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“Nice Guy Hook”

Okay, my fellow Oncers, here’s the thing: as much as I enjoy Hook’s character and am attracted to him, the unconditional love that he gets worries me. His advances on Emma clearly aren’t all that welcome, and the “innuendo” that he made while on top of her was just a little too rapey for me to find at all funny. He is a villain, after all! And when he hit Belle? ABSOLUTELY INEXCUSABLE! I understand that he’s devilishly handsome and very clever, but he’s not someone that I would ever want Emma, or any other female unless his character matures SUBSTANTIALLY, to be with!  Ship what  you want, but keep things like this in mind!

To be fair, when I’ve called it a joke, what I meant was an innuendo or a reference. Totally my fault! I believe the exact quote was: “A bit of advice, when I jab you with my sword, you’ll feel it, you might want to quit.” But quote ME if I’m wrong!! He made this reference while on top of Emma while they were fighting.

I personally take this as a reference to rape. A lot of people don’t see it that way, but I, and many others do.

Now pardon me as I go off on a tangent, and I apologize in advance for taking up so much time if you choose to read the following!

Because I’m guessing that this is a reference to the “Nice Guy Hook” meme that I made, I’d just like to quickly say that many people are misunderstanding the intent behind it. By saying that Hook should not receive unconditional love, no one is saying that this also doesn’t apply to other characters. Many people have pointed out that, “Well no one pays attention to the only REAL rape on the show when Regina raped Graham!”

That’s not true!! I see it acknowledged constantly by every part of the fandom: INCLUDING Evil Regals such as myself. I haven’t met ANYONE who denies the terrible things that Regina does! Don’t even get me started on Rumple (who I absolutely adore, although he’s really quite awful a lot of the time) Likewise, I don’t think that many people are saying that people can’t be fans of Hook: all that I, at least, am asking for is that people be careful when they romanticize him. His behavior is dangerous, but so is the behavior of many other characters on the show, especially the villains! I am head over heels for Cora, but she’s TERRIBLE! I don’t feel badly for adoring her character, because I acknowledge that though she is very attractive, strong, and intelligent, she is a villain, and downright evil (I don’t personally think that Hook is as “evil” as Cora, though I do think he’s kind of an ass, as much as I adore other aspects of his character).

Unconditional love of a character is ALWAY dangerous, especially when it comes to characters like Hook: it’s the same thing that happens in Fifty Shades of Gray and Twilight, though to, I will admit, a lesser extent. One can fetishize  control, cleverness and innuendo. One can fetishize ANYTHING. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! The trouble comes with separating fantasy from reality. Even if I love Captain Hook while I’m watching Once Upon a Time, when I turn off the television I need to acknowledge that the media HEAVILY affects society. By glamorizing a man trying to sexually dominate a woman as an acceptable way to gain her favor, acceptance of that behavior in the real world is further engrained.

Does that mean that people loving Captain Hook is going to end feminism? Make every fan of him seek out an abusive relationship? OF COURSE NOT! : ) Love him, ladies! Love him, gentleman! Love him, everyone in between! What it means is that though we can love any and every character, it’s dangerous to try and rationalize their behavior with statements like, “Regina ACTUALLY raped someone, why isn’t this meme about HER?”

It’s not about her, because it’s about Hook, and that’s okay! If you feel like Regina’s actions don’t carry enough consequence, please make your own post in response! I think that this problem doesn’t just apply to Hook: it applies to many villains AND heroes of OUAT.

On a quick note, I’d like to bring up that barely anyone seems to remember when Hook hit Belle. He presented himself as a rescuer, and when it became clear that Belle would not help him, he hit her. Belle offered no threat, and yet he acted out in violence against her. More than anything, this is what frightens me about his character: he has proved that he is willing to go to unnecessarily violent lengths to get his revenge, even if it means hurting the innocent. I understand why he needs his vengeance: Rumple has been downright awful, and Milah certainly didn’t deserve to die. However, Belle shouldn’t have to suffer for that. She gets kicked around far too much.

I actually do call out the writers for not acknowledging Regina’s rape of Graham in my “Once Upon a WHY” meme, but the purpose of “Nice Guy Hook” wasn’t to call out every piece of social injustice in Once Upon a Time: it was to remind people that although Colin is GORGEOUS and Hook is indeed VERY clever and VERY sexy, he has flaws just like any other villain, and those cannot be ignored simply because of his looks and charm.

This was too long and I apologize! If I’ve made any points that any of you think are wrong, PLEASE let me know! The most important thing is to be civil. And again, let me say, I see nothing wrong with people being fans of Hook! Be fans of everyone, anyone, or no one! : ) Rock on, oncers! Rock on!

I’m now just fully against Sousa/Peggy because it reeks so much of Nice Guy Syndrome. If she hooks up with him, it had better be because she has an intense, burning desire to Hit That, because he was nice and polite to her and protected her all the time up until she actually needed him, and then he was leading the charge against her. 

And yes, logic, evidence, blahblahblah, that just makes it clear that he didn’t trust her. I’ve gotten through similar rounds of distrust in ships from the past, but Sousa doesn’t get to go “oh no baby come back I’ll believe you this time I’ll be nice to you again”, nope, sorry, he’s done.

Not that I ever really supported him to begin with…

But yeah. 

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Alexander hooked up his baggage to his horse, trying his best to keep it all light. After all, with any luck, this trip would only take a month or so to complete. Hopefully less.

He clumsily, after his fifth try, was able to properly hook up his saddle to Sterling, a Cremello horse of his third year of birth. As he continued to prepare Sterling, Alex thought back to the last few days. Everything seemed to go topsy-turvy in the matters of just a week.

His mother had became a drunk, her blood might as well be made of wine, after Hans’ banishment after his incident in Arendelle, and acted like no other child mattered nearly as much as her precious baby; he was now engaged to a woman who he never met and felt repulsed by; and his father had placed him under a microscope and tried to pressure and push him along to finish projects to help them stabilize their economy. All of it made Alexander almost scream in frustration of it all. He had to get away, he had to. He didn’t want these responsibilities or problems thrusted upon him. He wasn’t just another spare where they could do with what they pleased. He was a human being, and he deserved to be treated like one. But, evidently, he wasn’t

So he was leaving.

Alexander  fastened his cloak around his neck, and held onto Sterling’s reins securely as he led him out of the stables quietly. He looked out both sides, the hood of his cloak over his head, before leading Sterling out,

“Come on, Sterling, we’ve just got to–”

“What are you doing?”

Alexander immediately yelped in surprise to the sudden voice, and the fact that his foot had been right in front of a rock at the wrong moment just made it worse. Alexander quickly got up after having fallen hands-first onto the ground, and out his sword, trying to look menacing.

“Who goes there?!” He hissed quietly, trying not to draw any more attention to himself then he already had.