person can fix it for the next relationship. If you ever feel too upset after a break up, here are a couple things to do:

-Take a warm bath/shower: Warm water helps your body circulate blood to the rest of your body. Plus its a relaxing sensation, feeling cozy when you need to. Also it could help free your mind from any distractions.

-Watch your favorite show: This is also great for distractions. You’ll be indulged into your show and forget about what happened. Maybe you’d want to watch a new show you never were able to.

-Take a nap: Sleeping is the best medicine. You can forget about your problems and just feel refreshed in a couple hours. Sleep with stuffies or just a fluffy blanket.

-Eat *HEALTHY*: Often times junk food may be your best friend, but you need to eat healthy after a break up. Too much junk food and you’ll go into this habit of just eating your problems away. It can lead to stomach and heart problems.

-Fresh air: Take a nice walk or just sit outside. The air will help relax your mind and body. Its important to get some air after crying. Your body needs the oxygen to refresh your blood and make you feel better. Also, its nice to see the world around you.

I hope this helps you and please, be safe. I love you all and I care about every one of you. Please don’t spread hate about the other person. It’ll make you look bad and I want everyone to be happy.