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Coldflash Prompt

Barry can’t get Len to completely stop with the stealing.

The other man has cut back on it, but it still always ends up being The Flash vs Captain Cold and usually Heatwave over some silly trinkets.

Then Barry gets the idea to start “stealing” back at Len.

One minute Len’s stealing a little necklace for his sister.

The next Barry’s zipping around him, flaunting the nice new parka Len had just bought that the speedster has literally stolen right off his back.

Mick is no help at all. Len hasn’t seen the older man laugh so innocently in years.

ray palmer is the kinda guy who says cheesy pick-up lines and probably stumbles around his words a bit and says adorable things like “ur eyes are beautiful today” in a whisper with a small smile and a teeny weeny blush so imagine him crushing hard on leonard. leonard and ray standing side by side and ray throwing these little glances at len before whispering “your jacket looks nice on you” and len doesn’t even think its directed at him at first cause ray is kinda looking in the opposite direction till they make eyecontact, and len’s really not used to compliments especially not accepting them so he kinda looks perplexed and just says ‘thanks’ before walking away. and then it keeps happening, where ray just keeps complimenting him on small things. 

“you’re an exceptional fighter len”, “thanks.”

“you’re very smart.”, “thanks…”

“you have quite an exotic skintone, it brings out your eyes.”, ”…”

and it goes on and on and its getting to the point where its making leonard uncomfortable in a shy kinda way cause he doesn’t really know how to react? and sometimes ray will just throw a compliment out there in the middle of battle about his stance or how he uses his gun and it’s like, not right now you fucking fridge. and then one day their standing side by side, a parallel to once before, and its len this time that throws a compliment ray’s way, nervously glancing around the room. and ray kinda just beams at him with this stupid to god smile and god is he jumping on the spot a little? leonard is screwed.

One thing I genuinely love about the flirting between Len and Sara, even in the deleted scene from the pilot, but also in tonight’s episode, is that it actually pulls from Leonard Snart’s comics characterization so that if you know him in the comics, it’s kind of hilarious.

In the comics, he has lines like:

Basically, he’s generally understood as the least-smooth guy in Central and can’t get a date. 

So to see them transfer some of that over to Len in Legends made me laugh, because they make it work for a character as suave as CW-Len by making it cold and off the cuff and a little tongue in cheek, timed in the middle of Sara lecturing him so she has zero patience for it.



Jan. 9, 2016, TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto | Pros of being a photographer: I’m always painstakingly carrying a nice lens + DSLR combo for HQ shots. These two cupcakes were the absolute sweetest and Elise even got to ask Tatiana Maslany a great question during the Q&A! I’m know there’s a video somewhere…

Thanks to both of these lovely people for stopping and interacting with the group of fans that went up to them afterwards. Bless their souls. <3

So I was daydreaming about that coldflash au where Len has a son, and I got a plot bunny.  Say Barry is babysitting him but Len gets busted during a job (which was totally not his fault one of the rogues missed their timing) and gets tossed in Iron Heights for a few days till he can plan out an escape for his whole crew. 

So of course he runs into Barry’s dad and just happens to have carried in a picture of his son with him and Barry just so happens to be in the picture too…

Just give me Barry visiting his dad, and Henry being all ‘So Len seems nice…’