nice halloween costume

God, I love Halloween.

“Woah, nice costume!” My coworker Alex tells me as I walk into the office party. Alex is dressed as a superhero, one of the Avengers, I think.

Heads turn as I walk deeper into the room.

I pass Henry from sales. “Nice!” he tells me, “It looks just like him.”

The office is decorated for the Halloween party. It looks so cute and festive. Paper cut-outs of black cats and pumpkins are strung along the walls of the cubicles. Someone has rigged the PA system to play spooky music, and there are snacks and treats galore.

I walk over to the break area where the food is laid out.

Jaqueline and Leah are by the punch bowl. When they see me, Leah gives a little shriek.

“Oh, wow. That scared the crap out of me.” Leah says with a smile. She’s dressed as a nurse.

Jaqueline doesn’t smile, but she does give a low chuckle. “You’re sick, you know that?”

She isn’t wearing a costume. Hardly very festive.

With my left hand, I grab a plastic cup and dunk it in the orange-colored punch. I try a sip and am greeted with a tang of citrus and a heavy dose of alcohol. Parties are such fun.

I decide to park by the snack table for a while and do some people-watching. A new girl from IT is dressed as a character from a sci-fi movie that I vaguely recognize. A couple of interns are dressed as the presidential candidates. But my favorite of the night has to be Alvin, the custodian. He’s the spitting image of Frankenstein’s monster, and a woman who must be his wife is done up as The Bride of Frankenstein. They look so spooky and adorable.

I drain my punch, drop the cup, and scoop up a handful of candy-corn. Delicious.

A funky beat starts playing on the overhead speakers. I definitely know this one. A Halloween must!

“You gonna dance?” My friend Drew asks. He’s dressed as the pope. I’m amazed that his hat doesn’t fall off as he boogies.

What the hell. I step out onto the dance floor, formerly the conference area.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is just getting to the good part. I don’t know all the moves, but I sway along to the music. I leave a few drips on the carpet, but I don’t think anybody notices. I feel bad for Alvin, since he’ll be the one to clean it up tomorrow. But I try to put it out of my mind and concentrate on watching my coworkers cutting some rugs. They’re such great dancers!

I walk into my apartment, still humming the Thriller chorus under my breath. I decide to ignore the mess in the kitchen for now. I click on the lamp and step into my living room. Casually, I drop my boss’s severed-head on the couch, and then I plop down next to it. I’m still buzzing from the fun of the party. God, I love Halloween.

I booted up TSM last night, made my monarch (Lady Clara of Clarborough), played for five minutes, and then remembered why I can’t stand that game. :P I do like her dress though! Would make a nice Halloween costume for TS3. :D


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