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Baby Liam Series - Part One


Got done early, fam.

Okay, So I guess this will be a series if you want?

Given by anon. Not gonna put it all cuz it’ll spoil it all ;) Just know, baby Liam and daddy Derek <3

This made me really happy while writing.

Rating: Do you really care? There’s cussing, that’s it =)

1710 Words 

You were out hanging with Scott and Stiles, eating at some restaurant near the high school. You were asking normal questions. How is school? Are your grades good? Any new werewolves? Y’know the normal stuff. You stuffed your face with some waffles. Breakfast just seemed like a good idea at the moment, even if it was six at night.

It was nice, until you got a call from the house phone, of course. If someone called from there, it was important. Stiles’ head shot up as he recognized the ringtone of Stewie’s voices yelling mom. Scott looked up slightly before continuing to eat.

“Momma Hale speaking.”

“Y/N, that’s how you answer the phone? Nevermind, you need to come over like right now. It’s like code fucking red.“

Scott’s eyebrows rose at the sound of Derek’s urgent voice.

"Uh, okay, I’ll be there in like five minutes.” You said before he hung up. You sighed and looked up at the boys. “Looks like I’m going to have to leave. Take forty, that should be enough for all this,” you said as you dropped two twenties on the table. “Um, Don’t do drugs, be safe, see you guys later.”

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beauty and the hybrid beast

Part 2

klaus mikaelson x reader

word count: 438

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Imagine: Being friends with benefits with Kozik, until you can’t hide your feelings anymore.

Contains: Fluff, smut

Word count: 1477

A/N: Because I needed more Kozik imagines in my life.

You moved back to Charming 3 months ago. You left because of your boyfriend, your ex-boyfriend now. At first he was really sweet, until he lost his job and became just very rude. Not abusive, but just not nice to you. You felt yourself losing your feelings for him. And when you and him broke up, you realized how much you missed Charming. How much you’ve missed hanging around at the clubhouse. So you packed your stuff, and got yourself a nice house in Charming.

The first thing you did after unpacking everything, was getting into you ca rand driving to TM. You missed talking to Gemma. She was always so supportive and was always there for you when you needed someone. She became like a mother to you.

And when you pulled in at TM, parking your car there, you saw that it wasn’t just SAMCRO hanging out there, around the clubhouse. You noticed that the Tacoma charter was there too. As you got out of your car, you saw Gemma walking towards you.

“Y/N! You’re back?” she asked as she hugged you.

You nod. “Yes, and I’m staying.”

She smiles. “Good, we’ve missed you having you around here.” She grabs your hand and leads you towards the Sons. “Let’s tell the guys that you’re back.”

Everyone you already knew greeted you or hugged you tight, telling you how much they’ve missed you.

“Why did you come back?” Happy asked you.

You smiled at him. Before you left, you were close friends with him.

“I broke up with my boyfriend. He was being rude. And when I left him, I realized how much I missed Charming, how much I’ve missed you guys.”

“Well I’m glad you’re back now.” He said before he pulled you in for a hug.

Eventually you’ve greeted all your old friends, when suddenly a man with blond hair from the Tacoma charter walked up to you. He looked extremely handsome.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around here.” You say to him as he stands in front of you.

He flashes a grin at you and you feel your knees get weak. Damn, he was cute.

“Probably, since I’m from the Tacoma charter, I don’t come here often.” He responds. “I’m Kozik, nice to meet you, by the way.” He offered you his hand.

You shook his hand and smiled. “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you too.”

You were not looking for love, but a little bit of flirting wouldn’t hurt you. “Wanna grab something to drink?” You ask as you start walking towards the clubhouse.

He follows close behind you before wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “Sounds like a great plan.”

You’ve spent the rest of the day talking to him, getting to know him. When Tig entered the clubhouse, you saw them both flashing angry looks at each other. You frown and asked him what was going on. He shrugged and told you that it didn’t matter so you let it rest. Eventually he told you about wanting to transfer to SAMCRO.

You eyes grow wide and you almost choke on your beer. “So you’re staying here? In Charming?” you ask him.

He nods. “Yes, and it would be nice to have a friend like you around here.”

You smile at his words. “Sounds good.”

And so you guys ended up hanging around together almost every day. He was great to talk to and he was such a nice person. Even after a week you ended up patching him up when he got in a fight with Tig. You had raised your eyebrows at him, remembering him telling you that whatever was between him and Tig didn’t matter, but clearly that was not true.

