nice is never out of style

percival graves’ guilty pleasure is buying designer clothes and shoes, you’ll never catch him looking anything less than absolutely fucking fabulous, everyone at macusa envies his style, aurors fall at his feet, wizard-magazines have pictures of him more often than not with a cup of coffee in hand, depicting the latest trends in male fashion, his hair is always kept in place, but sometimes he’ll run his hand through it (out of frustration most likely) and holy shit, everyone is breathless bc the director looks smoking hot, and graves?? he knows he looks good, still he pretends to hate it whenever someone says something nice about him, to keep his stoic mask in place, but it makes him very happy inside, the only sign is a tiny smirk not everyone is observant enough to see
graves is #thirsty for compliments

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that

Think it was about time I do a screen redraw with my non-consistent style. Might do more (even if the background takes me hours XD).

He was so nice. Honestly, he walked up to me out of nowhere at Billboard awards, and no one does that. Like, in country music they do in the states, but in pop music people are very like too cool for school most of the time. So I thought it was really–he’s such a nice gentleman and he was so kind. I wrote a song for them on their first record and so it was really nice, he came up and thanked me and he was just such a gentleman.
—  Kelly Clarkson on meeting Harry at the Billboard music awards in 2015.

Nice to see Emily get some attention here. There’s never much out there about her gear or style. I feel like she gets overlooked a lot within the fandom too (she’s my favorite too!)

Emily has a very unique style and sound. She has influenced my playing considerably.

Soooo Opening Commissions!

:DDDD So yeah I’m broke (well mostly, there’s about $140 to my name) and I need the muns for school;;; Also I’m out of anxiety medication and while that’s not a priority to me it would be nice to have again

So I’m opening commissions! Uhm so I’ve never done this before…bear with me. So uh payment will be through PayPal only, and commissions will be digital only, as I’m too unreliable to send through post (plus I’m paranoid about giving my address out and vice versa). 

Ok so uhm prices?

Sketchy Wetchy - full body or not - black/white - simple style - no color - $3

Single Character Bust - Full Color - head to like chest? - no bg- $5

One Character - Full body, full color- no bg - $7

Two characters - full body - full color - no bg - $12

B/W with bg - $10

Full painting thing - bg - how many characters u want? - $15

No they don’t gotta be Gorillaz I’ll do almost anything. No NSFW, at the moment I’m gonna hold off on OCs.

Uuuuh so like contact me via DM yeah? And gimme a bit to respond I’m not always on? Again payment thru PayPal only aaaand uh please be patient I’m one person who can only draw so fast.

And uh thanks for reading? Happy blogging!



Why did you try to find the dog again?
Uhhhh cuz you said if I put the dog face filter on Coconut you won’t be mad at me anymore
So… :0
You know I was never mad at you, right?
It was a joke. I was joking.
Yeah I know
But I wanted to do it anyways
I thought you would get a kick outta it?
I wanted to make you smile
You’re fucking unbelievable.
Yeah but did it work
It worked. You made me smile.

[ Fanart for the fanfic ✓✓ Read !! 
You should check it out because it’s funny and tbh my fav so uH- 
it’s written in text format too (cool woah) i love it and maybe you guys will too <3 ]

One thing that makes me happy about Amy is that for a 12 yr old she is rly busty but she’s not sexualised by sega for it. Like canonically she developed early and no one does boobie shots or gross comments abt it or makes it the joke.

Like out of everything it’s just panty shots from sa1 when u do acrobatics and even then like no one cares cuz she’s just doing her thing.

In general tho like even with the token ‘sexy’ character that’s rouge never once are these features abused or gross it’s just 'hey we got some characters. They have large breasts. Some showcase it some don’t but there’s more important stuff to talk about than that nice’

It’s also nice to notice even though sonic style everyone kinda has the same build there’s a lot of different body types for both the boys and girls. Ppl complain a lot about how girls don’t have a lot of body change throughout series but the sonic series does it well.

