nice handwriting :3

@shitwllall-cagiog submitted: Tried to draw the guys and got inspired by us. It was only support to be axe, uhm… I mean sans, that’s why his atleast looks like it got worked on compared to the rest, with his pals, but I really wanted to practice drawing snases. I’ll do the paps when i get the motivation to. Hehe, always loved your works, especially when blue’s in it XD

the tortoise’s two cents:  I love all of the Sanses!  And Axe with his beanie, heck yeah!  They look so good!  And I’m happy to hear you enjoy Blue.  x]  He’s such a fun skele to write.

I have been tagged by @danchoudaddy for the handwriting challenge?! Thank you so much!

To write url, name, crush?? quote and the, um, tags… lmao. Forgive my handwriting, I haven’t written in ages!!

I tag: @glaspaladin @pureren @kcgane @biscoote @starboysheith @fratboyshiro @shcith @kageyama-tobiyo @zethirrd @edelwary @cryopcds @blessedkeith only if u wanna!

palmettofoxden  asked:

once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (positivity is cool) 🌈🌈

i am absolutely obsessed with your blog so thank you so much for sending this!!

oh god here goes… 1. i’m good at school lmao 2. i have nice handwriting i think? 3. i can sort of do art 4. i’m vegetarian 5. idk?? i’m loyal

i tried okay