The more and more you got to know him, the more attracted you were. The sexual tension between you two was impossible to deny. But you had to remind yourself not to rush into a relationship. You had to think about yourself, to take care of yourself, no matter how great Kozik was.

But it didn’t even take longer then a month before you both got drunk at another party and he started kissing you. You weren’t thinking straight anymore so you just let it happen. You ended up in his dorm, naked, in bed with him. And it was an amazing night.

When you both woke up the next morning you decided that the sexual tension between the two of you couldn’t just be ignored, so you decided to start being friends with benefits. And it wasn’t until last week that you’ve realized that you did fell for him.

The way he laid beside you in bed, whether it was in his dorm or at your place, you loved waking up with him. You loved his kisses, the way his lips moved against your neck or the way his strong arms held you at night. The compliments he likes to whisper in your ear. You loved all of him and it scared you. What if he didn’t feel the same way?

Right now you were looking for your shirt in Kozik’s dorm. He was still laying in bed, sleeping. A blanket covered his lower half, but his chest was exposed. You can’t help but let out a sigh. He looks so good. Then you notice the hickeys on his neck, which you gave him. Last night was just another night you guys hooked up. And again it has been an amazing night.

You found your shirt, pulled it on and walked towards the door, opening it, as you heard Kozik waking up behind you.

“Where are you going Y/N?” he asked, you heard the sleepiness in his voice.

“Just heading back home.” You explained.

He let out a sigh and sat up in his bed. He looked at you with puppy eyes. “Stay.”

You bit your lip. How much you’ve wanted to crawl back in bed again, having his arms wrapped around, you were not sure if it was the right thing to do, now that you were struggling with your feelings for him.

“Y/N, please.” He said

You sigh and silently cursed yourself, before pulling your shirt and jeans off and crawling back in bed. He immediately wraps his arms around you pulling you against his chest.

“What’s the matter Y/N?” He mumbles in your hair, his lips against your head. “You’ve been so off lately.”

“Koz..” you start. Should you just tell him? You can’t just hide your feelings forever. Maybe he was the right guy for you. Maybe you were meant to be back in Charming, in his arms. “I think I love you…”

It stayed quiet for a while, and you were ready to leave his bed, feeling your tears burning behind your eyes. But as soon as you start moving away from him, his grip tightened. One hand grabs your face, making you look at him. A tear rolls out of your eye.

“Y/N.. Don’t cry.” He says, wiping away your tear. “I love you too.”

You push your lips against his, and he answers your kiss hungrily. His hand are roaming over your body, tugging on your bra and panties. You reach behind your back and unclasp your bra, taking it off. He takes your breast in his hand and rolls over, so he is hovering over you.

You nibble at his lips and dig your nails in his back, causing him to moan. He helps you get rid of your panties as he places kisses in your neck, occasinally biting here and there, which made you moan out loud.

Eventually you wrap your legs around his waist, rolling your hips to meet his hard member. He groans and adjust himself for your entrance before pushing in. You arch your back and moan.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” Kozik moans as he starts moving. You start kissing his neck and as soon as he picks up the pace, you carefully bite his shoulder and scratch his back. His hand reaches down to rub your clit and you feel yourself getting close. “Let go Y/N.”

You moan out his name as you find your release, digging your nails in his broad shoulders, him soon following after you, moaning your name in your neck and placing a kiss there.

He rolls next to you, both of you trying to catch your breath. You lay your head on his chest, and your hand is drawing circles on it. He grabs your hand, starting to kiss it. Going from there, up to you arm, to your neck and eventually your lips. You smile into his kiss. You are so glad you finally confessed your feelings.

“I’d love to have you as my Old Lady.” Kozik suddenly says.

You look up to him, shocked, before smiling at him. “I’ll be your Old Lady.”

hello frens!! i am back from my parents house. i hope you had a nice christmas. i got a lot on incense and some new vinyls. most importantly i got a lot of food. on the down side, my mom is not happy that my love-life is nonexistent again (like that matters) and my dad tried to spend a lot of time talking business and showing me pictures of pretty girls. i do not like girls, dad.

new years eve is only two days away, so i need some plans!!


Today started out pretty crappy but deciding to take a blanket, a pillow, and a book out to the clearing in the middle of the woods and get away from everything was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.