Maybe that’s just my overwhelming love for the series to make me see any more flaws than we all know it has but to me sega has always been really inclusive with body types and I like that a lot


‘You’ll never feel like you’re alone, I’ll make this feel like home’

Yesterday me and my best pal decided to go and finally get our One Direction matching tattoos, and we got them done in each other’s handwriting (My tattoo on the left left, hers on the right right).
Fully so in love with these, they couldn’t have turned out better

So I just remembered that I have done a drawing that resembles my Regulus Black piece before (mainly because of the outline/glow effect) and figured it could be a decent art progress meme, if anyone’s curious to see.

The differences are pretty big (those drawings are only 3 months apart); however, it’s not really because my drawing skills improved a lot, but because I was still learning digital art, also experimenting and trying to figure out what tools/brushes I like and what drawing manner I prefer. These drawings do have things in common apart from composition (sketchiness, attention to anatomy…) but are different in style and attention to detail.

So yeah! It’s nice to finally feel more comfortable with how I draw. Doing drawings like this Tom Riddle piece is what brought me to where I am now! And I’ve never been more glad to decide to draw digitally. It allows so much freedom, it’s a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying it very much so far!

“You’re too nice.” - h.s.

My friend gave me this idea and I’m just fulfilling her wish.

A one shot in which you are Kendall’s personal clothing consultant and Harry’s ex and see some very risqué pictures of the two of them on New Year’s Eve. But considering you’re a kind person, you let it go and someone you hoped to never see again calls you out for it.

Word Count: 4336

You didn’t have the last name Kardashian but you may as well have been one considering you spent the majority of your time with the family. You were Kendall’s personal clothing consultant and though you technically just worked for Kendall, you had definitely helped the other girls get ready for red carpet events and casual night outings in the past. You were close with them, and you’d appeared on their show a handful of times. There was no avoiding it, considering your business was pretty popular ever since you’d started working with Kendall and the Kardashian camera were everywhere.

You didn’t mind though, considering you and Kendall were ridiculously close ever since you’d started working with her a couple years ago and you were around the same age so you got along rather well. 

She was the one who introduced you to him actually. It was at an event and they came back to the hotel to hang out. You were sitting there zipping bags up and listening to music while drinking wine by yourself when their loud laughter startled you as they stumbled through the door. Everyone thought they were dating at the time but you knew from Kendall that they were just friends. There was absolutely nothing romantic going on between them but you could tell he was rather fond of her the minute you met him.

“Harry!” Kendall squealed, “Oh my gosh meet Y/N! She’s the reason I look so fabulous all the time,” she winked at you and shoved Harry forward so he stumbled over his feet. 

“I think you two will be needing some water,” you chuckled, “Fun night?”

“It’s nice to meet you Y/N,” he smiled a wide smile that split his whole face and offered you his hand. You shook it, chuckling because they were definitely both out of their minds drunk, and shuffled past him towards the kitchen. When they’d woken up the next morning, Harry hadn’t seen you sleeping on the couch when he went to sit down, almost killing you by crashing down on your stomach. An interesting conversation followed and you both hit it off rather well.

You were surprised really, considering you were the ‘behind the scenes’ type of girl and he basked in the spotlight. But somehow you ended up in a relationship. It also surprised you just how much Harry seemed to genuinely like you considering you could have sworn he had feelings for Kendall. But months went by and you two remained strong. You fell in love and you fell hard. It seemed that he did as well because you two were inseparable. He spent every waking and sleeping moment he could with you and you tried hard to fit into his schedule as well when he was on the road. 

It was a relationship full of mutual understandings and you both built each other up rather well. Harry even bought a house in the California area you were at just so he could, as he liked to say, “Come home to you.” 

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some triumvirate sketch thingies i did on the plane and in the hotel. what i learned: never ever attempt art nouveau-style shit without a ruler and/or protractor oh my god monika you egg.

(say, if i cleaned these up and colored them, would anyone be interested in like… buying prints or bookmarks or something?? opening a store online sooooon~)